Robber Lets Victim Go After She Chats With Him, Offers to Buy Bandaid

Robber Lets Victim Go After She Chats With Him, Offers to Buy Bandaid

A 23-year-old woman in Chuzhou, Anhui, had a close-call when she ran into a robber as she was returning home alone one evening. When the robber, who was brandishing a dagger, asked her for money, she didn’t panic, but instead kept her cool and began chatting with the robber. When she noticed a cut on the thief’s hand, she took him to buy a Bandaid. Touched by the woman’s sincerity, he decided to call off the robbery, letting his victim go unharmed, then running away. Netizens showed their softer side, saying “This isn’t a crazed, evil robber. The world won’t forget you, we won’t give up on you. ”

Source: Netease

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