‘Rose-Colored’ by Deserts Chang

Deserts Chang aka Zhang Xuan 01

Deserts Chang aka Zhang Xuan 01

《玫瑰色的你》 literally means “The Rose-Colored You”, but is translated as “Rose-Colored” and included in Taiwanese singer 张悬 Deserts Chang aka Zhang Xuan‘s 2012 album 《神的游戏》Games We Play (available on Amazon). This song discusses how people deliberately ignore the plights of marginalized groups, such as “Free Tibet” demonstrators, homosexual couples, Malmo protesters, pro-democracy advocates, and anti-nuclear power activists. This song won Deserts Chang the Best Lyricist Award at the 2013 Top Chinese Music Awards on April 14. Besides, she won the Best Producer Award, the Best Singer-Writer Award, and the Committee Chair Award (given by Gao Xiaosong, the Committee Chair of Top Chinese Music Awards).

At time of translation, this song had 377,767 listens on popular Chinese online music streaming service Xiami, with the following official music video generating 82,242 views on popular Chinese video streaming service Youku.

Music Video:

Composer: Jiao Anpu/Zhang Xuan/Deserts Chang
Lyrics: Jiao Anpu/Zhang Xuan/Deserts Chang
Singer: Zhang Xuan/Deserts Chang

[Note: Jiao Anpu is Zhang Xuan’s real name.]

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

zhè yí kè nǐ shì yí gè zuì kuài lè de rén
At this moment you are the happiest person

nǐ kàn jiàn nǐ xiǎng kàn jiàn de, nǐ jiāng tā fā shēng
You see what you want to see, you make it happen

yīn nǐ, wǒ xiàng dài shàng méi guī sè de yǎn jìng
Because of you, it’s like I’ve put on rose-colored glasses

kàn jiàn xún cháng bú huì yǒu de qí yì yǔ huān yú
Seeing wonders and joys that usually wouldn’t exist

nǐ měi ér bù néng sī yì
You are beautiful and incredible

zhè yí kè nǐ shì yí gè zuì tiān zhēn de rén
At this moment, you are the most naïve person

nǐ shǒu lǐ méi yǒu mó dí, zhǐ yǒu yí zhì pò jiù de dà qí
You’re not holding a magic flute, but just a raggedy flag

你像丑儿挥舞它 ; 你不怕脏地玩游戏
nǐ xiàng chǒu er huī wǔ tā; nǐ bú pà zàng de wán yóu xì
You’re waving it like a crown; you play games and, unafraid of getting dirty

nǐ kàn qǐ lái lèi huài le, dàn nǐ méi yǒu ting
You look exhausted but you have yet to stop

wǒ shì nà yàng ài nǐ
I love you so

bù kěn gǎi de nǐ, méi guī sè de nǐ
The obstinate you, the rose-colored you

zhè yí kè nǐ shì yí gè zuì yōu chóu de rén
At this moment you are the most worried person

nǐ yǒu zhè duō shǎo wēn róu, cái léng cóng bù qīng yán shāng xīn
How much tenderness do you possess, to never speak so easily of your sadness?

ér nǐ gào bié suǒ yǒu duì xìng fú de dìng yì
And you big farewell to all the definitions of happiness

tóu shēn wàn wù zhōng, shén de ài hèn yǔ kōng xū
Plunging into all things on Earth, (are) God’s love, hate, and emptiness

yǔ nǐ yì qǐ, zhǐ yǔ nǐ yì qǐ
To be with you, only with you

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

nǐ shì wǒ shēng mìng zhōng zuì zhuàng lì de jì yì
You are the most magnificent memory in my life

wǒ huì jì dé zhè nián dài lǐ nǐ zuò de shì qing
I will remember the things you did in this era

nǐ zài céng jīng bù jǐn shì nǐ zì jǐ
You were not only yourself in the past

nǐ zài chū qiān wàn huā de yì sheng
You planted thousands of flowers in your life

sì jì zhōng jìng zì shèng fàng yě diāo ling
which bloom and wilt throughout the four seasons

nǐ zǒu chū qiān wàn rén qún dú xīng
You walked out of the crowd and proceeded on your own

wǎng liǔ àn huā míng shān qióng shuǐ jìn qū
towards either a bright or dead end

[Note: 柳暗花明 (liǔ àn huā míng) “dense willow trees and bright flowers” is quoted from Lu You (1125-1209)’s poem “Touring Shanxi Village”: “Over numerous mountains and streams, I had my doubts that I could find the road. Then out of the shade of the willows, came bright flowers and another village.” 山穷水尽 (shān qióng shuǐ jìn) literally means “the end of hills and rivers”.]

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

ràng wǒ rì yè de chàng ba, wǒ shēn ài zhe nǐ
Let me sing day and night, I love you deeply

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

méi guī sè de nǐ
The rose-colored you

Deserts Chang aka Zhang Xuan 03

Deserts Chang aka Zhang Xuan 02

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • Bugs Bunny

    this song makes some sense, but again, rensi, no more!
    or at least post some positive things…
    i am a person very easy to cry but i really dislike sad and gloomy things…
    without this mv this song is difficult to understand.
    music is music, not mysterious literal game.

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    He name is “Deserts Chang”? Seriously?

    Then again, I once worked with a guy who called himself “Boat Li”, another one called “Animus Zhang”. I completely refused to meet with a dude called “Spy” who wanted to work with me because his English pseudonym was just too retarded.

    I sometimes talk to Chinese people in English and use such English names, mostly to give them some face. I find it extremely disrespectful to my language, my culture and my own intelligence to hear people claim to be called such stupid things. If someone tries that shit again, I’m going to introduce myself thus: “我姓常,叫常机霸”. Sometimes though I already use 龙王 as a pseudonym, but Chinese simply don’t get the joke.

    • wolololoooo

      Reminds me of students I met here in China, which were named: 阿龙,天龙,云龙 and 神龙 (I met them one by one over time)。So much loosing face of all westerners in China…

      • wolololoooo

        I forgot 玉龙。

        • donscarletti

          Plenty of normal Chinese guys I’ve worked with called “小龙”, “龙华”, etc. It’s a perfectly common and acceptable character for male names.

          Also add HK Comedic martial artist: 成龙. Famous Taiwanese author 古龙. American born HK Kung-Fu star 李小龙 etc.

          • tawhaki

            It is a little retarded when every laowai uses the character though

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            I don’t think every laowai does, I stopped calling myself 龙王(Long Wang) since I realised it wasn’t funny when nobody could laugh along with me. Also, I forgot, I have a coworker called 盼龙 as well.

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      Oh really,
      I was just looking for something sweet that I can enjoy after dinner.

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      your post made me laugh to death!
      your so funny!

    • Alphy

      I’ve got better ones. A guy that used to work here changed his English name to “Zero”, a guy here is name “Sky”. I could go on, but every time I ask them why, it’s usually they see some movie, or they want to match their First name character in their Chinese name.

  • Sam

    I liked it!

  • elizabeth

    The video doesn’t match the lyrics, which paints quite a positive imagery. So, is there a need to be that morbid at the beginning of the video? I cannot see the link between the lyrics and marginalized groups either. Maybe it’s too profound or abstract for me.

  • Alex

    The author is making it rain negatives.

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    I like desert chang, She is cool. I like 范瑋琪 also. She is awesome.


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    a touchiee one..!!!!

  • Tony

    Thanks for the lyrics and translation, Rensi. I’ve slowly become a huge fan of Zhang Xuan, and these lyrics help alot! Thanks!

  • Lol Chinese music industry ain’t that different from their own supermarkets. They’ll offer you shit almost constantly.

  • katie k

    It’s great.