Rural College Student’s Household Registration Dilemma

China household registration booklet/certificate.

From Tianya:

Never thought that going to college for a few years would result in me becoming a [person without a household registration]

[I] don’t know if there are other people like me, from a rural family background, a college graduate, who has lost a part-time job, can’t cut it in the city anymore, returning home [birthplace], hoping to transfer one’s household registration back to the previous agricultural registration, so that this way, even if [I’m] unemployed, there’s still land and a residence that can be relied upon for survival [rural Chinese are given land, unlike city residents]. Who knows, maybe someday [it] will be demolished and one can get some compensation. The result? Household registration cannot be transferred, registration has become non-agricultural!!!

What is non-agricultural? Unable to enjoy the benefits of city registration and not even the basic “rural benefits”.

No land, no residence, no insurance, no welfare, no job. I’m very bewildered, convicts released from labor camps can change their registration back to their birthplace, can even be admitted into village cadres, have land, have money (welfare), have family, have right to vote, have insurance, etc., all sorts of benefits. Yet once we graduate, us rural college students have nothing.

Why are rural kids who have gone to college are stripped of their voting rights and candidacy rights (In 26 years I have not yet seen what a ballot looks like), residence rights (no land for living, uncertain residence), insurance, and a variety of benefits?

If the result of us going to college is no job and no land, then why did we go to college? Could it be to waste the blood and sweat money that [our] parents’ saved up? After going to college, what more did we get compared to migrant workers?

Got a degree? Migrant workers who no longer work anymore still have land when [they] go back, when we go back can we depend on a degree for food? [If we] don’t work, other than going back to face the mockery of the villagers, the sighs and furious scolding for being a disappointment from [our] parents, where is our way out? Wait for old age? Leech off of [our] parents’ two plots of land? Where did our land go?

I don’t know what’s going on with the current policies for residence registration, and I won’t be able to understand, I’m very perplexed: Why can city kids still transfer their registration back to their parents’ side after graduation, why can’t college kids raised in the countryside shift their registration back to the village? Why is there no change to the registration for city kids after graduation, yet the registration for rural kids changes completely upon graduation?

In the past, rural college kids transferred their registration after graduation in order to get assigned a job. According to cadre benefits, shift into grain production, ought to have received land. But now, college is widespread and no one cares if us graduating college students, and specifically those that become unemployed, can’t find a job. We don’t have money to start a business, we are not like the city kids who have connections, have parents, have relatives who can help find a job. Even if we did find a job, the benefits can’t even compare to migrant workers, why must our right to plant crops be revoked?

Are rural college students not supposed to have land rights?

Comments from Tianya:


This matter really is a problem, fortunately, my registration was not switched. Right now, my boyfriend’s registration has become a problem, not because of the inability to find a job in the city, but high home prices determined that we cannot live in that big city. Actually, it’s a problem with [my] child’s school enrollment and supporting [our] parents which decided that we could not leave our hometown. We cannot irresponsibly let [our] parents get old, cannot let them get lonely in their later years, so we must return to [our] hometown. Also, China was all along was based on the rule of man and not the law, so being in our hometown feels a little more secure. But when he switched back his registration, [he] could only be designated something called “city resident joint household”, don’t know what it is. Now we have a situation similar to louzhu’s, [we] have nothing, completely marginalized. Painful, now we really regret him having gone out to seek an education!


Give some money, someone will immediately settle this for you


Lou zhu, I’m more miserable than you are
I am a woman, my registration has never left, has always been at my old hometown
Then, I got a marriage certificate with someone, and my group (i.e. probably village cadre) reclaimed my fields. Reclaimed in 2001, in 2006 I definitively separated from my husband and took my son back [home], and proceeded to ask the group to give back my fields, but [I] could never get them back.
In 2009, I got the divorce certificate, son’s registration was transferred to my side, but my group to this day is still not willing to allot me my fields and land. This is the reason why I’m left without a household registration, just because I once got a marriage certificate.
Filed a complaint to a government bureau, they said, this type of situation is too common, they can’t deal with it! So-called woman and child don’t even have the most basic rights and have been stripped
Faint, exactly because it’s common, can’t this situation be considered an incident and resolved?
This government, it’s just how it is, the weak are prey to the strong is an unchanging rule


Highly sympathize with brother, this is where I think the policy sucks, many areas are unreasonable. Would be great if China actually didn’t have the residence register


Graduated and want to go back to plow fields, really ambitious


Sigh, many of my classmates are like this. Fortunately, I was wise back then, didn’t transfer [my] registration. If you’re going to school, just go to school, why transfer registration? Got blindsided, right?


Fucking household registration!
Registration is just forcing you to buy a house, otherwise, it’ll always remain as joint household, which in the end means nothing at all.
Transferred my registration from the village when I started school, back then the school said [I] cannot start if I did not transfer, just like this, I became a person who has half of a registration.
Started working and registration was transferred to a company in Shandong as a joint household. I have resigned for two years now, and it’s still there. Now [I’m] in Shanghai, can’t even begin to think about this.
For the purpose of transferring the registration back to the village, they won’t agree to anything. Even transferring back to the village as a non-agricultural registration is also fucking troublesome. [My] village’s local police station said I have to get back my registration at Shandong before approving the resettlement permit, but in Shandong [they] tell me to get the resettlement permit before giving me the registration. Motherfucker, if it’s like this, where can I go to resolve it? One side wants the registration before processing the resettlement permit, other side wants to see the resettlement permit before [giving back] the registration, this is making me go steal it.
After a while, I will soon be a person without registration. With no clear reason whatsoever, [I] don’t have land anymore, with no clear reason whatsoever, [I] will be a person no one cares about.


Our batch that transferred our registrations for school have been cheated, cheated in a wretched way
Now there is nothing
In the village, no land. Now, can’t even afford a house in the city
Utterly nothing, so afraid


After I die, written in large words on my tombstone will be, I love you China


There was a person above who asked why transfer it out? Because before 2003, it had to transferred to the school, only in 2004 was there a [new] policy allowing oneself to choose whether to transfer or not. There was another person who said transferring it back to the village was for getting land and money. Actually, there aren’t that many places that will give a hand out, other than the villages on the outskirts of a city that have money. Villages that are a little far away from cities and towns basically have nothing to give, the fields were handed out a few decades ago, unchangeable for 30 years. The biggest problem now is that since the child’s registration was transferred to the school, the family is unable to build a new house, [they] can only live in the old mud and wood house. If the child comes back and doesn’t have a fitting place to live and those people who didn’t attend college can build a new house in the village, then the kids who worked hard and got into college are worse off than those who did not attend college.

Get registered. chinaSMACK personals.


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