Road Rage Chengdu: Man Pulls Woman Out of Car and Beats Her

Road Rage Chengdu- Man Pulls Woman Out of Car and Beats Her

A female driver nearly side-swiped the car driving next to her when she carelessly tried to switch lanes, scaring a child who was riding in the other car. After his child began to cry, Mr. Zhang, the driver of the other car, became angry and followed the woman until he forced her to stop, then pulling her out of the car and without saying a word began to beat her. After being surrounded and subdued by onlookers, the man took cover in his car. When the police came he got out of the car and began fighting with the crowd, but was eventually taken into police custody.

Source: Netease

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  • mr.wiener

    Saw the vid,it wasn’t pretty. He kicked her in the face a number of times.

    • holy
      he really went to town on her
      I think he had made his point when he threw her out of the car but naw he kept going
      He fosho was trying to scare his wife

  • bujiebuke

    China would be like GTAV if they allowed guns

  • KamikaziPilot

    Stay in your car lady and if he tries anything floor it. I recently hit someone with my car “accidentally” when he was stupid enough to try to get out of his car at a stoplight to try to confront me. Originally I was investigated for 2nd degree assault (punishable by 5 years in prison) but later the cops said I had a reasonable fear for my safety and decided not to press charges due to the other driver being the aggressor. Not sure the same would happen in China but especially women shouldn’t get out of their car if the other driver is angry.

    • Foreign Devil

      What did you do to get the guy so riled up?

      • KamikaziPilot

        The guy was stopped in the middle of the road for a few seconds, which I later learned he was turning into a driveway but I had no idea since he just stopped in the middle of the road, no blinkers. I did what any rational person would do and tapped my horn, he didn’t move so I tapped again. He slowly started to turn into the driveway and I passed him. Instead of continuing into the driveway he starts following me. At the next stoplight he gets out of his car and goes around the back of my car presumably to get to my driver’s door. There was a car in front of me so I reversed into him knocking him to the ground. I was actually pretty scared because he was motionless for about 10 seconds and I thought I really hurt him but he eventually got up and was fine. I continued on my way and he later called the cops. Cops took my car for 2 weeks then after they completed their investigation decide not to press charges. Also I was told the guy smelled of alcohol. I’m still upset they didn’t charge him with some kind of DUI offense. Overall it was a learning experience, though I admit I was very concerned for a while.

        • Foreign Devil

          Interesting story. .and you have to have ballz to drive in China. If that guy gets road rage over someone honking at him in China, he’d be road raging all the time! In the west people will get enraged if you sit behind them honking. but not usually in China. The not using turn signals is par for the course in China.

          • KamikaziPilot

            I don’t live in China and when I visit I don’t drive. Though I still put my life on the line every time I cross the street.

  • DD Bear!

    this woman deserves a good beat.
    but, this man really too …..

  • asshatwillie

    Try that crap here and every guy within a block would kick the snot out of him. What a tough guy. Still pissed off after watching it.

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