Rocket Booster Part Falls Through Resident’s Home

Rocket Booster Part Falls Through Resident’s HomePart of a rocket booster has fallen through a building in Hongjunzhen, Shaanxi, causing a loud clamor and tremors throughout the town. The event occurred at 10:40am on August 27, which was just nine minutes after a remote sensing satellite was launched in Tiayuan, Shaanxi, the purpose of which is for scientific research including resource surveys, crop assessments and disaster prevention. Local police have assured residents that the wreckage poses no further threat. In such circumstances it’s up to the state to compensate, to which one netizen said, “How lucky, you can get a new house.”


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  • Amused

    Stretch a cow skin over the end of that thing and you can be the absolute coolest guy in your drum circle.

  • happy for this farmer!

    • guest

      i wish you ultimate happiness may a thousand rocket boosters fall on your house!

  • LostLaowai

    This farmers house has damaged state property.

  • Foreign Devil

    Let’s just let the booster ejection stage happen over our land. . after all if by chance it falls on some peasents and kills them .. well they are just peasents. . and if it damages property will just throw some money at them.

  • vonskippy

    Chinese engineering at it’s finest – guess it IS rocket science after all.

  • Jahar

    Is it just me or did they go out of their way explaining what the satellite was for. Why not just say it’s not for spying?