Scholarship Website Winners Raped, Sold To Donors

Scholarship Website Winners Raped, Sold To DonorsA man in Baise named Wang Jie set up a scholarship website in order to help kids afford college, but also so he could rape the winners and videotape it. An anonymous tip revealed that Wang Jie offered people who donated 20,000 RMB or more “private vacations” with the winner, essentially making the website unwilling prostitution. One recent winner was presented with her prize and raped all in the same night. Wang Jie has subsequently been put under arrest. Netizens think that Wang Jie is garbage, his penis should be cut off and then he should be killed.


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  • Teacher in China

    Disgusting. I agree with the netizens.

    • guest

      I agree too.

      A rather mistimed different subject, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a story about some Chinese girl auctioning off their virginity, like what has happen outside China, to fund their way through collage.

  • sigh!
    poor people better not make kids!

  • lacompacida

    Primary result of 5000 years of Chinese culture.

    • jin

      Primary result of human evolution.

  • Amused

    For once the netizens and I are in complete agreement.

    • Bman

      Netizens. Netizens.
      Why do I hate that word so much?

  • donscarletti

    Guy turns being a dissolute pig into an art form. How do one even come up with these ideas? And not just a case lust or narcissism, but he was running a “rape tourism” business for fuck’s sake. Arguing for castration (宫刑) for repeat rapists is one thing, even though it is brutal, at least it stops them from re-offending, but here it’s pointless since it won’t stop him from being a rape-pimp.

    Either just take him out back and shoot him, or leave his dick on and see if he can use it without having hands or a tongue to get into mischief.

    • David

      I vote for the take him out and shot him option.

  • Foreign Devil

    The wealthy “donors” who know what they are paying for should be punished equally.