Rupert Murdoch & Wendi Deng Divorce, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng.

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng.

News of Rupert Murdoch and Chinese wife Wendi Deng divorcing is currently at time of translation the second highest trending hashtag on China’s leading microblogging service Sina Weibo . Wendi Deng is well-known to Chinese netizens, for her ambitious life history as well as when she hit a man who had attacked her husband during a hearing in the UK two years ago.

From Sina Weibo:

#Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng Divorce#

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng to divorce, do you still believe in love?

Reuters reports that News Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch’s spokesman said on the 13th that Murdoch and wife Wendi Deng’s marriage had “broken down irretrievably” six months earlier, and Murdoch has already filed for divorce in New York. Murdoch and Wendi Deng were married in 1999.

From Sina Weibo:

胡子微评: In 1985, she gained admission to Guangzhou Medical School. In 1988, she emigrated abroad with the help of an American couple, two years later causing the American couple to divorce and marrying the man 31 years her senior, divorcing 7 months after obtaining a green card. In 1996 while on a flight, she met a company’s board member and became an intern; In 1998, she became Murdoch’s translator, months later having him abandon his wife of 31 years and marry her; In 2013 June 13, Murdoch files for divorce from her; She is Wendi Deng, just who will be her next target?

Wendi Deng.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Putin? [酷]


Probably not me.


She’ll be rich after the divorce, but she won’t have her youth anymore, so it’s more like her only possibly becoming the target of some man who lives off women.


As long as they can let go [of their inhibitions], women can do anything.


Will it be Obama?


Super xiao san?


[呵呵] Well it won’t be you.


Men rely on conquering the world to conquer women, whereas women rely on conquering men to conquer the world.


A couple helped her emigrate abroad and she causes their divorce, seducing someone else’s husband just for a green card… this kind of woman is supposed to be our role model? Then she goes and wrecks another family~~~ I really don’t understand what the men were thinking~ Or could it just be that she is good in bed? ~[懒得理你]


Everyone has their own perspective, but I like her willingness to do, to be, and to assume.


So only by becoming bad can women become rich?


An extremely scheming woman! [鄙视]


Yeah, the next target is probably Obama. The reason is because Putin has already divorced, so going after him wouldn’t allow her to show her level [abilities]. She’ll probably wreck the American First Lady’s family first, then marry Obama.


It must be acknowledged, she’s quite niu bi.


Xiao san are doomed to have bad fates… If he’s willing to abandon his ex-wife for you, he’ll be willing to abandon you for someone else.

From Sina Weibo:

刘胜军改革: One Woman – In 1987, Wendi Deng met the couple Jake [and Joyce Cherry] and in 1988, the latter helped her obtain a US visa. In 1990, 53-year-old Jake and 22-year-old Wendi Deng married, divorcing in 1992, just 7 months more than the time required for a green card. In 1996, Wendi Deng sat next to a News Corporation board member on a plane to Hong Kong, and easily got an internship at the company’s headquarters. In 1997, Deng threw red wine on Murdoch. In 1998 became Murdoch’s Beijing interpreter, and in 1998, Murdoch and Deng married, divorcing in 2013.

Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch wedding photo.

Comments from Sina Weibo:

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Wendi Deng, such a skilled woman! Accomplished getting that old man to bring up divorce, so she can sit there and receive 1 billion USD and recover her long-awaited freedom.


Compared to this, television dramas and whatever are nothing…


Murdoch is worth 11 billion USD. Deng could get 1 billion USD and up from the divorce. This case should be a required lesson for all business school MBAs. You have to hand it [to her]. [哈哈]


I wonder what else she’d be capable of in order to achieve her goals…


Deng was dumped by Murdoch, she’d rather wait until Murdoch dies. Murdoch isn’t stupid.


The woman’s road to riches!


Putin divorced, Murdoch is also divorced, could it be that Putin and Wendi Deng are an item???


Typical Chinese wisdom/intelligence! So far a Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, or Steve Jobs hasn’t been found in China, but there are plenty of Chinese people who are like Wendi Deng (not just women)…


@罗玉凤 [Sister Feng] Goddess, your role model is this. Appearances aren’t important, the most important thing for women is still your emotional quotient. What more, I think Old Murdoch doing this was for her good. With inheritance/estate taxes in the United States so high, first getting divorced will allow her to get a lot more, with the remaining to be distributed to the children. This move was too damn smart.


Opportunities must be created, women.


Don’t understand why so many people are talking about how they can’t believe in love anymore… This is nothing but a high-end upper-class version of a sugar daddy!


Two Chinese girls: Wendi Deng realized the American Dream, while Guo Meimei realized the Chinese Dream.


This could also be considered ability, there’s no need to be so bitter.


Next time it’ll be throwing Erguotou on Putin. [偷笑]


This kind of woman is too frightening.

From Sina Weibo:

丁来峰: In 1988, she emigrated abroad with the help of an American couple, two years later causing the American couple to divorce and marrying the man 31 years her senior, divorcing 7 months after obtaining a green card. In 1998, she became Murdoch’s interpreter, months later having him abandon his wife of 31 years and marry her. Today, Murdoch has file for divorce from her, inevitably at great cost. She is Wendi Deng, her every step of success built on the foundation of breaking up other people’s families. She is the encouraging legend in the history of xiao san struggles.

Wendi Deng.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


From inside to outside, one word: Ugly.


Don’t know if I should envy or spurn!


This is no ordinary xiao san


Our teacher says we can learn from her, but doesn’t recommend imitating. [嘻嘻][嘻嘻][嘻嘻]


As everyone knows, so what? Is there anyone going to punish her? Anyone going to boycott her?


Who will be her next prey? Is the First Lady nervous?


China’s contribution to the world.


The bellwether [leader] of Mainland China’s xiao san, and proud of it. What can we say about the looks of this woman? “Wretched”?


This kind of a woman cannot be understood from a normal person’s perspective, but her ability and methods are such that everyone must admire.


I really want to know just what methods she used to get these successful men to abandon their wives to marry her. By her looks, she really can’t be considered a beauty.


So people only enthusiastically discuss her legendary xiao san path, and no one pays attention to her business achievements/contributions. There is no lack of female entrepreneurs nor are there a lack of successful females who have relied on men to get on top. But someone as stupid as me, using a man is using a man, there’s no reason to wreck their family to get on top. Breaking up families one after another, this woman is smart indeed, but her character is low. Don’t say she’s Chinese, such an embarrassment.


Lao wai‘s aesthetic tastes sure are different from our fellow countrymen!


Murdoch has after so many years finally woken up. Old Murdoch, with you this old now, don’t look to marry again.


How’s Obama and his wife’s relationship right now? [偷笑]


A model for realizing one’s self-worth/potential, an example of disregarding moral behavior.

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng.

If you are curious, the #1 trending hashtag is about about the College English Test (CET-4 & CET-6) examinations that will be held tomorrow across China. The hashtag is “#Band 4-6, Must Pass#“. It has 4x as many mentions on the microblogging service, but no one particularly popular post.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    … feels like my sister’s television dramas suddenly came to life and popped into reality’s existence! (yes, I know this has been happening over the course of a long period of time.)

  • CheddyZeddy

    Chinese lady marrying foreign men for fame and money. She is one ambitious lady. Dick hopping from one dick to another…………..

    • She doesn’t look first class or classy for that matter.

  • Rick in China

    RE: “who will be her next target?”

    A woman. She has garnered her fortune through banging old dudes, she’d never trust a younger guy now to not be using her in the same way – so my guess, is a woman.

    • Pickle

      I don’t think she will marry a younger man. But she will screw them. She must be thinking” after all that work, I can finally get young meat!”

      • I second that. Chinese milf on the loose.

        • Homer

          All of you are wrong – sex to a woman like her is just a tool to get wealth and power, it is not something enjoyable or for pleasure. This is why she’s repeatedly sleeping with rich powerful men (despite how old and unattractive) who can give her the money/status advancement she seeks. If she was not interested in having sex with younger handsome more vital men for pleasure in her 30s, she sure isn’t going to start now in her mid 40s. Watch – Any future sex she conducts will continue in this trend.

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    Typical Shanghainese behavior.

    • Mighty

      Here comes the Beijing vs Shanghai slap.

  • David Johnathan

    >Hurf durf she will marry Putin next

    Don’t chinese know about Kabaeva?

  • What? No, impossible.
    This was the only relationship that made me believe in true love.

    • Mighty

      This and Anna Nicole Smith.

    • the ace of books

      Your youthly illusions! Shattered forever!

      • I just don’t know what to believe anymore.

        • the ace of books

          Believe in Brother Spring. If you believe in Brother Spring you will respawn immediately in the same location at the time of your death … or so I hear.

    • mr.wiener

      Always sad to see two people who thoroughly deserve each other part ways.

    • 剑胆琴心

      hahahaha,your so funny!!!
      you find a gf yet?

      • I have my eye on a nice one. I just haven’t stuffed her into a potato sack and smuggled her over to a Las Vegas chapel yet.

        • 剑胆琴心

          good luck!now you can put more time on personal life.hahaha!

  • Marcus Black

    True love my ass lol. Chinese women seem to gravitate towards men with lots of money. emmmm *strokes chin*. just saying.

    • Mighty

      *strokes chin and nod in agreement*

      • mr.wiener

        Hmm yes…[looks at picturesof Deng, strokes…………chin and nods in agreement]

        • Boris

          Look at pictures of Murdoch: stroke.

          • mr.wiener


          • bbffffffmyassenglishteacher

            you will look no difference from him at that age. except that you will have been still poor by then. she’s still hot and after divorce she will be single and rich

          • mr.wiener

            Quiet junior, the grown ups are talking.

          • bbffffffmyassenglishteacher

            sorry why these nonsense down votes? is he clint eastwood?

          • Tristar

            hope Murdoch get a STROKE.

        • Rick in China

          I don’t know man – if she was just some random woman, she looks pretty haggardly. She’ll need to flaunt some coin!

          • mr.wiener

            Well speaking for myself I like that asian cougar thing, which as just as well. As a mature age person I’d hate to be seen chasing teenage or 20’s age tail.
            If she saw fit to pay me I guess I’d just have to swallow my pride about being sexually objectified :)

          • Asian cougars are the hottest things out there.
            I guess I’m still young enough to see them as “forbidden older women”. I dunno. Barely, I guess.

          • Rick in China

            Fair enough – that being said – I bet she’d be crazy in bed. After all those years of sucking wrinkled old cock, and releasing her frustration in court hearings :D I bet she’s an eager beaver.

          • I turn 30 in less than a month. The only thing I’ve actually worried about with getting older is the whole “not young enough for them to still be cougars” thing. Devastating.

          • Rick in China

            Don’t be worried about not being young enough to call them cougars – instead, you can call it “age appropriate sex” and be proud :D Rather, be worried that they wont be interested in you because you’re too old!

          • Too old for the cougars…oh god…almost-mid-life crisis time

          • Rick in China

            I went the other route – found a gem and married her. No more worries about that sort of thing :D Turning 32 next month.. baby in 5 months, nobody believed “RICK settled down???” but to be honest, removing that whole pussy-seeking-missile out of your routine results in a much more productive life.

          • Congratulations on the baby!

            I have a monkey. It’s like a baby-lite.

            Yeah, no, I got all of the fun-seeking out of my system already. As we supposedly say down here in Arkansas: it’s narin’ time to get myself hitched, yessiree

          • Kai

            Wait, you seriously have a monkey?

          • jin

            dont be fooled, its his cat in a monkey suit…..

          • the ace of books

            “Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?”

            “…Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?”

          • Yep, a bonnet macaque
            she’s fantastic, definitely doesn’t feel like a pet. Feels more like a weird looking baby

          • Rick in China

            Where’d you get it, and do you live in China? My wife always wanted a little monkey (smaller than a bonnet macaque :D) but I always explain, 1) it’d be difficult to get legally, or 2) it’d be a massive headache. She hates my cats because they shed and shit appropriately in their toilet and only in their toilet on one of our decks, but a monkey would likely dig into everything it could and rip apart or chew on anything it can. Do you keep it in a cage, and does it rip up your place? How long have you had it?

            Maybe I can get ahold of a monkey to offset her hatred for my cats. :D

          • Nah I’m back in Arkansas. Some states have them banned, some require licenses (that can be rather difficult to get) but Texas and Arkansas don’t need a license at all. I got her from a guy down in McAllen, TX.

            They definitely do require much more attention than any other pet (that I know of). I’ve never raised a child, but it seems very similar. She has to be with someone 24/7 for at least a year, you feed her baby formula every three hours, change her diaper, make sure she doesn’t get into poisonous things, etc. They can open pill bottles, child-proof things, so on, so forth. They supposedly like to eat wallpaper, for some reason, and chew up anything wooden. Eventually she’ll have a cage, when she’s mature enough, for sleeping and any time no one can babysit her. Also she’ll have some kind of little obstacle course thing outside in a cage. I don’t know how to design that, but she’s only a month and a half old, so there’s plenty of time to figure that out.

            Really, the hardest part is finding a veterinarian that is qualified to treat her. If you have the flu or anything, she can get it and it will probably kill her. They’ll get a lot of human illnesses. They also grow some nasty canines (the males especially) that you might want to have removed for safety, just in case. I know it sounds scary now, but that’s just precautionary stuff. Getting her is probably the best decision made yet haha

          • Rick in China

            Your description about how you’re taking care of your baby monkey is *exactly* my plan for my baby :D Including the obstacle course in a cage. I wont remove his/her canines though.

            I’m also on board with the ‘best decision yet’ thing! Seems like fun/hassle/fun, but a little bit exciting having a little life in your hands yeah?

          • Man, when you hold her (and I am sure it’s going to feel the same, ten-fold, when you get your baby), you feel like the most important thing in the world to her.

          • Chairman Meow

            Re: removing canines – yes, agree. Neighbor’s pet monkey bit the crap out of my sister’s neck – 2 months later and still not healed properly.

          • This is how it begins. This is how the Outbreak starts.

            PS: I have a Chairman Meow tattoo on the back of my shoulder.

          • Chairman Meow

            I love the Chairman Meow stuff – plus my cat looks just like the image and is quite the feline dictator.

          • I had a fat tabby cat when I lived in China back in the early 2000s. I thought I was clever, thought I came up with the name “Chairman Meow”…then later I found out it’s pretty common (or at least became common later). Anyway that’s why I got the tattoo…to memorize my little dictator cat from hell.

          • Chairman Meow

            It’s pretty clever – especially the re-purposed cultural revolution artwork like I borrowed for my avatar. BTW – I took my two cats to China from the US on my last expat assignment and fortunately due to my brother-in-law’s connections got them out of customs in Guangzhou airport within 30 minutes :) 3 years in Zhuhai and then back to the US none the worse for wear.

          • Les Battersby

            How so? Just curious on as a ALMOST 37 year old bachelor, do you feel it gives you a goal to work towards. Good luck with the nipper!!

          • Rick in China

            Baby = a goal to work towards, sure.. maybe the most crucial in life. But a more direct explanation as to productivity, just being ‘committed to marriage’ means I go out for drinks/poker once every 2 weeks instead of 4 times a week, come home earlier, and ultimately have much more free time doing ‘home building’ things – by default, since I’m not busy drinking myself senseless and sleeping til noon every day I can :D Bachelors *can be* way more personally productive than married men, for sure – since you’ve no ultimate responsibility other than to yourself, but now my responsibility is primarily to my still-brewing baby, and secondly to my wife. Sometimes it’s a little depressing, have to give up some *great* opportunities career wise (like business wants me to travel more, or opportunity to live in several places for long-term engagements), but when you see little 4 month old fetus kicking, rolling, and punching around in an ultrasound there’s almost a moment of clarity – this is what needs to happen, selfishness needs to end :)

          • I just kind of woke up one morning with the idea that I was tired of the bachelorism and wanted this home life type stuff. Even though the idea of it freaked me out a bit before, it was stuck in my mind then and still is. I haven’t accomplished that yet, but I already feel more productive haha

          • Les Battersby

            Fair enough, you raise some valid points. Travel and selfishness is not everything, esp. once into your 30s.

          • Dr Sun

            Wiener she’d eat you alive

          • loki

            Look around in china.. she has maybe 10 years of looking decent and then she will turn to a hunched back toothless old Chinese hag. Dude, got out while the getting was good. He can always find another young Chinese to replace the old one. After all what is the one thing China has tooooo much of? Chinese people…

          • Joseph Lopez

            Yeah but…….there’s more men than women in China

            It’s predicted that 20 million Chinese men might be bachelors in the future due to a lack of women.

            I’m sure you’re aware that it’s because of the One Child Policy and it’s the Chinese parents’ preference for boys

            With that said, we may see more interracial marriages between Chinese men and foreign women in the future.

            Think about it, China’s economy is going to be number one and women always falls for successful men

    • Pickle

      An interesting attitude these women take when they are a dime a dozen. There are much better looking women than her. This one Chinese actress also married an australian billionaire but she is way prettier. And the guy is young and not bad looking too. Wendi Deng instead like a vulture sought prey about to croak.

      • I am surprised she didn’t wait for him to die or poison him ha. She must have alternate plans or Rupert woke up to what a bitch she is. meh.. speculating.

        • filabusta

          I wish she had poisoned him.

        • loki


    • Dr X

      women of all races do that, you rarely see men hook up with rich old ladies, but women have no problem sleeping with disgusting old men as long they’re rich

    • One for all

      It’s not just Chinese women. It’s women period. The guy that can provide security (financial, physical, emotional etc) has the most pulling power.

      Women in Asia just seem to be more upfront about this than their Western sisters

      • Women has the ‘traditional’ role of being supported so they can take care of the children. Eventually they lose their actual responsibility in their princess daze and feel that they don’t have to carry their share of the relationship and selfishly decides that its their right to be treated like royalty and the husband can pay for their trips to wherever.

      • Boris

        Beg to differ. None of my childhood friends have married for anything other than serious affection. Whenever a Chinese person talks to me, however, the first question that pops into my head is ‘What does this f**ker want?’ Sorry, but I’ve become a cynic.

        • One for all

          affection = emotional security.

          • Boris

            Sure, but I was focusing more on the financial aspect. Back in Europe, both my male and female friends have often married people who could be considered material ‘losers’ in the game of life, and I’d say they have the best marriages. Oddly enough, just this week I met a German manager of a company in a Starbucks (taking his Mac out for a walk). He became furious when I told him he should be cautious about marrying his Chinese girlfriend 20 years his junior. ‘A lot of girls here like me for ME!’ he spluttered apopleptically. He could be right, but in 8 years of living here I’d say the odds on it are slim.

          • mr.wiener

            No fool like an old fool.

          • MrT

            I keep saying that to my girlfriend but i cant get her to leave me, what to do!

          • powef

            1. stop feeling like a star for it
            2. stop bragging about it on the web
            3. grow a pair
            4. leave her
            5. leave

          • MrT

            1. I is a star
            2. I want every one to know.
            3. They is very big.
            4. I cant, she as to leave me.
            5. No where to go, i is a loser.

          • powef

            u win.

          • Beelzebub

            Number 5, I hope to god you are not british, if you are, where is your backbone, good god man, stand tall!!

          • Homer

            Then your girlfriend is an even bigger loser than you. Congrats – she’s the one, you truly deserve each other!

          • MrT

            far from it cnt.
            she aint the gold digging loser types that hang around you bunch of dead beats.
            18 with dollar.

          • One for all

            Haha! He should tell the girls he’s lost his job and won’t have one for 6 months, and then proceed to ask if they could split dating costs with him. If one girl agrees, I suggest he marry her :D

        • Kai

          I suspect it has a lot to do with the environment you grow up in. If you’re surrounded with poverty but you’re also aware that you don’t have to live that way if you can find someone of means to latch onto, and you feel you can do it, you might be more tempted to do so to get “out” of that life trap that everyone else around you is in.

          If however everyone around you seems to be materially comfortable, where actual poverty isn’t really a credible threat, perhaps because of state welfare programs or because you have family to fall back on or whatever, then the material/financial may not be that big of a priority or preoccupation in your mind.

          Often people who go to the furthest extremes to achieve their goals is because their is something that they’re really afraid of, and they’ll do anything to avoid it.

          There’s gold-digging and marrying to climb up the social ladder everywhere, but I think it sticks out more in fairly impoverished places, where doing so holds the promise of substantially changing your life for the “better”. There was a Chinese netizen comment with an idiom recently about how the well-fed man doesn’t know the hunger of the starving man or something. It’s one of those things.

        • Probotector

          Not a cynic, a realist.

        • Tom rom China

          I’m a Chinese male, and I really agree as an “insider”.

      • Dr Sun

        well I we can attribute that to “patriarchy” cant we ?

        Which by the way was not created by women or for their betterment.

        • One for all

          Perhaps a world that has given into the whims of ‘special rights’ (not equal rights) for women would be better….perfect example here:

          The mentality of being attracted to the best provider is an evolutionary one, you see it everywhere in nature. But feminists like yourself believe your vaginas grant you special rights that nobody else deserves

          • Dr Sun

            oh the masculinist argument, “Ding” sorry, thank you for trying but try something more based in reality and history not just on anti-feminist rhetoric.

          • One for all

            Right……”patriarchy was not created by women or for their betterment” is such a historical and realistic argument.

            Women….*rolls eyes* (actually I don’t think you’re a woman, I think you’re one of those beta-men that have been brought up on an unhealthy diet of political correctness and feminism…..constantly reminding yourself you need to apologize for having a penis)

      • ismhmr

        I think you have to spend some time in china to know the difference… In western Countries women will at least try to convince themselves and never admit to wanting a man for money…

        A Chinese women is brought up to chase it, and will openly admit loving money. I just had a girl here in China just recently tell me that men should buy her stuff.

    • the ace of books

      Ehn, come on, man, you can’t think that this was true love.

  • 5000

    As I heard so often when I explain downloading music is not legal, cheating on a test is not moral, stealing IP rights is not ethical. The answer? ” Chinese are so clever!!!

    • Germandude

      Well, let me answer like this. Your name cannot refer to the Spartans, because those were 300. Your name can also not be refering to Chinese history, because as we all know, it’s 5000 years of history and culture, AT LEAST. 7000 years sounds more legit anyways. A lot of time to develop a culture. Surely, you must be laowai. You don’t understand Chinese culture!
      If this doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. It makes no sense to me either. But so do most of the morale standards.

  • what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive
    -sir Walter Scott

    • the ace of books

      Practice makes perfect.

  • wafflestomp

    And I still don’t care about money grubbing self centered gold digging Chinese females.

  • Mighty

    A true China Vagina.

    • vachina

      • Mighty


        • Chopper1

          go back to tossing off

  • Alex

    I saw her in person once when she went to the Beijing Film Academy by the end of last year or beginning of this one, when James Cameron came to visit. I don’t know why, but she was one of the interviewed NEXT to him in relation to Cameron’s visit.

    I still don’t know what the fuck she was doing there.

  • A man with no honor + a woman with no honor >>marriages, divorces, both are searching for financial benefits and false hope…except for Wendi D.

    • it makes no real difference to real life with real people. Except for the fact they pay much more than we do with money other people make for them so at the end of the day they can do the same shit we do, eat, shit, fuck and sleep.

      • Agree, and to clarify, I think Rupert had false hopes about her and she clearly had other motives thus she gain notoriety, finances, and her hopes came true!

        Edit: Or rupert wanted some chinese arm candy.

        • Old dude wasn’t that smart if he took all that time to divorce her.

          • He probably enjoyed the expensive ‘play time’.

          • Man, that lady must be really good at the fellatio and the sex. xD

          • Lol, aye… from a wrinkly limp …maybe this catfish secretes Viagra.

  • Pickle

    I liked many of the netizens comments. This one in particular:
    “Men rely on conquering the world to conquer women, whereas women rely on conquering men to conquer the world.”
    He was smart to divorce her. He will lose less money this way so that his blood relatives can get the rest. Did she even give him children? Theres no mention of it so I guess not.

    • One for all

      They have 2 girls,she’s not that daft. She’s made sure she’s permanently enshrined in the Murdoch family scene

      • Pickle

        Then she really is smart. Not just a gold digger.

  • BiggJ

    God, she is a hot piece of gear though. I’m sure she is the most ruthless bitch you will ever see but I’d sure rock that ass. lol

    • Mighty

      I’m going to down-vote you on that, based on moral grounds.

      • BiggJ

        Don’t even tell me you would not fuck

        • I like to say I wouldn’t…but I probably would.

          • Homer

            Anyone can fuck her if the price is right

      • mr.wiener

        I’ll upvote him for the honesty.

  • Claude

    Murdoch is a scumbag. The phone-hacking exposed him to the world who weren’t familiar with what a bastard he is. They deserved one another, a match made in the gutter. They’re both parasites.

    • mr.wiener

      The phone hacking thing would be his son, but agreed, a scumbag of the first water.

      • Claude

        Riiight, his staff “shielded” him from the goings on of that shitty rag. The owner of FAUX news had know idea they were hacking, but admitted there was a cover up. I guess you can’t expect a man with no ethics to hire staff with ethics. For those who have forgotten, his employees hacked a murdered teenagers phone.

        They tried to present himself as a doddering old codger in court (how theatrical) but was pretty spry later on. If he truly wasn’t aware they were hacking he’s still guilty by owning that trashy media empire with it’s political agenda and profit motives.

        Divorce? Why? they are a sociopath dream team. I hope she gave him HPV and he dies of throat cancer before he dies of old age. I wouldn’t feel sorry for a corrupt gazillionaire oligarch.

    • cb4242

      I remember when liberals went crazy when push enacted the Patriot act, liberals were going nuts, and Biden although he drafted it said, he would never trust a president that would use it to spy on people now under Obummer, liberals are telling us listening to our calls and the NSA, DOJ and IRS are doing all this to keep us safe??? I love Liberals. They crack me up.

      • Claude

        “Liberals” I’m Canadian your “liberals” make Canada’s right wing conservative prime minister look like a Scandinavian socialist.

        I suspect we don’t meet eye to eye politically but we agree Obama’s full of shit.

        Obama debates President Obama.

        • cb4242

          That’s why you guys need to stay up there in the land of the Maple leaf and guard that Hudson of yours from any approaching Killer Whales.
          Just kidding. Canadians for the most part are cool, but yes, definitely we CAN agree on something and that is, Obama is a douche

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Hot MILF. But I am pretty sure she looks like shit once the Chanel makeup and the Gucci threads drop to the floor. But I would marry her for Murdoch’s money no doubt.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    That’s a lot of leg spreading and dick sucking going from a little unknown girl from Guangzhou to become the 1% of the 1%. Well done WD!

  • ct

    Murdoch is just as ruthless and scheming. So much of the commentary is about him getting suckered, but he’s an old fox. This marriage got him all sorts of publicity, he may have been using the relationship to get more access to the Chinese market, etc.

    • Washington Bullets

      match made in heaven

  • Rupert

    Average looking Chinese ladies like Wendi with balls of no shame hustling all you ignorant suckers out there. Both losing face, value.

    “So many suckers in this world today, so many suckers like you getting played.” – Confucious.

  • She’s famous because she’s done something a lot of Chinese do but way more ambitious. God bless us for we worship prostitutes.

    • Shes also very smart…which a lot of women just thinks that their beauty will do.

      • so she’s a smart prostitute. doesn’t make my point any different.

        • takasar1

          ‘prostitute’ has degenerated into a common term of offense, intelligence is much more rare

      • In this case smart is all she had going for her. Haven’t seen any photos showing “beauty”. Good for her either way!

    • 剑胆琴心

      fucking idiot!
      women marry rich men everywhere.
      also quite some men diggers too,i even know some white diggers in shanghai.
      fucking idiot.i bet you better be gay.

      • Women marry rich men everywhere, true, mostly ’cause they’ve suffered poverty from an early age. Though China is fucking filled with brainwashed skinny bitches who have been taught they must marry a rich man since they are little. They are taught to be useless objects people should glorify every time they see them, and not to ever learn anything useful to humanity, hence Shanghai and beijing streets filled with pollution and egocentric douchebags like yourself.

        now you say I am an idiot because I’ve said the truth. Thousands of years ago people would worship gods, deities and idols. Nowadays people worship narcissist hookers with no sense of humanity whatsoever. i.e. Kardashians/honey boo boo.

        now if you dare insult me over something so insignificant like the topic in question, you should double check why you are hanging out with “white diggers” yourself.

        eattot your stubborn stupidity will only fade the day you die. kill yourself. Seriously. Or at least raise your standards.

        • 剑胆琴心

          diggers everywhere any race.or there wont be whores everywhere.
          it’s human also look for rich wives.
          just met friends and chat a lot,and our opinion is the same:beauty and a rich daddy are most important things for men when they look for a wife.other sides just bullshit.

          • BiggJ

            Only losers who can’t support themselves look for rich wives.Same thing for woman. People like that just want to use others for their own gain.

  • the ace of books

    So … that happened.

    Seriously, I don’t see the issue. She’s an opportunist and a businesswoman. She probably doesn’t factor “love” into “things I want to get done” – she grabs what’s available when she can. (seriously, lookit her wikipedia, her whole life’s full of this kind of stuff.) She’s an opportunist.

    And Murdoch probably knew that marrying her. It’s likely that, at 60+, the guy ain’t had no illusions of her “marrying for love”. He’s a businessman himself, so he probably recognized what was going on and decided, “sure, it’s a risk I’ll take”. And if that’s what you wanna do man, okay.

    That’s not to say I condone nor despise her for doing this, just that I wouldn’t marry her.

    • Probotector

      So when a woman uses you and rips off your fortune in the divorce, you’ll pat her on the back and say “good for her, she got what she wanted”?

      • the ace of books

        > That’s not to say I condone nor despise her for doing this, just that I wouldn’t marry her.
        > just that I wouldn’t marry her.
        > I wouldn’t marry her.

        See also: the part where the Ace may or may not actually ever get married in the first place. If I did, it certainly wouldn’t be to one of these.

      • takasar1

        It was Murdoch after all. The guys a creepy insect who
        should be in jail by now

    • Homer

      You’d be surprised how naive men are which provide women like her the opportunities throughout history. Most men espeically a successful and powerful (albeit smart and wise in all other areas) man would think he’s god, invincible and different from how she dealth with her previous men, and that this woman truly likes/loves him for who he is. Only when things go south he’s able to see things straight and view her objectively. By then it’s too late! History repeats itself. There will always be dumb blind men when it comes to sex and there will always be women like her that take advantage of the men’s blind spot.

  • tomoe723

    Majority of people judge too much and too quickly without even knowing the person personally… oh well, life as we know it…

  • 剑胆琴心

    at least she experienced what most people will never have in one’s short life.
    and still gets big money for her next life.
    compared to a lot of women ruined their lives because of poor and low men.
    who has the right to judge others that much?once the chip is big enough.

  • Jing Li

    So she’s a gold digger, so what? I prefer making money using the thing on my shoulders, not the thing between my legs. To each their own.

    • Kai

      You have a cape?

      • Probotector


    • niba

      are you suggesting Deng doesn’t have a brain? only women with both beauty and intelligence can arrive that position

  • Jing Li

    CNN – “using her ninja skills” Wrong country. But it’s excusable, it’s CNN.

  • filabusta

    Let us all share in a moment of silence for this great man’s loss….. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll break out the electro-shock machine and order ten prostitutes to relieve his stress.

  • Jay K.

    “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digga, but she ain’t mess in with no broke nigga!”~Kanye West

  • Dave

    Incredible – in Western society people look down on her. Yet in China so many people admire her!!

    Different culture, different values. So please Chinese, do us a favor and stay out of the West – keep your values to yourself.

    • asianjunk

      the F…. . fucked up things happens everywhere, everyday. do me a favor- be less of an ignorant, and more of a human… this is planet Earth for EVERYONE.

      • Dave

        Strawman argument. I never claimed Earth isn’t for everyone.

        • asianjunk

          iaght!.. then nobody is staying out of anywhere.

          • Probotector

            Perhaps he meant that gold digging is a common practice in China, and is often viewed as a virtue, (along with many other things Chinese people do that is morally questionable), but this sort of behaviour is unwelcome in the rest of the world. Having said that, it does happen everywhere in the world, you’re correct, but in China, (maybe other parts of the world as well, I don’t know) getting what you want through any means necessary, right or wrong, is generally seen as a virtue.

            Btw, the Earth may be for everyone, but China is only for Chinese people, haven’t you heard?

          • Kai

            I think that’s a bit unfair. Ruthlessness and ethically questionable behavior is common in China, but it isn’t “generally” seen as a “virtue” by far.

            People generally don’t engage in that sort of behavior because they think it is good moral conduct, they engage in it because they feel they have to. There’s rationalizing one’s decisions and actions, but exceedingly few people rationalize it to the point of enshrining such decisions and actions as “virtue”.

          • takasar1

            “along with many other things Chinese people do that is
            morally questionable”, yeah…somehow I doubt that there exists a single race on our beloved, fair and polluted home that can take the high ground with regards to morals. Some are just better at hiding things than others.

            “Btw, the Earth may be for everyone, but China is only for
            Chinese people, haven’t you heard?” I have. I have also heard that france is for the French (economic instability has a nasty habit of proceeding a mass migration to the extremes), Britain is for the british (or make that england for the English) especially where I am currently studying, America is only for Americans (try being a muslim and walking through an airport), korea is for Koreans only (blackface anyone?) and china only exists so that the han can dominate all others (or so I’ve been told by my highly-esteemed Tujia neighbour).

            What is the point you are making? That the Chinese are human after all? With a large group of ultra-nationalist morons? Because a few weeks ago, I could have walked out of LSE and been face-to-face with a group EDL scum, go back to my dorms and watch replays of that much-celebrated idiot griffin embarrass himself on question time, whilst simultaneously reminding myself of that incident weeks ago where a black guy was beaten up by some white folk and being incessantly called ‘nigger’. All this in a country which I have a lot of respect for and enjoy studying in, imagine what its like in america, japan and Russia let alone the PRC.

    • mr.wiener

      First sentence :good
      Second sentence:……………good god man , there is no hope for you.

      • Probotector

        Why exactly? btw, I think you’re referring to his fourth sentence, but his second paragraph. :)

    • Kai

      I think the majority in China still look down on her. I’d say there might be more people who share her goals and willingness to do certain things to achieve them in modern China compared to the West, but then there are so many reasons for it that has nothing to do with any actual uniqueness in ethnic culture and so much more to do with simple stage of socioeconomic development.

      The more the world intermingles, the more likely people will be exposed, adopt, and then proliferate values we believe to be superior or more “ethical”. The more people aspire to those values, the more we will push environments to support those values. We also have to recognize that values and environments are tied to each other, that they influence each other.

      • Dave

        A balanced, moderate response – and I accept that poor people are more desperate for money. However, many of the comments of admiration towards her have been made by middle class Chinese. Also needs to be seen in the context of a culture where what others think of your status and materialism have generally greater importance than the West.

        • Kai

          That’s because they’re newly middle class. Everything has a historical socioeconomic context. There are pitfalls making comparisons without due consideration to these factors, to the circumstances that span and for the time being reinforce these values and perceptions.

        • takasar1

          Do you know much about the history of the ‘western’ middle class? I doubt it. The middle class of post world war one western world would be almost unrecognizable today. Values change as a result of the socio-economic environment, as do people. Your ‘western’ middle class was brought about by the rise of economic and political institutions as well as death of feudalism and the increasing laisez faire attitude of governments (among other things). The Chinese ‘middle class’ came to being during a huge free-for-all where 1.4 billion people were suddenly given more freedom to enter a volatile, state-created and controlled ‘market’ where they were forced to vie with over a billion others in order to gather resources. When you struggle to put food on the table and obtain affordable housing, such loose morals and ethics are very quickly launched out the front door if they prevent you from carrying out your desires.

          As for this whole affair, all I can say is, fair play to
          her. From rags to riches in less than 30 years. I could complain but then I would have to remind myself that I will be attending an economics summer class tomorrow (all the while praying that both the PBOC and the Fed wise-up) whilst she and her daughters prepare themselves for another shopping spree.

    • Les Battersby

      What was that survey again, so many percent looked down on the poor, and so many percent praised the prostitutes. That says a lot about a society right there!

    • Chris Hansen

      Because, most of the Chinese women look up to her as a role model, bam I get money and a green card…all I need to do is to tolerate saggy balls…better than staying in China woot woot…one-way ticket to the riches only the corrupt can get in China

  • Probotector

    The personification of the xiao san that many Chinese women aspire to be.

    • 剑胆琴心

      not really!!!
      women seek for love first after get hurt again and again then money…
      if no a lot of love at least a lot of money.
      but not in my case,hahaha.he promised to buy me enough shoes ans skirt i want when proposal.

      • you say “not really” but you just claimed you are the same kind of bitch yourself. Please suicide asap.

        don’t you ever speak for all women ever again. you’re a disgrace to all female creatures in this universe.

      • Probotector

        So being a gold digging home wrecker is somehow righteous, and women only do it AFTER they’re been ‘hurt’ and then blame ALL men for it from then on?

        But in your case you’re saying you didn’t need the excuse of being ‘hurt’? Why? Because you were just born a bitch?

        • 剑胆琴心

          what is love then you tell me?
          do you really believe in love, i do not.
          i believe in looks and sex more.
          your born from a bitch,that’s what i am sure.

          • Dr Sun

            well I can tell you what it isn’t- marrying for money

          • 剑胆琴心

            i only know the truth is nobody wants to marry poor.

          • Dr Sun

            Agreed I would not not marry someone who is morally poor, emotionally poor, or lets say spiritually poor, however I have and I would marry someone who is financially poor.
            Why because the marriage is not based on something as temporary and as fleeting as money.

            And that’s the truth you should learn !!

          • 剑胆琴心

            sure,when your in heaven already.
            hope it won’t be too late.

          • Dr Sun

            Just trying to help you out little sister

          • BiggJ

            Yeah man your right.

          • Exman

            Well said bro, familial and intimate relationships are all about emotional understanding and connection.

          • BiggJ

            That’s a shame. You seem to me like the type of person who has friends not because you actually like them, but because of what they have or can give you. And you choose the same for your lover too. You should find friends you just like to hang around because they are good people and you enjoy their company. I pick my friends for who they are, not what they have or can give me. Same as my wife. Money and her parents even looks are not very important. Not as important as her being my best friend. She is someone I look forward to be with and do things with. Like when we are old and my dick is all shriveled and I look like a old prune I will still be with my best friend.That’s love to me. Being with someone for just looks and sex will never last.

          • Probotector

            You’re a retard, that’s what I am sure of. Seriously, you don’t believe in love, only in looks? What a sad, pathetic, empty life yo must lead.

      • Chris Hansen

        Shut up superbunny…your bf is still gay and rich…so he’s probably sleeping with other guys while you’re on here spewing your trash. He probably gave your wedding ring to another guy too

        • Rick in China

          It’s the same person who “quits” repeatedly, changes name, and comes back on here – spewing the same drivel as always. I’d wager most of what she presents as being her life is bullshit anyways, uses all her time to start fights, say “you’re just a pedo loser!” to anyone who disses her, and posts fug pics of her mango shaped head expecting nobody to criticize…

          What do you really expect from that kind of person?

          • 剑胆琴心

            do not write to me, ok???
            fucking loser again to you!

          • Chris Hansen

            A real loser = swearing when you can’t win a sensible debate, and changes his/her screen names more than a baby changes his/her diaper. Now go home and look for your rich and gay bf.

          • Rick in China

            “Rick in China -> Chris Hansen” .. I guess it was written to you? in your fucked up mind? You’re so self-important that I’m sure everything, in your mind, is about or to you. Get over yourself piggy, nobody cares about you.

          • 剑胆琴心

            i should say,do not talk about me,it’s none your business.

            fuck off!

          • Kermit

            I do.

        • 剑胆琴心

          you know better?ha?
          he is not rich,he likes to buy me shoes.even so,still 10 times better than those fucking miser only says love on mouth doing nothing.
          and do not you know there are many white fuckers in china looking for free sex day and night?i do not think they have right to talk about love and relationship,hope your not one of those mfkers.

      • sean_sean21

        lol. Everyone knows about Wendi Dengs first love that split Jake and Cherry’s family. She was a gold digger and a slut from the beginning. Lets wait and see who is her next target.

  • As Wendy Deng moves onto other aspirations (as said, no not Putin, he’s already divorced, can’t break up his happy home) so too does Murdoch. As this comes on the heels of other business decisions (something something company breakup), this too signifies a lack of focus and attention of Murdoch upon China.

    Unless, of course, he does the “logical” thing and marries an even younger Chinese woman.

  • Washington Bullets

    Everyone is speculating that she did it for the money, but she was married to him for 10+ years. Do you think he loved her? do you think she loved him? Miserable situation, only to have it become world news once they split. When people find love, don’t they hope it lasts a lifetime? Did she find that Rupert’s lifetime was getting too long for her tastes?

    I’m not a huge Rupert Murdoch fan, but to have one’s private life become a public spectacle is a shame. Perhaps it is a taste of his own medicine in what his media empire does to other people?

    I feel like this thread is just going to lead to a slew of comments featuring broad generalizations about females, whether they be Chinese or not, and their possible affinity for wealthy old men.

    • Stimpy

      Great trolling, bro.

    • boggled

      mind if we blast that old piece of leather?

    • Homer

      You are so naive of marriage laws, of course she would want to stay married to him as long as possible, the longer the marriage the bigger her payout. Read a recent article where if they stay married till he dies, her payout could be multimple times over! The mistake she made is that she took the marriage to the old fart for granted and probably did not think he would divorce her. This has been evidenced in her surprise (according to news she was caught off guard) when she was served the divorce papers.

  • bbffffffmyassenglishteacher

    sour grape sour grape sour grape… and still SOUR GRAPE!!!!!!!!!!

    • just ’cause you can’t get it? There are way better grapes in this world, bro.

    • Jing Li

      On behalf of anyone that speaks English… HUH?

      • bbffffffmyassenglishteacher

        there is no need to be a genius of language to understand ‘sour grape’ right?

        • mr.wiener

          The correct expression is “Sour grapes” …plural.

          • bbffffffmyassenglishteacher

            oops bit was to you i said ‘you won’. yeah SOUR GRAPES that’s what i meant.

          • bbffffffmyassenglishteacherb

            *it was

        • charles

          sour grapes

          • Boris

            If only. Mine are itchy.

      • bbffffffmyassenglishteacher

        learnt. you won

  • Kai

    Off-Topic but urgent: Readers in China, are you experiencing any problems loading cS when not on VPN? Are there unusually long response times, page load times, the page not loading at all, or getting connection resets? Please let us know, ideally with information about your situation (browser, OS, ISP, location in China, specific issues you’re experiencing, etc.) by sending us an email with our contact form.

  • (.__.” }

    I guess she’s digging for gold someplace else.

  • Probotector
    • Chopper1

      I would not believe anything dailymail in UK puts out, there usual headlines go along like this “Man U/C footballer “enter name” seen having relations with an ostrich in London”

      • Boris

        Personally knowing a few Northerners I wouldn’t find that so hard to believe.

        • Chopper1

          yeah ok you win it’s a possibility…

      • Probotector

        What are you talking about? You a Guardian man then, or perhaps the Sun? Granted it’s sensationalised, they all are, but its not like every story is a fabrication, and the celeb section is bollocks. If anything, they’re a bit too left wing for me.

  • nomoneynohoney

    “Now I aint saying she a gold digger, but I dont see her with no broke…”

  • zi_ni_ma_13

    everybodys gettin all emotional. if i was an old rich white dude, i would know young hotties would want to marry me for the money and the lifestyle. i would have totally married her. and everybody is just diggin on her, he totally married for the trophy wife. ya’ll are sexist. ( some education )

  • mike921

    appropriate name, Wendi Dung…

    • Chopper1

      funny thing is that’s how you say her name in CHinese…

  • Guest


  • Wayne


  • Who wouldn’t want to hook up with her now that’s she’s nicely broken in by a crusty old fart….?

    • carmouflagger


  • Cletus

    I think she’s gonna be after me seein as how I own my own trailor in the Sunnyview trailor park in Tallywack Alabama and can get into my neighbour’s WiFi for free. Probably my sister won’t have it as we wouldn’t have enough space left for her with all our kids and chickens…

  • Karze

    Now a billionaire she can get many young stud half her age and ride.

  • Jeff

    God, she’s hideous – like a succubus. Granted Rupert does like a manifestation of Satan himself.

  • donnied

    does anyone agree that Murdoch resembles a melting candle?

  • Marcus Black

    was it wendi that used murdoch or was it murdoch that used wendi. also when you have sex with a chinese woman, are you fucking her or is she fucking you….emmm *hand on chin, distant stare*

    • mr.wiener

      You are indeed fucking her, but she is also fucking you. The key to a good relationship is knowing when the fucking you are getting is worth the fucking you are getting.
      *enigmatic look, stares into middle distance*

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  • 东方红

    Already haggard and ugly at just age 44, she was born with a hard nose, cruel eyes, thin lips and a grim, mirthless mouth. She crushed two women’s family, mistreated her servants, waged constant fights with Murdoch using profanities on him. Away from the public eye, she is crude and uncultured …

    He may be a ruthless and evil predator but still fell into her clutches, suffered domestic discord and upheaval in his most important years… because he is a fool in judging the character of a woman who has not a single sign of kindness in her face…

    Still, he now has his revenge by throwing her out with no warning or the barest courtesy. Wendi Deng will fall from her high social circles gained solely as Murdoch’s trophy but now only a piece of broken china. As used furniture, a pariah, a gold digger and a family wrecker, all her shameless deeds as a scheming slut will be looked at in a new light by western society. Her lurid past will be grist and fodder for the media… and Murdoch’s family in the future fight over his fortune.

    • Probotector

      I agree with your description, but she seems no different from most other Chinese women. Perhaps she’s just the most famous example.

    • Homer

      Agree, there is a Chinese saying, your face is reflected by your heart. She has an ugly heart therefore it resulted in an ugly face.

  • Dr Sun

    She’s the Poster child for both visa fraud and how to be a marriage breaker and mistress, just ask Putin or Tony Blair