‘School Fun’ (I)

Poet Du Fu in a suit.

The government says we should go to school as usual on April 1st… Don’t be fooled… don’t be fooled… don’t…

Poet Du Fu in suit

A person was tricked into joining a pyramid scheme, but during class he would be asleep, during meals awake–even eating more than everyone else–and would also flirt with the female classmates, and was ultimately expelled.

happy bear

A teacher said to the high school seniors, “College Entrance Exams are coming. Those already in relationships, don’t get in a fight, to avoid being sad. Those who aren’t yet in relationships, don’t confess your love, to avoid being rejected and then sad…”


A student sleeps in class. The teacher yells and wakes him, asking: “Why are you sleeping in class?” “I feel unbearable.” “Oh, are you sick?” “No, I feel unbearably sleepy…”

James Franco sleeping in class

Amazing! In high school history textbooks, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Emperor Guangwu of Han, Zhuge Liang, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang, Yan Zhenqing…turns out they’re all the same person!

Historical figures in History textbooks

May those who have studied a lot but keep saying they’re going to fail have their predictions come true.

sinister smile

The teacher’ favorite question during tests and when writing on the board–“Why do I hear people talking?” Answer: Because you have ears?

Why am I hearing people talking?

Men are like the food in the school dining hall. Though lousy, there’s still none left if you’re late!


China’s situation is this: A lot of parents don’t allow students to date, and even when they’re already in college, still many parents forbid dating. But the moment they graduate from college, all the parents hope a Mr. Perfect–and especially one who already owns an apartment–will fall from the heavens and fall in love and marry their daughters. Wishful thinking. —Han Han

Han Han and his wife Jin Lihua

Eyes sore? Let’s do some eye exercises then (After you’re done, say “I’m niubi“): (→_→) (↑_↑) (←_←) (↓_↓) (→_←) (↑_↓) (↓_↑) (←_→)

Just kidding. Here’s China’s latest official eye exercises instructional video:

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • ImmortalTechnique

    James Franco… So Good.

  • Meh



    Its only cool to play april fools jokes in the morning!!!!!!!!


  • whichone

    May those who have studied a lot but keep saying they’re going to fail have their predictions come true.

    This is true, I hate those people…pretentious jerk-offs, I have also been one of those people…ah I’m confused.

  • jin

    lol did alot of people actually got fooled?
    LMAO!!! its empty here today

  • Foreign Devil

    fooled by what? THis article?? Chinasmack has been down most of the day btw.

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      LOL that was the april fools’ joke!

      • Foreign Devil

        I thought this website has hosted in China ..in which case I was fully expecting it to be shut down after reporting on Chinese politics. Anyhow. good thing it is hosted in USA!

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    AHAHAHAHAHA I only found out it was a joke just now! Though I found that I could still read some articles, like the last one before this, I thought someone was attacking the site or something!

    Nicely done! XD

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    You need to customize your fake error page to different browsers, not everyone uses Chrome.

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    To those who were fooled and thought chinasmack was shut down and didn’t figure out the way to get in here, Happy Fools’ Day !

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    heheheee good one fauna!! I actually panicked for a second and thought the US gov censor team stepped way outta line!!!

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    I thought ‘The Great Fire Wall’ had expanded its area of operations and was providing its services to other countries now.