Russian Man Goes On Drunken Rampage in Beijing, Reactions

A Russian man being arrested in Beijing by Chinese police after stealing a car, hitting 4 other cars, and 1 person.
Beijing Police officers subduing and arresting a Russian man who had gone on a druken rampage that involved kitchen knives and stolen cars.
Photo is of the police officers arresting the suspect after arriving on the scene. Photo: Ma Wei.

On iFeng:

Beijing: Male Foreign National Under the Influence of Alcohol Hacked At People with Knife, Stole Car, and Hit 4 Vehicles and 1 Person

Original Headline: Laowai Carrying Knife That Stole Car Injuring 2 People Subdued

Beijing News report, police bulletin, yesterday [October 12th] afternoon at 3:36pm, 110 [the number for police] received a report that a male foreigner dining at a Jianguomen hotel under the influence of alcohol took the restaurant’s kitchen knives and hacked and injured a server, then forcibly drove off with a passenger car. At 4:03pm, civilian police arrested the suspect near the scene of the incidents. At present, the suspect’s motive and situation is under investigation.

Multiple eyewitnesses say that around 3:40pm in the afternoon of the 12th that outside the Jianguomen Jianwai Hutong Jingduyuan Hotel, a male foreign national brandishing two kitchen knives stole an automobile and drove away. Afterward, the car hit 4 cars in a row near the intersection between JIanguomen Street and Jianhua South Road, causing at least one pedestrian injury.

A stolen Buick and an injured pedestrian at JIanhua Road in Beijing following a drunken rampage by a Russian man.
Photo is of the Jianhua Road intersection where the car that was stolen is in the greenbelt and a pedestrian is on the ground. Photo: Zhang Yanzhao.

Witnesses say this man had signs of being drunk and his mental state is suspected of being abnormal. As he approached Jianhua South Road, he successively hit a minivan, two taxis, and one public bus, then drove onto the Jianhua Road sidewalk and knocked down a pedestrian.

Afterward, the man abandoned the car and fled on foot, ultimately being subdued by two kind-hearted city residents and police officers.

Last night [October 12th], the Jingduyuan Hotel manager on duty, Ms. Zhu, said that this male foreign national was a guest of the hotel, “is Russian, checked in this morning, and had already drunk a lot of alcohol when he arrived. I even told the service staff to keep an eye on him, but didn’t expect that something would happen so quickly that afternoon.”

The black Buick that was stolen and crashed by the drunk Russian in Beijing.
Photo of the accident scene.

Scene One: “Choking the Car Owner” and Stealing the Car

According to accounts from multiple witnesses, this man had two kitchen knives in his hands, walked from the Jingduyuan Hotel to the Jianwai Hutong East Gate, making gestures towards pedestrians and cars the entire way, before then carjacking a car and driving away.

Brandishing a Knife Gesturing at Passersby

“The laowai was 1.8m tall, wearing short-sleeves and shorts, had a sturdy build, holding two kitchen knives, and would approach those he saw making gestures.” Yesterday [October 12th], at around 3:40pm in the afternoon, Mr. Tan walked out from the Beijing High Court and encountered this male foreign national.

This man waved his knives at Mr. Tan and multiple other people around him, “and he was muttering something, which I heard as Russian when I got close,” Mr. Tan said. The man’s mental state appeared to be not very normal, “like he had just used drugs.”

In the Jingduyuan Hotel across the High Court, a security guard was also taken aback by this knife brandishing laowai. “He’s a guest of our hotel, and initially had waved the knife around as he walked out of the hotel lobby.”

Mr. Tan says he heard this male foreign national had hacked and injured a server in a restaurant. Last night police confirmed this.

A Beijing taxi that had been hit by a Russian man in a stolen car during a drunken rampage.
Photo is of one taxi that had been hit, stopped next to a center divider. Photo: Zhang Yanzhao.

Forced Car Owner to Open Door at Knife-Point

Multiple eyewitnesses say this man would approach all of the cars stopped on the side of the road brandishing his knife making gestures. Mr. Han’s car very very narrowly escaped being the man’s target. “If I had opened my car door, the car that would’ve been jacked would’ve been mine.”

Around 4pm in the afternoon, Mr. Han was driving back to work, entering Jianwai Hutong to the south of the Jingduyuan Hotel from Dongerhuanfu Road.

“Suddenly I saw two flashing kitchen knives, brand new,” Mr. Han said. Just as I came to a stop, a male foreign national walked over, “brandishing a kitchen knife in each hand”. As he approached the side of Mr. Han’s car, he gestured for him to get out of the car.

Mr. Han quickly pressed the central door locks, and afraid of the glass being broken, he also subconsciously ducked away. The male foreign national, seeing that Mr. Han was not getting out of the car, then brandished his knives gesturing to another two passersby.

Accident scene where a Russian man on a drunken rampage drove a stolen car into a minivan, several taxis, a public bus, and a pedestrian.
Photo of the accident scene.

Brandishing Knives to Steal a Car and Drive Away

This male foreign national walked around carrying the knives gesturing until he reached Jianway Hutong’s East Gate. Here, at the East Gate T-intersection, a black Buick had just recently stopped.

“I was just about to wash the car,” said Mr. Zhang who provides road-side car-washing services. The owner of the Buick is a middle-aged man and was at the time standing by the car waiting.

Not far away, Mr. Tan saw the male foreign national raise a knife towards the Buick car owner. “After the car owner flinched away, he was choked by the ‘laowai‘ around the neck. just like a hostage scene.” Mr. Tan hastily called the police, “the ‘laowai‘ very quickly released the car owner, saw that the car door had not been closed, forcibly got into the driver’s seat, and drove off with the car.”

“The car owner chased for a bit at first, and had nearly grabbed onto the door, but the ‘laowai‘ stepped on the gas and drove off.” Mr. Zhang says.

A UPS minivan that was hit during a rampage of a drunk Russian in a stolen car in Beijing.
Photo of the accident scene.

Scene Two: Pedestrian Hit and Flung into the Green Belt

Multiple witnesses say the male foreign national drove the black Buick towards Jianwai Street, and caused a series of car accidents near the Jianguomenwai Street and Jianhua South Road intersection.

Ran Over Center Divider

Mr. Lu, an attendant for a parking lot on Jianhua South Road, saw a black Buick shoot out from a small road and hit a small van. “The Buick even stopped for a moment, the driver was a laowai,” said Mr. Lu. The Buick then immediately shot forward onto the curb in the middle of the road, hit a taxi, knocked over the center divider rail, then hit yet another taxi, and then drove into the non-motor-vehicle lane. “The car had ran over the center divider, without any intention of stopping,” Mr. Lu said.

“I heard someone scream and before I got outside, the car had already squealing past.” A newspaper stand vendor says at the Jianguomenwai Street and Jianhua South Road intersection, the Buick then hit the back end of a Route 728 public bus, “the engine cover on the rear of the public bus flew open from the hit.”

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A Beijing public bus that was hit by a drunk Russian in a stolen car.
Photo is of the public bus that was hit.

The Laowai Fled After Getting Out of the Car

The Buick still did not stop, passed through Jianwai Street and entered Jianhua Road where it then hit and knocked down a pedestrian at the intersection sidewalk waiting for the light.

This traffic assistant at this intersection says the young man that was hit was around 30 years old, “didn’t have time to jump away, and was directly hit and thrown onto the green belt”. The Buick also drove onto the green belt into the fencing, “driving in very deep, the fencing all embedded into the front of the car, finally stopping the car.”

Witnesses say the young man who was hit was knocked down in the green belt, “his shoulder was bleeding”, and the ambulance that arrived rushed him off to the hospital. “After the Buick came to a stop, a laowai got out, and ran towards the Friendship Store.

A sanitation worker on his shift at the Friendship Store saw a laowai with blood all over his face run into the Friendship Store, “and people chased in after him”. The laowai then ran out through the side door.

A deployed airbag in a black Buick in Beijing, China, after a drunk Russian man went on rampage.
Photo of the accident scene.

Cook Subdues Laowai

At a restaurant outside the Friendship Store, Chen Xiaobin was holding a meeting with his cooks.

This executive chef saw a laowaI barge in and ran towards the kitchen. Behind him was a bespectacled young man, “shouting that the laowai had caused trouble and was fleeing.”

Chen Xiaobin got up and rushed into the back kitchen where the laowai once again ran out of the restaurant. Him and the young man together ran out after him, and subdued the laowai. “He reeked of alcohol from head to toe, didn’t fight us at all, and only tried to escape repeatedly but was held under control”. Immediately afterard, Chen Xiaobin called the police.

Chen Xiaobin says multiple SWAT police arrived and took the male foreign national away for investigation.

Photo of police investigating on the scene.
Chinese crowds around the accident scene where a drunk Russian man had plowed into multiple vehicles and a pedestrian in Beijing.
Photo of the accident scene, with crowds looking on.

Comments on Mop:

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It’s over, when I saw the two words “foreign national”, my first thought was that it was of someone outside of the province [waidiren, in this case, not a Beijing local but a migrant]…


Real life version of Sleeping Dogs.


Beat this bastard until he’s crippled…!


Russian. Gone crazy.


Let the crowd first beat him up then call the police.


Was this person actually drunk?


China’s Erguotou is still the most awesome!


He should at least be convicted of robbery…
[But] I bet no one will dare sentence him.
[Because] this bastard is a foreigner…

A black Buick on the roadside after being carjacked by a drunk Russian armed with two knives in Beijing.

Comments on Sina Weibo:


[Will be deemed] Innocent and released.


@平安北京[Beijing Police Sina Weibo account] Are you guys going to handle this like you handled the “Xuanwumen British Laowai Who Sexually Assaulted A Chinese Girl“, simply fining this lowly laowai a bit of money then deporting him without punishment!? Are you then going to blacklist all the people who keep asking about it and questioning it?!!!


Picking nose emoticon. China’s visas are too easy to get~~~


Why is that laowai in China are always given preferential treatment while our countrymen abroad are always discriminated against? Why?


I bet it’ll just be a fine and deportation without punishment. Isn’t that how our government has always handled these things?


A nation of warriors…except the vodka transformation system had a malfunction…


Just how are you Beijing public security forces safeguarding the 18th National Congress that you can let this kind of thing happen on Chang’an Avenue, so embarrassing! Are you doing right by your superiors [government leaders]!? Angry emoticon.


I bet he’s Russian. [The Sina microblog post did not provide this detail.]


Came to China to play real life GTA.


Will be released by tomorrow.

A black Buick on the roadside after being carjacked by a drunk Russian armed with two knives in Beijing.


The laowai rape case from awhile ago, how come we haven’t heard any news about that?!


I wonder if China dares to charge/convict a Russian or not.


Attacked by foreigners when abroad, attacked by foreigners when at home, smells a little like the Qing government.


In the end, he’ll be still released anyway.


[We] must not let just anyone come [into the country], why is it always only them restricting us from going [into their countries]?


The T-Virus is about to spread into China. erying emoticon


After a few days there will be no problem and he’ll be released, [after all] who dares to do anything about foreigners, harmonious must be harmonized.


Even if this bastard is arrested, he’ll still be released within 2 days.


I came to read the comments~ Grand Theft Auto Laughing emoticon. Taken Ultraman emoticon.


Fortunately it’s not a Japanese person.

What do you think? Do foreigners often escape punishment for their crimes in China? Do Chinese netizens have cause to believe foreigners enjoy preferential treatment under Chinese law in these situations?

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A black Buick on the roadside after being carjacked by a drunk Russian armed with two knives in Beijing.

Written by Fauna

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    I am going on sofa rampage!!!!!!!!

    • linette lee

      I am also going on sofa rampage!!!

  • La-a

    Boy, he did not take the diaoyu island protest well…

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    typical laowai behavior…

    • Bereaver

      Yep, doesn’t surprise me at all! So typical! Every Friday I go out and get drunk just to steal cars and attack people with my knife. Talking about a good time.

    • kaka

      after all those hours of study to prepare yourself for you university entrance exams, you have to ask yourself – was it worth your parents depriving you of a normal childhood, if that comment is indicative of your general level of reasoned thought…If you take the figure of roughly 600,000 foreign nationals as the number of non-Chinese living in China (excluding HK, etc) then this persons behaviour would be atypical… If you’re going to go down the path of Boxer-mentality, at least try to do it with a modicum of rationality and nuance….

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Typical Chinese comment

    • Roger

      Yes you are completely right here “Beijinger in Beijing”, every laowai does this in every city in China every day…

    • JankyFosci

      Oh look at all the foreigners on Chinasmack offended because they are being generalized. Ironic.

      • Ruffled Feathers

        Look at all the Chinese being racist/xenophobic/generalizing because they’re all stupid. Not ironic, just pathetic.

        • JankyFosci

          You’re describing 90% of the comments on this website. I’m pretty sure the majority here are not Chinese.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            I was referring to the general idea of Chinese xenophobia and lumping us all into one category. That’s what this thread is about.

          • ASDF

            Correct. We should not lump people into general categories based on religion, race, or nationality. Everybody is different and must be treated as unique individuals.

            Chinese people however, do not deserve such fair treatment since they are inferior subhumans. Thus, from a sample of their online comments we can adequately conclude that they are all stupid xenophobic racists.

          • JankyFosci

            Right on brother!

          • JankyFosci

            And I was referring to how ironic that is considering all the lumping of Chinese together into one category on this website.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            So what are you saying? Two wrongs make a right?

          • JankyFosci

            No I was pointing out the irony, hoping that the foreigners on this website were intelligent enough to put 2 and 2 together and realize that generalizing millions of people is moronic. I guess that was asking for too much.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            It is not necessarily unfair to lump Chinese together into one category, because there is very little diversity or independent thought from people here. Most of them are vehemently nationalist and xenophobic. Now, of course there are exceptions, but in a population as dense as China’s, they are few and far between.

            By the way, you said you hoped foreigners would be intelligent enough to put 2 and 2 together and realize that generalizing millions of people is moronic. By implication, this means you think Chinese themselves are not intelligent enough to avoid generalizing foreigners. Well, I’d agree with that.

          • moop

            i kinda agree, i think its not necessarily unfair to lump mainlanders together because they do so themselves. just look at some of these articles, like about that foreigner that spit on the woman: ” The woman begins crying asking: “Why must us Chinese be like this? Why is it like this? We demand that he must make an apology, make an apology on the internet, he must. Why did he spit on us Chinese people? Why? Apologize. He must apologize to Chinese people.””

            “我们中国人”, “咱们中国” how many times have you heard this followed by some generalization about their own people? i dont really get why its offensive just because someone of another color does the same thing, not to mention a lot of the negative stuff a lot of chinese people say themselves behind closed doors

          • JankyFosci

            Really, it’s not unfair to lump 1.3 billion people together? Are you a moron? Can I just assume whatever country you’re from produces idiots? Most comments I’ve read on this site from Chinese sources are extremely critical of their country and often praise foreigners, so how you think they are vehemently nationalist and xenophobic is beyond me. In contrast, rarely do I see positive comments about the Chinese on this website.

          • Ruffled Feathers

            Ok either you’re a Chinese troller who hates laowais or you’re a dumbass liberal hipster who butt fucks China because he’s never been here. Can you just produce an objective argument without resorting to being patronizing and annoying? You’re not actually clever . Do you seriously think Chinese are not vehemently nationalist and xenophobic? Clearly you have no idea about this place. It is a fact that most Chinese think the same and act the same. The indoctrination of the CCP ensures this. Also there’s very little cultural diversity. They are mostly uneducated and ignorant of many things in life, ranging from the nature of the world outside their borders to which direction to look when crossing the street.

            Here’s my suggestion to you. Shut the fuck up about shit that you have no clue about.

          • JankyFosci

            Nope I don’t think they are vehemently nationalist and xenophobic. Just look at the comments on any ‘foreigner saving or doing good in China’ article. Enough said. You are an idiot. That’s all I can say. It’s a shame asshats like you get to represent the rest of us in China,

          • Ruffled Feathers

            You really don’t think Chinese are xenophobic and nationalist? I think you’re the idiot, because you’re oblivious to the world around you. Anyway, I don’t see the point of what you’re arguing here. You’re complaining that most of the expats on this website bitch about China, well, that’s part of the point of it, this is where a number of western expats in China come to vent about their frustrations. Also, since you’ve acknowledged that most people on here are lumping Chinese together and bellyaching, your opinion is clearly in the minority. What’s your intention? To change everybody’s mind with you’re bitchy self-loathing liberalism? Go ahead, keep whining and stamping your feet; no one’s listening.

    • The Enlightened One

      LoL… shout overly loud in a phone recently? Take a dump or piss in the streets lately? Label all people not Chinese “LAOWAI” even though it is clearly stated he is Russian, lately?

      Why do you morons lump THE ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD into one category and then just say they all act the same?

      That is ridiculously ignorant. Typical Chinese behavior.

      • Beijinger in Beijing

        why u mad lil breh

        • Ruffled Feathers

          Because you’re a bellyaching faggot chinkie with no dick

          • Beijinger in Beijing

            your mom disagrees lil breh

      • Kukuku

        Being angry the Chinese lump the rest of the world together.

        Lump all the Chinese together.


      • Guest

        “you morons lump THE ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD into one category and then just say they all act the same?”

        “Typical Chinese behavior.”


    • Snazzy_Brett

      This is going to be a ridiculously long and retarded thread. Thanks BiB.

    • bert

      We learn from the best Beijing has to offer! :)

    • donscarletti

      It’s not typical at all to go on a violent rampage after a night drinking.

      But still, go to Zapatas on Hengshan Road Shanghai on a weekday night and tell me if it is normal by western standards to have quite so many people getting that drunk that frequently. Not picking on the Zapatas regulars here, you can substitute any major Shanghai expat bar.

      Not pointing any fingers, but there is a very sizable minority of expats that really should show a little more moderation in alcohol consumption (along with promiscuity and other nice things that one can have too much of). Even during my first trip to China, I couldn’t help notice that the resident westerners really do enjoy drinking a lot of alcohol on a very regular basis.

      Honestly, with all my best efforts to not sound too sanctimonious, I do think it would be better if an expat who before moving to China only got drunk on a Friday night and maybe stole a traffic cone or similar petty mischief after a particularly heavy binge once a month or so, would maintain a consistant level of consumption and mischief in the absence of their compatriots, rather than letting it spiral out of control.

      • Personally, I don’t drink ever and avoid bars and clubs unless my band was playing or the occasional “trivia night”, but in defense of “laowais” there’s not really not much else to do for recreation. I am holding in front of me at this moment, a copy of the Santa Barbara Independent, a weekly that contains enough fun activities to fill dozens of “That’s Shanghai” for a city that just has about 300,000 people.

        • donscarletti

          Oh, I never said it surprised me or I don’t understand it. When I first came to Beijing, an Chinese coworker 10 years older than me took me aside and told me “Beijing is a big, boring place. Learn to make friends and fuck girls or the boredom will break you.”

          In my personal opinion, if you want to stay sane, you need to learn the language, make some local friends and learn to slam erguotou, Tsing Tao or whatever according to a set of cultural norms, even if they are a little bit odd. In China’s case, that is hitting the booze hard and fast but pretending you’re not drunk.

          But in all honesty the locals are bored out of their brains too. As I have mentioned before, I work in MMOs, which bring home huge amounts of cash because players just need to escape their lives. I understand the need completely, just people need to be aware of moderation sometimes.

    • moop

      if this were typical laowai behavior, a little shit stain like you would have been wiped out long ago

    • Blue

      Yeah, really typical. I haven’t been on a drunken hatchet joyride for a couple of weeks now, and boy do I miss it!
      So, can we also assume that all the terrible things on here committed by Chinese people are also typical?
      I’ll tell you what: Grow up Beijinger. There are thousands and thousands of foreigners working and living in China, and it is pretty rare to see such stories about them in the news. When they are in the news, bigots like you are quick to put us all in the same basket. But when a foreigner does something good in the news, where are you? Probably saying it’s an isolated incident.
      There are good and bad people from everywhere. There are also bogots everywhere. Which is sad, but many people around the world are fighting such idiocy and hatred. Most of the foreigners here come from multi-cultural societies, where we do not discriminate. Where foreigners are not referred to as “foreigner” but “sir” or “madam”.
      Chinese people live all over the world, and of course have to suffer bigotry from the small minded people of those respective countries. You, and some others on these comments, are just as bad as the assholes in our own countries. You should be ashamed of your behaviour. You’re just an ignorant redneck, but from China.

      • Ruffled Feathers

        “There are also bigots everywhere. Which is sad, but many people around the world are fighting such idiocy and hatred.

        Good point, but in China, idiocy and hatred are virtues.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Typical Chinese false sense of superiority…

  • hess

    A normal day in the life of an average Russian male

    • Zappa Frank

      ahah i was thinking the same…

    • Misiooo

      Hahaha, that’s it. But I’m sure he had been provoked by some chinamen teasing him. Most of westerners would let it go, but Russians not. We need more of them in Shanghai to pacify local idiot population.

      • dk2020

        yeah, provoked by chinamen to go stabbing people and crash cars .. what a fucken douche ..

        • Misiooo

          Seems to me you’ve never been to Russia, mate.

      • Michael

        Please send them to Guanzhou when they have fixed Shanghai. The Cantonese here need a bit of Darwinian control.

  • Snazzy_Brett

    Who would’ve thought alcohol could make someone so crazy? Well… being Russian could’ve had something to do with it. ;)

    If this were Korea, he’d get off just for the fact that he was drunk. True story.

    • linette lee

      If this were Korea, he’d get off just for the fact that he was drunk. True story…

      no way! Pleading drunk? It’s like pleading insanity when you murdered someone in USA.

  • Snazzy_Brett

    Driving drunk and attacking civilians with deadly weapons? My first reaction is to yell “lock him up and throw away the key!”

    Honestly though, this is where the perp could actually benefit from rehab/therapy programs. Instead of throwing people in prison until they’ve “served a fair punishment”, actually rehabilitate them so that this doesn’t happen again.

  • Liu Yang

    What are they going to do to him? If it were some third world person in Guangzhou who had a dispute over 2 yuan,his days will be numbered in the Police station,but we are soon transforming ourselves into running dogs for Russians.Anything they do,we support them.Hope we also support their drunkards!

  • had he been a westerner or japanese the comments would be insane. but since he’s russian and you know they’re crazy, the chinese comments are tame. esp considering they border the country and are known to be heavy handed lunatics lol.

    • Ruffled Feathers


      Beat this bastard until he’s crippled…!
      doesn’t sound tame to me, more like usual Chinese blood lust.

      • yea but thats only 1 or 2 comments, usually, if it’s a westerner or japanese, its about 90% blood lust and hate.

  • Gontraf

    Asked for a pint of baijiu, drank it and then went looking for the scumbag who mixed turpentine in his vodka.

  • linette lee

    Isn’t Russian people like highly regarded by the China chinese? They are neighbors and in good relationship. I mean in general the chinese like Russian more than Americans. They can do no wrong. This man will most likely just get a slap in the hand and the chinese will say Russians love to drink. It’s there culture or something.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      I see where you’re going with this, but no, Chinese look down on all foreigners. Half of them probably don’t even care where he comes from, just waiguo to them.

      • no he’s right. look at the comments, that’s what it looks like to me. man take a look at the story just a month ago about some american guy spitting on some lady. a mob broke out, they tore down his car, tried to flip it, the comments were insane.

        • Ruffled Feathers

          That makes sense, but normally they can’t tell which country you come from at first. Maybe in this case they could. In fact it was mentioned that someone identified his ‘mutterings’ as Russian. However, normally they’d descend any foreigner, and up or down play the harshness once they realize where he’s from

        • narsfweasels

          This guy was armed. It’s even less likely that they will intervene when someone is brandishing kitchen knives. Furthermore, that mob you mentioned went “just nuts enough” i.e. there seemed to be a level of restraint about it, the members of the group not wanting to get hurt.

          He locked himself in his car, granted, but with the Chinese attitude to health and safety there were probably any number of makeshift crowbars or bashing implements to hand. If you were DESPERATE to get at someone inside a locked car in China, it wouldn’t cause you too much trouble to actually do it.

    • yup.

    • kaka

      Interesting point… currently on the international political arena, yes they would seem very close, as their interests co-inside on many issues, or one side is willing to support the other in matters that are of no strategic importance to them… however as Russia is one of two countries that China sees as being a threat to the integrity of its land borders – the Chinese (gov’t) tend to watch Moscow with a wary-eye – not least because they have long memories and have not yet forgotten the actions of the Red Army during the invasion/liberation of Manchuria in ’45 , the Xinjiang War in ’37, and the Zhenbao Island incident in ’69, to name just a few…

      • disagree, they are military partners. 80% of the chinese missile arsenal is russian. that doesn’t sound like someone wary at all lol. would be like saying Germany is wary of the Britain because of WWII. Somethings are forgotten, and China’s technical advancements are enormously thanks to Russia, like their space program.

        • kaka

          You may well be right POUND..

          You may “lol”, but to suggest that China has decided to trust Russia 100% (i.e not be wary) simply because it is in China’s and Russia’s current interest to be on good terms, but one could also suggest that would be to fundamentally mis-understand international politics.

          Some might argue that the underlying causes of British and German animosity are no longer present or present themselves in a comparative way, whilst the main point of suspicion between China and Russia, namely the shared land border, Russia’s geo-political aims and desire for a sphere of influence, and China’s determination to defend its border integrity still remain – leaving no need for the observation that few things are forgotten in China when it comes to past foreign intervention.
          As for weaponry and space, you may well be right again, it would depend upon how one interprets the historical fact of the break down in relations in the 1960’s between China and Russia lasting until the1990s, which left much of China’s space and missile projects to be developed in this period internally, or with the cooperation of W.Europe, U.S, and Brazil. However, i can not agree with the “80% of missile arsenal being Russian” claim, which I would suggest is a guess as it bears no similarity with knowledge of China’s G2A/A2A/or nuclear missile weaponry
          You are right that in recent times Russia has been extremely helpful since 1990 with the space program, however as prior to 1990 they had not, and their new enthusiasm was largely due to the need for foreign currency to hold up their then crumbling post-communist economy, and i don’t think it would be right to say that the Chinese view this as a never ending period of peace and goodwill. They may be many things, but the Chinese government is not naive or want of planning ahead…
          All i can say in my defence is that I, was basing my comments on history, politics, the geo-political analysis of those who make their career on the topic both in China and outside, and a very basic understanding and comprehension of China’s defence review.

    • BigJ

      Commies stick together. :)

      • linette lee

        yea..hahaha…lol. Commies having parties. Pass the vodka and Mao-tai.

        I don’t think the china chinese hate USA gov’t. They seems to like Obama very much.

    • hess

      Then theres at least some one who has high regards for them

  • A Lu

    No please, not another drunk fucker…
    Ok, I’m ready, come and check my passport, visa, foreign expert permit etc. Everything is how it should be. Praise me for not breaking any chinese laws and kick all other laowais out of China!

    Other than that, I’m with Brett on this, lock him up for as long as possible

  • linette lee

    Wow…that’s a lot of damages. A bus, a taxi, a UPS truck, a sedan, a pole, pedestrians…What was this Russian doing? EVen he was drunk he made sure he hit every type of vehicle. wow….

    • the ace of books

      Nobody saw the checklist he’d scribbled on his palm. (“…pedestrian: only 1. Dear Self: try harder next time! Davai davai!”)

  • The Enlightened One

    I agree with some comments here. The backlash seems rather tame compared to the British and African nationals stirring up trouble. Are they afraid to offend their best buddy Russia? This guy caused a lot more obvious damage.

    Yet they still refer to him as a “laowai” as if we are all lumped into the same category, as they always do.

    • picked a name

      because he is exactly what the word means, same as any other non-chinese in china

    • Lee2813

      Don’t like being reffered to as a foreigner in China? Then leave China you sperm-coloured asshole.

      • donscarletti

        I think he was objecting to this guy being referred to as a “foreigner”, rather than himself.

      • vincent

        You seem to have some issues.

      • Ruffled Feathers

        sperm-coloured asshole.

        Better than being piss colored

      • Nick in Beijing

        Trolls be troll’n

  • MrT

    some one must of told him try the Baijiu it’s delicious

  • ShuangXi

    I’m not making excuses for this guy at all, but doesn’t his behavior seems way too crazy and insane for just alcohol. I’m betting somebody tried the Happy Water

  • 平凡人

    This guy is more than drunk.

  • Bitches, Leave

    Damn, those Ruskis know how to party :)

  • Fire

    For every individual hurt in this incidence, a tear must be extracted from this laowai, and serve in a tall flawless glass for those individual to drink as a symbol of an apology and pain it has caused. A ritual that will reminds the local and the foreigner, that for every action there is a poetic consequences.

    Unrelated, but we are curios with the opinion of chinaSMACK users.

    Internet memes are stupid. it makes people who use it sounds stupid too. Can anyone explain to us then the reason for using it? We just do not understand why.

    • Water

      Fire are you a retard?

      • Fire

        No, never

    • Little Wolf

      Fire, that was a haiku……….BONUS!

      Contact Hallmark for your new career of writing greeting cards.

      • Fire

        We are gracious that a top commenter replied to us.

        • Little Wolf

          Whoa, check it out. A “top commenter”! Suck on that, moop!

    • moop

      why are you speaking in the third person?

      • Fire

        Sometimes there are more than 1 person here, it is an opinion of more than 1 person. As above. A collaboration. We use we.

  • Bitches, Leave

    Oh, just look at that, I’m so proud for my fellow Laowai – nobody in the comments here noted the typical crowd of onlookers :) on every picture you see them, them no lifers, standing like retards ^^

  • Ruffled Feathers

    I don’t think all Russians are drunks, though I appreciate that when people make those sorts of comments, are made in jest. However, he did fuck up pretty badly, and in the simple legal sense of this being a criminal act, he deserves to be punished accordingly.

    Nevertheless, you can always trust many Chinese to jump on the anti-foreign knee-jerk reaction bandwagon. Having said that, it’s become clearer to me that the blood lust is not a prevalent as it would be with a Japanese or ‘Western’ perpetrator, but my point it, why does this anti-foreign knee-jerk reaction thing even have to happen? We’re not all going to behave like this, so what’s with the prejudice ahem ‘beijinger in beijing’. It’s high time the government stopped the Nationalist indoctrination and the anti-foreign distraction politics to hush up their own shortcomings.

  • Kilkenny

    As long I was born in Belarus, you can’t even imagine, how much I hate being continiously associated with Russians here in China only because the countries’ names differ in one character.
    And yes, most of Russians do behave badly when they go abroad. Seen that many times in places like Turkey or Egypt. The only ones who compete with them on that issue are Brits.

  • Guest

    5000 years of history….

  • kaka

    Do foreigners often escape punishment for their crimes in China?

    – Define “often”, define “escape punishment”, and define “crime” – then I can compare that to the legal due process, sentencing procedure, and the statutory legal framework as it exists in PR China, and then I can analyse the crimes committed and assess to what extent foreigners “escape punishment for their crimes in China”.

    Do Chinese netizens have cause to believe foreigners enjoy preferential treatment under Chinese law in these situations?

    – No. There is no such distinction made WITHIN Chinese law, therefore foreigners may not enjoy “preferential treatment” UNDER Chinese law. One could say that Chinese law is not followed to its full extent by the judiciary in these instances, whether that statement is true or not is a matter of debate, however as the interpretation and implementation of Chinese law is wholly the concern of the government without requiring recourse to the public and is not independent from the Executive, whatever decision is reached by the judiciary in any individual case is concurrent with Chinese law – and therefore there can be no special treatment by definition.

    Chinese law allows for disparity in treatment of law breakers in the majority of crimes on its statute book through its separation of Judicial Crime and Civil Crime – therefore foreigners do not receive “preferential treatment”, they, and sometimes the judiciary on their behalf, merely use the legal framework in the same way as many Chinese people do to avoid Judicial sentencing for their law breaking or alleged law breaking.

    The problem, if there is a problem, is within the legal system itself, and to make this in to a preferential treatment issue for foreigners, whilst many Chinese rich and poor benefit from the same legal “loop-holes” is disingenuous…

    • BigJ

      “Do foreigners often escape punishment for their crimes in China?”
      Yes, we do. As do Chinese people. It’s all about how much money you have and who you know. Here is the rule: Don’t fuck with someone who is richer then you or who has more connections. With foreigners it sometimes depends where you are from.Someone from somalia will get in more trouble then say someone from Canada for doing the same thing. And if your going to do something fucked up, make sure it’s not video taped or have strong evidence against you.

      • kaka

        This disqus thing must be faulty BigJ – it’s telling me you replied to my comment, but after reading yours I found your premise is that foreigners do escape punishment in China, whereas I made no yes or no statement to the first question, instead i alluded to the sheer imposibility of answering that question in China without preferencing your answer with “I think” rather than “I know…”

        You go on to mix in to your comment on the 1st question an answer to the second question put forward by Fauna… which although is more Nescafe Culture than Cafe Culture, is essentially in keeping with my notion that the distinction between Civil and Judical Law in China as well as a lack of separation between the state and the judiciary leads to judgements that are unequal in theory for all…

        So, i’m not sure if you’re disagreeing with me, agreeing with me, or disqus has made some error….

        As for the second question itself, it is still nonesense – as “preferencial treatment” can’t be given under a legal system, if no such stipulation is made within the body of law itself… any such preferencial treatment would have to be given either explicitly (which it is not) or it is given contrary to the law…

        Basically, what I was trying to say was rather than making it a “foreigner” thing, which the question did – it would perhaps be better to discuss the legal system and its perceived flaws in general, which would perhaps in turn lead to a more erudite discussion…

        • BigJ

          I was just talking about the first question you stated. Then I just started rambling on.:) I agree with what you say when you say” – No. There is no such distinction made WITHIN Chinese law, therefore foreigners may not enjoy “preferential treatment” UNDER Chinese law.” Then you say well if its followed is anouther thing. I don’t belive it’s debatable, I think it’s only followed under certain curcumstances.That’s the way it is. No body I think will argue wit that. Here is a quick example. The Neil Haywood guy who got murdered. The brittish media got caught wind of it and as much as Chinese tried to hide the fact. They had to do something. It got out of control and something had to be done. Now say if neil Haywood was “Chu Ming Chang” from China…..Do you think the murderer would have been sentenced or anything would have came of it. They where high up in the government so I bet any amount of money they would have not even spoke to police officer. And it would have been brushed off as an “accident” or something. Same murder, different outcome. The list goes on and on. That a mojor crime. Imagine the shit you can get away with on a lesser scale. ANYTHING.

          In Canada we say “It’s only illegal if you get caught” In China it’s ” only illegal if you don’t have the money or guanxi to get away with it” . :)

          I mean no offence here. Are you a foreigner?? I would say you are. The way you veiw the law it seems your from a place where it is actually enforced.

          • kaka

            then I think we are in agreement BigJ, it is not a foreigner thing, it is uneven because of a failure to separate the Executive and the Judiciary, which means it is uneven for all except those who control or operate under the cover of the Executive through guanxi, “background”, bribery, or corruption.

            it would be again important to highlight the difference between Civil and Judicial law – which by its very nature allows people to “buy themselves out” of facing Judicial punishment (i’ve done it myself), but that is not corrupt per se.

            Chinese law is very different in its principles to “western” law, as is its implementation – but they are 2 different things, which both need to be understood… as a non-Chinese i feel that i can highlight the implementation, which when you do not separate Political and Judicial obviously leads to corruption, but not the principles, which as a non-Chinese are none of my business and often outside my philosophical understanding.

            as for Haywood, i think you over-estimate the British media, in so much as the reason why a prosecution was undertaken was to eradicate the threat of the Bo-faction by the ruling clique to smooth the transition of power from Hu to his successor… if not merely to do with the loss of face caused by Obama calling Beijing to ask (true story) if China needed any assistance with the armed stand-off between government troops and Bo’s police force outside the American consulate – the murder was just a convenient way to eradicate the Bo insurrection…

  • Guest

    5000 years of history…..

  • Wayne

    America has taken a huge leap in political correctness over the last 50 years, some mights say it’s gone too far. China’s sort of in the post-industratrial/pre-poliical correctness stage where it’s socially normal to address a foriegner as Lao Wai or automatically assume they are okay with you calling them directly by their first name (Which would never happen to a fellow Chinese). In three years of living in China I’ve been called 老外 countless times by strangers and always in a bit of a condoscending tone. My Chinese teacher asked me during class recently, “I heard in America you call your mom and dad by their first name, is that true?” Anyways, my point is, please don’t lump every non-Chinese into a group called Lao Wai and then call us that like it’s our name, and even call us that in when you are in our country and are in-fact the Lao Wai. I’ve never walked up to a foreigner in America and said “Hey Foreigner.” No one would accept that.

    • Guest

      Whats acceptable in one place isn’t in another… big deal.
      My cousins call me “laowai” because I live aboard. It’s not even racist.
      Who the hell are you to dictate the cultural norms of another country?
      Chinese people will stop calling foreign nationals “laowai” after Americans stop calling their parents by their first names. Americans need to take a huge leap in respect for family members.

      • bert

        What a douchebag, ha ha! Comment on something you know rather than blabbering like a tard. When you know something about the US then speak up, until then keep that smelly fly catcher shut.

      • moop

        what a moron. i dont know anyone who calls their parents by their first name in the US, people only call their step-parents by their first names

      • Gontraf


        I can see where the misunderstanding is.

        “Respect for family members” should really be “Submissive attitude towards elder members of the family”. After all these years, you’d think the people at Oxford Dictionary had finally got around correcting that one.

      • Ruffled Feathers


      • Eurotrash


        • themig

          how come Eurotrash can post pics???
          frankly CHina must stop chinese from being white-washed or africanised by laoweis!!!!

          • Eurotrash

            Oh, I think CHina must start chinese being civilized first.

    • kaka

      This used to vex me slightly too, until I stumbled upon the joy of addressing all Chinese nationals in my own country as Laowai. For reasons that seemed to contradict the reasons I am often given in China as to why this phrase is meaningless and non-offensive, most found it disagreeable, some even developing that eye-twitch that indicates deep suppressed rage…

      Political Correctness causes as many problems as it wishes to solve – so If I am a laowai to Chinese people in China, they are a laowai to me in UK. Simple.

      I’m not about to expect Chinese people to pay special attention to my individual nationality, I don’t see why they should – they’d all have to learn some geography for a start, and i think they have more important things to ponder than that…

      Besides, I’d rather be called a laowai than French – which was perhaps the most offensive thing that’s been said to me the whole time I’ve been here….

      • narsfweasels

        “This used to vex me slightly too, until I stumbled upon the joy of
        addressing all Chinese nationals in my own country as Laowai.”

        Oh, DEFINITELY.

        I make a point of standing up just as the pane taxis into the terminal of my Motherland and shouting “Holy crap, look at all the goddamn stinking FOREIGNERS! I bet they’re all poor!”

        I occasionally get “excuse me, but we can understand you!” from them, to which is given the reply “Oh! Your English is so GOOD! How long have you been in England for?!”

        Mostly I just get dirty looks though. They nourish me.

        • Kukuku

          I did it outside a movie theater when I was back home on holiday.There was a Chinese family sitting down outside eating so I introduced myself:

          NI HHHAAAAAAOOOOOOO???( making it sound like a question like they do with “helloooooo?”).

          They looked surprised and started talking in correct English so I told my dad to come over and commented on how good their English was and that we like laowais like them in my country. I made sure to ask them if they like our food and if they can use a fork. Asked them to give my dad a Chinese name and to sing a Chinese song for us (they declined :( ).

          Later my dad told me I was rude, but I assured him it is perfectly acceptable to do so with Chinese people because this is how I am treated by most people every single day here. :)

          • Fire

            thats cute

          • rabbit

            u r a fucking moron – as ur dad already has realized… go get rid of ur fucking racism- and please get the fuck out of china!!!

          • Bunny Hiccups

            you’re a stupid fuck. you may have been talking to a family that were naturalized british (or wherever you’re from) , and possibly have never visited china. You are too cowardly to do it to the people who are bothering you in their country, but pick on someone who never offended you. what a douchebag.

          • BigCAD

            He’s up 13 to one, I think the mob has sided with him on this one.

          • Suicidal Tendency

            So, if you encounter poorly behaving people in China (and out of 1.4billion, you bet they have their quota…), you use it as an excuse to poorly behave back home, so that you can demonstrate how bad it is and it should change? You’re just making one more victime that happens to be Chinese!


            Much better, done by a friend of mine:

            When someone shouts “laowai!” in the street and poiting finger at him, he points his finger back and shout “laotu!” (老土, you could understand it as “uneducated peasant”).

        • Jixiang

          Well, to be fair, there is a lot more reason to assume foreigners can speak English in the US than there is to assume they can speak Chinese in China. English is after all a much more widespread language, taught in schools in practically every country in the world one way or another.

      • red scarf

        Hmm remind me of a story I heard of a French national, who could speak both Chinese and Japanese, who hated being called American or addressed in English. Whenever in China and someone did he would start talking to them in Japanese, when the other person complained he would address them in Chinese and say sorry, I thought you where Japanese based on their looks and point out that he was French and didn’t understand English.

        As for addressing Chinese nationals in your own country its something I’ve always pondered doing, how do they react to you when you do.

        • kaka

          Oh, I don’t hate being called a laowai at all, unless it is meant in a clearly negative way by the user, which it often isn’t…

          In terms of using it to address Chinese nationals back home, it’s a mixture of British “wit” and a desire to test if they are someone i’d want to chat with – as i would deem anyone who happened to get offended by this obvious ribbing as someone who would use the phrase in a negative way to me in China…

          As for the French thing, that’s part of a long running series of in-jokes between British and French people…

        • Rob427

          Frenchie needs to grow up and accept that English is the number 1 international language. It wasn’t always like that, but it definitely has been for the past 70 years.

          So A: Chinese man could have addressed him in Chinese thereby significantly reducing the odds of white man actually understanding what he’s talking about, or B: addressed him in English since this is the most widely understood language globally.

          And no, I am not from an Anglophone country and I do speak Chinese.

          • red scarf

            I think the point was he was making was that because I’m white it doesn’t mean that I’m American or English. Most cases in China I have either been called an Laowai, with differing tones of racism, or an American. Can’t I ever be British, French, Dutch or German or my home nationality? The point was how would Chinese feel if they were called Korean, Thai or Japanese by a stranger who couldn’t be bothered to find out where they came from.

            But to be nitpickly, English is the third most understood language.

      • Harland

        Laowai doesn’t mean “foreigner”. It means “not Chinese”. You’re using the word wrong. Stop it.

        • kaka

          Stop it? Not a suggestion, but an order… USA?
          Anyway, stop what? Saying the word indiscriminatly used, not to my overt dislike, by mainland Chinese to denote that I am foreign and/or different and/or don’t really belong on the basis of my race when i meet mainland Chinese in my own country with the aim of seeing if they get pissed off? why would i do that? The use of laowai or waiguoren is inter-changeable in the mind of the person who usually refers to me by either phrase as is their intended meaning. You may draw the distinction – as you are, i guess, not a mainland Chinese, but to a Chinese a waiguoren and a laowai is one in the same… a foreigner being anyone who doesn’t look Chinese… my intent would not be to have a symantic arguement about the use of the phrase with them, but to indirectly point out (as Chinese are capable of figurative comprehension, not just literal) the crassness of the indiscriminant use of the phrase…

          So we don’t get in to a long tedious back-and-forth about it… yes you are right in the literal sense of the meaning of laowai as opposed to waiguoren… i merely suggest that that is a)only a difference for non-Chinese, as they are the same thing to a Chinese, and b) irrelevent in the intent of the comment i make to Chinese in my own country, which the Chinese i say it to themselves seem to be able to distinguish…

      • BigCAD

        Little known fact from an ardent Francophile, the French in China are normally refered to as Fag-uo Ren.

        • kaka

          Oh, I think i played this once at university…

          okay, my turn… I’ll see your mind-bogglingly irrelevant statement and raise you with:

          “Little known fact from an ardent Sinophile, the Chinese when greeting other Chinese in China will normally say “你好” or “Ni hao”…and not “hello”…

          your turn…

          … 法国人 or Faguo-ren is the Chinese for a French person… I would hardly suggest that it is a little known fact, but rather the word one would use if one was trying to say “a French person” in Mandarin.

          …but then again your point might have been that I wrote “being called French” rather than “being called Faguo-ren”, but as I was relaying a point in English it is hardly relevant to anyone but the most pedantic…

          Still, I applaud your Francophilia as I too love France – it being a beautiful country where I have often holidayed.. I should point out it is not France that I dislike, merely the French… a subtle yet important distinction…

          However one might question just how ardent your Francophilia is… given that you failed to appreciate the common-place Anglo-French verbal jousting inherent in my comment… then again, it could merely be due to a more general failure to grasp the concept of wit… Je suis incapable de décider…

          • BigCAD

            Notice the distinction between Fa-guo ren and Fag-uo ren, Didn’t really require an A4 essay, did it.

    • bert

      I wouldn’t compare it to a leap unless you mean off a high cliff. Few say it “might have gone to far”, most agree (yes, I took a poll) it has become insanely idiotic.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Your point is excellent and is basically what’s on every expat’s mind when living in China. However, you’re not going to get what you want. From time immemorial, the Chinese have considered themselves culturally and racially superior to all other nations. This attitude will probably never change, after all it’s been 5 000 years, and counting.

      The fundamental problem is they are ignorant and base their understanding of us on Party-endorsed stereotypes. They also don’t want to develop their knowledge and understanding of us, because they believe that to bully, attack and condescend us is a stronger and more face-saving act than to actually be friendly and open up (thereby risking losing face). They are also deeply insecure about us ‘taking over’, or whatever and this manifests itself in the treatment you’ve described.

      Just be proud of the fact that you and most of us from the West have a more evolved and fair sensibility. Take some comfort in the fact that you’re better than they are. This usually makes me feel better here.

      • kaka

        In regards to some of the points you raise, you should read Bertrand Russell’s “The Problem with China”, although unless you are familiar with the other, the title may be a tad mis-leading, and therefore contrary to your currently held position…

        … and if anyone catches the reading bug and is tired of having the same old fact-less discussions on the Opium Wars – I would suggest reading Samuel Merwin’s “Drugging a Nation”, which may contain one or two things people were not aware of…

        • Wayne

          有意思! I’ll have a look at it. Thanks.

        • Ontolog

          He lost me at “By valuing progress and efficiency, we have secured power and wealth; by ignoring them, the Chinese, until we brought disturbance, secured on the whole a peaceable existence and a life full of enjoyment.” Is that what Russell *really* thinks? That the Chinese at one point “secured … a life full of enjoyment”?

          • kaka

            Context is important; historical context, date of writing, the author, political views of author (he was socialist), and so on… I would suggest reading it in that context, then apply some of the non-political information given to some of the questions you have about China and Chinese today…

            As regards the quote above, i think he is making a political point that industrialisation and the worship of power and wealth by all within a society does not always bring universal benefits to a society, in that it has a negative impact on certain other values he deemed important – namely peaceful co-existence within a society devoid of money worship and power struggles outside of the ruling elite… not being a socialist, i do not necessarily agree with this point, however i think he does have a point… although agreeing with something shouldn’t be the benchmark for reading something or trying to understand it, otherwise how does one know what one thinks is right, let alone be able to argue as to why you think it?

            However, the value of Russell’s work is that it provides certain information and insight in to China and Chinese thinking in direct comparison with the West and Western thought – and in some parts he is almost prophetic in his warnings about the rise of China and the problems that will cause for the West unless they attempted to understand the cultural and philosophical differences.

            It is also useful for comparing pre-communist China and Chinese with China following 60 odd years of communist rule, what they wanted then and what they have ended up with…

            another good book for understanding the aims and thinking of the Chinese, and where they were heading prior to the communist take-over is Weale’s The Fight For The Republic in China(also free: also has some good factual information on Imperial Japanese policy leading up to the 1930’s…

        • Excellent links, thank you!

      • Duke

        5000 years to become a developing country. That’s China.

        • alien

          sorry, its not. the PRC is only 60 years old

      • rabbit

        ey! u from the wanna-be-evolved west – please go back to where u came from- NOW!!!

        • Ruffled Feathers

          Oh, sorry did my analysis cut you too deep and strike too many nerves, well, suck on it.

    • It’s a cultural thing: In Japan it’s common and not offensive to call someone a gaijin. When I lived in Italy everyone referred me as “that Chinese girl” even after I show them my American passport. Americans are used to foreigners as we’re a nation of immigrants, but everywhere else it’s like this.

      • Guest

        I too live in a city with alot of different nationalities and I people don’t know you very much they’ll probebly still call you “that chinese girl”. I don’t know why, I geuss we like saying it.

        • Anon992

          At least they had the decency to nail your country. The term Laowai does not even get it down to a continent!

          • Bunny Hiccups

            why is laowai so offensive? It just means old foreigner right? Why is this so bothersome? Is it because you cannot achieve chinese citizenship and feel you are always perceived as an outsider?

          • hess

            why is nigger so offensive? It just means black right? Why is this so bothersome?

          • Because the context of which the word is used….white people or any person uses nigger as an insult…

          • hess

            Example: a black man walks down the street and he hears (nigger! nigger! followed by laughter).
            a black man is listening to his friends talking, when they refer to him they dont use his name, they simply call him “nigger” instead.
            do you want me to continue?

          • Jin Ch’in

            I do not find the word Nigger or Negro offensive and i am sick of word Nazis trying to be politically correct and bullied me into putting a negative connotation to any word.

          • @[email protected] ….You may not find it offensive…but everyone is different….Personally I give no such particular word any power but I find the ignorance behind it hilariously out of date and beneath me….but some black people don’t have the same tolerance level as myself and others….and will react in a less than favorable manner when called nigger by others as an insult…be they white, asian…or even black….some are passive to it….others are not…keep that in mind

          • hess

            PROTIP: You’re supposed to change black to white and nigger to laowai

          • Whatever I say tomato you say tomatoe…I stand by what I say

          • Jin Ch’in

            Maybe you need to youtube ghetto blacks and see how racist your kind can also be. Who you kidding?

          • Assuming you’re chinese you need to youtube uneducated xenophobic chinese and see how racist your kind can also be…see how that works.

          • alien

            Chink, Nigger, Spic, Jew, Kike, Jap, slope,
            all these words INCLUDING LAOWAI are negative.

            stop using them. for when you do, the degree you bought at fuxingmen shows its colours.

          • hess

            That’s what I’VE BEEN SAYING

      • hess

        “but everywhere else it’s like this.”

      • youfakers

        yeah I don’t see what the big deals is. In America at least any Asian person is “that Chinese guy” as in “some Chinese guy walked down the street yo!” “really? shit” But I’m Korean!

    • ChinaBall

      老 = experienced, revered, honoured
      外 = outer

      • hess

        nigger = Ultimately from the Latin adjective niger, meaning “black”. Several Romance languages (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc) have the word “negro” meaning “black” (in colour) derived from the Latin “niger”, while French has noir, its nègre being borrowed from Spanish. During the period in America’s history when black workers were shipped to America to work as slaves, this word came to be adopted from the Hispanic South American languages to describe a person of dark skin. Essentially, a “negro” person simply means a “black” person. Through constant repetition of the Spanish word in the American accent, it seems likely that the word was corrupted from “negro” to “niggero” to simply “nigger”.

        Should we argue that “nigger” isn’t offensive as well?

        • BigJ

          What about chink? which is a small crevice, crack, gap or a narrow opening, being a simile for small or slanted eyes. Shit, even I get “chink eyed” when I’m high. :) I don’t think its so bad calling asian people chinks. :) They have “chink” eyes. Or we can just call Chinese people yellow. Which can mean skin color or someone who is a coward.

          • youfakers

            really? Actually chink is a chained dog.

          • BigJ

            Chink could mean lots of things. :)

          • Xiu

            I have heard that Chink possibly derives from Qing (the Chinese empire during the time when major links with the west were being made)

        • Bunny Hiccups

          As an American black person, I can surely tell you. if you referred to a black person as a negro or a nigger we’d all take turns punching your teeth out before leaving you for dead. Try justifying or playing semantics with the word Negro or Nigger if you want but I triple dare you to say it to our faces. EVERYONE in America knows not to say this word to us around us or behind us with a black person within hearing range. And the ones who do, do expect that they will be beaten, shot or met with extreme force. Take that however you want.

          • Kukuku

            I would pay for YOU to try and meet me with extreme force. Would be good for a laugh.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            You don’t have to pay, I’d gladly do it for free, bitch. I’m from Chicago, grew up on the south side. If you think I kid you, because YOU get “beer” muscles on the internet, you are sadly mistaken. Right now, you are safe behnd your computer, but understand that if we were in the real world in front of me right now, even if I AM A WOMAN, your fat mouth would be closed. My mere presence would intmidate you.

          • hess

            please pelase please please please, PLEASE! Come to China. nigger = 黑鬼. Youre gonna hear it A LOT. But that doesn’t matter, cause you’re from Chicago and you grew up on the south side, right? Just “curb stomp” ’em.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            Loser, if it takes one billion little pie faced, chinks to fight me, that just shows how pussified and weak you are. Trust me, I have NO interest in ever visiting that garbage dump you call a country with your weak TINY men with their extremely small penises. NO WOMAN ON EARTH will ever want a chinese man. NONE because you are fucking worthless and ugly. That’s why you cry about your women running off to marry and have sex with laowai. They’re all you got! ANd half of your stupid misgynstic population killed half the women. I mean, did your mom kill your sister so a piss stain like you can live! What a dumb bitch. TaLk to me when you can compete with the tall laowai who go there to fuck your women. The same laowai you worship and align your racist ideologies with even when they’re turned on your yellow slanty-eyed ass.

          • hess

            clue number 1: “Herr Hess”. Herr is the correct way to say Mr in my language

            clue number 2: It’s not Chinese
            clue number 3: little wolfs ex wife shares the same nationality as me
            clue number 4: “weak TINY men”. It has one of the tallest populations on earth.

          • Germandude

            clue number 5: hess’ picture shows an island of the country where he is from. Not the Senkaku Islands…

            Sorry hess, just wanted to help her out. It would just be too stupid if she came up with that.


          • hess


          • linette lee

            ‘ picture shows an island of the country where he is from. Not the Senkaku Islands…………….

            Not senkaku……..hahaha… guys are so crazy.

          • hess

            we call those sänckackö in my language, and the islands belongs to the nation of whom i am a citizen

          • linette lee

            Your country is very beautiful. Looks clean and refreshing. Sweden is pretty.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            I know where you are, you are the people that killed jews right? I really don’t care to know anything more about you. your little racist diatribes have told me all i need to know. that is who you are, nothing else.

          • hess

            Uhm no, we didn’t kill the jews..
            And I’m the racist? Puh-lease

          • Bunny Hiccups

            all of you swedes are german people and we KNOW what you did and about your evil heritage and evil blood in your veins.

          • hess

            We’re Germanic people, not German. Most of Northern Europe are, because we used to be the same thousands of years ago. Not so sure whats so evil about my Swedish heritage? Or the evil blood in my veins?

          • Bunny Hiccups

            shut up, you stupid nazi face. and stop writing me these lengthy explanations with all the blood on your hands! THIEF! And stop being so sensitive, nazi is just a word that is clearly interchangeable with swedish! guten morgen! Heil Hess! Visigoth!

          • hess

            Sweden was neutral during both world wars, guess you wouldnt know that since you have the intelligence of a 3 year old. Its “god morgon” in swedish btw. And visigoth were EAST germanic, swedes are north germanic people

          • mr.wiener

            “all of you swedes are german people and we KNOW what you did and about your evil heritage and evil blood in your veins.”
            *sigh* ..the ignorance.
            Whilst being war profiteers is hardly laudable, it’s not the same as what the nazis did. Nanny read some books for gods sake and stop being a parody of yourself.

          • linette lee

            All Asian people are:

            Chinamen, chink.
            plastic surgery, ugly, short, skinny, yellow fever, slanted eyes, flat nose, ugly teeth, small penis.
            weak and can’t fight. Can’t dance.
            nerds with glasses.
            all asians are racists.
            love money

            All whites are:

            rednecks, hilbillies
            Pedophiles and molesters
            Can’t dance , can’t jump, can’t fight.
            Thin lips ,Flat butts, Thin limp hair(bald),Pointy noses, age bad.
            Smells like wet animals when wet
            All of them are racist
            love drugs.

            All blacks are:

            niggers, drug dealers,criminals,
            rappers, gangsters, athletes,
            big lips and dark.
            All of them are poor and uneducated
            love rap music and always have guns.

            I am positively sure that all these are absolutely 100% true. ;}

          • Germandude

            Wow Hiccups. I didn’t know you were in Rap music. Now that pretty much fits the image we get of you…

          • kaka

            Wow… why should anyone be respectful of your colour or gender, or refrain from using “outdated” words and/or stereotypes if you yourself can’t refrain from having a discussion about “words” without threatening violence and/or resorting to equally, if not more, offensive crap?

            You lose your right to be offended by any negative comment about your colour or gender when you hold such views about other ethnicities and genders yourself… or do you think it is not xenophobia or ethnically motivated abuse or sexism simply because you are black and a women?

            Unless your solution to ethnic and gender division is to be more ethnically and gender divisive, why not simply point out the obvious flaws in their arguments?

            The word “nigger”, when used in English (as opposed to say South America, where due to Spanish being more closely derived from Latin in its vocabulary and structure i.e “a Latin language” it can be used in a non-offensive way to refer to colour) is offensive, essentially because of its negative inference of ethnic inferiority and links to slavery. As it is used solely in this negative way in modern English, any argument that when spoken in English it can be meant to mean only a distinguishing of colour is, under law and/or common sense, is nonsense….

            If one was really angered by the “word-Nazi’s” on the English language then surely a better contrast would be “niggardly”, as it has no ethnic basis to its etymology and does not derive from the Latin “niger” so has no link to colour, yet is still often considered a “racist” term – to use “nigger” in this context merely shows that one has no interest in the correct understanding of English words, but no small interest in attempting to justify the use of outdated and rascist terminology. “Nigger: is considered offensive for sound historical and social reasons, if you use it in English, you mean to be offensive… no one is being bullied in to putting a negative connotation to the word nigger, it is accepted and understood to have a negative connotation… to suggest otherwise is nonsense…

          • Kukuku

            Your hatred and butthurt feeds me.


          • mr.wiener

            So….to recap. Racist statements towards black people=Bad. Racist statements towards asians= Good [if you are from an oppressed minority group].

          • Kukuku

            Sorry Hiccups, but I’m not afraid of no woman. I’d uppercut you like that bus driver did and throw you out.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            I’m not that girl. I have whooped many men out on the street like dogs and I would love to get my hands on a bitch like you. You take your ass to China around those PUNY little yellow men, and now you think you are tough. Yeah right. With your internet beer muscles. You are such a coward, all the shit you come on chinasmack to say you would never say in the presence of those little chinamen you loathe so much even as you suck up the resources in their country chasing chinese women with your old decrepit ass. Fuck you.

          • Charliedog1

            Chicago- with iits 40% increase in crime over last year.

            Chicago- Strictest Gun laws- Worst Crime Rates in the country.

            You are a racist, but attempt to characterize others as so.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            I don’t give a crap about chicago, I haven’t lived there in more than a decade or two. I am racist? I don’t use “freedom of speech” to justify racism, and I certainly don’t pick racial arguments. When I see a mischaracterization I will stop to address it, or perhaps, try to EDUCATE rednecks like you (even though you are beyond help or redemption). No need in casting pearls before swine, I’m done wasting my time , you pale faced pig. Ooops , that was racist wasn’t it? N othing wrong with calling you a paleface. A blue-eyed devil. It’s just freedom of speech. go fuck yourself.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Woohoo! Way to perpetuate your ethnicity’s own negative stereotypes by making automatic references to violence as a solution for disagreement!

          • Bunny Hiccups

            No i’m perpetuating the fact that if you think you can disrespect someone or make a death threat by calling them the N word, then expect to get crushed. You don’t want that to happen then keep your filthy mouth closed. The N word to a black person is a death threat. You threaten my life I end yours first. End of story.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Right so if I call you a Nigger, because I don’t care about being sensitive then that is somehow equal to me saying “yo bitch i’mma pop a cap in yo BLACK ass homie G funk dawg! WORD!!”

            Makes perfect sense!

            Can see your logic is flawless. Can’t argue with a master debater like yourself!

            Keep up the good work improving the image of “your” people, dawg!

          • Bunny Hiccups

            I don’t know why I’m responding to you as if you are a person with a modicum of intelligence but I’ll give it a shot…I don’t know if you are American or not, but during America’s racist era, when someone called a black person a nigger, he [the black person] was usually found hanging from a tree. So yes, calling someone a “nigger” is equal to saying they are going to kill you. In our mind, it triggers images of hatred. It is a death threat. So if you know the term is highly offensive, and yet you decide to stand in my face and use the term in front of me, you are saying you not only have no respect for me as a person or as a human being, but that you intend to hurt me emotionally, and to upset me and devalue me. The word itself is violence and evocative of an extremely painful and violent part of America’s history. So you deserve a swift punch to the mouth for the usage. That is my final comment on the subject. I do hope, if you come to America, you decide to use the term, to see where it gets you. But again, everyone’s hardcore on the internet. Good luck with that tough guy.

          • hess

            I thought “nigger” was extremely come during America’s racist era? I guess they most have hanged millions of black people during that time, no?
            ” So yes, calling someone a “nigger” is equal to saying they are going to kill you.”
            The stupidity..

          • Charliedog1

            Do you get those images and flashbacks of pain when you listen to Rap Music?

          • Bunny Hiccups

            Is that what you use to justify your racist bullshit? Including the assumption that all black people like rap music?

          • BigJ

            So a nigger calling another nigger a nigger is a death threat? Come on now….If it’s really so bad to black people then black people would not use it.

          • Fraser Stewart

            I thought Americans believed in freedom of speech.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            We do. You can call me the N word and I can curb stomp you. Nobody’s stopping you from saying the N word. Just be prepared for the consequences. Try that in America in front of a black person. We don’t bother you unless you bother us. You people get beer muscles on the internet, pontificating and playing semantics about the N word like you’re brave offline. Things you would dare not utter, I am merely using my freedom of speech right now to tell you how I feel, and to let you know that this behavior and language is not acceptable to me, and if that means cracking your teeth out for threatening my life in calling me the N word, then you get what you deserve. N ow carry on, I’m a peaceful woman, and I believe in peace and humanity and love for all mankind. But if you think you can stand in front of my sons and speak that language to them, be prepared for an immediate reaction. And trust me, I have cracked a head or two over this and would gladly do it again. Your language to me is as violent as my actions. You want peace, then we have peace. You like it, I love it.

          • Alex

            I think it’s quite suitable here:

            “What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.”

          • linette lee

            I don’t know…I can see you are verbally assaulting her, but bring in this whole USA navy seal thing? I am sure USA tax payers are very proud of you wasting their money training you using your navy skill this way. Someone needs to have a talk with the navy department management.

          • hess

            how can you not see that its copypasta?

          • Bunny Hiccups

            he is not a navy seal. My boyfriend is an ex navy seal and this guy is full of shit.

          • Tony


            This link may help explain what he just posted:


          • hess

            haha i was just looking up that copypasta but you were faster :(

          • Bunny Hiccups

            bitch shut up. Do it then. I’m literally “shivering” in my boots you fucking cunt.

          • BigJ

            Is that you Rambo?????!!

          • cc


          • linette lee

            you are very rude. You don’t want people to call you trailer park white trash or yellow fever. So why use the N word?

          • Nick in Beijing

            How about nigglet? Can I say nigglet? nygger? Nig her?

            Oh oh! I know!


            Stop being so sensitive. Also acting tough online just makes you look silly (to anyone who does that).

          • Nick in Beijing

            But Alex that was funny.

            I sincerely hope people noticed the quotation marks around your “threat”.

          • Nick in Beijing

            “Try that in America in front of a black person…”

            Because being black affords you special rights?

            I say nigger. You curb stomp me. I suppose this is why a lot of people STILL have a bad view of black people, but you’re right. I wouldn’t say that in front of a black person in the U.S., because I wouldn’t trust that they keep their shit together long enough to carry out any sort of meaningful discourse. You have proved this theory to be true.

            What I can gather from your messages so far is that black folks are irrational violence mongers who only appreciate freedom of speech when it is applied to them, and not other racial groups. Furthermore they can engage in acts of extreme violence (since curb stomping has been known to kill people, or at least severely disfigure a person, it is therefore extreme), and expect the rest of the ethnically diverse community that is the U.S. forgive them and say “it’s ok that this black fellow just brutally disfigured this white person. Whitey said ‘NIGGER’, which we all know equates to threatening to kill the black person. It’s ok black person!”.

            And black people wonder why (in their own words) “the penitentiary is full, and it’s filled with blacks.”

            The sad thing is I don’t believe all black folks are as primitive as you, and like to believe that most work to repair their damaged reputation (which keeps getting damaged by knee-jerk idiots like you).

            Congrats on the book deal by the way. Maybe you can earn enough from the proceeds to move out of the ghetto.

          • Devoid

            “keep their shit together long enough to carry out any sort of meaningful discourse”. You seriously think that the way to get people into meaningful discourse is, to go up to strangers and deliberately insult them? Curb-stomping twat is also twat. BTW

          • Nick in Beijing

            I don’t know if you realized this or not, but I’m taking the piss out of hiccups now. No point in trying to be reasonable with responses like what she continues to give.

          • Black Dynamite in Beijing

            I really despise the “freedom of speech” argument to defend hate.

          • Black Dynamite in Beijing

            What’s more disturbing? The replies you received or the 6 dislikes your posting received? I think they are both equally troubling. Smh @ the LAO WAI on Chinasmack

          • hess

            Or the fact that she went nuts over something she clearly didnt read? “Should we argue that “nigger” isn’t offensive as well?”
            I stated that “nigger” is offensive, and she grayhounds of the handle since the only thing she could understand was “nigger”

          • Bunny Hiccups

            Herr Hess, um, yeah i have no reason to become defensive. No racist stuff was ever said to me on chinasmack. *eye roll* if i have that impression of you all it’s because it’s the impression you gave me.

          • Charliedog1

            They are obviously Racist, aren’t they?

          • Chip

            Chink Chinky Ching Chang Chong. Totally not offensive. Just an accurate description of all you dirty gooks.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            I don’t care either way. Brother, what are you doing in beijing around those racist animals? How on earth are you surviving in that shit?

          • LoL….the same way I survived there for 4 years…know some chinese and never take shit from those sha bi’s…once they got the picture everything was cool for me

          • Harland

            I wonder how many innocent Chinese have been victims of violence for saying 那个, which to native English speakers sounds a lot like “nigger”.

            So, we’re all going to show how words are wrong by hospitalizing people who use them. What would Dr. King say?

          • Bunny Hiccups

            Do you mean “Nay-guh” (this one)? Never happens. I thought it could happen but mandarin speakers speak too quickly for misinterpretation. Plus, no one really pays attention to them anyway.

          • You don’t know that. And I’ve talked to plenty of black people(and white people) here that said it freaked them out awhile til they learned what it meant.

          • Deviod

            Yeah, ‘nay-guh’… sigh!

          • Bunny Hiccups

            I know, I spelt that phonetically. I am not a native mandarin speaker so forgive me forgetting. I don’t plan on using this language again, trying to forget what i’ve learned thus far as the sound of it is like nails on a chalkboard.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Wasn’t aware you needed to be a native speaker of mandarin to have a fundamental understanding of pinyin.

            I can imagine what the “Chinese hero” of your book must be named.

            …”Look! Here comes Wahng Lee Joohn! He’s about to make it to the embassy!”

          • Charliedog1

            And the ones who beat- will be shot- skittles in hand.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            oh right. shooting unarmed kids. right up there with the taliban who shot the 14 year old in the head. Yeah totally “cool”

      • Wayne

        I was having dinner with some Chinese co-workers a couple weeks ago, and there was a tall black fellow in the restaurant and one of them said 你们看那儿有一个老黑。Is that a term of reverence or a bit of a mocking tone to call him an “old black?” My boss also told me directly that they don’t hire blacks as a policy because Chinese people don’t trust them and have no safe feeling (没有安全感). I have been especially shocked at what Chinese people say about black people to me, like Chinese girls telling me they’re parents don’t mind if they date a foreigner as long as they are not black. How’s that for being indirect? It’s helpful to the advancement of Chinese society to help them become aware that in most modern societies it’s not appropriate to stereotype and discriminate against people based upon color.

        • Charliedog1

          Its not? Or has our political correctness blinded us to believe this? But I bet you feel warm and fuzzy being so open minded. Stereotypes exist for a reason, or they would not exist.

          Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, Memphis- You can lecture all day long about “Equality” but reality is laughing in your face. The reality is even Jessie Jackson confesses a feeling of relief when the men in the alleyway behind him are White, Not black.

          Quit with this “Enlightened” thought process and show me what other Asian country is so modern and open minded that it correlates with your views on the appropriate judgement of Black people.

          • Wayne

            Most of the blacks I meet in China are from Africa not Detroit. Come on buddy.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            Please explain to me what is the “appropriate” view on “black people”? As a black woman, who is educated and likely has more money than you two fold, I’m calling bullshit on Jesse Jackson (whom I’ve met several times in my life, the first time when I was ten years old, as Jesse Jackson lives in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago to this day) and happened to be in the same neighborhood I grew up in. As wayne stated, ask a black person in detroit or philly to go to China and they will tell you to kiss their ass, they have no interest. Black, people are fairly prominient in America and hold many prominient positions in our society from college professors, police officers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, Christian preachers, and so on. There are also bums and homeless people and gangs, just like every other race. So cast aspersions if you must hoping to represent black americans in a dishonest manner hoping to shape the judgement of others. I do enjoy watching people like you try to distract everyone from embarrassing people like the Russian Laowai in China, by slandering black Americans. Idiot. Black Americans are not the ones causing trouble in China. Ever!

          • linette lee

            I myself have male friends who are black and one is a dentist. The other one is a cardiologist. Another one is an oral surgeon. Another three are professors in big name universities. All are happily married to intelligent black women.

            What you say about black men again?

          • Kilkenny

            She’s completely gone off this time.

          • Black Dynamite in Beijing

            Well said. I am also a Black American and I find it rather disturbing how a posting about a Russian man who ran a muck in Beijing turned into the semantics of the word “nigger.” Then again, nothing on Chinasmack every surprises me. Especially here in the comments section where blatant racism and all out hate run wild and free. It is nice when you read well, informed, poignant comments that don’t drudge up old memories of the days when all Asians were “Orientals” and Black Americans were “Coloreds.” But those comments come once in a blue moon. Choose your battles wisely. And don’t let the internet racists get the best of you. That’s what they thrive off of.

          • hess

            Did you even read my post that “started” it?
            “Should we argue that “nigger” isn’t offensive as well?”

          • Kilkenny

            In fact, I don’t think, that 90% of the people here wanted to express their hostility towards blacks. Dude, people are just sick of the excessive amount of stupidity beyond any limits from Nanny Hiccups in every thread on Chinasmack.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            bitch please, I have not even posted in two months to chinasmack and most of the time i am civil. I only argue when it’s time to call you whiteys out for some racist shit you might have said. People were expressing hostility toward blacks when I got here and decided to speak up. Take responsibility. Hess is a liar, he knows what he said. “Blacks and niggers are the same thing”… all i have to do is egg him on before hitler comes out of his mouth.

          • Devoid

            Just boggled that, last night I was linked to a ‘debate’ on 4chan, and tonight linked to a ‘debate’ on Chinasmack and… Can’t people ever leave the baggage on the plane?

          • Bunny Hiccups

            Yes, but those orientals are the problem too. That’s why they allow racism to continue on Chinasmack unabated, using the excuse that they are out to expose racism from foreigners (whites) too. yeah, like white racism is something new. The white motherfuckers are the ones who invented racism. The Chinese are just sucking their balls as usual. I’ve had oriental niggas (yes, I just called them niggas) hurl more racial slurs at me more than the whiteys. So, they’re about equal in that regard.
            You said:
            “I find it rather disturbing how a posting about a Russian man who ran a muck in Beijing turned into the semantics of the word “nigger.'”

            Indeed. Typical that they do this. Whiteys have a massive inferiority complex, so whenever they are called out on their bullshit, they deflect the criticism to “blacks and niggers”. I hope those little yellow aliens beat the shit out of all of themout of each other.
            They perpetuate the same racism onto each other that they have tried to use on black people. I am most amused with the whiteys cry about how they are called laowai lmao. I love it. I love that they are a minority in China so they can see how it feel to be steretyped based on the actions of one laowai person

            Chinese people are so fucking disgusting. These are the same people who use bear bile, roast puppies alive, rip the antlers off of deer and drink the blood. These people are about 5,000 years behind modern times. They have NO respect for life whether animal or human, look at the many abortions they have in that godless country. They are just filthy and despicable. The only country that would invent something like Sars. I use to argue with the whiteys to help chinese people when they were getting dissed on chinasmack and all they have done, was spew their venom on me. so now, i’m like fuck them too. I’ll be racist toward the little orientals just like I hate the whiteys. Fuck you all.

          • linette lee

            nanny, remember what I told you about racism happens everywhere in every country in the world. You can find racism in USA, France, China, Japan…etc…IT’s like that. It is due to ignorance. Especially if you go to countries like China or Australia where 90% are locals/natives and only 10% are foreigners. Those are the countries the foreigners will experience the most racism.
            I mean look at me. I told you I went to some town in Kentucky and as soon as I walk down the street, I can feel people staring at me studying me. They have never seen a live Asian before. I was in the superrmaket and they were intensively studying me and talked about me in front of my face assuming I didn’t understand English. They called me Chinese girl this and that. So racism = ignorance = curiosity is worst in places where majority of the population are locals and very few foreigners.
            As the world is changing, with internet we can come closer and exchange cultures. We are the world and less nationalism.

            Racism does happen in china, just like in USA or Africa. IT’s real. With time we can educate ourselves and be more open. Just remember there are racists out there, but still there are more open minded people that don’t discriminate. Like majority of the non black support Obama and voted him the USA president.



            lou jing she is beautiful and she made it to top spot in china idol. The chinese didn’t understand her at first,but later gave her massive support. She has male fans.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            I hope she finds a really nice black man who loves her and maybe move out of that country.

          • Nick in Beijing

            As opposed to a nice man of any race? Or are only blacks acceptable partners?

          • Bunny Hiccups

            yes, pretty much. i think of you and your ilk as worthless. the feeling im sure is mutual so i guess we know where each other stand. liu jing should come to america where she will be accepted, appreciated and loved by other black people and renounce her idiotic chinese heritage.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Funny, I never said that blacks were worthless. Glad to see that you are openly expressing your racism though, rather than hiding behind a thin veil of disgust at others being racist.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            yes, she should find a nice black guy. who else would be worthy of a woman of color? Just had the worst experience with a white guy who wanted to date. we’re getting along just fine then suddenly he later, he starts talking all of these filthy sexual things he wants to do to me using the vilest language as if it was going to turn me on. they are the most repugnant men on earth. they make my stomach turn and thanks to him, i will never go on a date with a whitey again. i told him to lose my number. i felt like my ears were being raped. asian guys (not that they would) don’t even qualify as real men, latino males are fine but they are too poor, euros are dirty with rotten teeth, and aussies have the skin of a leather handbag… so yes, pretty much black men are the answer, that’s why women of all races like them and the rest of you are jealous and slander them.

          • DAAAAAAAMN!!!!! LMBAO! You went HAAAAAARD!!!!

          • Bunny Hiccups

            they deserve nothing less.

          • Charliedog1

            Of course you call “Bullshit” on something that is based in reality- because it does not match up with your Racist Narrative. Just be aware Black people no longer have the pass they once had over white people- Here is your Link to Mr. Jackson’s factual statement: <<<<

            As for your characterization that I am somehow intentionally deceitful regarding my description of black Americans and their culture, and the degeneration that results from it- Factual Reality reenforces my statements, not ulterior motives. Prominent positions don't account for Jack when Affirmative Action policies dictate much of the positioning for a large % of positions. The Black Middle Class in America is entirely Dependent on Government jobs. FACT.

            Why would ANYONE wanna talk to someone from Detroit? Or Philly? Or Baltimore? or Memphis? or New Orleans? The only track record that exists is that of Formerly Majority White cities being made bankrupt by Affirmative-Action Political Correctness policies pushed by black politicians and self-loathing whites. Tell me there is nothing wrong with those cities- tell me there is no correlation with those cities former White Majority- Its New Found Black Majority, and the poverty and crime they all now witness daily.

            You can regurgitate the elementary school crap that you were force fed and too stubborn to reevaluate- Yes all Ethnicities have their "Problems"- But to deny that statistically, One ethnic group doesn't have more problems than others- That one Ethnic group despite making up a certain % of the population- accounts disproportionally for the "Problems" is wishful thinking at best- and dangerously pushing your incorrect narrative at your own expense.

            I DON'T Enjoy witnessing Black people as yourself completely throw-out any responsibility for the obvious stereotypes that exist. Witnessing you vomit the standard "We are all Equal" talking points motivated my response. You are hurting yourself with this crap, that the negative perception of blacks is due to any other reason than black people.

            The Black Community needs introspection. Any Blacks who do are Uncle Toms. Its very depressing to witness.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            a bitch with no analytical skills criticizing someone else for lack of introspection. The basis of your views is rooted entirely in your genetically flawed brain-computer which, as a whitey or whatever you are, invented racism to cope with your albinoism. Why don’t you evaluate that, you pink fleshed pig and go burn in the sun, you genetically inferior color deficient noob.

          • Nick in Beijing

            OH how wonderful it is to see all that pent up racism spill out. Now I don’t feel bad anymore for writing some admittedly offensive stuff when taking the piss out of you.

            Frothing at the mouth racist you are. This is what I meant by no chance for meaningful discourse once a common black takes offense to something. That may sound like a racist statement, but I’m waiting for one to prove me wrong.

        • Well I personally don’t loose any sleep over racist chinese or people in general….but in China I was popular and got along well with almost everybody except the racist one’s who thought I didn’t speak or understand chinese were in for a rude awakening however….

          I’m American I find it hilarious that they say “He’s so black” when some of the earliest chinese people also came from Africa…and they were also….you guessed it….”SO BLACK” Anywhere there is a hot regional climate more than likely the inhabitants will have a darker skin tone…

          Not to mention how much China does trade with Africa for resources…When I inform them of this….they don’t know what to say due to loss of face over thier ignorance….”sha”

          • Nick in Beijing

            Did you know that the Chinese actually have a theory saying they evolved separately from the rest of humanity, from a different kind of monkey, and therefore were originally not from Africa?

            Bullshit theory, fully debunked (as far as prehistory can be proven or disproven), but if you tried to use this line of reasoning with many people in China, they’d direct you to the museum here in Beijing to “prove” that they evolved independent of the rest of the species.

          • alien

            they have a theory on everything. so if they did evolved differently that would explain their rudeness and lack of concern for the enivronment.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            i think many of chinese views on race were inherited from the west, which has engaged in a slander campaign on blacks in order to justify past policies of discrimination. notice whenever the subject of laowai acting stupid in china comes up, they distract from the topic entirely by making issues of africans or blacks who dont’ commit crimes in china or chase women like typical laowai.

          • moop

            “i think many of chinese views on race were inherited from the west, which has engaged in a slander campaign on blacks in order to justify past policies of discrimination. ” another piece of shit from nanny’s mouth, Calvin said something good and then your dumbass swooped down and made the conversation a whole lot dumber. china since ancient times have viewed outsiders as barbarians, they have also had a cultural stigma against darker skin for HUNDREDS of years. blacks (and indians too actually, they make a lot of the same comments) have two strikes against them from the start in the eyes of chinese: they are barbarians because they had the misfortune of being born outside china, and they are born with very dark skin which is looked at with disdain. its has nothing to do with the white west.

          • Black Dynamite in Beijing

            Good point moop. Even dark skinned Chinese are viewed with disdain. Try calling a Chinese person a “Farmer” and see how he/she reacts. But I will disagree with you on the point that Chinese view of Blacks and other dark skinned people have nothing to do with the “White West.” Many of the things that Chinese people learn about people of color comes from where? TV, movies, websites, etc. And the news about people of color, Black people especially, that makes the news are stories that don’t paint a positive portrait of Blacks. Now, one may argue “Blacks are the ones committing all the crimes,” but I won’t fall for the banana in the tail pipe and indulge such a ridiculous argument. As a Black man in China for 6 years I’ve been asked if I am/was in a gang, if I’ve ever shot a gun, if I own a gun, if I’ve ever committed a violent crime…should I go on or should I continue? Not to mention that Chinese always assume I am African. I am fine with this but not with the Chinese opinion of all Africans being dirty, liars, cheats, etc. My point is, the media aka the “white west” does perpetuate many misconceptions of people of color. Denying that would be foolish as well as denying the fact that racism is alive and well in all parts of the world.

          • Black Dynamite in Beijing wins today’s “Best New Username” prize. RIGHT ON!
            BDiB: For whatever it’s worth, I have a neck tattoo and I’ve been asked those exact same questions(except the African part) and I’m not black.

          • Charliedog1

            Yea, Your an idiot with a neck Tattoo. Black culture idolizes and worships Gangstas and sports stars. Our very own (HALF) Black President “Brush’s his shoulder off” to look in tune with said culture. Black people in China get asked these questions because their culture is nothing but Rap Stars and Sports Stars- Tattoos correlate with said culture.

            But hey, you sound really open minded though.

            Have fun with your Turtle Neck Sweaters.

          • Damn….now I feel really really bad, random Internet guy.
            I do have 1 turtle-neck sweater that I wear sometimes when it’s cold. But if I wanted to hide the tattoo I would never have done it on my neck in the first place. I had it done in Hawaii where tattoos have been part of Polynesian culture for thousands of years as a tribute for my friend, James Lynn Strait, the lead singer of “Snot” who was killed in a car crash in 1998. It looks good and was done quite well, by a very skilled artist and I receive alot of compliments about it. I doubt if any person with half a brain would look at me and think “gangsta”. But hey, you sound really open minded though and I’m sure you’re a super-swell guy.

          • @bunnyhiccups:disqus @ Dynamite I agree with both of your assertions having experienced the same thing….

          • Bunny Hiccups

            moop lives with his head up his ass. Excuse me if I am defensive when I come to chinasmack. I have been called a nigger numerous times by honkeys and chinks. so pardon me, if I came here without racial animosity, but left with a different view that changed my perception of how i view people in general. Now that I know what their views are like (the men, i have no problem with asian or white women), I will always have a low opinion of white men, asian men, and for the hell of it, latinos too.

            What you said was entirely correct. their slurs, are slurs that were invented in the west, influenced by what they see in the media and the result of white people slandering black people in other countries or all over the internet to people who have not had any direct experience to go by.

          • Agreed Bunny…media has a subliminal effect on people be it positive or negative

          • Nick in Beijing

            What Hiccups doesn’t understand is that she’s dong nothing to improve anyone’s outlook on her as a person, or as a member of her ethnicity. She fails to see sarcasm simply because it’s coming from a non-black. Instead of engaging with these people she starts from an assumed point of superiority and disregards all comments out of hand.

            She fails to understand and likely doesn’t care that many of the “racist” things that are being said to her are taking the piss, and are only being said to serve to highlight the idiocy of her position.

            Being black, and displaying black stereotypes is not a brilliant way to convince people that black people are better than the racist remarks about them.

            I myself am not terribly racist. I won’t lie by saying I’m not at all, everyone has biases regardless of whether or not they want to admit it. However, I have no preference towards others based on where they come from or what color they are. I only care about if they can hold onto their wits long enough to see past thinly veiled sarcasm and ploys designed to elicit a response. I personally enjoy finding what ticks people off and then pressing those buttons to see what kind of reaction those people will make. This is how I determine what kind of personality people have. If their first response is to threaten me with violence then I will know that this is a person of low character. If their first response is to try to prove my position wrong through dialogue and discourse then I will know that this person is worth talking to, even if they make some racist remarks about my ethnicity or use vulgarity. I don’t care about that so much as I care about people thinking and working to understand what’s going on around them.

            Hiccups’ default position in all things is “find a nice black man. Men are stupid. I am better than others for ambiguous reasons but I have moral authority anyway. I know I am hypocritical, but I’m black and a woman so it’s ok” etc., etc., etc.

            Too bad when she sees my name heading this post she will enter black panther defense mode and won’t give a damn about anything said regardless of truth of validity.

            damn shame.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Regardless of truth OR validity, sorry.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            If I am the basis for you which choose to judge an entire race of individuals, then everything you say has no credibility whatsoever, you’re just a racist cunt. :o) My views are my own. There is no stereotypical behavior here, just a bunch of people arguing, you lily-livered bitch.

          • Nick in Beijing

            You are representative of your race in the context of this forum since you’re one of the few who openly admit you’re black, and you are also one of the few who spouts racism in most of the posts your make.

            I don’t see how it makes me a racist cunt if I am working with the only example on hand.

            Half of my coworkers are black, many from Africa, some from North America, and some from Europe. Most of them share a few common stereotypical characteristics, and we get into racial discussions from time to time, but none of them fly off the handle the way you do when I say something controversial, instead they will tell stories to either justify it, or to prove me wrong.

            They however seem to be in the minority of blacks and how they behave. Perhaps that’s because they are in an international environment, and have a broader world view than some (you), and have let go of some of their racial grudges as a result.

            you however, and many American blacks choose not to let go of these racial grudges, and that is your fault not mine.

            I reached out to try to change the direction of this part of the discussion to more constructive conversation, and you responded exactly how I have come to expect most North American blacks without any experience in the world to speak of to react.

            Congratulations on once again proving your own negative stereotype! Our president would be ashamed of you.

          • moop

            “As a Black man in China for 6 years I’ve been asked if I am/was in a gang, if I’ve ever shot a gun, if I own a gun, if I’ve ever committed a violent crime…should I go on or should I continue? Not to mention that Chinese always assume I am African. I am fine with this but not with the Chinese opinion of all Africans being dirty, liars, cheats, etc. My point is, the media aka the “white west” does perpetuate many misconceptions of people of color. Denying that would be foolish as well as denying the fact that racism is alive and well in all parts of the world.”

            uhh, i’m pretty sure rap music does just as much harm if not more than the news that chinese get from the “white west”, and they don’t get their news from the west. Chinese have seen more rap videos than foreign news pieces. the chinese press chooses what to cover about the west in china, and like anywhere else in the world, bad news sells, especially when it makes the west seem chaotic or unsafe. chinese people arent sitting down watching cnn or reading the times. they are watching cctv and reading the china daily.

          • Black Dynamite in Beijing

            How did I know the rap music/video argument would be brought up? Again, I agree that SOME rap music and MOST mainstream videos have the ability to do more harm. But one thing I have learned from being in China so long is that China’s youth and 20 something crowd’s interest in rap and the hip hop culture has positively shaped their opinion towards Blacks and Black American culture. Sure you get the young kids who are just like the young American hip hop community who focus on the materialistic aspects of rap: clothes, jewelry, money and of course girls. But just like in America, as well as other countries, there is a demographic that respects the other aspects of hip hop that aren’t hyped up by the mainstream media: graffiti, dancing, and djing. No Chinese people aren’t watching CNN but more are on Weibo and Youku (tudou), than reading the China Daily and watching CCTV (that’s the 35+ demographic).

          • moop

            “No Chinese people aren’t watching CNN but more are on Weibo and Youku (tudou), than reading the China Daily and watching CCTV (that’s the 35+ demographic).”

            yeah, but a lot of those videos are viral and not some conspiracy by white people in media to disparage blacks.

            unfortunately, what has had the most influence in some chinese’ opinion of blacks is athletics. the nba and sprinting in particular, but that has led to the positive racism of “blacks are good at sports”, just like “asians are good at math”. but at least that is moving opinions in a better direction than before

          • Black Dynamite in Beijing

            I don’t believe in conspiracies but I do believe in facts. Mainstream record companies are predominantly ran by wealthy white men. They have control over what their artists put out. The days of “creativity” and “expression” are gone. I hate it how rap artists have to “sell out” in order to be successful. Record execs aren’t throwing lots of money at guys like Lupe Fiasco or Killer Mike because those guys won’t portray the “money, hoes and clothes” that is so prevalent on MTV & BET (worldstarhiphop). But there are many other artists who gladly shuck and jive for more money. Trust, if the trend changed and white music execs actually put positive portrayals of Blacks on TV, you’d see others follow suit.

            Your last point is spot on.

            Lastly, I enjoy the back and forth. I wish most users could actually argue without getting out of hand but this is the internet!

          • Bunny Hiccups

            Keep trying to be their friend, black dynamite. their views will eventually begin to piss you off when you see them for the racists they are, then they’ll blame you and call YOU the racist for even dare suggesting they’re racial commentary is incorrect, even when you have bent over backwards to understand them and give these animals the benefit of doubt, which I no longer do. fuck ’em. No more kindness and understanding from me.

          • elizabeth

            I’ll have to agree with Bunny.

            Worst case scenario so far is when they shove the ‘Little Red Book’ into your throat, accuse you of being a racist Chinese undercover who spews ‘Marxist bullshit’ when they’ve got nothing else to substantiate their stand, with obnoxious language peppering their rants.

            So, far I have encountered three of them – moop, Cooljackal (who mysteriously disappeared after Disqus came on) and Ruffled Feathers.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            indeed, and because their little clique hates you, or co-sign and high five each other when you are argue with them, it’s enough for them to think that their right. they are completely incapable of introspection, as they whine about being a called a laowai while uttering ‘nigger’ and “yellow’ under their breaths. they don’t mind rudeness and insensitivity as long as they are the ones who gets to be rude and insensitive. i hope their lives in china are a nightmare. I hope they are spat upon every day of their miserable laowai lives. chinese men and these white laowai men together are the worst of human kind all rolled up on one. they can sit here and claim they are better and know more about chinese people than the chinese themselves, because they either want to take over china or wish they are chinese. Either way they are stupid.

          • elizabeth

            I agree totally except for the last sentence.

            Bunny, returning hate with hate will make the chasm bigger. I hope they will meet some really nice Chinese who will make them see their folly. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, maybe not.

            Just ignore them. You getting angry is what they have set out to achieve and giving them what they want would encourage more of the same.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            i don’t get angry, i think it’s funny.

          • elizabeth

            Bunny, have you added a new section from “i hope their lives in china are a nightmare” onwards?

            I don’t agree with that at all. You need to take a breather.

          • Devoid

            Yes! And I think I know what BH was trying to say, but, not a clue what it actually says…

          • alien

            im taking part in a slander campaign against chinese drivers.

            How do chinese drivers get exercise?

            this whole entire thing about race and color. wow, its so old, outdated. lao le and really dumb.

            human beings suck. each and every person on this planet is your brother and sister. if you dont see the symbiotic links between each of us then you are no better than the racist pigs whom beat up rodney king.

            racism – the way people whom have no idea how to make up their own minds and follow what they learned from their parents

            shabinism – a term i created to describe – Heaven for sha bi.
            or Enlightment for sha bi.

            end the hate, put down your fear and grow up.

            many people here in probably every country have the same troubles. Predetermined ideas about people based on color.
            isn’t that a bit caveman style?

            our people have grown largely and we all have developed into a pretty exciting world but there is far too much hate in this world for us to survive.

            so each time you call someone a nigger, chink, honkey, spic, jap or kike you are adding the the eventual demise of civilization.

            One of my friends is one this website but I do not know his handle.

            fluffy, hey man how ya doing?

            haha yea i know

            what a crazy fucking world.

            i personally am not racist.

            I hate everyone equally. so fuck off!

          • Bunny Hiccups

            well yah all of that is true but it’s not going to make a damned bit of difference. people are insecure, and racism is simply a way of getting over that insecurity. you are a bit of a nihilist, b ut i agree… humans are awful.

          • Black Dynamite in Beijing

            Good points and I agree 100%

          • Thanks Black!

        • linette lee

          I am a chinese girl. I will marry men like obama. I heart obama.

          • Nick in Beijing

            You are lovely Linette.

            Good job on doing your bit to take down racial barriers.

          • Charliedog1

            Naive Girls are the ones who get into marriages and get beaten.

          • Bunny Hiccups

            be careful linette, last time you said that a chinese guy on the site when on a rampage.

          • Nick in Beijing

            A rampage that ended with 13 fatalities nonetheless! And the minor annoyance of scrolling past his posts!

        • Black Dynamite in Beijing

          100% right Wayne

      • finally

        Yes! Thankyou….someone with brains! And the list goes on.
        People complaining about this just dont understand the language well enough.

      • Ruffled Feathers

        That’s bullshit

    • La Mano Gaucha

      I certainly would prefer if all the mainland Chinese people that I know would refer to me by name when talking about me. A few do, but most just call me “laowai” when they are speaking about me to someone else, even right in front of me. The best part is that after more than ten years here, I’ve become virtually fluent in Mandarin yet many local “friends” and acquaintances don’t know that, so I just listen — many of the things they utter are outright insulting.
      This “laowai” business is very offensive and only shows to the world how ignorant, ill-mannered and arrogant so many mainland Chinese people are. Fortunately, I have been noticing a move toward the term “waiguoren” during the last few years, at least in some areas. This is generally less offensive to the sensibilities of non-Chinese people that know what’s up. Nevertheless, it would be far more “civilized” if those that know you simply use your name and refrain from talking shit practically to your face on the assumption that you don’t understand what they say. Anything else is just uncool… and STUPID. Grow up, China!

      • Gontraf

        Only yesterday, my colleague was referring to me on the phone with his wife using laowai. I expressed discontent and he was genuinely surprised, couldn’t see at all why I should mind. So I told him “Let me put it this way: How would you feel if I started calling you 黄色人 ?” He thought for a second and replied “So so…”.

        I dislike being called laowai the same as I dislike being called a white or a westerner. These words are simply used to make fucking stupid generalities about a whole bunch of very different people. I am sure any Chinese must feel the same when designated by a term which encompasses the Japanese and the Koreans as well.

        • I perfectly understand your feelings.
          But I think you are too sensitive about this matter (maybe because for most of your life you were the part of majority?)
          Anyway, there is nothing surprising that talking between themselves people will call you “laowai” instead of name.
          This is just the simplest way. Nobody has any intention to offend you.

          Rude? Uneducated? Maybe… But isn’t it the reason to smile to yourself and be above it all?

          Curiously enough, people like to talk about the sensitivenss of Chinese to critic of their country and race.
          Seems, however, that Westerners are sensitive no less :)

        • crygirlfromlaowai

          oh u gonna cry now? oh… go cry so more lil princess-laowai-girl…

    • alien

      when people refer to me as “laowai” i take off my dark sunglasses and give them a very evil stare.

      the term laowai is pretty damn racist if you ask me and ya know what?

      each country hates foreigners because of various reasons however, I don’t like to be labeled this and i will stand my ground against anyone who deems to be fit enough to get with the program.

  • pc

    Well, one thing people did not mention (or perhaps I missed it); was this guy is staying in a hotel. This means that he probably is a tourist. Just like British “rapist”, he is not living or working in China (from what I understand). I just wish that the Chinese posters would be able to understand, that expats living and working in Beijing hardly ever do this kind of this (if not ever). Actually, in 6 years here, it’s always been tourists doing it – even then, it’s so few and far between. Some of the comments about Chinese getting victimized overseas are just silly. Just suck it up. Sh’t happens. No one likes it, but I doubt that many people are out to “get China” or “hurt Chinese people”. If anything, Chinese people hurt themselves more than anyone else does! I read an article recently about Japanese reactions to Chinese destroying Japanese cars, and businesses in China. They laughed that Chinese we’re doing that kind of thing to their own people! Now someone else gets out of control, and everyones eyes are red… pathetic.

    • Nick in Beijing

      I hardly think that moving to places like the U.S. and being able to buy property, earn citizenship, and enjoy equal employment opportunities counts as discrimination against Chinese anyway.

  • Rick in China

    All these comments about being released without charge because he’s a foreigner are nonsense…based on personal experience – I’m still on bail 5 months after court date waiting a result on criminal assault charges since the driver (admittedly) who hit me while I was walking on the street and tried to drive away said I hit his nose when I caught his vehicle in traffic and reached in to stop him. China is changing, and how China treats foreigners is changing..those comments are ignorant of current-state situations.

    • donscarletti

      In years gone bye one could be forgiven for wondering if some day local Chinese will be given the same level as respect and courtesy by officials as foreigners were accorded.

      I now wholeheartedly agree that soon everyone’s going to be treated like shit and denied due process. Equality for all.

      • Rick in China

        China loses in my case. All these months unable to renew work visa means loss of quite a bit of tax income to the government., somewhere around 200k RMB thus far in my case.

  • bert

    Funny, if he was CHINESE people would just watch and stare but since he was/is LAOWAI “kind hearted” locals stop him.

    However, he is Russian and they’re nuts. We all know that :)

  • Kilkenny

    By the way, that behaviour almost undobtedly shows that the guy catched delirium tremens. Anyone familiar with medicine knows, that it could only be developed after 10-15 years of heavy drinking. So, unfrotunately, it could have happened anywhere. In that case, it happened in China. Sad but true.

  • themig

    chinese guys dont care about russian vodkaness as long as our young men keep getting plenty of these

  • themig


  • themig
    this situation back in Kiev got him drinking heavily

  • La Mano Gaucha

    I love how they repeatedly refer to this idiot as “the laowai” rather than “the suspect”, “the man” or something more journalistically professional and cosmopolitan. I also love the picture with the struck pedestrian on the ground simply being gawked at rather than attended to.

    • Bunny Hiccups

      I totally noticed that the injured victim was left alone uncared for. That is very sad to me. While everyone stands around tending to the laowai who damned near killed them. Foreign Worship!

      • Mandy Adams

        Brcause his white I belt you if any blacks try that mmh

    • dk2020

      So what he did wasn’t idiotic .. oh cuz he’s Russian it’s okay? I hope that moodozvon rots in Chinese prison ..

  • yasure

    “I bet it’ll just be a fine and deportation without punishment. Isn’t that how our government has always handled these things?”

    What none of these dim commentators seem to realize is that this is the best possible outcome for China: revenue in the form of a fine, minimal expense because no incarceration and no chance of human rights complaints against the prison system.

  • When I read things like this: “Why is that laowai in China are always given preferential treatment while our countrymen abroad are always discriminated against? Why?”

    I cant understand Chinese. How often did I read when a chinese was involved in a traffic accident or just has a fight with someone else, the police just warned them to not do such a thing again.
    Just a reprimand isnt enough. Either for a chinese and also not for a foreigner…

  • AngryCanadien

    hahaha, my cousin lives right near that intersection! should call her to see if she saw it happen. for anyone who has lived in beijing knows that a lot of the foreign embassies are located around that intersection. I wonder if any one of them increased their security as a result.

  • Fraser Stewart

    This man is a hero. I bet what happened was he came to China with high hopes (like all of us). Then (like me), saw someone shitting in the street and it suddenly dawned on him. This place is a fucking shit hole. So in his drunken rage decided to try and take down Chinese society.

    My only criticism is, he should have tried attacking top level Chinese officials, not ordinary Chinese citizens. I have often thought about doing this myself. Unfortunately I’m a teetotaler, and not a total moron. But if one day I develop the ability to burst in to flames like the human torch, I swear I’ll be back to destroy literally every single commie, government office and official building in China.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Yeah, being here will bring out the worst in us.

    • hess

      The man is from RUSSIA, I seriously doubt he considers China as fucked up as you do

    • Irvin

      Maybe you’re thinking too much into this and the dude was just drunk.

      • Fraser Stewart

        Or maybe the 12 people who voted down my comment can’t take a joke.

    • jlion1786

      If you go about killing everyone how does that make you a hero? You’re trying to be judge jury and executioner here. China may be messed up on so many levels, but other countries have their own problems too.

      The society right now is fucked up, the government knows it but it’s so hard to try to change a country that has 5000 years of history that had a whole generation’s creativy wiped out by a man who thought he was doing the right thing by playing god.

      It’s not like in the films where we all can be Batman, Tony stark etc… even in those films you never see batman kill anyone. Like sometimes it pisses you off like you think why the hell doesn’t batman just kill the joker, two face or whoever. It’s because he holds a high moral and standard of life( and I guess if he kills the bad guy the batman series would run out of bad guys really quick haha).

      We can go around hoping we can become vigilantes hoping we can end corruption. Okay so you go kill all the rich government officials then what? Are you going to burn their newborns and children as well? Would you kill an innocent child for their parents wrong doing?

      Sure there are some fu er dai who are just so stuck up and really deserve to be bitch slapped, but c’mon to kill them that’s not right.

      Dude this guy was just an idiot human being who was drunk did something stupid. He’s no hero.

      It really sucks that Chinese people have to persevere through the shit they have to do 24/7 especially those Chinese stuck in the west where they get their resources siphoned off so the bigger cities can survive but lifes unfair unfortunately.

      However, the greatest triumph and feel good stories dont’ come from sunshines and rainbows it comes from suffering and pain. Hopefully the lao bai xing can endure through this time of economic growth disparity within China.

      • the ace of books

        Oh my god. Cleo – you said something unvitriolic, sensible, un-racial, and decent! I am flabberghasted that I agree and would like to applaud you!

        You done good, Cleo. You done good :,D

      • Fraser Stewart

        Have you ever heard or jokes? You know, sarcastic comments meant to provoke laughter? I mean for fucks sake, I’m shocked at the number of people who couldn’t tell my comment was a complete piss take. The intelligence of foreigners here is stunningly low, as was proven by that comment.

    • fsun

      I’m sorry your “teaching English abroad” fantasies never materialized.

      • Fraser Stewart

        I don’t teach English fool. I am a visiting scholar at a top 10 university here. My job is to research mathematics, teaching is a minor part of it. I was expecting a top 10 university to be relatively good. When I got here, I found out it was a trash heap. I mean literally a trash heap.

        Anyway, that’s beside the point, my comment was a complete joke. I actually really like my job, I just hate the living environment. I would never lower myself to being an English teacher. Having a PhD in mathematics, means I don’t have to.

        • fsun

          Whatever your degree, you aren’t as different as you’d like to be from any disillusioned bitter-at-China 2 year English teacher, are you?

          Anyway, thanks for contributing to China’s GDP during your unhappy stay!

    • youfakers

      that’s why you are a retarddddddddddd. Let’s move to a developing country with 1.5 billion people becos I belived in the all the bullshit about China. Or maybe I need to get laid by some easy Chinagirl. Or I love all human beings, I want to help people, but except now I’m here, I realized Chinese people suck :-(. Or I hate my own culture cos I’ve a reject :-(, but China is cool I bet :-0 yah yah yah

      which one was it? The 2nd one?

  • mattman_183

    The Chinese comments on the British rapist were exactly what I was thinking. He’ll just be deported. We are expected to forget this. Although maybe Im wrong. It is the year of Chinese-Russian friendship or something like that, right?

    I also agree with the last comment. “Fortunately he wasn’t Japanese.” Can you imagine…

  • Fraser Stewart

    Still a better driver than 99% of Chinese people.

  • Fraser Stewart

    In communist China, you kill drunk driver.

    • Fraser Stewart

      in communist China, being called a racist is a complement. In communist China, shit hole means toilet. In communist China, why find a toilet when the pavement will do? In communist China, why help a dying man when you can take his picture? Anyone got any more?

      • patko

        You sound crazy, stop it.

        • Ruffled Feathers

          You sound like a pussy. Stop it.

  • benchavo

    this is just silly!

    guy attacking waiter in hotel, than leaving hotel through the lobby with 2 knives, saying farewell to staff and guards. then standing at the busy road greeting and trying to stop drivers with knives. than a little seightseeing tour through the hood until he finds some car to take. car ride down the road, multiple crashes, almost kill somebody and then a final drunken sprint, just like in the movies…before 2 guys catch him probably a long time after he started his rampage…

    interestingly there was just a similar case in berlin/germany last week:

    man left his apartment armed with knive and axe. the first passerby and neigbours immediately alarmed and called the police. within minutes the police cornered him on a greenstrip in a residential area. disarm and arrest…

    see video here which caused a stir here due to supposed police brutality:

    the morale…china has still a long long long way to go…be happy he hadn’t stabbed or done more harm!!!

  • xoxo xi

    He probably has a bad day.pissed by some chinese men that is superior than him or drunk of depression and decided he wants to kill someone to release his anger.
    I’ve rea seen and read foreigners misbehaviors.most of them claims rhey have immunity and threaten locals bec they knew the gov’t have to coordinate with the foreign embassy and the process is longer.

    • Kilkenny

      I bet you’re damn right. During the lunch some random representative of the CHINESE MASTER RACE was talking ’bout glorious 5000-year history of China, while farting and spitting chicken bones on the middle of the table, and throwing cigarette butts on the plates (only to prove his superiority), so that Russian guy felt very very miserable and upset.
      But Chinese people are so superior, so they made the only right conclusion of that incident, due to their 5000-year history crafted wisdom – if that guy is such an animal, than all the laowais are the same, it’s plain as day!
      Moreover, CHINESE MASTER RACE has proven their exclusive bravery by condemning all the white devils on their Weibo’s and Sina’s! Beware, white devils, every time you insult China, we will add MORE AND MORE COMMENTS!!!
      How could anyone doubt the superiority afterwards? Only some stupid “laomaozi”, who “doesn’t understand Chinese culture”.

      • xoxo xi

        Cool story you got there. It seems chinese and foreigners comments are full of extreme emotions against each other.
        Laowais shows their disgusts on chinese and chinese culture describe china as filthy xenophobic corrupt etc., and the great maos hate being looked down upon in their own territory flipped out more when foreign people do something like this.
        Whats the pt.?
        You think they are low creatures while they view foreigners as rejects from abroad.

      • xoxo xi

        Cool story you got there. It seems chinese and foreigners comments are full of extreme emotions against each other.
        Laowais shows their disgusts on chinese and chinese culture describe china as filthy xenophobic corrupt etc., and the great maos hate being looked down upon in their own territory flipped out more when foreign people do something like this.
        Whats the pt.?
        You think they are low creatures while they view foreigners as rejects from abroad.
        On Oct 16, 2012 8:44 PM, “Disqus” <notificat

      • xoxo xi

        You are so worried about who’s holding the “superiority” torch.
        its true that foreigners are not all out in demonizing the country they were in but locals become paranoid bec of cases like this.
        i dont want to argue,im just observing.

        • themig

          laowei on rampage everywherer:A pair of US sailors have been arrested for gang raping an Okinawan woman they plucked off the street, with the incident threatening to further inflame anti-base sentiment in Okinawa, even as Japan’s legion of online rightists provoke widespread disgust by attempting to recast the rapists as innocent victims of an evil Chinese “honey trap.”

  • patko

    The deeper you go into the comments the more filth you will see, do not tread in those waters I warn you!

  • BigJ

    Many he just drank the tap water here. :)

  • Cleo

    This reminds me that the yakuza already know that if you pretend to be drunk when you committed a murder with a car, then it’s vehicular manslaughter. They also know they can disguise an assassination by making the intended target a member of a larger group killed and or injured.

  • BigJ

    The first picture the Russian look like Gollum laying on the ground.:) And being tackled by a few hobbits. :) Seems like the ring “china” has turned him mad. :)

    • linette lee are watching too much lord of the ring.

  • bill stack

    in Rome…..

  • Blacksteel

    Guess what chinese netizens would’ve siad if the guy was of black/African ?

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Something racist, not doubt

  • Cleo

    neither drink nor drugs should be a mitigating circumstance that can be employed by paid murderers:

    TWO policemen were stabbed to death by a drunken villager in southwestern Yunnan Province yesterday morning as they tried to stop him from disturbing others.

    The incident took place around 5am in Yiliang County near Kunming, the provincial capital. The attacker, Li Gui, has been arrested.

    Children on their way to school discovered the dead bodies of the two officers at about 7am.

    Villagers said Li is an alcoholic and often goes crazy after drinking. He broke into his brother’s house with a knife at about 4am and the frightened couple alarmed the police.

    The couple followed the two officers’ advice to run off to avoid the dangerous man and they did not know what happened afterwards.

    Villagers said one officer was stabbed in the abdomen and the other in the chest. They were believed fatally wounded and died without getting help in time as the whole village was still in sleep.

  • Cleo

    THere should be a sign in liquor stores, liquor shelves in supermarkets and in bars reminding imbibers that they take responsibility for their actions and can not expect leniency for their state of inebriation.