School Claims Students Were on Their Knees Voluntarily

8th grade students at Anhui province's Fuyang Jingjiu Experimental Middle School on their knees, allegedly because they were punished by a teacher, but claimed by the school to have been voluntary as a gesture of contrition begging teachers for forgiveness after being involved in a fight bullying a younger student.

8th grade students at Anhui province's Fuyang Jingjiu Experimental Middle School on their knees, allegedly because they were punished by a teacher, but claimed by the school to have been voluntary as a gesture of contrition begging teachers for forgiveness after being involved in a fight bullying a younger student.


7 Students Kneeling Down, Anhui Middle School Claims It Was Voluntary

Insiders says they were being punished by their teacher; Local education bureau says it has already dismissed the teacher involved

Recently, a picture has been trending on Weibo. The image shows 7 students kneeling down under a banner that says “Welcome Upper-Lever Leaders to Our School for Inspection and Guidance”. The other day, Anhui Fuyang Jingjiu Experimental Middle School, where the incident happened, responded that the picture is real but denied the account circulating online that the students were punished to kneel for visiting leaders but rather that students were on their knees begging the teacher for forgiveness after being involved in a fight. However, students in the know say it was punishment by the teacher.

According to media reports, Jingjiu Experimental Middle School is a private middle school founded in 1999. An official with the local education bureau said during an interview that because it is a private school, many aspects are not as regulated as public schools, that [for example] a many of the teachers employed are temporary/part-time substitute teachers, [so/and] problems will existing with regards to their ethics as teachers.

7 Students Kneeling Down Under A Banner That Says “the Superior Leaders to Our School”

School: Pulled up by the teacher after kneeling for just a few minutes

The other day, this reporter eventually found a way to get in contact with the Anhui Fuyang Jingjiu Experimental Middle School involved in the matter. A person in charge surnamed Liu in the school office said that the incident shown in the picture did indeed happen at their school, that the students are in Grade 8 Class 2, but the students were not on their knees as punishment “to welcome the leaders” as spread online. This reporter also learned from some local insiders that the banner had already been there for many months.

As to why those students were on their knees, Liu said it was because these students were in a fight and afterward knelt to beg for their teacher’s forgiveness. “But they only knelt down for just a few minutes before they were pulled up by their teacher.” Mr. Liu said, explaining that the adults in the picture are teachers, that they were going forward to pull the students up.

Education Bureau: Teacher who failed to put a stop to this immediately has already been fired

Yesterday [2012 December 23], this reporter learned from some students familiar with the incident that the 7 students who were kneeling had all been punished to do so by their teacher, for bullying a student in a lower grade.

The students said that, from beginning from 1pm, [the students involved] were punished to kneel down all the way until 2pm, and from the moment it was exposed on the internet, the school issued the order: “Whoever talks will be fired.”

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The day before yesterday [2012 December 22], this reporter learned from the Fuyang City Yingdong District Education Bureau that after the incident, the education bureau also dispatched people to investigate the matter, with one person in charge saying the explanation given by the school was that the students knelt down voluntarily and not because they were punished, while also admitting that they did not question any students about the situation at the time.

Yesterday [2012 December 23], the Education Bureau of Yingdong District contacted the reporter again and said that after interviewing students to understand what happened, it is confirmed that the students were not punished by the teacher to kneel down. However, because [the teacher involved] did not immediately stop the students from kneeling down, creating this incident to have a negative influence, the teacher involved has presently already been fired.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Bah! Voluntary corporal punishment?! When I was in primary school, I was abused by my Funan No. 4 Elementary School teachers, leaving me with severe psychological trauma. Could I have been voluntarily suffering that abuse? Bah! Shameless teachers! I still especially especially hate those teachers to this day, the bunch of bitches! Not treating other people’s children as children! Sooner or later God will pay back your debt of abusing other people’s children upon your own children! Paid back ten times, even a hundred times!


Fuyang fucking making the news yet again! I remember when I was small, our math teacher used the leg of a stool to hit us, with one classmate’s arm having been swollen for three weeks as a result, with internal bleeding inside.


It obviously could not have been voluntary. But can these students who have nothing [no money, influence, or power] refuse? The consequences of refusing would have been unimaginable. They are the flowers of our motherland, the future of the world, yet their backbones [characters] have been forcefully broken. With this kind of thing happening today, and if it is allowed to continue without being stopped, the subsequent generation will be worse than than the one before it. Those so-called leaders also do not think about whether or not they could truly bear the consequences!


Actually, I am a student too right now, but there are some demands you can accept and some you cannot. When something wrong has been done, if parents must be contacted, then the parents must be contacted; if a self-criticism must be written, then a self-criticism must be written, and if something was damaged and compensation must be paid, then compensation must be paid, as long as it is all within reason. But a demand like kneeling down truly must not be agreed to!


This is an either kneel down or quit school [expelled] multiple choice question, so of course the choice is voluntary…


All these people making a fuss about dignity or whatever, talking about fucking exaggeration [making too big of a deal]. Education itself allows for appropriate corporal punishment, it’s just that kneeling down goes a little too far. If we stick to the actual matter at hand, we should be suggesting suitable corporal punishment, not immediately making this about a nationality’s dignity or whatever. Then again, it’s not like we ourselves have any dignity to speak of—eating the most poisonous food, living in the most expensive but lowest quality apartments…can our brain capacity be a little larger?


Is it a school or a jail?


If it were me, I would definitely stand up and slap the teacher!


Bullshit, so what if those students have to kneel down? I have been hit with belt [when I was young], why are children today so important?


Chinese education has no future!!!!!!!


Teachers are good at one thing—to exploit students as if they are tools and not treat them as children should be treated.


Chinese schools are the main bases where children are taught to be slaves.

What do you think? Do you believe the school or the students’ story of what happened? Would you be able to tolerate kneeling as a form of disciplinary punishment by teachers and schools?

  • Chinkicide

    Happy to see this species will extinct soon. Kneeling on my sofa.

    • YahLey

      Look at the clown playing a fool to make a joke. I wish I could play out my fantasies as readily as you can. Although mine tend to be less hateful and racist

      • TheTruthHurts

        it’s okay, there is no future in china. the nation is getting robbed and raped since mao and it will be like this until it’s extinction. china is the new africa, the point of no return is already passed.

        • YahLey

          Vague statement. Vague statement. Vague analogy to the STILL most economically crippled CONTINENT (vs country, China’s a country right?) on Earth.

          What are you saying but describing your whimsical fancies? Truth most oftentimes does hurt. Some have the fortitude to change from unabashed truth. Fortunately for myself you offer none.

          Please also realize I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt with your grammar and spelling (consistent good use after all is fundamental to effective communication and indicative of one’s capacity to do so).

  • Rick in China

    Pretty silly story, can’t believe it’s a popular issue in any fashion. Kids kneeling as punishment for bullying a younger student is seen as……what? exactly? harsh? *yawns*

    • I also so Not think that this is a bad punishment. They just Knebel Down because they bullied someone. What is so bad about it? Is it worden than being hit with a belt in China? Does ist hurt their pride that much? They made a mistake, now they also have to face some “bullying”…

      • Germandude

        How did your teachers punish students in Germany? Whenever we did some bullshit, our class teacher simply said that we will have to write a 2 page report about why we did something. It sounds stupid, but actually it worked.

        Once in winter, we took the wet sponge and put it outside of the window for 1 hour. It froze and got hard as a brick. Then we started throwing it around the class room, even while the teacher was there. One guy broke the window with it.
        Punishment: 3 guys had to write a 2 pages report on why we did that (me included). Sounds stupid, is stupid. Try to find enough words to fill 2 pages on describing while throwing a frozen sponge in the class is entertaining.

        The lesson we learned: don’t get caught while doing bullshit.

        • Kate

          I am a pretty strict teacher. I usually set up a point system to encourage positive behavior, i.e the students with most points at the end of the month get a special treat (they earn points for positive behaviors that the demonstrate in class). Positive reinforcement works better then being punitive all the time. However, sometimes there are students who don’t care. For certain transgressions I have different punishments. Talking during a test = automatic 10 point deduction for each time, writing on one’s desk = clean every single desk in the classroom, No homework first time = 10 mins from playground time, 2nd time = 20 mins, 3rd time = note home and no playground time for two days. Not following instructions = point deduction. etc.Students misbehave for a variety of reasons, attention seeking, revenge, power struggle, trying to display their inadequacy are the most common categories. Teachers have to decide which one the behavior is in and address it appropriately. I often found simply isolating the misbehaving student and talking to them works very well too. Though I’ve only taught elementary aged students, I can’t imagine the behavior in the higher grades, frankly high schools boys terrify me because of their propensity towards violence. Meh, I never assign reports though. I don’t like to use writing as a punishment because it links “writing to punishment” in the kid’s head and then they may develop a dislike to write because it’s been used as punishment.

          • lol my old class would make u cry xd

          • Germandude

            Hi Kate, I am pretty sure that the system you are using could work out in Korea or China. In Germany, it could work out until primary school is over. When students are about 12 years or older and reach puberty, you lose. I promise you, you would lose with that system. Simple reasons actually: The German school system took too much authority from the teachers, meaning, they actually lose the weapon of punishment.

            Your class contains a 14 year old turkish guy and a 14 year old german guy, both disrupting EVERY lesson you give. You try to punish them, for example with:

            1. Exclude them from the lesson

            The parents of the kids will go to the school director and state: “My kid has the right of education”. You lose

            2. You give them extra homework

            It works out once, but they won’t give a shit twice.

            3. You give them -10 points as you mentioned (more detailed explanation now, since this system is what you do)

            They will brag about having a -100 score in front of their friends, making it a game of “who collects most negative points”. At the end of the semester, you give them an F.

            The parents of the turkish kid will fail a complaint to the director of school, mentioning that you gave the kid a bad grade because of him having turkish parents. Hence: Discrimination towards foreigners. You lose. The parents of the german kid will fail a complaint about you not raelizing that the kid is hyper active. You lose. If you still think that the “F” you gave to the kids was justified, you lose. Because: The parents will dispute the grades being given based on the kids performance, rather than you judging the kid for “being late to the lessons”, “disrupting classes” and so on. The problem is: nobody is interested in why you give a bad grade. They will simply play a mind and time game with you. Bad grade? Explain it. YOU, as a teacher, have to tell your own boss, the director, why you gave a bad grade and write reporst about it. The director wants the student to pass because otherwise it gives the school a bad name. It takes YOU the time, time that YOU can’t have with your own family because you have to justify something so detailed, that actually shouldn’t be explained at all, because it’s a fact: disruptive behaviour. If your director fails to convince you and you still think the “F” was okay to give, the parents can go to a “pre-court”, basically the province’s “wise teachers” that will check if your reasoning is sufficient to surpass a potential “courtgame” with the kid’s family. The result is always the same: It’s not reasonable. They don’t want to be arsed and you shouldn’t take their time. YOU will give up to give a bad grade. If not, you go to court and at that stage, you are already 6 months further, the kid has driven you “nuts” already while it hasn’t received the punishment that it (for normal people at least) rightfully deserved.

            This is of course an extreme, but I promise you, I am not making this up. My uncle is a teacher on a comprehensive school in western Germany. 1200 students, 13 of which are German, 1150 are Turkish, rest is Russian. During parent teacher meetings, that are held regularly each semester, they do have dozens of translators so that the teacher can give his message along to the parents as they don’t speak German (or pretend not to understand). My uncle went through a process of giving a 15 year old a fail in the English and Sports course (English, cause he didn’t speak it and sports, cause he didn’t attend it). It took him almost 12 months to get the grades validated in court. He said that he doesn’t give an “F” EVER again, no matter what the student is doing. Because he doesn’t want to miss seeing his own kids raising up. No need to say that he got a lot of personal threats through the family of that student.
            On the other hand, my mom is a teacher on a secondary modern school in a smaller city. From their 800 students, there are approx. 120 Turkish but those ones are well-integrated (thanks to not ghettoization like in the big cities) and parents actually still take their time to raise kids. Giving an “F” to a student still leads to some trouble, but usually the parents take more care of the kids and don’t blame everything on the teachers.
            I thought that I would become a teacher once because the government had some good deals. I wasn’t sure to do so because I thought: “If I was a teacher and teaching myself as a kid, I would get insane” (I was a troublesome student). My uncle told me some of the stories that he experienced and I was sure: FOR NO MONEY ON EARTH will I become a teacher.

          • quake

            turks cause germany’s PISA rating to fall

          • Germandude

            I didn’t write it into my reply to Kate because I thought readers would understand from my writing that I am not blaming turkish people (immigrants or 2nd/3rd generation of turks) in my rant. I blame the system. Germany is not integrating foreigners but rather administrating foreigners. Mix that mistake with the lack of will for integrating oneself and there you go: sooner or later, one generation will have to pay for this shit.

          • dim mak

            Solution: have more babies and stop importing turks

          • El Puma R.

            So it all means the educational system is corrupt all around the world. Oppression, conditions, stress, miseducation. The greatest geniuses of our era were never good students at the post-modern education system, and the ones before them, they all learned through the trivium and quadrivium, the seven liberal arts. Us being more technologically advanced doesn’t mean we are completely right about our ways in modern society.

        • El Puma R.

          I teach in China and I’ve come to use a method proven to be very useful in the past: I pick the BEST student, kick him/her out of the classroom and I file a disciplinary report about them. It’s almost an analogy, the good ones being punished for the bad one’s behavior. Doing that has made my classes more united and protective with each other and less distracted during class, those smart asses aren’t so smart anymore because they won’t drag a “good student” down, it would put the whole class against them. In this article I see wrong written all over it.. the teachers, exhausted and unable to afford their materialistic dreams, the students, oppressed and spoiled at the same time. Let’s not put names to it, the whole educational system is going to collapse any time, it will only take a few students to realize what it’s all about… then the rest will follow.

          • u have luck. not every students behave like this.

          • El Puma R.

            Amen bro ! I simply put them against each other, also gaining some respect from them. Just like any kid, only thing you got to do is outsmart them.

        • Red Scarf

          Lol worse than lines……..

          • Germandude

            Sorry, I don’t understand your meaning.

          • Red Scarf

            Having to fill 2 A4 pages with why you did wrong instead of two pages of “I should not throw a frozen sponge in the class as entertainment” (lines)

        • Our teachers did not really give a shit about bullying. Some were just like “That is what boys are doing at that age.”

          I remember when I was bullied once, the teacher even asked me if it may have been my own fault. I wish I would have hit him then.
          Instead the next time I hit all 3 bullies, broke two noses and felt good again.

          That is, why I think, it is good, that the bullies are punished. It is just kneeling down. What is so bad about it? The bullies did something wrong. That is Karma.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          I thought the punishment was putting you guys in gas chambers.

          • Germandude

            You are right, faggot. Now why don’t you pick up the soap? Bitch.

    • Brett

      I don’t think anyone said that it was a harsh punishment, but the fact that the school said that they were kneeling voluntarily is a joke.

  • ScottLoar

    A story by Ernest Hemingway tells of a bully on a tramp steamer finally stopped short by another who every day called him over to slug him in the stomach, but always in front of at least one other crew member. The bully finally threw himself overboard. Public humiliation can work.

  • Duke

    OMG! They knelt down for the WHOLE hour! Those poor little girls! Compared to what my American football coach would do to us on a daily basis, kneeling for an hour sounds like a good time. I’m all for toughening up the local male population. Nothing wrong with that. My buddies from middle school would have spent the entire hour laughing and doing our best to show our teacher that he couldn’t break us, no matter how creative he got with the torture methods. This is really not that big a deal.

    • Chucklolz

      My girlfriend was the one who translated the article and when I first read it I couldn’t understand what the big deal was either, I mean I went to a private school and my teachers were allowed to spank me with a cricket bat, so I asked WTF is so bad about these kids kneeling….seems like a walk in the park to me. Apparently its a face thing. Whenever I don’t understand something about China, 6 times out of 10 its a face thing ;P

  • Peye

    “Do not even dare to step on the shadow of your teacher” I believe it is a Korean proverb, The guys kneeling down are just praying for devine guidance and forgiveness for whatever they did or wil do at a later time.

    • TheTruthHurts

      isn’t it already punishment enough for a human to be born to the chinese society? just let them vanish, it’s inevitable

      • jixiang

        I think if you are born in China, you haven’t done too badly in the birth lottery. You could have been born in places where meeting a violent death before you grow old is far more likely, or where you have to face even worse poverty and squalor.

  • maybeabanana

    Some body is lying in this picture and the education system sucks. Dysfunctional teachers teaching dysfunctional kids of dysfunctional parents. And where can this cyclical dysfunction lead?

    With the way people care about one another in China, it doesn’t surprise me that these teachers might not give a shit about their teachings for one its not even their own kid; as much as making a buck. Discipline among other important values and skills should be taught by the parents as much as teachers, and if they don’t have time for that, they shouldn’t be having kids. With so much people with so much maladjusted views all based in pride, how easy of the system to run as  irrational as such example? 

    By “punishment” (humility at best) while wasting available time to actually educate in a better manner (not saying punishment isn’t needed), it is non conductive to the student’s learning at all.  As much “shame or shamelessness” as the netizens are griping about, shouldn’t they look deeper about their value systems and how they should teach their kids versus just having shame is all that matters?

  • Kate

    Middle school students? They look awfully big and broad to be middle schoolers? Is a middle school different in china then the usa?

    • Brett

      “Experimental middle schools”, are middle and high school together.

      • Kate

        Well then that’s their problem. Older students should not be kept around much younger students, developmentally they are too different and I bet they have a lot of issues with bullying.

        • Brett

          True, but but when I taught at an experimental middle school in China, there were more problems between the 1st and 3rd year high school students than with the middle school students.

          The biggest problems arose at the dorms where they were all together. Big guys were notorious for stealing the little ones’ stuff.

          • Man, if I found out my older students were stealing from younger students, I would do everything I could do without getting deported to make their lives hell.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    The kids look like they are about to be executed haha.

    • Anonymal

      yo gabbo, no more sex talk? what happen, you tired? or mature up? good on ya I reckon , though a bit bored. Kinda hopin’ for some GABful comments

      • Gay Azn Boi

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        • Anonymal


          • mr.wiener

            …And they both left satisfied.

  • Nick in Beijing

    I think that we in the West could do with just a little more teacher worship. Not to the degree that it happens here in China, but a little more. Schools, especially in the U.S., but certainly all across the West (and the world at large) are shit holes that don’t put out smart and well adjusted kids anymore.
    Adding just a bit of teacher worship, and putting just a little bit of the fear of God into students regarding the way they perceive their teachers would do a lot of good.
    These kids are pussies by the way. And all those bitches whining about how degrading this kind of punishment is.

    • Germandude

      “and putting just a little bit of the fear of God into students ”

      Hold on, are you saying schools should give some psychopathy to students?

      • Nick in Beijing

        Turn of phrase my friend. It means to show respect to.

        The reason I said that is because certainly in the U.S., students are getting bolder and bolder in their disregard for their teacher’s authority. It wouldn’t hurt to “put the fear of God” into the students with regards to how they regard their teachers.

        The teachers are educating students for the good of the student. It wouldn’t hurt at all to let students understand that their futures are largely in the hands of the very people they are antagonizing and that they should show a little reverence for these people, considering how much most teachers have to put up with on generally low salaries.

        • Germandude

          I agree, students should pay respect towards their teachers. They should learn early that in the future, be it privately or even more in their worklife, THERE WILL BE people in front/on top of you, such as your line manager, superior or boss. And in order to make learning possible, students need to pay respect towards the teacher, accepting the authority.

          Unfortunately, this is lost more and more in Germany, where you have students that disrupt school lessons, challenge teachers all the time and basically distract fellow students from learning.

          The problem in the German system lays within the fact that the teachers nowadays are very limited in their power to interfere and properly handle those students. All that, while the government takes responsibilities of raising kids out of the hands of their parents, gives that responsibility to the teachers, but takes basically all forms of punishment possibilities from the teachers with the excuse of: it’s discrimination to give a disrupting student extra work. And then, after a couple of years, the same politicians and business men that actually supported the system are complaining that the new generation of workers doesn’t feel responsible for their actions anymore.

          It would make a good joke if it wasn’t that harmful for societies.

          • Nick in Beijing

            I dig what you’re saying there. What I was talking about above was attempting to describe exactly this kind of situation in U.S. schools. In China however students are so terrified of what the teacher may do to their test scores that genuine argument or disruption is rare in the classroom.

    • El Puma R.

      You say they worship them in China? Far from the truth, dude, sorry. They get the worst, my wife is one of them and I’ve heard a lot about what they have to go through. To worship them is just a facade, you know, if the students are dumb and can’t pass the exams because they are too spoiled or stupid to think or learn, the teacher is to blame. It also applies to disciplinary situations, most of the time parents go to schools and humiliate the teachers right at the door just because the teacher said the boy or the girl is stupid or can’t behave. In the west our parents will get angry at us when we fuck up at school, over here they get angry at the teachers. For example…if the kid is dumb… is it because of the teacher or is it because the parents are dumb too? I’d go for the second one, the teacher is just doing his/her job.

      In this situation particularly I think it got out of hand. I could go on about this but I think I would be talking about things I shouldn’t talk about.

      • What you’re saying is absolutely wrong. Blaming the student for poor performance in the West is a thing of the past… I’m only 32, and that was the case when I was a kid, but its changed that quickly. I have two teachers in my family, elementary and middle school levels, and parents now harass, goad, or threaten lawsuits against principals until they overrule the teachers and change students’ grades.

        Moreover, since No Child Left Behind was effected, schools get money based on performance of students, so it often doesn’t require parental remonstrance to get a grade changed, the administrators just do it themselves to secure federal funding (and their jobs).

        I’m not trying to attack you or call you stupid, like most people do to each other in these forums, I’m just saying your claim about the West is outdated.

        • Nick in Beijing

          Agreed that No Child Left Behind is creating a culture of corruption in schools in the U.S.

          I’m so glad that I graduated from high school just before my district implemented those god awful standardized examinations.

        • El Puma R.

          It probably is , I am 30 years old so I might be outdated in some ways… I never want to grow old =(

          As for what you said, I’ve been thinking about what I said and I agree with you saying my claim is outdated. Don’t worry man, I like people who disagree with me, that’s why I am here, to see what other people think or believe. I am so happy to know I only got one more month of teaching and then I can go back to my old profession, and probably learn a new one too =)

          Unless the system changes, I am thinking when I have kids I will home school them and send them to private tutors. Parents blame the teachers because they know if they were to teach their own children they would fuck up badly, what I am saying is if parents are acting like this nowadays it MIGHT be because they know they are weak and ignorant and because of that they are too proud to take the blame. Dumb people won’t know they are dumb until someone tells them so, hence the teacher’s duty.

          • I don’t remember who it was, but I read a quote by an old timey baseball player… all I remember is that he was a catcher in the 30’s, and he said “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you was?” His baseball was better than his grammar, but… hell, I’ve met a lot of 20 year olds who were older than many 50 year olds I’ve met. Its unbelievable how many young people have no real interests or curiosity about almost anything.

            The only thing that ages out of your control is your body, and we have an awful lot of knowledge about how to slow that down now. So, stay young dude. Being wise and clearly remembering days before current college students were born doesn’t make you old!

          • El Puma R.

            I am so proud I wasn’t taught to memorize and repeat everything my despicable teachers wanted to teach me. That’s not teaching anyways… and yes Sean, I will stay young =)

          • Eh, I think memorization skills are actually very, very useful. I wish I’d been forced to memorize a few poems or something when I was in school. But memorization and repetition shouldn’t be the core of the educative process.

            Don’t be too hard on the listen and repeat practices in Chinese primary schools though… I know high school and middle teachers, good ones who genuinely care about their students, but they can only do so much. Classes of 50 students… can you imagine trying to keep that many middle school and high school students focused, and YOURSELF focused at the same time? And they get paid very little, often less than a few thousand per month, and they often have to take second jobs.

            The listen and repeat garbage makes us as foreigners ill to watch, but believe me… it makes a lot of Chinese teachers ill too. They don’t do it “because its China,” they do it because its the most practical way.

          • Once more I agree with you man. Back when I was teaching in China I used a different approach in class. I liked to let them discover, to find it out by themselves, using stories and a whole lot of media… most of the time were simple adaptations of books I used to read when I was a kid (i.e 50 things you can do to save the world) more than once the school complained about me not following the book until they found out the students would go absolutely mad every time I tried to follow their program. Until today students still bother me on weixin on a daily basis. I miss them too.

      • Nick in Beijing

        I’ve lived in China for 5 years man, I’m sure you have also been here for a while. Students I had while I was a teacher, and friends of mine who all work in public schools confirm this.

        What you are referring to is this emerging thing where parents of single children defend their kids tooth and nail against any accusation. This is entirely true, no argument on my part against that. It is still true though how much students worship their teachers here. This cannot be denied or cast aside as a facade. The amount of money and the number of gifts given as bribes to teachers by parents to get even a little more attention for their children from the teacher is evidence of this.

        I myself was confronted by this situation on multiple occasions where I was asked to write recommendation letters to help get kids into better high schools and middle schools. I’m proud to say I didn’t accept the gifts offered, and wrote the recommendations as honestly as I could, but it happened.

        I will agree that teachers from lesser known or less face-giving schools (for example a community primary school) are often treated poorly by the parents of students, I have listened to plenty of stories from friends and past students who work for those kind of lower level schools, but middle and high level schools ranging from primary schools all the way up through university are populated generally by teachers who will only give attention to students who worship them.

        I’m sure you’ve heard stories from people more than enough times about how they needed to give gifts to their teachers because their classmates were, or risk being neglected and not being able to score as well on exams. All of this goes to show that the culture of teacher worship here is incredibly strong. Not necessarily for the same reason as it was in the past, but still strong nonetheless.

        • Haha, you must absolutely, 100% befuddle and annoy parents who try to bribe you. They must think you just want something different than what they are offering you because you are a foreigner.

          I have only ever taught university level students, and I have never been offered any kind of obvious bribe, but I notice around exam time I tend to get more compliments and small things like apples.

        • El Puma R.

          Absolutely, everything you said is right from top to bottom… however I see the students who worship teachers do so because they parents have taught them to. I’ve got most of my experiences from this one government’s middle-school where I taught for more than 4 years, here in Changchun. And my question still remains. whether they worship the teachers or not, many of them still rely on their parents to go against their teachers over something the teacher has no control, i.e. low IQ, lack of motivation, stress. My wife doesn’t get any “gifts” from the parents, but she makes sure the private lessons are worth every minute.

          A former student of mine who is more than 2 meters tall and wights more than 200 pounds (good kid, though too spoiled and lazy) hit one big punch on a teacher sinking her cheekbone into her face just because she told him he was going to get suspended. Later that day, the headmaster told the teacher “you should take more care of yourself”. School didn’t take any responsibility for this, neither the parents did, and I don’t know what happened to that kid. So I wonder… where do these kids learn their behavior? is it at school? Over there they don’t have enough time for that. Children see and children do, so the schools are not the only ones to blame.

          On the other hand, students often feel way more familiar with their teachers, since they get to spend more time at school than anywhere else. When I was i high school I hated my teachers, almost all of them, mostly for making me study boring books (half of them full with lies or things that are useless for my life a it is). I just passed my exams knowing it would be the end of it. They tried hard to kill my curiosity and ambition, but Thank God they failed.

          BTW, I did take those bribes with great ease, both parents and myself knew my salary was crap. =)

  • Super Bunny

    bunch of soft bones…

  • The Enlightened One

    Oh the horror!

    Throwing snowballs at lions, beating homeless people, shooting arrows at live roosters.. all of this is perfectly normal and does not warrant a punishment at all.

    But this kneeling in public just won’t do! Fire everyone! How could they let this happen?!

    China + Logic = FAIL

    • Strelnikov

      Life is cheap, but honor is everything.

      PRC : We live in a frigging Kung Fu flick.

  • China Newz

    Kneeling doesn’t seem to be to harsh a punishment. I can think of much worse. If they were bullying someone then they should probably be disciplined.

  • 平凡人

    What’s wrong with such punishment? Current spoilt brats, why not?

  • Appalled@everything

    Come on, this is how China develops!! through more and more senseless and baffling acts of tyranny, dictatorship and inhumanity. You don’t understand, you aren’t Chinese!

  • anon101

    this would be a story if the teacher pulled out a gun and walked in front of them saying “three of you will die, you choose which three, if 3 of you do not volunteer, you will all die”

    but having them get on their knees for a while is nothing.

    Is China getting so protective that soon hangman wont be able to be played in the class room unless its stated the man being hung is Japanese?