School Claims Students Were on Their Knees Voluntarily

8th grade students at Anhui province's Fuyang Jingjiu Experimental Middle School on their knees, allegedly because they were punished by a teacher, but claimed by the school to have been voluntary as a gesture of contrition begging teachers for forgiveness after being involved in a fight bullying a younger student.

8th grade students at Anhui province's Fuyang Jingjiu Experimental Middle School on their knees, allegedly because they were punished by a teacher, but claimed by the school to have been voluntary as a gesture of contrition begging teachers for forgiveness after being involved in a fight bullying a younger student.


7 Students Kneeling Down, Anhui Middle School Claims It Was Voluntary

Insiders says they were being punished by their teacher; Local education bureau says it has already dismissed the teacher involved

Recently, a picture has been trending on Weibo. The image shows 7 students kneeling down under a banner that says “Welcome Upper-Lever Leaders to Our School for Inspection and Guidance”. The other day, Anhui Fuyang Jingjiu Experimental Middle School, where the incident happened, responded that the picture is real but denied the account circulating online that the students were punished to kneel for visiting leaders but rather that students were on their knees begging the teacher for forgiveness after being involved in a fight. However, students in the know say it was punishment by the teacher.

According to media reports, Jingjiu Experimental Middle School is a private middle school founded in 1999. An official with the local education bureau said during an interview that because it is a private school, many aspects are not as regulated as public schools, that [for example] a many of the teachers employed are temporary/part-time substitute teachers, [so/and] problems will existing with regards to their ethics as teachers.

7 Students Kneeling Down Under A Banner That Says “the Superior Leaders to Our School”

School: Pulled up by the teacher after kneeling for just a few minutes

The other day, this reporter eventually found a way to get in contact with the Anhui Fuyang Jingjiu Experimental Middle School involved in the matter. A person in charge surnamed Liu in the school office said that the incident shown in the picture did indeed happen at their school, that the students are in Grade 8 Class 2, but the students were not on their knees as punishment “to welcome the leaders” as spread online. This reporter also learned from some local insiders that the banner had already been there for many months.

As to why those students were on their knees, Liu said it was because these students were in a fight and afterward knelt to beg for their teacher’s forgiveness. “But they only knelt down for just a few minutes before they were pulled up by their teacher.” Mr. Liu said, explaining that the adults in the picture are teachers, that they were going forward to pull the students up.

Education Bureau: Teacher who failed to put a stop to this immediately has already been fired

Yesterday [2012 December 23], this reporter learned from some students familiar with the incident that the 7 students who were kneeling had all been punished to do so by their teacher, for bullying a student in a lower grade.

The students said that, from beginning from 1pm, [the students involved] were punished to kneel down all the way until 2pm, and from the moment it was exposed on the internet, the school issued the order: “Whoever talks will be fired.”

The day before yesterday [2012 December 22], this reporter learned from the Fuyang City Yingdong District Education Bureau that after the incident, the education bureau also dispatched people to investigate the matter, with one person in charge saying the explanation given by the school was that the students knelt down voluntarily and not because they were punished, while also admitting that they did not question any students about the situation at the time.

Yesterday [2012 December 23], the Education Bureau of Yingdong District contacted the reporter again and said that after interviewing students to understand what happened, it is confirmed that the students were not punished by the teacher to kneel down. However, because [the teacher involved] did not immediately stop the students from kneeling down, creating this incident to have a negative influence, the teacher involved has presently already been fired.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Bah! Voluntary corporal punishment?! When I was in primary school, I was abused by my Funan No. 4 Elementary School teachers, leaving me with severe psychological trauma. Could I have been voluntarily suffering that abuse? Bah! Shameless teachers! I still especially especially hate those teachers to this day, the bunch of bitches! Not treating other people’s children as children! Sooner or later God will pay back your debt of abusing other people’s children upon your own children! Paid back ten times, even a hundred times!


Fuyang fucking making the news yet again! I remember when I was small, our math teacher used the leg of a stool to hit us, with one classmate’s arm having been swollen for three weeks as a result, with internal bleeding inside.


It obviously could not have been voluntary. But can these students who have nothing [no money, influence, or power] refuse? The consequences of refusing would have been unimaginable. They are the flowers of our motherland, the future of the world, yet their backbones [characters] have been forcefully broken. With this kind of thing happening today, and if it is allowed to continue without being stopped, the subsequent generation will be worse than than the one before it. Those so-called leaders also do not think about whether or not they could truly bear the consequences!


Actually, I am a student too right now, but there are some demands you can accept and some you cannot. When something wrong has been done, if parents must be contacted, then the parents must be contacted; if a self-criticism must be written, then a self-criticism must be written, and if something was damaged and compensation must be paid, then compensation must be paid, as long as it is all within reason. But a demand like kneeling down truly must not be agreed to!


This is an either kneel down or quit school [expelled] multiple choice question, so of course the choice is voluntary…


All these people making a fuss about dignity or whatever, talking about fucking exaggeration [making too big of a deal]. Education itself allows for appropriate corporal punishment, it’s just that kneeling down goes a little too far. If we stick to the actual matter at hand, we should be suggesting suitable corporal punishment, not immediately making this about a nationality’s dignity or whatever. Then again, it’s not like we ourselves have any dignity to speak of—eating the most poisonous food, living in the most expensive but lowest quality apartments…can our brain capacity be a little larger?


Is it a school or a jail?


If it were me, I would definitely stand up and slap the teacher!


Bullshit, so what if those students have to kneel down? I have been hit with belt [when I was young], why are children today so important?


Chinese education has no future!!!!!!!


Teachers are good at one thing—to exploit students as if they are tools and not treat them as children should be treated.


Chinese schools are the main bases where children are taught to be slaves.

What do you think? Do you believe the school or the students’ story of what happened? Would you be able to tolerate kneeling as a form of disciplinary punishment by teachers and schools?


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