Scam Artists Profit Off Teenage Girl’s Time Travel Fantasy

Chinese time travel television drama.

Chinese time travel television drama.

In modern China, few television tropes have been as popular as dramas featuring time travel to ancient dynasties and simpler days – cultivating legions of naive escapist youth longing to live out the fantasy they witness on screen.  Unfortunately for one young teen, the pursuit of her fantasy led her directly into the clutches of scammers.

This particular teen, Xiao Dan, was especially enthralled with traveling back to the Qing and Tang Dynasties and was therefore quite pleased with herself when she managed to make contact with an “Immortal Sister” on the internet who claimed she could help.  Over a few days of chatting online, Xiao Dan discovered that this Immortal Sister happened to know an “expert” in time travel and would be willing to help Xiao Dan realize her dreams – for a nominal fee, of course.

Later, the two met in person, and discussed the matter of paying for the time travel “technology.”  Xiao Dan only had 1,800RMB but Immortal Sister claimed it would be enough for one trip, and eagerly arranged the “departure” date.

The day of the departure arrived, and Xiao Dan excitedly arrived at the predetermined location of the-middle-of-nowhere to meet with a complete stranger she met on the internet and their time-traveling-expert accomplice.  Completely disregarding all common sense, Xiao Dan then drank the wine they claimed would put her to sleep and transport her back in time. Upon time traveling a few hours into the future, a drugged and dazed Xiao Dan eventually woke up alone and mysteriously absent her modern-day 1,800RMB and cellphone.

It would be hilarious to say Xiao Dan wandered the countryside living out her fantasy and marveling at the similarities between the Qing Dynasty and modern day, but she wizened up and reported her robbery to the police – presumably then returning home to begin saving up for a DeLorean.

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