School Starts in Shanghai, 4 Students Commit Suicide

12-year-old Hong Kong schoolgirl commits suicide by jumping off building, one day after school began.

Here in Shanghai, the new school semester started only a few days ago. After just two days, four Shanghai middle school students have jumped from buildings to commit suicide.

I read about this on KDS, a BBS forum with mostly Shanghainese. Maybe this is not a big thing on the Chinese internet but it is little more personal to me.

Two days after school begins in Shanghai, 4 incidences of suicide jumpings“:

  • September 1, early morning, Yangpu District, 131 Yanji East Road, a 14-year-old female student jumped from the 4th floor. Although not life-threatening, it may lead to loss.
  • Same day, early morning 5:00am, Pudong District, Heze Road, a 15-year-old boy fell from a 8th floor window, suffered serious injuries.
  • Same day, morning 9:00pm, Jiading District, Caoyang Second Middle River Bridge Experimental Middle School, a middle school student who failed a grade wanted to commit suicide by jumping, but was eventually persuaded by police not to jump.
  • September 2, morning 7:40am, a dull thump breaks the peacefulness of 486 Xianxia Road. Without warning, 12-year-old boy Little Fan (fake name) leapt from a 6 story window and died ten minutes later.

12-year-old Hong Kong schoolgirl's possessionsL shoes, glasses, notes.

Another KDS topic: “2 days, 4 people jumped to death.”

On NetEase: “Two days after school starts in Shanghai, 4 incidences of suicide jumpings.”

On QQ: “Only 2 days after school starts and 3 students have jumped off buildings to commit suicide” and “Shanghai 13-year-old boy commits suicide day after school begins, died on the spot.”

The first two pictures are of a 12-year-old Hong Kong girl who also committed suicide, probably because of a little fight with her mother but also one day after school started. If this happened in Shanghai and Hong Kong too, maybe there were more suicides in many other cities also.

Comments on KDS:

Today’s children are not capable dealing with pressure.

Today’s children’s hearts are too frail…
The future pillars of society, are inferior to reed poles.

Is starting school that difficult?

The reporter realized during the interviews that in each of the incidences, the main characters were all middle school students. Between learning and life they only met a small problem, but chose to get understanding/sympathy/compassion by attempting to end their lives.

A harmonious society does not automatically become a harmonious society just by saying it should be harmonious.

Caused by summer homework.

Investors? [stock market]

Today’s education system.

Today’s morning newspaper headline was: “Cartoon generation’s psychological endurance is poor.”
I think it should be changed to “mentally retarded generation” 90s
In the newspaper, it said that when a teacher tried to explain what “life” is by giving an example that life is lost when all blood is lost. Suddenly, a student of the 90s generation in the class unexpectedly responded: “If there is no blood, just add some more and you can be resurrected.”

Education is moving toward the brink of collapse. I do not want my children to grow up in such an environment and background. Children these days do not have nearly the same ability to deal with stress as we did. Superior living condition/situation is not necessarily a good thing.

1. Product of being spoiled by the family;
2. Example of a useless child.
This kind of children dying is not a pity, even if they grow up they will not have much prospects/ability.

A pity…
Are you doing right by your parents?
Children, if there are problems, talk about it. Come to KDS, auntie and uncle will teach you…

If China’s education does not change soon, it really will become crippled beyond repair. Just look at what kind of people it is raising!

Please refer to China men’s football.

This disaster is caused by being the only child.

Children dying should be a very regrettable thing!
Too bad there are still people on the side making jokes.

The schools need to offer psychological counseling.

Extremely evil China education system.

Unfortunately, it is because the parents who did not teach their children well, allowing them to spend an entire summer watching cartoons and playing video games. Were the teachers supposed to go to their homes every day to check up on them?

A generation without goals.
When we were young, we waited half a year to buy a Transformer toy, we waited a year to buy a 39 RMB black and white handheld electronic toy, getting a video game system we had to wait until the final middle school tests, etc. etc. etc…

A problem with today’s education system. In our time, when school was over and we did not have homework, we played. That is how we all grew up. Nowadays? Home tutoring. Teachers only work for money, everything else they will not do.

Laws of nature, survival of the fittest.
Those who survive, who fight to survive, will be humanity’s future ancestors.

Who remembers the Tianlin elementary school jumping incident? [a 11 year old girl jumped to commit suicide or maybe it was just an accident]
We should scold the parents!

Life’s last summer vacation.

Children’s lives today are too easy. I remember when I was in the first year of middle school I climbed from the bottom 10 to the top 10 of my class just for my first wrist watch.

Students’ stress will only get bigger and bigger, especially the children of ordinary urban residents.

School starts, no more fun.
No more air conditioning, eating ice cream, watching television, playing video games.
Served like a god by one’s parents.
Now what?
Shit, besides, even if they grow up, their prospects will only be getting laid off.

Death Note???

When I was a young, unless all the teachers held me down and then threw me off the building, I would never commit suicide in front of them.

Their ability to deal with pressure is too weak. I reckon if they were speculating stocks, they will increase the country’s number of jumping suicides.

They cannot handle setbacks. If I was like them, I would have died several dozens of times already.

Why is everyone’s hearts so bad, feels like everyone lost money on their stocks.

Different environment/circumstances. When we were small, our environment valued people who had personal strength, never letting anything overwhelm us, always keeping a straight back no matter what happens. If others were fierce, we have to be even more fierce. Whoever did not have personal strength would be laughed at by others. No one wanted others to laugh at them so we forced ourselves not to cry or to shed tears, thereby exercising our willpower. In this regard, our teachers contributed, wantonly punishing us to copy passages 100 times to the point where we did not know what desperation was. Looking at those QQ homepages, from a small age they have learned to cry without pain, and everything is always life or death. This is their environment.


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