Rural Chinese Young Girl & Family Working In Brick Factory

From Tiexue:

Summer Work for Zhang Qianqian


Zhang Qianqian is from Guizhou, with her parents, living at the local brick factory, and probably also attends school at the local workers’ school.


Upon asking her age, Zhang Qianqian laughed nervously and spoke of other things; I think she might be afraid of involving the “child labor” issue, so I did not keep asking her.


This is Zhang Qianqian’s father. Although his life is hard, and his the burdens he shoulders are not light, there are still some things in life worth a laugh.


Zhang Qianqian’s mother always either unintentionally or intentionally avoids our camera.


From the sight of her drinking water, we can be certain, Zhang Qianqian’s mother is a good worker.



Zhang Qianqian has three siblings, the smallest are twins, and she is the oldest sister.


It is not easy being the oldest sister.


Not only does she have to work, she also must take care of her younger siblings, Zhang Qianqian could be said to be working two things at once.


It can be seen that with regards to taking care of her younger siblings, Zhang Qianqian is very experienced, and very patient.


When working, Zhang Qianqian is always paying attention to the circumstances of her siblings playing by the side.


Life is not easy, young Zhang Qianqian knows this very well. So, she cannot fully enjoy the summer, and must work to reduce her parents’ burdens.


Although she is young, she must be careful while working.


Life’s road, is still very long, very long.


In the future, will things change?

Comments from Mop:


The children of poor people mature early.


Hardship is wealth that spent on [developing] a kind of character, so one will not continue having hardships.


Hardships is the most valuable wealth of life, jia you Little Qian Qian.


Everyone only knows how to discuss their hardships, but did not see their four children? With life so poverty-stricken, yet still having 4 children, it truly is the more you have the more poor, the more poor the more you have. Whenever this condition can be changed, I believe a big change will happen to their lives.


Kao, if you die of poverty, you deserve it for having that many children.


You stand around and talk! Truly without character! That MOP has this kind of people is truly embarrassing!
Do you know how important a son is to rural people!?
A son first is important for his labor;
Second, a son is a strength that guarantees not being bullied in the countryside;
Lastly, a son continues the family line.

There is still a very large very large difference between the countryside and cities!
Even though I too do not approve of people who have so many children, you do not have any reason to say these curses, and you also do not have the right to say!
The child is diligently changing her life, but you are here making noise.


Jia you!! Milk you will have, bread you will also have!
This is only the darkness before dawn~


Is this in our country?
Our country’s children could not possibly be like this!
This is Africa! Our country is the most river crab country under the sky!


Those people with money and and power who lead a life of debauchery and overspend at will, why can’t they help these children? One meal [of their’s] can probably take care of one year’s school fees for them. The beauty life has given this child cannot be matched by polish on the surface.


The sadness of reality, I wish the best for this little girl.

Comments from NetEase:


The photography is very professional.


This is only one angle of the rural areas, and there is still plenty of this kind of thing in our country!


Such a cute little girl, so much more beautiful and pretty than those fei zhu liu.


Little girl, I really admire are very pretty, and very capable…

However for the parents, if you had one less child, your life would definitely be much easier.


The root cause is poverty, not birth. If people could become rich by not having children, then wouldn’t singles all be rich? Think more about the causes of poverty?


Tell me her contact method, I will support her going to school.


Looking at this makes me a little sad, because when I was small I worked at a brick company before also and I also was a little girl at the time. Now, we have passed that difficult period, I really value the blessings of my life right now. The future Little Zhang Qian will also be very remarkable when she enters society! I wish her success!


Those talking about child labor have had their heads kicked by donkeys. Without child labor, what would those families with difficult circumstances do? The country has made so many regulations, do they have any use??? In reality, companies also do not want to use child labor, but to those who are hungry, is there anything more important than a job? Is there anyone who can help the hungry live on???


Only the children of peasants/farms can endure hardships like this!


A child of poor people. I too learned how to make meals starting when I was only a few years old, and chop firewood, etc. but fortunately, my life is better/good now.


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