Russian Man Volunteers For Full Body Transplant, Netizen Reactions

Russian Man Volunteers For Full Body Transplant, Netizen Reactions

A Russian man has volunteered to use his head for the worlds first full body transplant, hoping to exchange his crippled body for a healthy one.

The operation will involve over 100 doctors operating around the clock for 36 hours, and has a price tag of over 7,500,000 Pounds.

Two top-rated comments asked “I want to know where he is going to get all the money for that surgery?” and “He needs a healthy body, who is going to give it to him?”.

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  • Edward Kay

    there goes a Caucasian prisoner

  • Amused

    Guess he’d rather be dead than an origami man any longer :/

    • It would be amazing if it worked…

      • David

        Yea but you know it is not going to work. Re-attaching severed spinal cord? If they could do that, many people today would be able to walk again.

  • God Bless him!
    Trapped inside his body, but still a courageous decision.

  • Teacher in China

    If you cut off my leg, I say “Me and my leg”; if you cut off my hand, I say “Me and my hand”; but if you cut off my head, do I say “Me and my head” or “Me and my body”? (“The Tenant” by Roman Polanski, maybe not completely accurate quote)

  • i wish he can get some help!
    if i were him, guess i already died.

  • KamikaziPilot

    I read about this story before. If he does go through with it I don’t know how he’ll have any function below his neck. I don’t think it’s possible to connect the spinal cord of one person to another. I’d like to see how this turns out.

    • bujiebuke

      Yeah, you’d think it would be easier to reconnect/repair the damaged spinal chord from his own body than severing his head and implanting it on a foreign body with potential host rejection issues…

    • Jahar

      That’s the first thing I thought of as well. You read a full news article about it in English? Did they make any mention of it?

      • KamikaziPilot

        I did read a full article in English, along with video. They didn’t mention any of the specifics about how functional he would be or how they would perform this surgery.

    • David

      I suspect this is just a crazy medical thing in Russia. I don’t see anyway it could possibly work (of course I am not a neurosurgeon).

      • KamikaziPilot

        IIRC the lead surgeon was Italian and he kept saying that since Western medicine doesn’t work he has to try an alternative. I guess if both parties are properly informed and willing, it’s hard to say they shouldn’t do it, even though it does sound crazy. I don’t think the potential patient has much to lose based on his condition.