Scarborough Shoal Standoff, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Philippine navy soldiers board a Chinese fishing boat near Scarborough Shoal.

13 days ago…

From NetEase:

Chinese request Philippine warship that entered the South China Sea immediately leave

Foreign media report that on April 11th, the Philippines’ largest warship had a confrontation with Chinese surveillance ships in the waters near the Huangyan Island [more commonly known as Scarborough Shoal in English, but also Panatag Shoal amongst Filipinos] in the South China Sea, the reason being that the Philippines claim sovereignty over these waters, and attempting to seize Chinese fishing boats anchored there. The Chinese embassy in Manila issued a statement pointing out that a Philippine warship illegally entered Chinese waters that day, and that the Chinese government requests that it immediately withdraw.

Filipino soldiers board a Chinese fishing boat near Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea.

Philippine Navy soldiers boarding a Chinese fishing boat near Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea.

Comments from NetEase:

点你死穴i [网易河南省网友]:

Please leave, thank you.

警告你艹你沒资格代表我 [网易广东省网友]: (responding to above)

We’re begging you, please leave, okay?


Give us some face, you guys first leave, and then you guys can come back a few days later, okay?

[Note: These comments above are all making fun of what many Chinese netizens consider to be the typical weak Chinese government reaction and failure to defend its rights and interests in such matters, recently seen in another chinaSMACK translation when Chinese surveillance ships discovered multiple illegal foreign oil and gas platforms operating in the South China Sea and merely asked them what they were doing.]

处女座的射手 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

What use is a request, if you have the balls, open fire…

h496148136 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Our warships are all fake, that money was all used on buying Maotai.

[Note: Refers to widespread perception of government corruption, where government officials squander public money indulging in and buying expensive gifts and bribes like China’s famous Maotai brand of baijiu hard liquor. This phenomenon has become so well-known that even Chinese government officials are publicly complaining about the liquor’s skyrocketing prices.]

serversuper [网易辽宁省网友]:

Looks like there is some action [on China’s part]. The world’s Chinese are watching and waiting.

西坡盲流 [网易山东省网友]:

The key point is, did they eventually leave??

wolf14438986 [网易重庆市网友]: (responding to above)

Do you need to ask? If they left, the headline would be: “Chinese maritime surveillance ships force Filipino warships to retreat”. The result is very obvious: After the Chinese government requested that the Philippine warship leave, the other side remained unmoved, so the Chinese authorities had the Chinese fishermen leave and then came back to say: “Don’t make trouble with us again!”

zhaoxiao098 [网易江苏省南京市网友]:

Give us some face, we’re begging you please leave.

怎么回他事呀 [网易上海市网友]:

Little Philippines, stop being naughty, your mother is calling you home to eat!

jun783 [网易福建省泉州市网友]: (responding to 点你死穴i & 警告你艹你沒资格代表我 above)

I want to ask, why not dispatch the chengguan there, and have the Philippine warship confiscated? Those who support me, ding this comment up! And you’ll get rich every day!

Chinese surveillance ships intercept and stand off against a Philippine warship near Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea.


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From NetEase:

Chinese and Filipino hackers hack each others’ websites to claim sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal

A few days ago, Chinese hackers attacked a Filipino university website, leaving the Chinese message: “We come from China. Huangyan Island is ours.” Afterward, many Chinese websites including China Youth Online were attacked, with a message opposing that left by Chinese hackers: “Scarborough Shoal is ours. The Spratly Islands are ours.”

Chinese hackers hack the University of Philippines website and leave a message claiming sovereignty over the Huangyan Islands aka Scarborough Shoal, after a continuing standoff between Chinese and Filipino ships in the South China Sea.

Filipino hackers retaliate against recent Chinese hackers by defacing various chinese websites making the counter claim that both the Scarborough Shoal and Spratly Islands belong to the Philippines.

Comments from NetEase:


Lanxiang, what are you waiting for?

精神病院院士 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

To be honest, if I had seen this news in the past, I would be filled with righteous indignation, but ever since I developed a mental disorder, this cunt of an island can belong to whomever and I don’t care, because it has not the fuck thing to do with me. I still have a huge pile of housing debt and medical expenses to deal with, so motherfucking fuck off.

免疫力矛盾 [网易广东省网友]:

We’re from China, Huangyan Island is ours, the Philippines are also ours.

让李刚飞 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

When old Mao was around and we had nothing,
they feared us.
Now that we have everything,
we still have to put up with this.
Can we live with some dignity please?

wsl1699 [网易海南省海口市网友]:

Hot-blooded [patriotic] students!

我不是阿杰 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Where are China’s hackers?

让李刚飞 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

On the sea, on the internet,
they’ve already mobilized,
and we’re still saying: Don’t be rash, we still have to be sure who is behind this?
Even Henan SBs all know
its the Americans.

jobs20002 [网易加拿大网友]:

Hope we can establish a military base on Huangyan Island soon, to protect our country’s territory. We should not fear the small countries of the South China Seas.

From NetEase:

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The Philippines say China’s claim on the South China Seas are without basis

April 22nd, the Philippines Foreign Affairs Secretary expressed that if other countries do not make clear their position like the Philippines, then those countries will be affected by China’s claims of sovereignty over the South China Seas. He also said that China’s attempted claims of sovereignty over the entire South China Seas are clearly “without basis”.

Filipino protestors demanding that China back off from the Scarborough Shoal.

Filipinos plant a Philippine flag on a rock by the Scarborough Shoal.

Comments from NetEase:

警告你艹你沒资格代表我 [网易广东省网友]:

A certain country’s fenqing can’t protect their own jobs, can’t protect their own love, can’t protect their own homes, can’t protect their own families, can’t protect their own rights, can’t protect their own safety, can’t protect their own freedom, can’t protect their own lives…yet want to go protect the South China Sea and the Diaoyu Islands.

gzeastbill [网易上海市网友]: (responding to above)

Patriotism is a basic sentiment of a person, having nothing to do with your current circumstances. Your kind of thinking is very dangerous. According to this kind of talk, when Japan occupied China, as long as you had food to eat, a home to live in, who cares if they are Japanese or Chinese, being a Chinese traitor would be an obvious choice. This is how a country is sold out/betrayed.

tonfation [网易北京市手机网友]: (also responding to 警告你艹你沒资格代表我)

You MGB, intentionally confusing people, are those things related to this?

朗个事 [网易贵州省贵阳市网友]:

Our leaders sure have patience.

无双大国士 [网易北京市网友]:

The Philippines want to seize the opportunity to band together other countries to surround China! Chinese authorities, stop being scared!


If you suggest joint exploitation/development [of the natural resources there], then you’ve already lost.

121216 [网易广东省清远市网友]:

China really needs a war to bring together the hearts of the country’s people!!!

From NetEase:

2 Filipino warships and 1 anti-submarine aircraft rush towards Scarsborough Shoal

April 22nd, the standoff between China and the Philippines in the sea waters near the Huangyan Island has entered the 13th day. During an interview with Filipino media, the commanding officer of the Philippines Navy said, “The navy’s two warships and 1 anti-submarine aircraft is currently rushing towards the Scarborough Shoal (aka Huangyan Island) waters, to reinforce the coast guard there.”

A Philippine coast guard vessal in a stand off with a Chinese surveillance ship near Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea..

Comments from NetEase:

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One country’s warship enters another country’s territory is an act of war. If the other country ignores the other side’s declaration of war, I can only understand it this way: Huangyan Island [Scarborough Shoal], as well as the Nansha Islands [Spratly Islands], simply do not belong to that country.

侯4 [网易沙特阿拉伯网友]:

“South China Sea dispute expert and Xiamen University International Relations College President Professor Zhuang Guotu said during an interview on the 22nd with China Youth Daily reporters that while the standoff is the Philippines attempting to test China’s South China Sea sovereignty limits, China is also using this as a pretext to show its new method of non-military peaceful resolution of China’s conflicts on the seas.” He doesn’t think this is embarrassing and even calls it a new method?! The international community is “laughing its teeth off”, repeatedly yielding on one’s own sovereign territory, what would Russia do in this case?? Must not let enemies have the mere thought and courage to invade!!!


MLGB if we don’t fight now, we won’t even have the qualifications to fight in the future. Those who agree, ding [this comment]!

及时作恶 [网易美国网友]:

[Does China] Dare to “punish the chicken to scare the monkey” [punish one to warn the rest]?

无奈的五月 [网易新疆乌鲁木齐市网友]: (responding to above)

Don’t dare.


The entire country’s citizens all support fighting the Philippines, what the MB are you still waiting for?

网易湖北省武汉市手机网友: (responding to above)

The government leaders haven’t gotten out of bed yet. Sleeping with a young girl in their arms is so comfortable.

宋少雄 [网易加拿大网友]:

I’ve said so much I don’t even want to say anything anymore. Even if I do, its useless, I’m tired!


“New peaceful resolution method”, when the international community see this comment, I wonder how many people are going to die of laughter, sigh!

shyq8888 [网易亚太地区网友]:

If we don’t take action now, our body will be split by a bunch of ants!


Still not going to act!? Do we need more meetings of cigarettes and alcohol?

[Note: yan “cigarettes” and jiu “alcohol” is a pun on yan jiu “research and study”, suggesting that government officials don’t actually do anything at work meetings and just indulge in expensive cigarettes and alcohol (corruption).]

What do you think?

Map of disputed claims in the South China Sea by various countries including China, Vietnam, Brunei, and the Philippines.

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            But speaking about ugliness, I think you just made a HUGE step into the right direction with your post:-)

            “Anyway…I don’t think she looks so bad”

            hahaha, my man ! “don’t think she looks so bad” coming from a decent and polite person, is the same when i say that “she is ugly as fuck !”…makes you kinda my partner in crime !

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            However, I think most here agree with me, they might not admit it directly or indirectly like you just did, but nether the less its a valid point.

            But yes, as usual you are also right that honestly should also apply to all other arguments, and i would claim that i was honest about each and every opinion and story i posted so far, and i am attacked for this very reason, for speaking honestly about my own personal experiences and not some BS stories…..since my intention is not to convince anyone of anything, I can live with that !

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            wallimo, i concentrate on the obvious and looking at the pic, her huge eyeball is the thing which caught my attention, and how it looks like i am not the only one. She claimed to be super sexy and guys running behind her. Her former avatar pic showed her from far away (now i know why), looked chubby, but hey, most fat people think they are sexy and have small feet, even their fat swells out their pants and shoes. But i found it hard to believe that she was desired by anyone…even if…by who ??? another frog ??

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            Not sure if that is her, or maybe a relative, but look at it yourself, its not funny ! I for one keep women with such eyes or feet which are larger then mine on distance !


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  • Jay K.

    seriously it’s not jut for the philippines the rest of se asia should jsut band. come on look at that supposed maritime border china claims all because of ancient historical claims.

    if this was the case then why not africa claim the rest of the world since we millions ago due to historical evidence come from africa.

    this is such a baseless claim.

    • Rod

      Ha. Maybe they can when China and Africa team up. Then technically, the whole world will belong to China.

      • staylost

        You mean the Africans, right, since the Chinese are just another kind of Africans.

    • Alan

      I’d agree.

      The Russians and the Canadians (and I think the Norwegians) are still having an ongoing argument as to who can claim sovereignty of the Arctic.

      Planting a flag on a deep sea bed, or because a boat once explored the waters, doesn’t make it “yours”.

      • KDAWG

        Do you have a flaaaag? No flag, no country, that’s the rules.

        • RickyJinzhou


        • Alan

          The EU has a flag, does it not?

    • Made In World

      Congratulations! You are the first person to make a post to this story that was actually ABOUT the story! You have one an all exclusive paid trip to Scarborough Shoal first class by Chinese aircraft carrier!

      Again, I really don’t have much knowledge of the claims here. Was hoping I’d find some info in the comments…… but didn’t quite happen… yet

  • moop

    another baseless claim in another blatant move for more resources. look at the territory they claim, its basically reaches the coastlines of every country in the area. pathetic

  • Andao

    China is pretty ballsy to walk in and say an island 100 miles form Manila belongs to them.

    I think if they sink a few Filipino ships, the US will just stomp around and not do anything though.

  • terroir

    So, fanning-the-flames question of the day: if a Chinese boat is in distress and begins to sink off the coast of the Scarborough shoal, will they seek aid from the Philippines? Cos the mainland is a considerable distance away.

    If you want to be all Hollywood blockbuster about it: what if the Chinese version of the Titanic hit an iceberg off the coast of the Scarborough shoal? (nipples not included)

    • mr. wiener

      Hard find an iceberg in that area of the south China see, with or without nipples. I would suggest a floating mass of unbiodisposable plastic crap that could catch fire when the Chinese aircraft carrier runs into it.

      • Somethin Somethin

        Its days like these when I miss the like button on ChinaSmack

    • whichone

      Iceberg in tropical waters? So this would be a science fiction movie, then the answer is obvious: aliens come to the rescue, but they stay because they love Chinese food, and then they die, because they ate some Chinese food.

      • Rod

        “then they die, because they ate some Chinese food.”

        You should have given us a spoiler warning. I wanted to see that movie.

  • cc

    Go to war, kick those bastard Argies out of our Islands. Ooops sorry wrong Ocean.

    • Ruaraidh

      Except the Falklands are actually able to sustain human habitation, and the people who live there, having done so for a long time, are British. So it’s not really the same thing.

      • Alan

        It is the same with Gibraltar I guess.

        I don’t believe it is about the actual rocks, but the surrounding resources or strategical location…the oil resources around the falklands being one.

        • Ruaraidh

          I used to think the South China Sea dispute was just about oil, but I’m starting to think it’s about face more than anything.

          On the other hand I think the Falklands has been an issue long before oil exploration in the region. In my opinion it’s a symptom of Argentine domestic politics, tensions always seem to flare up just when the Argentine government could do with an external distraction. That and the ironic colonial national mentality of Argentina, think of the Argentine colonisation of Patagonia, as well as the claims on the Falklands, South Sandwich, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.

          The dispute over Gibraltar is pretty hilarious given Spain doesn’t accept UK sovereignty over Gibraltar. Whilst it simultaneously justifies the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla on the very same grounds as the UK justifies Gibraltar.

          • Hongjian

            SCS disputes arent for oil, also not for face. It is for economic and vital energy security interests.

            All of China’s oil imports flow through the mallacca strait and the South China Sea. If China upholds sovereignity over the whole sea, China’s energy security is assured. But If the US with the Phillippines and Vietnam as proxy, manage to wrestle down China’s control over the reefs and islands there, they could legally cut China’s energy and food imports anytime they want, and let whole of China starve to death in matter of month.

            The battle for the SCS is a fight for survival for China, while for the US and their proxies, it is mere another piece in their grand game of containing China.

          • Alan

            Whilst it simultaneously justifies the Spanish exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla on the very same grounds as the UK justifies Gibraltar.

            Indeed, not to mention the western sahara which is still a mess after the spanish left, IIRC.

          • donscarletti

            Well, if Western Sahara was completely full of Moroccans in the same way as Gibraltar and the Falklands are full of British then there wouldn’t be a sovereignty issue.

          • Ruaraidh

            0/10 Hongjian. The South China Sea would be an international transit passage, protected by the law of the sea.

            Also why would anyone want to shut down China? Where else would all the poisonous toys and cheap sex dolls be made?

          • Hongjian

            “0/10 Hongjian. The South China Sea would be an international transit passage, protected by the law of the sea.”

            Yeah. And who is going to enforce the law of the sea?

            The United States Navy. Owned by the country that declared China its biggest strategic rival, and who was building bases in asia to contain China long before the South China Sea issues flared up.

            It would be naiive to think that the USA would not choke the neck of their greatest enemy, when they are already holding it in their hands by freely patroling the South China Sea “against pirates and to enforce the law of the seas”.

            Similiarily, the USN would also not allow the Chinese Navy or Russian Navy to patrol the Mexican Gulf “against pirates and to enforce the law of the sea” there.

            China trusting the ideas and promisses of China’s declared enemies is something that is so insanely stupid to even suggest. And you are such one.

          • DRaY

            An articulate Hongjain reply that didn’t demand the death or dismemberment of anyone…. WOW!!!??

          • PeterScriabin

            @Hongjian April 23 8:59pm: even if the entire area within the maroon line (see map above) were granted to China by international negotiation, there would still be no way for boats to bring supplies (from Australia or Iran, say) to Chinese ports, without going through easily-blockaded non-Chinese waters.

            Rather, the Chinese, in negotiations ceding sea-island-territory that is obviously not theirs by proximity, should enter an obviously-rational claim for a strip of sea allowing them legally-unblockadable access at all times.

            Since the above is obvious to anyone who looked at a map and thought straight for about 5 seconds, one is forced back on the resource and face theories.

  • staylost

    China’s claim is as pathetic as American patent firms trying to file all sorts of useless things in hopes that someday someone actually invents something similar enough to a past claim that they can sue.

    Also, islands without inhabitants should not receive the obligatory coastline seaboard of sovereignty.

    It is also interesting to see that both Vietnam and China (looking like a clown) are the most aggressive in claiming ownership of islands far removed from their land.

    This situation is further complicated because Taiwan’s claims are not clear.

    • whichone

      I think the distance of islands to country’s land mass is a potentially confusing metric to use, other than that, the only claim anyone respects is the military one.

      • qhie_quasi

        If all country will only follow the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)– there won’t be any Territorial Claims Disputes because it is clearly stipulated all the bounderies and territorial limits.

        But then, China (even after signing that Law with the rest of the world) choosed to overlook in hope to increase their territorial claim based on baseless & forgotten history. Law or History>> which makes sense?

        • quill

          according to one china policy that is internationally accepted taiwan is a part of china yet neither UN nor america are pushing taiwan to accept this.
          taiwan has their military base on those islands so if taiwan go back to china then all of this things will be a lot easier.

        • whichone

          not much of a law when the biggest maritime power hasn’t signed it…

    • Hongjian

      Taiwan basically has the same claims as China in the South China Sea, all extending down to Malaysia etc.

      It is one of the few occassions, where PRC and ROC are openly cooperating with each other to safeguard their maritime claims, they share due to common chinese ancestry.

  • Jahar

    Here’s my idea. Develop it together, and divide it based on the location in the overlapping claims. Any development has to be mutually agreed upon by both/all parties, equally funded. Resources shared equally. Ban fishing.

    • staylost

      So basically, in Solomon’s position, you’d cut the baby in half anyway.

      • Rick in China

        He’s analogy is nothing like Solomon’s. It’s a joint-custody, not a split anyway decision, maybe you should ‘staylost’.

        • staylost

          Sorry, didn’t know it would upset you so much if I had a joke with your girlfriend, Mr. Chinese Molester. Please don’t hurt me!

  • moop

    bad idea

  • dzuls23

    any body knows about the laws of international waters here??? well if there is one.. can you tell me which nation is the island nearest?

    • coala banana

      that doesn’t really matter for a chinese patriot and nationalist (and fuck, there are a lot of them floating around in china)….cause its not about being right or wrong, its about winning an argument to save “face”, even the claim is ridiculous and far from rational thinking and common sense.

      And to get sure it will stay this way a great firewall is built up, declining the ones which would like to form their own opinion, access to certain websites to read different opinions and look for different suggestions to the problem.

      The USA don’t need that, since most of their citizens are too ignorant and lazy to form something like an own opinion. So i think that both nations firewall their citizens one way or the other into ignorance. One by simply denying access to more information and the other counting on the incapability of their citizens to investigate further out of laziness and ignorance, cause their news try to create and form public opinion, rather then just inform and let the observer decide by his self what to think about certain subjects.

      Both are so similar and yet so different !

      • Alan

        its about winning an argument to save “face”, even the claim is ridiculous and far from rational thinking and common sense.


      • 骂人的是孙子

        there is no “right” and “wrong” when it comes to territorial disputes, just gotta pick a side

    • qhie_quasi

      I think you are referring to United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). You do not need to have a degree on International Law to understand but only COMMON SENSE to know who have it right and wrong. see link below..

  • Kim Junk iLL

    China is so greedy. The map clearly shows that China has extended his own boundaries far beyond China. Those with a brain (other than Chinese) know is illogical. Might as well say the whole world belongs to China.

    • moop

      soon, my pet, very soon

      • jeffli

        zicher mein scha:tzchien

        • coala banana

          i think its: sicher mein schaetzchen ! “schaetzchen” comes from the word “schatz” which means “treasure”, which makes “schaetzchen” something like a “small treasure” ?

          Maybe one of our german friends can correct me if i am wrong !?

    • qhie_quasi

      amen to that.. This is the reason why China doesn’t want UN to mediate because its a lost case. And this is also the reason why Chinese resort to bullying.. tsk tsk tsk..

      • chinese navy can’t do anything because they listened to US requests to deploy in somalia and most chinese ships are 8000 miles away fighting somalis. wtf? bring them back home and kick some PINO butt

    • quill

      by that you are also saying that vietnam;s claim is also baseless

      • Alice S

        I believe the Vietnam dispute is safer than the Philippine dispute because (warning! Vietnamese may not want to read this) hundreds of Chi citizens live on the islands. Maybe because the Vietnamese personality is more like Chi…

    • boxilai

      Chinese claim on south china sea may be ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as america’s closest ally Israel’s claim on Palestan. Chinese claim at least extent from their land mass, while israeli claim come out of nowhere(bible doesn’t count)

      • Alan

        That is a stupid argument.

        Israel and palestine is another kettle of fish entirely. You don’t see Israel claiming the entire med sea as their own, do you? No, it’s a debate between palestinian arabs and Israelis over primarily the west bank, and with religious differences thrown in.

        • boxilai

          are you sure Israelis has not made stupid claim (like claiming Med as their own, or crazier claims), backed by most Western countries?

      • Alice S

        Israel is more lucky than CH! It does no have like 2 different countries trying to steal its territory!

  • Alan

    From looking at that above map, the phillipines claim doesn’t seem anywhere near as audacious,as, well….

    May as well redraw the whole world map according to some of the nationalistic, reactionary responses on netease:(

    • qhie_quasi

      Map above is the chinese version so naturally it would show that Philiipines has no claims.. But if you will base it according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (which btw China has also signed)– it is within the parameter & jurisdiction of the Philippines. This is the reason why China doesn’t want UN to mediate because its a lost case. And this is also the reason why Chinese resort to bullying.. tsk tsk tsk..

      • coala banana

        interesting, not that i think that the ordinary chinese national would care, but i am interested in some rough parameters (is it a specific distance which is set by the UN, or is it more complicated?)..!

        • qhie_quasi

          territorial limits are so specific both the breadth of the territorial sea & outer limit of the territorial sea.. btw, i am a half-filipino & half chinese– i don’t want to take sides but i have to admit that law is more logical than history being a law student myself..

          • Alan

            Even outside of the UN law and the legality of the whole situation, it is nothing more than cock stroking imho.

            Like when the HMY Britannia leaving Hong Kong post handover was closely watched by Chinese warships, like they were really going to turn around and lay claim to HK for another 150 years…

          • coala banana

            i am sure that china paid a small fortune to sugar coat it to the brits….but asides of that, I still can’t believe that the majority of HKers voted and preferred to become part of china….most regret that now, i guess…..or soon will….

            i also can’t believe that anyone in Taiwan would like to be part of china …..

            having a democracy but asking Beijing for permission all the time for every piece of shit decision, doesn’t sound really free to me….

  • Hacienda

    remember the lessons in the korean war!
    those flips alone are scary when they fight!
    china better think about their next move.

    • Alice S

      If non-Fil & non-Chi MUST support PH, support it on the Sulu Sultanate! Don’t be mistaken, I’m not siding with Malaysia.

  • typingfromwork

    Ah yes, another territorial dispute in that rather lucrative little pond. Territory has been and will always be serious business.

    China is doing these rediculous claims simply because it is big and powerful and can throw its weight around. This is hardly without historical precedent. Heck, even big and powerful USA has decided to blankly embargo little Cuba for…. what was the reason again? Oh yeah, because they have a different ideology. And they’re trying to do that to Iran today.

    It’s nice to see Vietnam being so spry. You would too if you had shot Goliath straight in between the eyes.

  • Castro

    hmm, just a few random thoughts…

    First understand all of the following will demand appropriate media-saturation approach.

    * two toughest male fighters from respective countries enter ‘The Octagon of Doom’. Two enter, One exits. Matter solved.

    * High stakes World of Poker game. multiple rounds, could probably go about 6 months until the highest stakes Finale’. Matter solved.

    * Hottest Chick Ever Contest. each country puts forth selection of Hottest Chicks,, say start with a 100 from each country and vote each round until Super Winner! Matter solved.

    * NASCAR type racing. USA set them up with some bad-ass Stock Cars. Winner decided not just who crosses Finish Line first, but also by aggressiveness (wrecking other racers). Plus which country contributes best Ass-kicking Music & Coldest, Best Beer…

    *SpitFire Dogfight. – use a few of the SpitFire aircraft recently found in Burma to settle things once and for all.

    well, just a few ideas…. entertain the masses and settle the dispute !!!

    • donscarletti

      * Tough guy: Philippines would win. China would send some Shaolin Wushu guy who only knows how to perform and Philippines would send in a tiny angry little man with two whacking sticks.

      * Poker: China would win. Thirst for money, cultural interest in gambling and good concealment skills.

      * Hot Chick: It depends on taste. Chinese tend to be slender and tanned, whereas Filipina is more likely to be tanned and voluptuous. We’d all win basically.

      * NASCAR: Things could get close and messy, Asian driver stereotypes being what they are. Get famous Chinese rally driver Han Han in for greater chaos. For the beer, Qingdao would be abjectly humiliated by San Miguel, while for rock, does Pinoy rock have anything at the level of Cui Jian or Wang Feng? Maybe, but I’ve not heard it.

      * Spitfire duel: not going to happen. China’s going to bring in the Chengdu J-10 or the Shenyang J-11 (counterfeit Su-27) against Philippine Air Force’s Aermacchi S-211 jet trainer.

      • donscarletti

        Sorry, I meant “slender and fair”.

      • Vincy

        Has anyone here driven within the roads of Metro Manila? I guess everyday there is some kind of demolition derby.

  • ollgz

    with just a glance of the map, china’s claim is baseless. do they own everything in asia now?

    • Alan

      What you wrote is food for thought indeed.

      If I was an Indian or Russian, I would be very worried.

      • Jin

        If i was indian, i would worry about the rotten curry body oder. If i was russian, i would be drinking wodka.

        • Alan

          If I was Indian, I would worry about a certain neighbour to the east claiming peace, but coveting certain parts of my country.

          If I was Russian, I would worry about being run out and overpopulated in my own country by a neighbour to my south with lax birth controls.

    • cc

      They don’t own my house! My wife owns that, bloody Asian land rules.

  • MrT
    “The concept of maritime boundaries is a relative new concept.[1] The historical record is a backdrop for evaluating border issues.[12] The evaluation of historic rights are governed by distinct legal regimes in customary international law, including research and analysis based on

    acquisition and occupation[13]
    the existence of rights ipso facto and ab initio.[13]

    The study of treaties on maritime boundaries is important as (a) as a source of general or particular international law; (b) as evidence of existing customary law; and (c) as evidence of the emerging development of custom.[14] The development of “customary law” affects all nations.

    The attention accorded this subject has evolved beyond formerly-conventional norms like the three-mile limit.”,

    Way to complicated.
    But war would be even more complicated, so many countries involved would end up being world war 3, don’t think even a America can afford that now, even thou they stand to make a lot of money from arm deals and then coming in to rescue the day and seal some more deals for them self’s
    This is going to be a long time argument like everything else thats gone sht in the world.
    UK thought the Falklands was done and dusted and now look at that again.
    Gets really boring all these super powers bitching about everything, not one of them knows how to back off or compromise and accept loss.
    Governments suck. People suffer.

  • “Nationalism … is like cheap alcohol. First it makes you drunk, then it makes you blind, then it kills you.”

    • pervertt

      Not nearly as deadly as bad geography. Badly drawn maps have caused so much grief over the centuries.

      Just look at the above map and the relative distances to China and the Phillipines. You don’t need to be an expert on Law of the Sea to figure out which country has the more credible claim to this bit of rock.

  • thepeasant

    This is really really simple.. China is being a bully. They have lots of people and they’re people need oil. I love China and all but truth is they’re just being a bully, taking things that dont belong to them.

    • Alan

      We are seeing an interesting turn where instead of US flags being burnt and protested on the streets of differing countries, it is the Chinese flag.

      When their embassies start getting stoned in Africa and the Middle East, then they will realize that with ambition comes responsibility.

      • Anon

        Not really. From what I’ve seen, when things like that happen, most people either harumph about the locals being ingrates or talk about them being either “dogs of the American imperialists” or actually bought by the CIA. I guess that tends to happen when internal criticism of your country’s foreign policy (besides criticisms that it too soft or foreign-friendly) is so minimal as to be almost completely invisible unless you are specifically seeking it out on the internet.

  • Song of the Article

    In the Navy
    – The Village People

    • Alan

      LOL, love your choice of tunes kedafu!

      Cheers and beers to that!

  • Andao

    Dearest China,

    This is a map of Mexico’s EEZ:

    Note that even if the US wanted to dick around with the Gulf of Mexico (and they could), they don’t. Everyone is happy as a result.

    Waiting for you to grow up now plzthx.

    • A GUY


    • Hongjian

      Forgot the Monroe Doctrine?

      Your whole Gulf is basically America’s home waters. They just tolerate your EEZ, because you are weak and wouldnt have the balls to invite the Russians or Chinese to build naval bases on your coast, utilizing your claimed EEZ as staging ground to threaten mainland US.

      But this is exactly what Vietnam and the Philippines are doing in regards to China.

      Waiting for you to learn about geopolitics now kthxbai.

      • Andao

        Hongjian, what China needs is a punch in the face and a dose of subtlety. What good does it do to draw ridiculous lines claiming all the water in Asia belongs to them? Just go with the UNCLOS stuff for now, but in reality control the sea because no one else will dare argue with your extremely excellent 1980s Soviet aircraft carrier.

        Trying to claim the whole sea and arguing over uninhabited pieces of coral looks weak.

        • pada

          Actually China didnt “draw ridiculous lines claiming all the water” but only claimed some islands, as repeatedly declared.
          But I have to admit China is too dense to know in this funny world only forever almighty Greatest Britain, though bankrupted and rotten as Albania as it is, sorry, is still fully entitled to claiming islands 11,000 KM away, even without an “extremely excellent 1980s Soviet aircraft carrier” as you described. (it still use a French one for 6 months a year fairly, I know I know).
          Encouraging sign is China has learned to behave like responsible power, not like Mr. Aquino demanding people to pick up side Bushit style, and its ships retreated this morning, to bide the time for another decade. Damn why only commie has money and time! :))

          • Andao

            Well, you can mince words all you like, but the maps China themselves put out don’t lie. Perhaps they are only claiming the islands in the SCS, but they are claiming ALL the islands in the SCS. Why not just give the whole ocean to Vietnam/Philippines (which will then be pretty happy with China) then proceed to dominate Asia anyway with the most powerful navy around. Instead China stupidly makes these claims and pushes countries like Vietnam closer to the US, which is truly a shotgun wedding.

          • Hongjian

            “Why not just give the whole ocean to Vietnam/Philippines (which will then be pretty happy with China) then proceed to dominate Asia anyway with the most powerful navy around.”

            Because you are dumb as shit and has no undestanding of geopolitics or the concept of “vital sea lanes of communication” (SLOC).

            If China was to hand the whole sea over to Vietnam of the Phlips, China can begin to shoot herself in the head already, as her whole oil imports would not be able to securely travel through the SCS without Vietnam and the Philippines threatening to raid them anytime they wish. China’s trade with Europe and food and ressource imports would also be threatened by China handing over the SCS to someone else than herself.

            This is not a question of pride, but the survival of China as an independent nation. And for that, I’d rather see the PLA genociding all Viets and the 2nd Arty nuking the fuck out of the Philippines, turning the whole SCS into China’s home waters.

          • mr. wiener

            I’d love to see another Chinese invasion of Vietnam. The last one went like clockwork.
            By crikey you taught those “monkeys” a lesson.

          • Hongjian

            The last one altered the diplomatic landscape of South Asia significantly, as Vietnam was discouraged by their ally’s, Soviet Union’s, inability or unwillingless to aid them when the PLA applied scourged earth policy at the Chinese Vietnam border and destroyed whole of Vietnam’s offensive capability.

            The result was that the Soviet Union’s attempted enchroachment in South Asia, with a planned war-harbour in Vietnam, didnt materialize due to the Vietnamese distrusting their ally who promissed (by active treaty) to aid them in any war with China, and with the USSR effectively pushed out of the theatre. China having avoided a probably two front war with the USSR, attained their ultimate political objective of “Teaching Vietnam A Lesson”.

            China may have lost many soldiers in that invasion, but the diplomatic gain was immense. And in war, achieving the political objective is always worth more than suffering less losses than your enemy. China’s objective was political all along.

            The same can now be allied today, with far fewer losses on China’s side, as China possesses superior long-range strike capability and a more modern and numerous airforce and navy compared to the other claimants. No PLA soldier has to bleed for Vietnam to burn and Philippines to cower in fear.
            Some DF-15 SRBM’s loaded with guided cluster submunitions targeting Vietnam’s airforce while still on ground, some air-launched supersonic cruise missiles on vietnam’s warships while still in harbour will solve this problem without a single PLA soldier dying.
            Similiarily, some PLAN warships blasting philippines patrol boats out of water, while Chinese airforce bombers launch stand off cruise missiles targeting Philippine harbour and airfields will effectively tell them to fuck off and learn their lessons to not fuck with China.

            All of this can happen within a day; with the USA unable to respond in kind and to protect their newly won proxies.

            The polical and diplomatical gain, again, will be immense.
            These beaten dogs will never trust america ever again in defending their rights and claims, while probably even seeking closer relationship with China instead, as it would be expected of nations who are only worth being proxies to the world’s great powers…

          • Andao

            Hongjian, you so dumb. You just went on a huge treatise about how easily China could mess up the Philippines and Vietnam without breaking a sweat, but you think China giving SCS to both of these countries is somehow a threat to its survival.

            I agree with the first part, the second part is stupid. If Vietnam or the Philippines start “raiding” Chinese shipping lanes they’ll get messed up real bad. So just give them sea rights in name only, then proceed to do whatever you want anyway because no one has the hardware to compete with China.

            The US doesn’t give a shit who claims the Gulf of Mexico or any lands around the Americas, because they know they can still do whatever they want based on their military power. In this case the US looks like the good guy while China looks like a whiny bully, while the end result is the same.

          • Hongjian

            “I agree with the first part, the second part is stupid. If Vietnam or the Philippines start “raiding” Chinese shipping lanes they’ll get messed up real bad. So just give them sea rights in name only, then proceed to do whatever you want anyway because no one has the hardware to compete with China.”

            Maybe the Viets and Philippines wouldnt be able to raid Chinese shipping themselves, but you forget that one prime difference between the US stance on the Gulf of Mexico and China’s stance on the South China Sea: That is, that even though the US do not give a fuck about Mexico due to their weakness, the US would still never tolerate any other hostile great power to rush Mexico to aid in raiding the US shipping in the region.

            Which is entirely different in the SCS, where, even though Viet and Phlips cant do jackshit against China, there is always the USN presence who may assist them in raiding Chinese shipping, since the SCS is not China’s exclusive home-waters, unlike the Gulf of Mexico, which is basically America’s home-waters and no-go zone for every other power in the world.

            “The US doesn’t give a shit who claims the Gulf of Mexico or any lands around the Americas, because they know they can still do whatever they want based on their military power. ”

            Yeah, that is precisely because they would nuke Mexico the moment if they ever allow Chinese or Russian navy to build bases on their coasts, so that the US military can no longer do whatever they want in their backyard based on their military power.

            You are comparing apples with oranges. China has to live with the constant US threat lingering in the SCS behind the proxies that are the other claimants, while the US only lives with the threat of smelly but friendly illegal immigrants working for Taco Bell. If these smelly immigrants will ever be supported by China or Russia with military power, the US wont be the nice guy any longer either.

            For China to hand out rights to Philippines and Vietnamese and follow the same ‘benevolent’ policy like the US, the US presence in Asia has to go first.

            Better solution: The USA has to go entirely. From the face of the world.

      • donscarletti

        Ah yes, Monroe Doctrine. US may rape Latin America and Europe may rape Africa, India, etc. Spain may not, under any circumstances attempt to protect its former colonies from the US. Otherwise the US and it’s most loved of enemies and most hated of allies Great Britain will kick the snot out of them.

        Comparing something China’s doing to the Monroe Doctrine just makes it sound more fucked.

        • Hongjian

          Well, the result was, through the successful application of the Monroe Doctrine, the US never had to fear any european great powers to enchroach into their backyard and to build forward presence to check America’s vital security interests in the area.

          The USA effectively had the whole north american continent for themselves now, with noone there to challenge them, and noone outside that continent to take advantage of that to help anyone on that continent to challenge the US.

          This privilege is something China currently has not, but is imperative to have, as she is also a great power.

          Whole of asia must be made a no-go zone for the US or any other hostile great power to be, so that China may feel secure in her own backyard, without the 7th fleet and their nuclear boomers patroling China’s coast.

          Beginning with Vietnam and the Philippines, China must finally enforce their version of the Monroe Doctrine for the benefit of the nation and its people.

          • Alan

            Whole of asia must be made a no-go zone for the US or any other hostile great power to be, so that China may feel secure in her own backyard, without the 7th fleet and their nuclear boomers patroling China’s coast.

            That is similar to what Putin is trying to achieve with his eurasian union project, but through economic pressure.

            Either way, pressure never works, you expect Vietnam to give up their coastal waters?!

          • Hongjian

            I expect the Vietnamese behaving exactly like the Mexicans when confronted with the US claim of the whole Gulf of Mexico.
            That is, to remain calm and to walk along, WITHOUT ever trying to invite third parties and other great powers to their coast to upset the Chinese superiority over them.

            All great power in the world need their exclusive no-go zones against their rivals. The weaker countries contained in these no-go zones do not usually have to surrender themselves to the great power in question, but they do are inhibited in their freedom of foreign policy, as the great power in question will only tolerate their existence if they remain forever neutral.

          • Alice S

            I think all of America’s troops can live in CH if everyone can agree on the certain islands starting with D being CH territory.

      • Chinggis was here

        I gotta disagree on your appraisal of the Sino-Vietnam war, Hongjian. First, the diplomatic gain was disastrous for China. As I understand the primary political reason for the Chinese invasion of Vietnam in 1989 was to force the Vietnamese to stop their ‘liberation’ against China’s ally the genocidal Khmer Rouge by forcing Vietnam to redeploy regular divisions from Cambodia to stop the Chinese advance.

        Second, not only did the Vietnamese not redeploy their regular divisions from Cambodia, but engaged and halted a roughly 500,000 strong PLA invasion force with Militia armed with old French rifles, granted the rifles hadn’t had much use until then. Thirdly, once the vaunted PLA realised things were going badly, retreated and implemented a scorched earth, looting policy; presumably for the loss of face by being flogged by some full-time farmers.

        Sure the Chinese can brag about an heroic victory against some paddy-farmers, but the end result is they still got wiped. Just imagine the carnage done to the PLA if the Vietnamese had redeployed their battle-hardened professionals?

        Finally, the even though the American government (Americunts to you) recognised the Khmer Rouge as legitimate, the Americans are belly laughing at the incompetence of the PLA and the reign of Pol Pot is ended. I’d say it was a win-win for the Vietnamese – tough little feckers they are.

        • Hongjian

          Not really. China’s war with Vietnam was aimed at Russia, while the Cambodia issue was merely an initiator.

          China, and her ally USA (Sino-US “honeymoon”, made by Kissinger and Nixon) feared that the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia, who were considered “good communists” (because not Russian backed), was the beginning of the USSR’s planned expansion into South China, which will also include a military harbour on the Vietnamese coast.

          China achieved their objective of containing the USSR’s advance into South Asia, by making the Russians lose face infront of the Vietnamese for not rushing to aid in case of war with China, which was their obligation according to their military alliance they have signed with Vietnam.
          Even though Vietnam fought well and could hold the PLA invasion, they still began to distrust their untrustworthy ally Russia more and more, and ended the military alliance that was so unsettling to China and the US. The planned russian harbour in the South China Sea also never materialized because of that.

          China achieved their political objective of driving the Vietnamese away from the Russians, and achieved diplomatic victory by making a few new friends int he western world, who supported China morally and diplomatically in their containment of the USSR’s influence in South Asia.

          For example, the Sino-US “honeymoon” was strenghtened by this war, as China showed the US her worth as their dependable ally who even was ready to bleed for their agenda of containing the USSR during the Invasion of Vietname, that was essentially a proxy war between the US (China) and the USSR (Vietnam). This “honeymoon” was the reason why China achieved her economic successes and technological breakthroughs in the following year, as the US began to massively support China with everything it needed to be a good bullwark against the USSR.

          Secondly, this diplomatical victory enabled China to have close ties with Thailand, who was (and still is) equally distrustful of Vietnam’s influence. This relationship with Thailand (sometimes even considered “China’s secret ally”) will prove very valuable in the future, as their bad blood with the Vietnamese will be useful for China to exploit if the need arises in the near future.

          Third, with China managing to drive the USSR out of South Asia and by destroying the Vietnamese offensive capability in the border region by applying scourched earth policy (all railtracks and roads were destroyed by the PLA and the border region was completely mined, allowing no Vietnamese regular divisions to be stationed there anymore), prevented the risk of a two-front war with the USSR, which helped Deng Xiaoping to divert the money and capacities that are not needed anymore for maintaining a military defense in the South, into the economy, which was also a crucial reason for Deng’s reforms to be successful in the future.

          China’s losses compared to that, were 20.000 soldiers, and an essentially worthless ally in form of Red Khmer ruled Cambodia.

          China’s gains, on the other hand, were immense as stated above.

          And not even Cambodia was lost for long, as it still maintains good relations with China – just google about what kind of weapons the Royal Cambodian Army are using nowadays: QBZ-97 Assault Rifles, the export version of the standard PLA assault rifle, made by Norinco. No other national military is so much Chinese equipped as the Cambodians today.

      • Somethin Somethin

        Hong for fucks sake read a book. The Russians did all those things and more. They tried to put missiles on Cuba and succeeded. They paid for half the dirty wars in South America for 4 decades. (US paid for the other half) China has already talked about building bases in the Carribean. We’re cool with it because just like you we have a huge fucking military with lots of shiny shit that goes boom. We didnt piss and moan like little bitches about it, we got off our asses and invaded people. It costs lots of money to do stupid shit like that so the only real question is how much is China wanting to spend on stupid shit?

        • Alice S

          Does anyone believe anything bad will happen from CH having Caribbean ports?

    • Little Wolf

      Can’t find a link right now but the idea of handing over Baja California to the USA to wipe out Mexico’s debt, give a piece of it to the Palestineans to create a homeland and open up 1000s of miles of beachfront for development has been tossed around as an idea that could save the world. And it’s not as “nutty as a fruitcake” as it sounds. There’s no groundwater to speak of and the US cut off the Colorado River years ago that fed the agriculture in the north. But as de-salination and other water-producing technology improves, the idea is not that far-fetched. And me and Alan can set up that surf camp we been talkin about.

      • mr. wiener

        Set it up in China, you could call it “Serfs up” :)

        • Little Wolf

          Shiiiiat wiener, I never seen a wave over knee-high in China and that includes Hong Kong’s famous “Big Wave Beach”(?) Seen pics of some fun looking surf on Hainan but heard it’s not consistent.
          Catchy name, though :) Could work for anywhere.

  • Jeanne d’Arc

    The Disputed Spratlys is within the Philippine Waters. The Philippines is the legal owner of the islands in the Spratlys as it is within 200 Nautical Mile Exclusive Economic Zone said United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). How come this was never mentioned in Chinese news? haha

    • whichone

      I don’t get this law, how does distance matter when it comes to territory? Hawaii is pretty far from the United States, or is it only uninhabited islands? So wouldn’t the first country to set up shop on the islands win the claim there?

  • Jeanne d’Arc

    Hahahaha check this out. I like it:

    “Why China will not bring the Spratlys issue to UN”

    • Alan

      I liked that too.

      Under that logic, britain and portugal should reclaim HK and Macau…but we won’t because we know they were leased territories that were never ours to begin with.

      Who can claim to own all of an area of sea, in defiance of a UN agreement?

      • The Enlightened One

        The big baby communist government of China, that’s who!

        That is just ridiculous… no wonder China and North Korea are close buddies. Their childish, random.. unwilling to negotiate tactics are very similar and shared by the insect world.

        Time to evolve please?

        • Hongjian

          You forget that also Taiwan, the non-babby communist China who is sucking america’s freedom-smegma cock, has the same claims as communist China.

          Time for them to evolve too?

          • Alan

            I’d agree that they claim even more territory as the ROC than does the present day PRC.

            The difference is I don’t see Taiwan going to war for it, or throwing baby style tantrums over it?

          • Alice S

            Everyone please stop blaming CH for potentially doing away with peace in the SCS (call it WPS if you like, I don’t care… who cares if that sea gets renamed?). Thank God ppl do not say things like that about TW even though it can totally do away with peace too… Anyhow, can’t you see why you shouldn’t talk like that? Thank you.

          • mr. wiener

            Mmmmm…smegma! Tastes better than hot dogma.

          • donscarletti

            They claim Mongolia too and claim that their capital is Nanjing. Do you take them seriously?

          • Greg (the smart one)

            Hongjian, you useless waste of keyboard time. Taiwan is what the Monkeyland wants to be -educated, smart and happy.

            Must be a sad place for you as a Monkeyland lover.

          • Hongjian

            “educated, smart and happy.”

            you meant weak, raped and with no sovereignity?

            Then I’d rather take China being dumb monkeyland. At least they can turn you into radioactive dust anytime they want. And in this world, power trumps everything. With a made-in-monkeyland bullet in your head, all your education, smartness and happiness are worth shit.

            “The difference is I don’t see Taiwan going to war for it, or throwing baby style tantrums over it?”

            Because: read above.

            Too weak to even hinder their ‘ally’ Japan in unilaterally extending their ADIZ into their territorry. And too weak to even protest against it.


            If Taiwan is the vision for future China, democratic and free, but too weak to fight for their claims and to even protect their own airsapce and sovereignity, I’d rather see a world with no surviving member of humanity anymore.

          • Jay K.

            do u like sucking cock is america’s cock bigger than what you are used to?>

          • Alan

            I’d rather see a world with no surviving member of humanity anymore.

            Why are you so keen on this apocalyptic vision?

          • Alice S

            I’m soooooooooooooo glad at least TW is ‘Maricar’s ally’. Even if 1 Chi country can become Maricar’s ally, I am eternally grateful.

  • The Enlightened One

    I think according to that map, the Chinese government are a bunch of damn pigs!

    Does that map even look right or fair to you? China is turning into a real BIG bully, the U.S. had better watch out cause here comes China!

    Every other country is a allowed a coast but they get everything else. The greed of the Chinese in this case is certainly amazing…

  • pc

    Thank god the idiots on this thread are not the leaders of China…

  • Mimi

    hmmmmmn? Chinese and Filipino hackers? Really? Why would a Filipino spell “Philippines” this way: “Philipines”. Hmmmmnnn must be Chinese hackers pretending to be Filipinos har har har.

    • 愛女者

      Because chinese hacker is so strong, destroy all these philipino sites!

      • my ungaskayo

        stop frothing your mouth, some of your hacked sites are till down…strong my arse..

      • Alan

        Yes because your intranet connection is so good?!

      • Sarge

        Please climb a wall of dicks. It would be beneficial for everyone if you do so.

  • galapiass

    The red line (chinese claim) is so funny

    • Mimi

      har har har really funny! The map gives me the impression that they will soon claim some Philippine white-sand beaches, too hahahahaha.

      • Greg (the smart one)

        And we’ll claim your gf/wife and mother. And fuck them till they scream “Yes I know my country is a piece of shit.

  • jeffli

    To every Filipino / Filipina (Put the f’n microphone down for a minute and read)

    Could all you Philipine tarts (I refer to both bois and gurls)
    1. get off the KTV machine
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    C’mon! stop the Mariah Carey shit and start running your country rather than running overseas tarting your self everywhere.

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      • coala banana

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          • jeffli

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          • Notorious

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    • coala banana

      you should tone it down regarding philipinos, they are amongst the best people one can find !

      Apart from that, glad you like my posts, I do it cause of people like you…good to know that someone appreciates the effort i put in !

      • Chiririkong!!!

        Deng!! I tot Chinese are good at math!! measuring distance even measuring penis.

        Seems u guys are good at sucking balls and sucking earth, fucking monkeys, cats, dogs, could be possible even ants!!! and also poisoning people, bullying peeps

        You know Why God Made your eyes smaller? so that soon you will be able to open it widely to View the world, that Spratly is not yours, The waters around it is not yours, (it doesn’t mean that it was called South China Sea, it already belongs to CHINA!!!)

        Damn, You Don’t need a lawyer to solve this issue

        All you need is a ruler!!!

        • quill

          and what the phillippines good for is sucking american penis, one day you will realize that sucking american penis might not help you that much because your have a brain of a pigs.
          korean and japanese who is also sucking american penis and kissing american as have better military capabilities korean produces and imports weapon, japan even with self defence force has better military capabilities, while philippines keep sucking american penis and kiss american ass

          • Sarge


            Is ‘sucking’ and ‘penis’ the only fundamental words in your dictionary? Or you really do like sucking cock? Stop flaming up the topic and face the ridiculous truth that the Chinese claims are… well, ridiculous.

        • jeffli

          “even ants!” OI! stop giving away my trade secrets you heinous person you!

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          Desist with making public my “ant” secret or blimey I’ll …I’ll get really
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    • mr. wiener

      TISM=best band ever.

  • Mga Ungaskayo

    those islands, islets and reefs are too far from your stinking house to be yours…prove your claim to the UNCLOS instead of frothing your mouth..start firing and YOU, your chicken and your monkey ARE GONE TOMORROW….Disrespect us, and you’ll have a taste of it…

  • Jeanne d’Arc

    google “UNCLOS”. :-)
    Or if anyone here has the link, pls do post.

    • Vakeesan

      As per United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) anything within 200 miles from the baseline of a country belongs to that country? So Scarborough Shoal belong to Philippines and not China. China is a signatory to the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), So it’s clear even if China goes to the UNO and says Scarborough shaol belong to them no one is gonna accept it.

      • britishmaster

        200 mile is define to be the economic zone, sovereign waters only 24 nautical miles out to sea, (12 miles of sovereign + 12 of contiguous zone).

  • Brett Hunan

    Sometimes I wish this site was retranslated to Chinese and the netizens could all read what we write about. So niu

    • Notorious

      Brett, I kinda wish the same thing. But then, the stuff people say here would probably really tick them off.

    • terroir



      • moop


      • Brett Hunan

        Lol good one.

    • Foreign Devil

      I would love it if Coala’s employees and business partners could read the stuff he writes on here. Chinabounder the 2nd.

      • Notorious

        The devil always gets his due. Trust me, this asswipe will get his just deserts. I hope the chinese government executes him.

        • coala banana

          that coming from a christian is no surprise:-)). You guys always amaze me in your self hate and hate for others. And thats so mysterious about you guys, call yourself christians but act unlike you fucking jesus and his teachings. Even hoping that someone gets executed simply cause of the reason his opinions vary from your own and that makes you so angry to wish this person would be executed ??? Thanks of showing everyone your true evil nature :-)

          The devil ?? hmmm, let me consider for a moment. I just read your god’s book, this BS crap i peed on and cleaned my ass with when i was small. I read it too, not a bad book at all, but in case no toillete paper is available then i wouldn’t hesitate to use it again…! But lets get back to this devil dude, as far as I know, he didn’t brought out a book, like your god did, SO this means we will in fact never know HIS side of the story, right ? I have no counterargument or anything else ! What i do have is the shit which is in your bible, so why i should believe your gods accounts on his enemy ? And another question, in case i must go to hell, then why should the devil punish me ? I am the bad guy, this makes me one of his boys ??? how does that makes sense ??/

          I know you freaks believe in all kind of strange ass shit, but to treat both of them equal, i now publicly announce that i don’t give a shit about the devil either, he and your god can suck my balls and ass the whole day if they like. Fuck both of this bastards, if any one of them like to figure out who has the bigger balls, let this MFers come ! Fuck them, their baby jesus, all their demons and angels…btw if the female angels look good and can provide a clean ass i would consider letting them sit on my face (that just as a side note)….

          however ! so far it looks like i was rewarded with good looks, good life, success, healthy body, and more pussy then i could wish for. You can of course keep on living your life in fuckin fear and self guilt believing you are a sinner and HOPE to be rewarded in your afterlife and eternal life in paradise sitting next to baby jesus, I prefer the present !

          I am a non believer and would never even think about to wish someone gets executed, not to mention to write it publicly. But you are a believer which believe in all this moral teachings, but somehow fail to execute that in real life and even wish someone dies cause of minor reason, someone you don’t even know personally. Would it be moral that someone like that will be rewarded with eternal life in paradise and the other must burn in hell just cause of denying the existence of in invisible man in the sky ???

          So, please keep you religious based immoral teachings to yourself, I have seen enough evil done in the world by you self righteous people, spreading your “truth” about shit they have neither evidence for or being an example of it. You just disclosed that you are a very bad example of your sect or cult, however you call your group !

          • kenneth zacarias

            how about your fucking buddha ?????????he ate his money ,so that he became a fat fucking chinese bullshit god ………..sorry for insulting yours but you do first ……………..may our god have mercy on you …………….

      • coala banana

        trust me when i say, they all have the real thing by dealing with me in person. Believe it or not, we laugh a lot and have a lot of fun together.

        Reading some of the posts wouldn’t surprise them at all and they would smile about them, knowing what person i am. I am a very likable guy i would say. Lets not think too negative about some shit. Its hard to interpret the written word and some people which don’t know the other personally can get easily the wrong impression about ones true character and intentions. No one can be blamed for that !

        In case i would be one of the ones, which just post some hate and crap like : ….”you must be 15 years old, masturbating, live with your grand ma…bla lalala”, then i would indeed feel shame that anyone ever reads that. But it is how it is, knowing me, no one has ever regretted that he met me. Maybe some girls, yes, but not people i call friends and with which i deal on a daily basis. I am considered a very fair person and very often pay for shit out of my own pocket to make others happy and their lives less miserable. But thats not important at all and i am not proud about that. What is important is the intention behind the action and not the action itself. Not expecting anything in return and just do it cause of the feeling that it was the right way to do. And to do shit like that all over again KNOWING that it will not be regarded and appreciated. So yes, fuck it, I do things cause i think they are the right thing, the bastard who will benefit from it becomes secondary since i have no power or control to rely in his emotions and intentions. If someone appreciates what i am doing ok, if not, then ok too, but never expect to get something back in return, thats my philosophy. I was like that when i was poor, and i am like that while i am “rich”….i am the fucker i am cause life made me like that, shaped and formed by my genes and the fucked up shit i have been trough throughout my whole fucking life….no big secret, just a strange individual, doing the same shit others do, with the only exceptions that my intentions might be different !

        • waihang

          while you seem to have a vendetta with your chocolate love, posting a lot of rambling and your preference for “shoot before asking”, I have to praise you for especially this straight forward and honest personality portrayed instead of pretending as so many use to do which is a weakness as they can’t be really 100% themselves.

  • Li Yan

    I love how commenters above keep babbling and don’t even take an action.

    I don’t think PRC would bow to foreign demands, based on the Qing’s worst experiences.

    • Chef Rocco

      Historically, most territory disputes between nations were resolved by commanders, not commenters.

      So all the commenters here, including myself, are just babbling and giggling. I don’t know what actions that you are proposing us to take?

      By the way, from the farce that Philippine cops tried to rescue HK hostages in a bus months ago, I doubt their commanders are capable of prevailing in the dispute.

    • Hongjian

      The PRC’s leaders nowadays are in many areas worse than late Qing Monarchy. They are more consumed in their power-struggles and faction battles, than to take note and to react to the provocations of those US proxies.

      The only people capable of bringing China to finally take action, are single, hawkish PLA commanders, who may disregard the lack of political will in the central leadership, and take matters in their own hands.

      They may be persecuted as traitors afterwards by the CCP, but similiarily they will be hailed as heroes by the chinese people.

      As it is now, China is simply too frustrating to watch. It is the old case of having a gun, but being too pussy to use it.

  • TrayBgone

    I congratulation the Filipinos on having boats that float. Africans can’t do that.

    • Foreign Devil

      Take a little trip to the Somali coast. . . And tell me Africa does not have fast boats that float. I won’t be paying your ransom though.

  • Nyancat

    Someone should just nuke the whole area so that noone will want to lay claims on it anymore, problem solved.

  • Ah Ha! Brunei get the fuck outta here, you don’t get shit.

  • some_guy

    Let’s go Taiwan! The Spratly Islands are ours! Not the Philippines, Vietnam, or Malaysia!

  • Notorious

    Question: Is there some strategic value in owning this territory? Or is it owning the land because it’s land?

    • moop

      its just good fishing grounds. china wants to conttol this area and the rest of the south china sea because they want to be able to control the sea lanes and trade within this region. if they can claim the islands, they can claim the waters around them

      • terroir

        OIL RLY?

        • moop

          oh yeah oil too, but not in this particular shoal. there is not oil in the scarborough shoal

          • terroir

            Curses, ‘oiled again.

            I thought I was right about this, fo’ shoal.

          • moop

            it’s ok, you’re not crude. i think you’re rather refined. i’m not going to bend you over a barrel for it

          • BigBadBoy

            It is so they have enough water to get their aircraft carrier out of the docks without causing an international incident!

    • Are you kidding? There’s enough oil and natural gas down there to put Saudi Arabia out of business. Its the most resource abundant area in the region! You guys should be killing each other over this stuff!

  • Foreign Devil

    If you look at the map above Spratly island are nowhere even close to China and much closer to several other countries. Maybe it’s a good thing China has a government that does not listen to it’s citizens. They are all clamoring for a war while their government is showing diplomacy and restreint. I mean who is going to start a war over a bunch of un-inhabited rocks in the sea?? Chinese have the gov they deserve.

  • Mikecheck

    China can’t act on this because it has never been clarified what exactly belongs to which country. It’s just a bunch of over lapping claims. Until China sits down with the other countries and actually makes and signs an agreement, things will continue to be ambiguous and dangerous. If it wants to show its real power, that’s exactly what it should do.

  • Pinoy Ako

    Check again the information that your Chinese Government is telling you. Its incomplete. The Filipino people are peace loving people. They don’t like war but will defend its sovereignty. Filipino want to settle this peacefully through International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea of United Nation but China don’t want to participate.

    • Jeanne d’Arc

      Tell the hackers to attack Chinese media websites! Hackers should not post stupid welcome messages again like ” You got fucked by the Philippines”… why not post real and detailed news on the issue instead?… well, of course, in Mandarin haha

      • staylost

        Maybe you’re joking, but no pinoy hacker made those pictures above. Do you know many people who can’t even spell the country they are from? It is more than likely that the “You got … by the PI” piece was made in China by provocateurs.

        • kenneth zacarias

          maybe some filipinos can’t spell our country in english ……but we have our own translation of words and some filipinos are much familiar with our language than english …….and still ,you have higher population than our and we speak english better than yours ………

    • Patrick

      Cause they are not confident they will win the case

  • Hongjian

    “China really needs a war to bring together the hearts of the country’s people!!!”

    China really needs a war. I agree. If not to bring together the hearts of the people, it is also to show all these pesky neighbors who are only walking so ballsy with the US behind their backs, because they know that the cowardly Chinese Govt. will do jackshit about their provocations. They know of China’s lack of political will, so they will brassly engage China even more.
    If this shit goes on any longer, maybe even the brits will come back and claim Hong Kong once again, while the Japanese will annex Manchuria.

    China must show its resolve through a series of brutal, but limited punishment operation. Kinda like Russia’s reaction towards Georgia’s US-backed provocations against them by invading them during the Beijing Olympics, China should initiate surprise attacks with cruise and ballistic missiles, smashing Vietnam’s and Philippines military assets, reducing their offensive capability and hence their negotiational advantages on the diplomatic field.
    The problem with the USA will also be solved by this as well, as shown in the Russian Invasion of Georgia, that the US is unlikely to intervene in such a surprise operation since they will unlikely be willing to start a major war against a nuclear great power over the demise of some of their new proxies.

    In the end, China can show that it means business, deterring further provocations by the other claimants, as well as reduce destroy the trust between these proxies and the USA, by showing them, that the US is unlikely to rush to their aid, as they still arent ready or willing to fight with China.

    The relative balance of power in the SCS is still overwhelmingly on China’s side vis a vis to the other asian claimants like Vietnam and Philippines. China must strike, before the US entrenches even further in the area, making such a Chinese surprise operation more risky.

    • Jeanne d’Arc

      Hongjian… so many words… so little mind. Spratlys do not belong to China. That’s it.

      • Hongjian

        America and Australia originally doesnt belong to the Anglosaxons either. What they did was to take it by force and genocide its original inhabitants.

        Be lucky that there are no Philippines or Vietnamese on the Spratleys. Or else, China must genocide them too.

        • my ungaskayo

          so what you’re saying is any developed country can just do that to a militarily weaker country, I thought it’s the 20th century..It’s so dangerous living with UNCIVILIZED people like you…

          • Hongjian

            it is the 21th century, genius…

            And being weaker never invokes anything other than the greed of the stronger ones. even in the 21th century is will not be any different, seeing how the democratic civilized US with their equally civilized lackeys like France and Britain preyed on Lybia and now on Syria.

            Being weak is nothing to be proud of. It is criminal stupidity.

            And luckily, China is no longer weak, so it must smash in some heads to show that to the world.

    • DRaY

      Shut up … China is a bitch ass country … The second CHina lashes out at ANYONE, that would be justification for America and the White world to FINALLY invade and conquer China once and for all, remaking it in their own image. And dont even talk shit ……. Chinese ppl are some docile mother fuckers .. shit would be easier than that Iraq bullshit. lol…. CHina go to war, thats funny!!

      • Hongjian

        Try it. I wish to see the world burn anyway.

        Before the first americunt and white trash sets foot on China’s soil, the PLA second artillery force will at least nuke Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Vietnam with their Short and Medium Range Ballistic Missiles, while dumping some on US mainland too.

        The truth is, the Americans and their white trash followers are too cowardly too to invade China or even to wage nuclear war with them. Rich capitalist nations have too much to lose in any war.

        When Russia lashed out on Georgia, the US also didnt finally invade them. They only got butthurt and produced shitty propaganda movies as reaction. What makes you think it will be any different in China’s case?

        • staylost

          Honjian on potential military conflict with the United States:
          “… the PLA … will at least nuke … Vietnam …”

          Hongjian on why Vietnam is safe for now:
          “… the Americans … are … too cowardly … to wage nuclear war …”

          Is it worth being funny if intelligent people laugh at you rather than laugh with you?

          My guess continues to be that you are just a run of the mill running dog getting a paycheck from someone insistent on ridiculing the Chinese.

          • Hongjian

            With “intelligent people” you wouldnt include yourself, right?

            Since someone who doesnt even know the difference between conventional and nuclear warfare and their different respective treshold in their escalation involving other major nuclear powers who may not related with the attacked country in question, are not signs that you are one of these “intelligent people” you spoke of…

            But since you just wouldnt stay lost as your name suggests; an easy explanation by me an idiot like you would even understand:

            If the United States wages war with China with the intention of “America and the White world to FINALLY invade and conquer China once and for all, remaking it in their own image”, it wouldnt be a nuclear war, but a conventional war involving the support of their regional and global puppets and proxies.

            In a conventional war, the US would lose the least, since continental US remains untouched by the Chinese counter-strike capability, while only their armed forces involved in the Chinese theatre would suffer losses. This would be considerably meagre losses compared to wars with other, past great powers who possess nukes.
            Invasion/Regime Change and nuclear war are incompatible in their goals, so the US would refrain from using nukes against China.

            Because of this, the usage of nukes as revenge for China nuking their proxies like Vietnam and Philippines or Japan, if China was attacked from their soil, with their active support by a US-led coalition in any conventional way, would be rather unlikely.

            Bcause, even though Japan, Vietnam and other of the americunt’s proxies and puppets will be turned to glass by China’s short and mid range nuclear weapons, the US mainland still remains unharmed, and the US, ruled by the capitalist corporatism they are, will not risk to touch that nuclear treshold and escalate to full-scale nuclear war with China, since in that case, it is not ensured that the US would lose out the least in the war with China, that now turned nuclear from merely conventional in its initial aim and limitation.

            And If China would signal the US that they wouldnt threaten the US directly on their home-soil, and only would demand the US to get out of asia for a peace process to happen, the negotiative position of China would be even stronger: With all US puppets and staging grounds in Asia, a region geographically entirely unrelated with the US, turned to nuclear dust and with merely US military assets being the american losses, there is little incentative for the US to continue remain at war with China, for their capitalist masters would not want to risk further losses needlessly – this time real economic and industrial losses on the US mainland (which woud hurt them the most) – by any continued attacks on China, that wont help to save the US dominance in a nuclear destroyed west pacific/asian region anymore than it is already futile.

            That you couldnt deduce this much, is evidence enough of you not being a member of the ‘intelligent people’-club. Stay mad.

        • Alan

          The truth is, the Americans and their white trash followers are too cowardly too to invade China or even to wage nuclear war with them.

          Nice mouth you got. Your mum must be so proud…not!

          • Alice S

            Why should NICE Maricar invade CH?

        • Sarge


          With such shortsightedness will truly lead to tragedy. Please climb a wall of dicks for all eternity and save us the trouble of unnecessary tension here in the web.

    • terroir

      China already has a war going on. It’s still being fought as we speak; night after night on television in China you can see heroic Chinese troops killing cowardly Japanese-looking typecast actors as the glory is forever passed on.

      So. The question then becomes: does China need a war? Is China chiefly defined by its enemies, by what it is not, so much to the extent that what it is is not the most important thing?

      As the next rising world power with all the eyes of the world watching, China very well can start a war over a bunch of rocks, maybe even win it. But then China will be guilty of every suspicion the rest of the world has about it as it wears out its extremely short welcome on the world stage; it better have its “hard” power down pat as the “soft” power it is wielding is all pissed away.

      (not like it is winning over the rest of the world at the moment. At least the USA has Michael Bay and Victoria’s Secret)

      • Hongjian

        “As the next rising world power with all the eyes of the world watching, China very well can start a war over a bunch of rocks, maybe even win it. But then China will be guilty of every suspicion the rest of the world has about it as it wears out its extremely short welcome on the world stage; it better have its “hard” power down pat as the “soft” power it is wielding is all pissed away.”

        And nothing of value was lost.

        China, as a non-white, non-democratic, and originally, non-capitalist upstarter, was NEVER welcomed by the white dominated world, that believed so much in their inherent ideological superiority, that they even made japanese suckers liek Fukuyama writing their masturbatory shit in a book titled “the end of history”.

        All the bullshit about “China’s rise is being welcomes by the white world” is fake anyway. The white world will never tolerate a superpower that isnt white, or that isnt following an ideology and doesnt have a system that is accpeted by the whites.

        Similiarily, China never had any soft-power beside its economy to begin with (if that isnt also hard power anyway).
        Its culture is disgusting to western eyes, its language is disgusting to western ears, its looks are disgusting to western tastes, and its political system is disgusting to western politicos. Can you start on a worse base than that? If China want’s soft power with peaceful means, it must initiate cultural revolution 2.0 and start banning everything in her existence that can be deemed ugly to western eyes.

        The best China can do is to stock up on nuclear arms, space weapons, and conventional strike capability. Soft power will automatically come around, when you smashed all your haters to bloody pulp. Then, spineless shitstains like the Japs will start coiling around your legs, as they rever the rock hard power of your nuclear and conventional penis. This will be your “soft power”.

        Before that, China must do anything to satisfy every suspicion the rest of the world has about it – and back it up with the means of hard power, that sticks a giant FUCK YOU into the faces of “the rest of the world” saying; ‘we give a fuck about you not liking us – we only want you to know that we can kill every of you motherfuckers if you fuck with us in anyway”.

        Soviet Russia and now the Russian Federation are the best example of this proud stance that is befitting its role as an unliked and unloved superpower. Putin gives a damn about your ‘suspicions’ – he just shows you, how your suspicions are justified and that there is nothing you can really do about it, besides doing him the favour of dying.

        “It is always better to be feared when you cannot be loved.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

        This is the only good route, China can take.

        • my ungaskayo

          is winning a war that too easy? dude, you watch too much movies, get some sleep , will you?

          • Hongjian

            Winning a limited war involves covert preparation, diplomatical skills and a clear-cut and limited political objective. This makes it hard, but still easier to win than a war that isnt limited to political objectives and lacks all those mentioned preparations and skills.
            The Afghanistan War by the Western Coalition is a prime example for a war with limited and achievable goal (“killing Bin Laden”) getting turned into a unwinnable quagmire because some americunts and their western lackeys decided to turn it into a nation-building mission aiming at turning a medieval primitive islamist shithole into a Germany or Japan 2.0.

            Any of China’s propable wars will be strictly limited in their goals and assets used, which would at least make them winnable compared to those wars the western world are fighting.

            What I may have watched arent movies, but rather sessions of Chess and Weiqi (or “Go”, for all of you fucking weeaboos) by really skilled players.

        • Alan

          “It is always better to be feared when you cannot be loved.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

          Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious-Oscar Wilde.

        • Jay K.

          so in your logic, the Chinese should be come the Romulans, just not as civilized and well mannered like the Romulans.

          And the the rest of the mainstream countries should be the Federation. Who gets to play Captain Sisko, and who are the Bajorians in all of these?

          • mr. wiener

            The Bajorians are the Palestinians.

          • Jay K.

            Mr. Weiner,

            who are the ferengi’s then?

          • mr. wiener

            The federation would have you believe they were similar to “Yanky Traders” from the 1800s, but I would wager there was more than a little steriotypical jewishness in the Ferengi’s character.
            By the by “Farang” or “Ferengi” is the name for any whitey in Thailand and some other countries as well and is a reference to the first French traders.
            The whole occupation of Bajor by the Cardassians in DS9 was about the Israeli occupation of Palastine.

        • Alice S

          I’m pretty sure CH being non-white is not an actual problem.

      • quill

        the problem here i think that chinese armed forces has not been involved in a war for a long time, you can see from the chinese posts above that most of the chinese citizen support war, anyway PLA’s images among chinese is not a good one either, wining a war can be a boost for this image.
        for the soft power, as long as media controled by the western countries little can be done to change that.
        i dont know if the US would get involved but if the war could dried down us economy and shake the establishment there i think this should be considered by china as well

    • quill

      i agree that china needs war because the current chinese army is not tested in real combat situation, unlike american soldier even philippines soldiers has been dealing with southern muslim separatist for a long time.

      • Hongjian

        Real warfare is the best excercise. Although it is debatable whether the US War on Terror (which is primely COIN, Counter Insurgency) and the Philippines war with their Maoist and muslim seperatists really are that useful in honing their combat skills against a conventional enemy in form of a nuclear armed major military great power and nation state with its supporting economy and industry.
        There are voices within the US military, who complain that COIN actually degrades real combat skills, as it is essentially just over-glorified police work, which isnt that useful when it comes down to fighting an organized foe such as the military of a major power.

        But I give them the benefit of a doubt, since COIN and invasions of essentially defenseless third world shitholes, at least involves major logistical efforts over long distances, which is essential for wars against conventional powers.

        But with this said, and with COIN considered as real honing of combat skills, the PLA may be just as ‘experienced’ as well, seeing their COIN work in Tibet and Xinjiang against the local seperatistic goat-fuckers and lama-fuckers.

        • moop

          “But with this said, and with COIN considered as real honing of combat skills, the PLA may be just as ‘experienced’ as well, seeing their COIN work in Tibet and Xinjiang against the local seperatistic goat-fuckers and lama-fuckers.” who have knives and not guns.

    • Alan

      If this shit goes on any longer, maybe even the brits will come back and claim Hong Kong once again

      Doubtful, seems the current UK government has enough problems with the credit crunch, unemployment, keeping scotland in the fray, and pulling off the upcoming olympics.

      HK was a business agreement that expired as planned. Would be impossible and naive to restore it.

    • Patrick

      You are morbidly sick. If China pursue the war their economy will drop drastically. Why don’t you just tell your government to stop its stupidity, moronic reasoning and idiotic claim over the Philippine sea, China’s greediness will lead to its downfall sooner or later. I really can’t understand why or how they defend their stupid claim considering the area is thousand miles way from their baseline soooo stupid, if China’s claim base on history having said that they discover the area first then all nations discovered by Ruy Lopez de Villaloboss are own by Spain.

      In 1497, the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci discovered America is this means USA belongs to Italy or the Spanish explorer, Christopher Columbus, had been there a few years earlier in 1492. So it means that Spain and Italy are the real owner of America.

      China please get your school bag and study again your greediness will break your country in to pieces.

    • kenneth zacarias

      Are you thingking ?Because of that ,many people will become hungry .Our both country have it’s own problem ,spc. your country .If that war begin many of your fucking people will die but not because of the war but because of hunger and poverty .If that war begins Phillipines have stronger forced than yours .you have russia and other soviet countries and north korea ,but we have the USA,UK,South Korea ,UN countries and spc. our GOD “JESUS”….

  • DR Jones

    How can China claim islands so far from the mainland and so close to the Philippines?

    The historical argument doesn’t quite cut it. It’s a similar argument to the colonial Western powers who just happened to have boats and weapons as they navigated the world.

    If we want to go further back, does that mean Mongolia can claim China as its territory?

    • Chef Rocco

      Aren’t Falkland islands far far away from Great British? Why did UK dispatch military ships to fight for and owns them now? Proximity to a foreign shore doesn’t mean a damn thing when coming to island sovereignty.

      If UK were still a superpower similar to US, I doubt China would have restored its sovereignty over Hong Kong so easily.

      • moop

        “If UK were still a superpower similar to US, I doubt China would have restored its sovereignty over Hong Kong so easily.“

        UK was a world super power when they signed the 100 year lease. your point is pure shit

        • Chef Rocco

          Tried hard to dig pure gold from your point but failed.

          Yes, UK was able to “lease” HK by force from Qing because it was a superpower at that time. It wasn’t able to extend the lease as Thatcher wished because its power has declined to the level that it would definitely have lost if a war had exploded over Hong Kong.

          If the military balance between UK and Argentina swings into Argentina’s favor one day, I guess Falkland islands would change hands again.

          Face it, though colonial era has long gone, military power is still the determining factor in a territorial dispute nowadays.

      • Alan

        If UK were still a superpower similar to US, I doubt China would have restored its sovereignty over Hong Kong so easily.

        Indeed, but as militarily, China could have just invaded HK as Deng Xiaoping stated to Maggie Thatcher, and the food and water from HK came from Guangdong, really at risk of starving HK and risking war, the british pulled out, even though HK island and Kowloon was ceded in perpetuity.

        I am sure as a previous poster stated though, somehow the deal was sugar coated, I expected brit contractors did well out of the airport construction for one.

        • Alice S

          Well HK was given back. Everyone’s happy. End of story.

      • cc

        We found them and settled them that’s why.

      • staylost

        Talk about missing the point. The UK was never defending the land, they were defending the people. The UK tried hard to give the island away to Argentina before the war, but the Falklanders thought the crazy fascist Argentinians weren’t worthy of trust, so they wouldn’t accept it (per United Nations, the people in the land must also agree to the transfer). Argentina was well on its way to convincing the Falklanders to join them when they suddenly declared war on them just to take their public’s eyes off of their leader’s crimes.

    • Alan

      It’s a similar argument to the colonial Western powers who just happened to have boats and weapons as they navigated the world.

      That rung true to me.

      China is basing their map on where their boats went in the times of emperors and empresses.

  • John

    Dear Chaps, look at a map, look at where this Island is ….. and use your brains. The Philippines show a lot of restrain.

    • Patrick


    • Sarge


  • bscalled

    wow – c. banana really does write long post.

  • Patrick

    Peoples Republic of China should go against their corrupt government, if they only knew how corrupt and expensive their government lifestyle is they would surely storm a riot here there and everywhere.

  • michael light

    Why the sudden chinese assertiveness in the Scarborough shoal? With the unstable condition in the middle east, China needs oil to support its economy and where will he get it? You guess it, the west Philippine sea. Nobody gives a damn about this area until a study was conducted that it was sitting atop a huge oil deposit. China will fight for its economic survival and will do anything including declaring war on its neighbor. I bet after securing these area the huge oil flatform will follow. This is the same logic that compelled Japan to invade southeast asia. It’s history repeating itself.

    • Patrick

      But nobody will just sit to allow China’s greed intention to happen

      • Jay K.

        Patrick, China has a foothold on the world economy, especially to those 2nd and 3rd tier economies in the world.

        china knows it can play the trade war game with smaller less powerful countries and threaten them.

        • Patrick

          And are they confident that the US won’t intervene, The Chinese government is begging the Philippine government to stop internationalizing the issue and why? Is this a domestic issue? Does China and Philippines belong to 1 country? That sick Chinese government is afraid of international condemnation, even if the Philippines would not seek help from ASEAN and from the US the whole world is watching and monitoring the development of this dispute. The area contain vast amount of oil and the Philippine won’t easily give up their territory and resources considering the fact that USA already expresses their willingness to defend Philippines as its own ally if war take place.

      • Renato Korona

        moderate your greed!

        • Renato Korona

          If china owns the South China Sea therefore it follows that India owns the Indian ocean.

          • Patrick

            And the moon belongs to USA

          • jeffli

            Why doesn’t the Philippines just start drilling? Formalise the claim, that’s it!
            Switch off the KTV machines and get to work! Once the oil starts flowing…look out Brunei! :-) Yay!

            But no….. we go through the same rigmarole every so often, all the little S.E. Asian chooks complain about the big rooster nearby.

            Well honeys! If ya don’t start drillin, then China’s gonna start !

            It’s tiring hearing S.E. Asia call China a bully. How did the S/E Asian govts. ever let China entertain the thought of these international boarders in the first place? Cuz S.E. Asia iz Puzziez! kiz ma black ass! – Obama

            Stand up straight and lift up your undies and pants, tuck your shirts in and stop complaining about being economically f***ed by other countries. (remember the Marcos and the regime before???)

  • Yangguizi

    China economy gets better money comes in and soon they are acting like the US. So predictable, human nature. China has no business claiming the area next to the Flip-A-Pinees!

  • Made In World

    Okay, don’t tell the government, but I’m about to spread two rumors…

    1. A contact of mine down at the Visa bureau in Shanghai told me there is a good chance any Philippine employees may, in the future, have some problems with their visas. There is talk of officially upgrading (or downgrading) their status to “high risk entry”.

    2. No surprise from the comments that the Chinese are mostly against the Philippines on this one. The word on the street (Chinese acquaintances I have that live around China) from people that pretty much stick to the propaganda machine (Chinese news) is there is a general feeling that a war (very small one) is going to come out of this.

    I’ve noticed a lot of focus on this in the Chinese media as well as a huge focus on their military. At this point, I don’t have much opinion on it, as I don’t really know the history. Just thought I’d share what I did know about the situation. Cheers

    • Po Han

      If China attacks the Philippines, they attack the US and all nations of ASEAN. Then jerkoffs like Hongjian will get to see real combat vice his usual video game war. Hopefully, all he will see is a blinding white flash, before he disintegrates into a radioactive slush.

      • Sarge

        Hopefully, the last thing he’ll see is a muzzle flash pointing in front of him. No one who promotes such aggravation merit such a quick death.

    • MaoShitDung

      because The Peoples republic of chinese Gooks is a villain in a making, chinks people has no common sense so they will stick what ever propaganda their govt will feed them, cause since birth they are drug by reading corrupt textbooks in school.

  • xiaohouzi

    How can islands so far from China and so near the Philippines belong to China? Why don’t Chinese people live there? Or is it because China needs more oil for all it’s new cars or more fish because of overfishing along the coast of China?

    • Alan

      How can islands so far from China and so near the Philippines belong to China?

      Falkand Islands. As a Brit, I would say they belong to Argentina, much like Gibraltar belongs to Spain.

      Thing is give people a flag, and a powerful naval history, and they will rally behind it. The UK and China actually have more in common than they may know, lol.

      • xiaohouzi

        True but that doesn’t make it right.

  • Anonym

    Damn you Chinese… Can’t Understand the International Law Of 200 nautical Miles Exclusive Economic Zone.. Chinese Retards… Philippines Has the Right To claim it because it was under 200 nautical Miles exclusive economic zone.. And Learn English so that Chinese can understand what is the International Law

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