Russia Has Same Consensus As China Over WWII

Russia Has Same Consensus As China Over WWIIRussian president Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia shares the same views as China over the cause, history and outcome of WWII. He made the remarks during a press conference with Chinese and Russian media whilst visiting China on the eve of September 3 commemoration events marking 70 years since the “victories of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japan and the World War against Fascism”. He also described the attempts by some to tamper with WWII history as an insult to the commemoration of those who sacrificed their lives. Netizens strongly supported Putin’s words.


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  • Necrogodomega

    I’m pretty sure Russia has a pretty black mark on their WWII history for their raping of Berlin women that has been pretty much glossed over by the entire world.

    • KamikaziPilot

      What do you mean by “black mark”? Agree their behavior in Berlin isn’t as well known as some of the other atrocities that took place but to single them out is arbitrary and pointless. They also lost the most people by far in the war and had atrocities perpetrated on their people as well. Yes their behavior was barbaric but so was a lot of countries.

      • Necrogodomega

        I singled them out because the article is about Russia. That’s it. They are not ones to talk about others being dishonest when they themselves are all about it.

        Now, OF COURSE, they were not alone. England also took a good part of those rapes and never talk about it. USA arrived much too late to “enjoy” those “good ole days”.

        NOW, just because someone did some bad shit to you, doesn’t give you ANY RIGHT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, to go and do the same or worse to their civilians. That’s just facts. Soldiers are suppose to be better (they are usually not, but they are suppose to be).

        So, there is little use defending or making excuses for their totally amoral behavior.

        • KamikaziPilot

          Okay I get your reasoning. I just hope you’re consistent in your reasoning. Ex. you can’t excuse Allied bombing of primarily civilian Axis targets, you can’t excuse what happened at Abu Ghraib, or basically any atrocities by any party to war. I agree with your initial statement, all I ask is for people to be consistent in their reasoning.

          • Necrogodomega

            Of course, that’s the way most logical people would behave.

            The nukes against Japan were far worse than the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I do agree they played a major factor in the defeat of Japan, but they didn’t need to bomb those cities or napalm something like 70% of the island prior to those bombs.

            There is never an excuse for “lowering” yourself to the level of the “bad guy” just cause they did something to you that you didn’t like. Isn’t that what everyone learns in fraggin primary school?

          • David

            I think the use of nukes is totally different than the rape of women in Berlin or Japanese atrocities in Nanjing. The latter are war crimes and the former is a difference in opinion on the use of tactics. As the Japanese and the Germans were BOTH working on nuclear weapons to be used in the war, it is safe to say the Japanese and German governments (as well as all the allies) felt it was acceptable to use them. .

          • Necrogodomega

            I am not disagreeing. As I said the use of nukes probably ended the war much quicker. They didn’t have to nuke those cities is what I said. They could have nuked ones that were much more military based.

            Either way war crimes are war crimes. They are all bad. That’s my stance.

          • David

            I do not disagree about the war crimes.

  • why always he ???
    russia no good man can be president any more?
    why all communism countries have to always be so fetish?

    • David

      He uses his power to stay in charge. I agree with you but I think you mean fascist, not fetish (fetish means unusual sexual attractions).

  • vonskippy

    China aligning itself with a known nutter – big surprise.

  • Zack Snyder

    Didn’t Russia tried to cheekily “invade” China for a while?

    • 42

      yes, but not during world war 2

      • Paulos

        Maybe not invade, but they did back the Islamic rebellion in Xinjiang as Japan was working it’s way across Manchuria.

  • DC

    so that invalidates the statement?

    • Teacher in China

      No, but it does make him a massive hypocrite.

      • DC

        I don’t dispute that for a second. fact still remains that the Japanese refuse to acknowledge historical truths.

        • Jahar


          • Alex Dương

            So probably the only country that can say anything about bad behavior in WWII without being hypocritical is Switzerland.

          • Jahar

            And they aren’t saying anything.

          • David

            I don’t think it is about bad behavior, I think he, and they are referring to countries re-writing history (of course Putan aimed the comment at Japan, but Frank and Teacher referring to China and Russia doing it). Plenty of countries tell the truth about the war while acknowledging that they were a part of it, bad behavior and all. Also (as an unimportant side note), I don’t think Switzerland should be proud of their behavior in and after WWII, basically being a fence for the third Reich.

  • Adam McMurchie

    HI, not sure who to chat to,, but last time I mentioned that I can start writing big articles like before since I am a Chinese translator, if anyone knows who I can speak to let me know please as China smack hasn’t been the same.

    • David

      I don’t think the problem is lack of people with ability, I think it is lack of interest by the people who run this website.

      • Adam McMurchie

        Yea, I think you are right. As I have asked a few times, I think its time I get together a few friends to make our own site as clearly this one is dead.

        • David

          Yea, just try to monitor better than Shanghailist. lol

  • Amused

    How dare Vladimir appear with a shirt on!?!?!? Doesn’t he know we lose respect for his virility anytime he covers his nipples and/or is shot not doing something super manly?

  • jaded

    wanker. Full of shit