‘Sadly, It’s Not You’ by Fish Leong (and Others)

Fish Leong album Silk Road of Love

《可惜不是你》 ‘Sadly, It’s Not You’ was first included in 34-year-old Chinese-Malaysian singer 梁静茹 Fish Leong aka Liang Jingru‘s 2005 album 《丝路》 Silk Road of Love (available on Amazon). This song has been covered by many singers, including the song’s composer 曹轩宾 Cao Xuanbin aka Shane Cao, singer 张杰 Zhang Jie aka Jason Zhang, and singer 尚雯婕 Shang Wenjie aka Laure Shang.

The song should also be familiar to anyone who has watched the popular Chinese dating show Fei Cheng Wu Rao (aka If You Are The One).

Music Video:

Composer: Cao Xuanbin/Shane Cao
Lyrics: Francis Lee/Li Zhuoxiong
Singer: Fish Leong/Liang Jingru

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

zhè yí kè tū rán jué de hǎo shú xi
This very moment suddenly feels so familiar

xiàng zuó tiān jīn tiān tóng shí zài fàng yìng
as if yesterday and today were simultaneously screened

wǒ zhè yí jù yǔ qì yuán lài hǎo xiàng nǐ
The tone of my sentence sounds so much like yours

bú jiù shì wǒ men ài guò de zhèng jù
And isn’t that the evidence of our love?
chà yì diǎn piàn le zì jǐ piàn le nǐ
Almost deceived myself and deceived you

ài yǔ bèi ài bù yí dìng chéng zhèng bǐ
Loving and being loved are not necessarily positively related

wǒ zhī dào bèi téng shì yì zhǒng yùn qì
I know that being loved is a kind of luck

dàn wǒ wú fǎ wán quán jiāo chū zì jǐ
but I couldn’t totally give myself away

nǔ lì wèi nǐ gǎi biàn
[I] worked hard to change myself for you

qù biàn bù liǎo yù liú de fú xiàn
But couldn’t change the predetermined storyline [couldn’t change the tragic ending of our love]

yǐ wéi zài nǐ shēn biān nà yě suàn yǒng yuǎn
I thought that just staying by your side could also be counted as eternity

fǎng fú hái shì zuó tiān
[It feels] as if it were still yesterday,

kě shì zuó tiān yǐ fēi cháng yáo yuǎn
but yesterday is already so far away

dàn bì shàng wǒ shuāng yǎn wǒ hái kàn dé jiàn
though when I close my eyes, I can still see it

kě xī bú shì nǐ péi wǒ dào zuì hòu
Sadly, it’s not you accompanying me till the end

céng yì qǐ zǒu què zǒu shī nà lù kǒu
We walked together but lost each other at that crossroad

gǎn xiè nà shí nǐ qiān guò wǒ de shǒu
I thank you for having held my hand

hái néng gǎn shòu nà wēn róu
I can still feel that gentleness
nà yí duàn wǒ men céng xīn tiē zhe xīn
At that time, our hearts were attached to each others

wǒ xiǎng wǒ gèng yǒu quán lì guān xīn nǐ
I thought I had more right to care for you

kě néng nǐ yǐ zǒu jìn bié rén fēng jǐng
Maybe you have already entered someone else’s world

duō xī wàng yě yǒu xīng guāng de tóu yǐng
How I wish I could be projected by the (romantic) starlight too [how I wish I could enter a new relationship too]

gǎn xiè nà shí nǐ qiān guò wǒ de shǒu
I thank you for having held my hand

hái néng gǎn shòu nà wēn róu
I can still feel that tenderness

gǎn xiè nà shí nǐ qiān guò wǒ de shǒu
I thank you for having held my hand

hái néng wēn nuǎn wǒ xiōng kǒu
for it can still warm my heart

Composer 曹轩宾 Cao Xuanbin aka Shane Cao performed ‘Sadly, It’s Not You’ when he attended Zhejiang Satellite TV’s singing competition 非同凡响 We Are The Music, which aired on 2011 July 30:

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张杰 Zhang Jie aka Jason Zhang and Cao Xuanbin’s performance of ‘Sadly, It’s Not You’ at Zhang Jie’s 2008 concert in Beijing:

尚雯婕 Shang Wenjie aka Laure Shang‘s version on Hunan Satellite’s singing competition reality show I Am A Singer, which aired recently on 2013 February 8.

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    Moved me like Miles Davis

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    Nice post, thanks.

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    Her name is “Fish”…..? Could be worse I guess, there is a famous Japanese writer called “Banana Yoshimoto”.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Wonder if she smells “fishy”?

  • Azeri

    Another dull, “Piano driven” ballad. The Chinese Twilight Zone; a never-ending world in which all songs follow Cm progression, use a piano or soft-strummed guitar and sing corny, cliched lyrics, with no foreseeable end. I can understand if the Han like this sort of shite, but is there much reason for chucking it up on here? Not for learning Mandarin, I hope?

    • radbab

      taxi driver music here in Shanghai. In Beijing there’s at least a few tough guys who play some rock. Really, there’s days where I wonder how this country would be if they just had a bit of Rythm… maybe like Brazil or something

    • yea mate get lost asians ROCK FTW!! SO EXTREME!! WOOO YOLO

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    Everyone involved should be shot, including the piano?


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          Yeah, I got love for all cows, just don’t release any methane gas when you’re near me okay.

  • vonskippy

    Yawn – even music pirates would shun snooze music like this song.

    Come on China – you steal everything else – steal some decent music for your singers to perform.

    • SHANbangs

      they don’t steal music from the west because there isn’t much worth stealing.

  • SHANbangs

    yes, because by comparison western music is so much better. We have, in one corner, some teenage ditz crooning about how she wants to give her number away on repeat; in another corner, we have middle aged men whining like teenage girls masquerading as “indie rock”. The chinese are great at stealing shit, but I’m guessing they’re smart enough to realize western music isn’t worth stealing.

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