Schoolboy Moves Bricks for 8 Days to Repay Apple iPhone Debt

A young Chinese boy carrying bricks.

A young Chinese boy carrying bricks.

From NetEase:

University Student Moves Bricks at Construction Site for 8 Days to Repay Apple iPhone Loan

Yang Fan (pseudonym) is an art major student at a general university in the city [Chongqing]. Under a relatively good financial situation in his family, he applied for a credit card when he was a freshman. He said, “We need to buy paints and go out to do drawings. These all cost a lot of money. Plus I spend money loosely, so I applied for a credit card from the bank.”

Last year, Yang Fan bought an iPhone 4 with credit card financing. “The first bill only asked for 667 yuan (including a processing fee of 250 yuan), and the remaining 11 installments would be 417 yuan per month. At the time, the iPhone’s price had already dropped, so the total installments were about 1000 yuan more than the actual retail price, but there was nothing I could do either, because I couldn’t pay that much money all at once,” said Yang Fan.

Yang Fan spoke frankly, that though he only has to pay back 400 yuan each month, due to his inability to control his spending, he often would borrow money. “Without a choice, I could only go to a construction site to help move bricks, where I could get a 100 yuan per day. Whenever I was short on money in a month, I’d go to the construction site and carry bricks for a few days. I don’t work more than I have to, just enough to pay back the credit card debt. Each time, I’d work 4 days, and I ultimately did it twice, so a total of 8 days.”

Apple iPhone 4, white and black side-by-side.

Yang Fan told this Chongqing Morning News reporter that moving brinks was something he did because he had no other alternatives. “If I had the option, I would rather give up this iPhone 4. Moving bricks in the construction yard is not your ordinary exhausting, and I had blisters all over my hands those few days, extremely painful.” This is not the lone case of college students spending on credit. Chongqing Industrial and Commercial University senior student Xiao Cao said, based on what she knows, there are two classmates using credit card financing to buy cell phones and laptops.

According to the news lately, the Wuhan Jiexin Company, which specializes in providing small consumer loan financial services in Wuhan, has stated that in the past year, it has provided loans to more than 20,000 Wuhan college students. These student loans are mainly used to purchase Apple branded cell phones, laptops and other electronics. According to reports, a loan company’s highest annual percentage interest rate exceeds 40 percent. Are these kinds of low-barrier, high-interest businesses creating new services or consumption traps? If the students default, then who’s left with paying the bill…? In fact, there are quite a few college students buying iPhones with loans, with some students blindly getting loans just to look good, while “suffering unbearably” when it comes time to repay.

Experts: Debts fall on the parents; not worth it

During the interview, many small loan companies in Chongqing said they don’t have services targeting college students. A customer manager from one of them spoke directly, “college students don’t have any ability to repay the loans at all.”

With regards to university students using installment payments to buy iPhones, Blue Ocean Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd Creative Investment Department CEO Assistant Wei Xulong believes that some media reports are a little exaggerated. In reality, as long as the loan amount is 10,000 yuan and under, most students can use a variety of ways to repay the debt, without causing too much harm. As for the small loan companies, as long as the loans reaches a certain level/scope, there wouldn’t be too much risk either. However, he emphasized, “I think college students should minimize taking on loans for purchasing things. If it is a loan for entrepreneurship, banks have plenty of favorable policies, whereas consumer loans can become a considerable burden for college students who do not have much income. In the end, these reckless debts will fall on their parents, and if that happens, then it’s not worth it.

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A young Chinese man in a construction hat with cinderblocks in the background.

Comments on NetEase:


Actually this college student’s choice to go move bricks on a construction site is pretty good. This is a vivid lesson to learn about the society, to understand society. If he has the chance, he should go to certain government organizations and learn more, as it would be even more helpful in understanding society, learning about society, also further hardening the desire and determination to emigrate.


Isn’t this a very good thing, repaying your debts, and repaying it with what you earn through your own labor?

That’s being a man about it.


Moving bricks is better than selling kidneys, right?


All the diaosi, wake up… The foreman is calling you to move bricks….


Not stealing, robbing or cutting out kidneys is already very good. And [the college student] even thinks of a way to repay his debt. At the very least making money with his own abilities. From an extreme perspective, being able to survive in this world is itself an ability. Years later, there may be a batch of “elites” squeezed out from the market to make up for those bricks that have been moved away. The key is those who build the buildings never pay attention to who moves the bricks. Even more importantly, many people are waiting in line to move the bricks…


So vain, would not using an Apple kill you?

网易浙江省杭州市网友 [zhugebin770322] : (in response to the above)

Post-90s generation are brain damaged, rubbish, worthless. Wouldn’t take one even if you paid me.

网易浙江省嘉兴市网友: (in response to the above)

Can a young person who hasn’t made a few mistakes still be called “a young person”? Or are they thousand-year-old creatures time traveled right after being born in this world? The important point is that he didn’t cross the line, sell a kidney, steal or rob, ultimately doing honest work to repay the money, earning money with his labor, and at the same time also learning the value of money, and also regretting his own extravagance. Isn’t this a very good thing? Isn’t this actually a positive example? A prodigal son who returns home is more precious than gold. Is this age-old proverb passed down by our ancestors not right?

网易湖南省手机网友: (in response to the above)

Fourth floor [referring to above commenter], well said.

网易广东省东莞市网友 [三愣子]: (in response to the above)

Well said your ass. What return of a prodigal son? Is buying an Apple product a crime? In this world, many things we want are not easy to obtain, so for those that can be obtained, one should do everything they can to get them, what’s wrong with this?!

网易广东省深圳市网友 [天香引]: (in response to the above)

Earning through one’s labor is so degraded by you guys. Actually, we should pay attention to why one has to move so many days of bricks to be able to buy one mobile phone? Who are we carrying those bricks for?

网易浙江省杭州市网友 [愤怒的八零后] : (in response to the above)

Buying an Apple nowadays no longer allows you to zhuangbi. To zhuangbi now requires driving a convertible BMW Z4, SL350 or better.

网易浙江省嘉兴市网友: (in response to the above 三愣子)

Was I wrong in saying a prodigal son’s return? Is it you guys using an Apple product to show off, or was it me using an Apple product to show off? Apple is just a cell phone, and what more, the price isn’t cheap. There are 200 yuan cell phones, there are also 2000 yuan cell phones, and probably even 20,000 yuan ones. As an individual, one should buy something that is suitable to one’s financial abilities. This young guy bought a cell phone that exceeds his financial abilities, and therefore he paid the price of moving bricks to repay his debt. I would ask is there anything here that has to do with Apple? If we change the Apple iPhone to an extremely expensive watch, extremely expensive cigarettes, wouldn’t it still be the same? A prodigal son returning is not saying it’s criminal to buy an Apple phone, but about the behavior of buying something beyond one’s (financial) abilities.

A Chinese man carrying bricks.

  • meh

    So he did a job to pay for something he bought??? Yikes.

    • And posed for the photos in the process.

    • Panda Banana

      yeah, i too see nothing wrong with that.

      • mr.wiener

        So at the end he gets a life lesson, an I phone and a the same benefits as a gym membership. Good for him.

        • Panda Banana

          a lesson is just worth when you are able to learn from it. Not many are able to do that in my opinion. While his priority list of necessary things in life is highly questionable, he in addition might send out the wrong signal to other dumb fools which now think that in the worst case they just have to carry bricks for a couple of days to pay off their shit.

        • the ace of books

          Good way to look at it, but I’ve gotta say – if this story is being written, then he didn’t learn any life lessons. He got the message “oh no I had to do hard work” but he didn’t connect it to “but maybe I should cut back the reckless spending”. Instead it was “It’s not worth an iPhone” – a similar message, but not all-encompassing enough. Debt is accrued by continual spending but together with not paying the whole amount back, and a person like this (who spends on everything because he’s ‘unable to control himself’) has a lot of unneeded expenditures that, were they eliminated, would go a long way toward not making him in debt.

    • elizabeth

      That’s what everyone should be doing, ideally – working for what we want.

    • Exactly… What’s wrong with doing this? What’s the CS angle? That the poor little boy was reduced to child labour to buy something he needs/deserves? Or that he took the initiative and got off of his lazy arse and did a part-time job?

      80’s/90’s generation in China are soft as shit.

      • Panda Banana

        liberal assholes like in western countries where the gov would interfere and rather spend thousands trying to therapy giving him a foot rub and wash his ass with silk gloves, rather then letting him work his dues off out of his own will by selling his labour. We are doomed, cause we created in out western “civilizations” such ill shaped monsters of governments, and when the shit hits the fan this liberal fucks will ask themselves: how this could have happened?!

        • You’re right. I’m so Western liberal, you should see my silk glove collection. Boxes upon boxes upon boxes of them. I love the foot rubs I get rather than working for a living. I just wish that they would pay me a salary instead of the foot rubs and silk gloves so I could pay off this iPhone debt and not have to have a job like everyone else no matter what their political ideology is.

  • Funny… the guy works at what could be a sweatshop just so he could pay for something that it’s actually made in a sweatshop.

  • nqk123

    well at least he learning about the value of money when he’s young. also it’s kinda wrong singling out Apple.

    • ex-expat

      yeah it is…but their culture tends to make excuses and blame outside elements rather than taking a look at what element inside their own culture may be causing the undesired behavior.

      • K

        Sounds like American culture as well.

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    This is only news in China where the spoiled rule behind the Great Walls.

  • BiggJ

    What does an art major do anyway? Why would you go to school to learn art? isn’t art something your born with? I can barely draw stick men and I don’t think any amount of education is going to change that. A girl in my class in grade school can draw some fucking real life shit, shes been doing it all her life…she was never taught it…she can just do it. She could get a job painting or whatever without going to university. Anyway….maybe this guy should have took math instead….he seems to suck at that.

    It is just me or it always the poorest fuckers who buy this shit they can’t afford to make other people they think they have money? If these people put their effort into doing something to make actual money then go buy something nice….you might have to go without for a while, but at least your not moving bricks like some chump wasting your time to pay for some stupid phone. I’m glad there are dumb fucks like this in world…it makes my life a lot easier…less competition for real jobs. 100 rmb a day?? They would be lucky if I got out of bed for 100 rmb….let alone move bricks all fucking day. The only way I would do that is if it was the last job available and me and my wife were about to die of starvation. Even then…I would still have to contemplate doing it….and for a fucking electronic???Get the fuck out of here… Anyways… I’m stoned as shit..I hope this made sense.

    • La Mano Gaucha

      I have a BFA and an MFA from a primo institute in the USA. I’ve been well-employed since a few months after I graduated 20+ years ago. Anyhow, some of the smartest, nicest and hippest people I’ve ever known are involved in the art world. Art is life, man! And by “art” I mean fine arts, music, film, dance, theater…

      You do sound kind of stoned! Good hash, eh? Tan or black? :-)

      • mr.wiener

        Nothing like smokin’ some good Johnny Cash.

        • La Mano Gaucha

          Fuck yeah!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    And someone works 30 years to repay their mortgage, hows this even news or worth talking about?

    • the fact that it is news speaks volumes about “news media” in china

    • elizabeth

      It’s not so much the news about someone working hard to pay off his debts but the distorted priorities that consumerism brings to the table.

  • Ruaraidh

    Haha how much do those bricks weigh? He’s only carrying 6, and the look on his face is as if someone stuck a swarm of bees down his trousers. In the first picture I thought it was a little kid. I’d like to see him on any of the building sites I worked on whilst I was a student.

    • its probably the first time he has lifted a finger to do any work in his life. other than wiping his ass, or lifting a pen to cheat on his exams.

    • mr.wiener

      I think the 1st photo was file footage from a Chinese movie, “Not One Less” I’d guess.

    • Bugs Bunny

      brick is very heavy…

      i only can carry 4 at once, my father can carry 6…

      i have several cards, all over 15000, but i merely use and always pay on time…

      i mainly use them for online tickets…

      • linette lee

        I use almost everything on credit card. Grocery, gas, restaurants…. :) Many credit card company have promotion like charge x amount of money in 3 months and they credit you $100 buck or free fly mileage or free hotel stay. I get my free vacation from using credit card. :)

        • La Mano Gaucha

          Be careful…

          • linette lee

            why? I only have two credit cards and I never have outstanding balance. I pay online to my credit card company. I have full control and see all transactions online with my credit card daily. Most people are like that. Use points from credit card and earn vacation. I charge even $5 buck of starbuck on my credit card just to build points. Everything charged. :)

          • La Mano Gaucha

            Make sure that you never have an outstanding balance. When problems begin, they can get out of control quickly. Your bank is hoping for that. Prove them wrong.

          • Bugs Bunny

            because it makes you feel you save money but you buy more and spend more money on things you do not need or snacks which not must eat…

        • Bugs Bunny

          i am a very saving person……hahaha!

          old parents are so saving that’s why…

          we can not waste rice, waste power,too many rules…hahaha!

  • La Mano Gaucha

    I see nothing whatsoever wrong or strange with this. If you want something, you work for it. He’s learning good lessons and is taking responsibility for his actions and choices. Kudos to this him.

    What’s the dike featured a few weeks ago doing these days?

    • Irvin

      I agree, he’s a good kid and I think this lesson will do him good.

  • chongqing laowai

    most chinese girls would simply get away with a few BJs or find a fat rich chinese guy to buy an iphone after the first date…

    • Panda Banana

      probably you didn’t notice, but the prices for a BJ and Fuck have increased over the years, thanks to rich rotten mouth chainsmoking chinese males, girls now a days(the better ones) ask for an apartment or car!

      • BiggJ

        I’d like the see the girl who can get a house or a car for a BJ. She’s have to be the best cock sucks on the planet…and even then….

        • Panda Banana

          from what i see from countless encounters with many of my chinese and HK “friends”, its relatively easy for a nice girl to get higher amounts of money out of them. All of them are good standing financially, and so am I, but the strange things with them and many other “rich” males in the world, they all, for whatever reason, like to be loved and cared for who they are and not based on their wealth. That in my opinion is a big mistake! In reality this means, that dumb bitches will probably just provide a quick service and get away with a couple hundred or thousands, while a smart one would now how to play her game, pretending to “love” him, give him the feeling that she is his GF, and get paid like a real wife.

          Yes, I have friends, which paid their GFs cars and bought apartments on the girls name. Another one signed over half of his pension and bonuses in advanced to his GF who is a former hooker. Mind you, he was her customer in the first place. He bought her an apartment in HK, visits her 2 times a week, has heart problems, and can barely do anything with his little dick.Once i met him for dinner he complained that “she probably doesn’t love me..”, when i asked why he thinks that, he answered: “well, firstly, she never like to kiss me on my mouth (he is a fat ugly fuck btw), secondly i checked her mobile phone while she was in the shower, and it looks like, she has 2 more BFs like me..”…that was 2 years ago, and he is still with her spoiling his money. He will retire within this year, a director of a big bank in HK, will get another 8 million in bonuses once he retires and has already signed up that 50% of that will go to the girl, which BTW has also 2 children with other men! He has a wife and 2 children, latest by the end of year his wife will find out that money is missing, which will end up in a divorce and him losing half of his assets, short after the “former” hooker will kick him out too…

          Its hard to feel sorry for this kind of guys…

          • the ace of books

            Wait – feel sorry for guys who insist on staying with people they know are cheating them? Uh.

          • Panda Banana

            feeling sorry is the reason the guy who supposedly lived 2013 years ago died on the cross….so no, i don’t feel sorry for anyone in the world, especially not when i don’t have a stake in the outcome of things…pretty simple philosophy….

          • Tadd

            Philosphy to live by I say
            Nice anecdote. Thumbs up

          • Panda Banana

            makes me a happy fucking camper !

          • the ace of books

            nnnno, the guy who died on the cross did so because of politics, mostly; religion retrofits itself in, and makes a big deal about his beliefs, but it’s politics that said “he’s getting too much of a following! can’t have that!”

            And anyway, you talk religion, “feeling sorry” still doesn’t have anything to do with it. You talk religion with someone and it’s a lot more than feeling sorry that he died for. So – wrong on all counts :D

            PS: Protip: refusing to invest yourself emotionally in human society while still forcing your presence into it won’t make you, nor those around you, a happy panda.

          • Panda Banana

            what is considered “cheating” anyway. I think that making a fucking sacrilege out of marriage is a mistake to begin with. How the hell can one promise his partner that his sexual desires and preferences will just be shared with him/her for the rest of their lives. I think that the prisoners amongst you who had to live every day in the same way, forced to eat the same bean soup everyday will probably understand that. I doubt that anyone who is right in his mind would deny a nice piece of filet from time to time….seems that 2 selfless lonely souls finding each other and depress their feelings for decades is somehow considered nobler…?

          • the ace of books

            Alternately, you can consider polyamory or take up an open marriage. The key is communication: cheating is when you kiss and don’t tell.

            Also, just because you jelly for a good marriage doesn’t mean you have to go all sour grapes about all marriages :D

          • mr.wiener

            I felt sorry for him up until the point you mentioned he has a wife and two kids.

          • Panda Banana

            all of them have wife and kids!

            I am surprised you take for granted that all wives and kids are great and must be the ones who suffer all the time? I no longer believe thats always the case, after i saw some of the worlds wives and kids myself. Explains a lot of things for me. Don’t understand me wrong, most of the time its the mens fault, but after i saw their wives, i understood the motivation behind the scenes:-)…

      • Bugs Bunny

        you go die early, sob!

        • Panda Banana

          why i should? I love life and life loves me back…you should try that too…start with getting a life first !

          • Bugs Bunny

            you dare to say who the fuck your>?sob!

      • La Mano Gaucha

        Ultra good looking full-service hookers cost 120-150 kuai ten years ago, at least in the southwest. How much are you paying these days? Which region? I haven’t slept with a hooker in eleven years, and have no desire to, but I’m genuinely curious…

        • mr.wiener


          This is a side of you I hadn’t seen before.

          • La Mano Gaucha


        • Panda Banana

          dont know how much a hooker costs and i think that we are not talking about real hookers here. My impression was that we are talking about hmmmm…lets call them “hobby hookers”?!

          Either way i just take that from the many conversations with my chinese business partners and some of things i saw during the last years. My HK business friends complain all the time, while it was easy to keep a GF on the mainland for years, rich mainlanders have destroyed “the market” by overpaying certain “services and privileges”. They call them GFs, while i think they are just hookers…

          • La Mano Gaucha


          • Bugs Bunny

            yout not dead yet?

          • mr.wiener

            Nope, apparently he’s been sucking the “chi” energy out of young working girls.

        • carmouflagger

          Holy cow man, you make me feel young as hell O.o

    • elizabeth

      For every Chinese girl you denigrate, there a many more who wouldn’t cast a single glance at those fat rich dirty old men and are perfectly capable of paying their own way.

      • BiggJ

        I think for every one that won’t….3 will.

        • elizabeth

          Maybe it has something to do with the circle of locals we mix with…or what we do.

          • BiggJ

            I just think there are more feeble minded, materialistic, poor girls in china then hard working, self maintaining, morally correct girls. Maybe I’m wrong. That’s why you see alot of hard working decent chinese guys still single trying to find a wife….and then you see a fat ugly rich ass hole with 10 woman on the go.

          • elizabeth

            Maybe you are right but the plight of those hardworking decent Chinese guys could be due to many factors such as imbalances in education, gender ratio or unrealistic standards that are disproportionate to what they themselves to offer. Every time I take the subway, I see countless young lovers, old couples and hardly any dom-syt ones.

          • Jahar

            im not really sure what you mean by dom-syt, but if you are referring to rich guys with girls who want their money, well, you are on the subway.

          • elizabeth

            That’s right, it’s closer to the typical sample of the Chinese population. It doesn’t change much outside the subway either. So statistically, it’s a huge leap to generalize that there are more gold-diggers than decent women in China.

          • mwanafa

            Yeah, take a subway to witness a materialistic girl with a fat rich guy. I loled. I will absolutely go to KTV to see the immigrant workers drinking Maotai in that case.

    • MrT

      yea i make em hang on for a while, then dump em.

    • How did she hurt you?


    If you’re dumb as a brick to buy an iphone with a loan you can’t repay easily you deserve to have to move bricks. At least that’s better than that guy selling his kidney for an iphone. I heard he’ll have health problems for life, all for an iphone. Unless I was rich, I’d hate to be a Chinese person living in China. Quality of life is so low.

    • mr.wiener

      kinda like the Indian guys who were getting vasectonies because they were giving away free transistor radios.


        Hi wiener, how’s life going?

        • mr.wiener

          Good, except my transistor radio just broke.

  • wafflestomp

    Hurrr durrrr if I don’t have an iphone/shitpad/laptop I won’t be respected.

    God dam sheeple. Amen to the comments, most Chinese women would whore themselves to a rich guy for *gifts*

    • most?

    • linette lee

      “most Chinese women would whore themselves to a rich guy for *gifts*

      You are retarded. Most human will whore themselves for benefits.

      • Bugs Bunny

        your right, men are not better either.
        women can marry men for love, but men merely do this when turn to marriage unless those who really can not choose.
        i am glad at last i find a guy who really can spend long time to know me well.

      • the ace of books

        “Most human will whore themselves for benefits.”

        That’s kinda true. Might not be whoring-out in a genital sense, but it happens plenty with both genders to sell out what they got. It’s just that ladies get teh blame because what they’re selling is body – and that’s bullshit, because if you’ve ever seen yes-men, you’ll know they’re a hella lot worse than mere prostitution.

      • Jimney Cricket

        Most of my employers used to treat me like a whore… No Ipad to show for it either

  • Debt is slavery. by obtaining a credit card you have opened the shackles of the chains of your loss of freedom. by using the credit card you locking the shackles on your arms, legs, feet, hands, and more importantly your spirit and freedom.. have? maybe, use? never. debt is how the Americans enslaved themselves. and you’d think the former slave republic would know about these things. don’t be stupid. or at least don’t act stupidly

    • ScottLoar

      Steve, do you have any idea what the ratio of credit card debt to users is in other countries, and what age group carries the greatest credit card debt? Typical credit card debt falls to that age group below 35 years old which increases their household indebtedness, and is high in countries like Korea and Malaysia testifying it is not culture which discourages debt, but easy credit pandering to consumer desires which incurs indebtedness. And the easiest instrument of indebtedness is the modern credit card. Stupidity is not unique to half of US credit card holders while the other half – hey, that’s me! but what about you? – have no, zero, zilch, nada, nyet credit card debt. Using the credit card to borrow money at will and without interest if paid on or around a monthly statement is the easiest money you can use.

      • elizabeth

        It is possible to live without paying for credit, and really convenient, but credit is sometimes addictive. Not for everyone.

        • ScottLoar

          As I said, Elizabeth, credit card use among American holders is neatly split between those indebted to the card and those managing the card without debt for what is basically free use of money for about a month.

          • elizabeth

            Yes, I get your point and it is great that you could manage your spending that well. I do that too but as far as possible, I don’t use credit at all, just cash, unless I have no choice. Using cash only allows me to prioritize and save more whereas with credit, I tend to spend more and sometimes on unnecessary items because it is so convenient.

          • ScottLoar

            I do like to get closer to women who are so easily tempted but have little self-control, strictly platonic of course.

          • elizabeth

            It takes more self-control to spend cash than to be lured by the ‘benefits’ of using credit :)

          • ScottLoar

            So I hold no allure? I accept that.

    • Panda Banana

      “debt is how the Americans enslaved themselves”

      you said it, and i cant see anything wrong with that. They did it out of their free choice and will, nobody forced them to do so. There is no reason to feel pity for them.

  • K

    Well, he very responsbiliy is paying back his debt. This will teach him a very important lesson – all youth need to do this. I didn’t understand the value of money until I worked a minimum wage job.

  • nintendo-nerd

    i-phone is fucking shit.. should have got a galaxy note instead

    • wisest comment we’ve read all week.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Galaxy is for people who failed life.

      • BiggJ

        I think it’s the other way around. Apple’s are for omega people…bottom of the food chain.. Like the guy in story. Alpha people don’t know need a piece of plastic make themselves feel good in the eyes of other people. Same goes for all that brand named bullshit…Samsung included. If you like something…thats fine… buy it..but most people use it as a statue symbol rather then something they enjoy.

        • elizabeth

          I cannot agree with you more.

        • slob

          Have a Samsung galaxy tab 7 here that I use primarily as a phone – the thing is fcking huge but my hands are big enough to hold it as a phone. It has a shit tonne of functions that I never use. I even customised it and removed all the apps off the main screen minus Calls, Messages, Camera, and internet browser. Seriously, what the fuck else do you need a phone to do? I heard they’re releasing a Nokia that has a battery life of weeks and is going to be dirt cheap. That’s going to be my new phone if it does come out.

          • Well said. I saw one of those old monochrome screen phones for 79 rmb in one of the mobile phone stores. I’m tempted to buy it just for nostalgias sake, and to raise eyebrows amongst the smartphone obsessed locals:-)

        • linette lee

          omg i phone is really fun to use. It has so many very useful apps. It’s very user friendly. Touch screen even a dumb ass like me can use it.. It has features like maps and GPS telling you your location and your family can track you with the address because you have your iphone on. You don’t need to buy a GPS for your car anymore. I use my iphone to find my way when I am lost. It has a compass. Big storage for games and songs and movies. Takes really good photos and videos. Awesome. With a iphone you will never get lost or bored.

          • Germandude

            EVERYTHING you just stated can be done by ANY smartphone that is halfly up-to-date.

            So, it remains as always: Apple-fans have an easy-to-use product (no dubt about it’s great handling) that allows them to handle most of the functions without problems. However, other smartphones can do all the iPhones can do and more. Faster and better. Just that it sometimes takes time to learn the product that you hold in your hands.

          • BiggJ

            Yeah I like android the best. You can install any paid app without hacking your phone. Just type in google the name of the app+.apk and you can get any things for free. Android is very customizable too. I mean without paying.

          • You are right. I much prefer android (being as it is derived from linux). Apple is just eye candy much in the same gaudy way as windows xp with it’s terrible plasticine look was when it first come out, or all for show and not for blow. People should use linux on their desktop or laptop only, and android if they want a smartphone/tablet.

          • linette lee

            exactly…..because apple is targeting……..FEMALE……..mostly electronically challenged. Their user friendly iphone and that cute little apple logo stole our hearts. duh….

            I have been using i phone for long time and will most likely continue to use it because I am electronically challenged.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Just because you’re an electronically challenged female doesn’t mean most are. : P TBH, I never heard of that stereotype.

          • MrT

            do you take photos of your self in the bathroom mirror holding your Iphone so every one can see?

          • MrT

            wearing a tight dress and your paps popping out the top..

          • Jimney Cricket

            Now someone gets it…IPhones are gay. they were always meant to be targeted towards women. Everything down to the size, customizable look and accessories…it is all meant to be feminine.

        • YourSupremeCommander

          “most people use it as a statue symbol rather then something they enjoy”

          So anyone and everyone who own an iAnything or BMW or Benz or Mega Mansion or $2000 suit or eats $200 dinners …. are vague and are not really enjoying these things?

          LOL, sounds like a nice excuse for someone who can’t get ahead in life. Once again, you have proven my point, next.

          • BiggJ

            Most people who have these thing afford them. If you can afford these things then that’s great. This guy can’t. So he wants it to show everyone he is something he’s not. That’s the the point im making.

          • BiggJ

            I just don’t think the operating system that great. I like android. When the iphone4 first came out i bought one. At the time the os was better then android.It was alright. Alot of apps but not so much customizable. Then a few years ago I bought a samsung plasma tv and the deal was you get a samsung galaxy with it…an older model. I started using that phone and the android was sweet….just the phone was not as powerful as iphone. Now I got the new samsung and it’s better then an iphone. I gave my old iphone to my wifes sister. I’ve bought Iphones as gifts for people…I’ve bought 5 in my life. All where for my cousins birthdays. They are in high school and that shit is cool for them. I don’t buy shit for coolness…i buy for usability. The iphone phone itself is nice, powerful and stuff…but I don’t like the os. Android is king now. I agree apple was better before…i dont think so much now.

          • I agree. An open source os is the way to go. Don’t want to be logged and tracked by apple, not even interested in their products.

    • linette lee

      I phone is the best. :)

      • MonkeyMouth

        my 6 year old Nokia is the best

        • linette lee

          My friend went to brazil and he sold his old iphone for US$200 dollars to some dealer. I phone maintains its value even when it’s used. It has good resale value. When you sign up for 2yrs plan with cell phone company in USA you only pay one or two hundred bucks for a brand new i phone. What a good deal. It’s a good investment I say. :)

          • MonkeyMouth

            you and your friend are slaves.

          • Bugs Bunny

            phone is a good investment????
            never interested, as many people bought ipad just for games or kill time in metro…and many regret so much.
            i bought my tiny laotop 3 years ago and now i still use it so often when travel and it still works well…

          • linette lee

            HP dell laptops are the best. It’s cheaper and just as useful for work and play. I use laptop also. Apple is very expensive and over priced Now with window 8 laptops are touch screen. I can’t afford ipad when I can just get laptop for work. But apple products do have better resale value…go to amazon and ebay. You won’t have problem selling your old apple.

          • Bugs Bunny

            may i say that apple is so uncomfortable to use….

            so many softwares can not run…

            but it’s true that if you wanna make a brand you should have your own sys…but…

          • Thor

            Bullshit, these days you can get Max OS apps for anything, even if you are a gamer. I’m a Mac person myself so I quite know what I’m talking about.

          • Jimney Cricket

            Macs I pad….hahahahahaha…Maxipad……keeps you fresh on those heavy flow days.

          • MrT

            Gateway blows all that crap, really.

          • Panda Banana

            why you care why other people buy their ipads for?

          • Panda Banana

            i agree with you baby, and i would go even further and say that all other apple products can be sold even after years for some good cash. I use apple since iOS 9, powerbook, alubook, iMacs, MBP, iPhones since day one and so on. I keep on buying them for the main reason that this shit works, so i am ready to pay more for not having suddenly blue screens, frozen mouse, or viruses…

            example, last month i found my first iPhone in a drawer, totally forgot about is, bought it when the iphone came out on the market, later switched to the 3, 3 GS, 4 and so on, now happy with the 5…however, i sold it on ebay for 138 euro!! and that without cables charger and packing….sold my old black macbook, damn 5 years old for 525 euro, it has cost me 1000 back then. Try to get that for a windows operating machine. Buy every 2 years the newest MacBookPro with the best possible configuration, in HK the price is around 28k-30k, use it 2-3 years, and can still sell it for 15k, add another 10k and buy the new model, means it costs me around 30 euro a month, or 1 euro a day, to own the best possible notebook.

            While i agree apple can become expensive for people which just like to use it as a status symbol and mainly play senseless games with it or to show off. The ones which really work with this shit and use it up to his capacities are much better off then with other brands and products. Reliability first in my opinion and when it comes within a nice design, then there is not much more i can ask for…

        • mr.wiener

          mine too.

          • MonkeyMouth

            its all ya need, hombre. its a form of rebellion to have old (i.e. GOOD) phones. this rat race can take a good long walk down a short pier

          • the ace of books

            Me three. Drop that shit all the time. Takes a licking, keeps on ticking.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Can you store it in your colon?

          • SuperHappyCow


          • the ace of books

            I shall divide my answer into two parts: the icky and the inane:

            — my cell phone? I could not, unless there was some major exercise and vigorous training involved. This ain’t your granddaddy’s watch from ‘Nam, you know.

            — my shit? indeed, and I generally do, but I would not include the final sentence as applicable (how would shit tick, anyway?)

          • mine too i think greater than 7 years old, maybe 9 or 10? beside for making call and sms, it got extra feature that can never be implemented in the new iPhone or iPad or whatever…. Hammer. It can hammer nails down. if you are walking around and see nail sticking out, you can be that one useful citizen and hammer it down. Something the new product doesnt promote… to be a productive citizen and consumer. I wager it can also be used against rapist. Good luck trying to download that ‘apps’ on the new fragile phone.

    • Appalled@everything

      don’t you mean Mario Galaxy

    • YourSupremeCommander

      woooah, nintendo nerd, who gave you permission to post here? mommy ok with it?

  • DYEL

    Does he even lift?

    • carmouflagger

      i see what you did there

  • 2013

    At least this guy didn’t sell his kidney like that moron some time ago.

    I have an iPhone 4S, and regret it. I wished I saved my money for more useful stuff like food and videogames.

    I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

  • One for all

    Good lad. At least he’s learnt something and is willing to live with the consequences of his actions, while making an earnest attempt to correct his errors.

  • With lifelong hernia notwithstanding, not a bad deal at all…

  • elizabeth

    He has no choice but to learn the hard way. When one is not taught how to spend within his means, self-control and delayed gratification, etc. he will have to experience the consequences, the impact of which would probably last him a lifetime.

    That said, something should also be done to unscrupulous businesses that prey on the weaknesses of such young persons who are not equipped to handle the temptations of life. For instance, the authorities could prohibit installment purchases by supplementary cardholders below a certain age or businesses will have to foot the bill for defaults if they choose to violate rules.

    Of course, spending serves to boost the economy. The more the merrier, until the system is artificially propped up by ‘artificial money’. Credit is just an euphemism for the big bad bubble and illusion of wealth. Once it bursts, we’ll be faced with the reality of suicides, broken lives and homes and ‘last resort’ crimes.

    • Jimney Cricket

      hey they’ve got a credit bubble to stop their real-estate bubble from getting lonely. China can be the new bubble blowing master. soon they will learn to make make bubbles inside bubbles inside bubbles

  • radbab

    reminds me of the movers we hired. Instead of bringing something to move the heavy boxes easily they all carried them on their backs (ouch!). Only in China: work harder, not smarter…

    • BiggJ

      You don’t need to work smarter when you have 1.4 billion people. :) Labor cost less then a wheel barrow. LOL


      True, but I’m sure it’s not only in China. Working harder but not smarter are for those too lazy or too dumb to think. Sometimes physical labor is less strenuous than mental labor.

  • MonkeyMouth

    iPhone 5… 6…7…8..9… that poor bastard is going to be carrying bricks for a life

    • the ace of books


  • Selling livers and moving bricks for an I-phone. I wonder what end folks got to for a BWM over there.

    • MonkeyMouth

      bmw’s are passe……. maserati, lambo, ferrari…..

      • the ace of books

        I never saw a Maserati in my life til I got here – and now I’ve seen two in a year. Gotta say, sweet rides, but I wouldn’t sell my kidney for them.

  • elizabeth

    On second thought, don’t they have wheelbarrows?

    • the ace of books

      I would assume that’s where the blisters came from.

      • elizabeth

        Alright, ignore my comment because I didn’t realize someone had already mentioned that human labour is cheaper than wheelbarrows.

        • the ace of books

          No prob. But still, I’ve seen them working with wheelbarrows here, and they jsut heft a bunch of bricks in ’em. Blisters come from rubbing, and wheelbarrow-handles rub your hands plenty.

          • mr.wiener

            Reminds me of the time I went to work in the family timberyard. My brother made me put away the rough sawn OB hardwood first. Then when my soft hands were nice and full of splinters he made me stack to bags of white lime. Ouch! I can still feel the burn. Ahh happy days.

  • Appalled@everything

    So I guess tomorrow’s story will be about someone other person who does some other kind of work to repay some other kind of expense?

    Wow, I cannot wait, because of course the all-important lesson will be about how banks make money from people who take out loans to buy things; which is of course something that none of us already knew.

  • HK Gweilo

    This is a bullshit non-story. People do all kinds of work to earn money but we never see the headline “Prostitute opens her legs in Hong Kong to pay for her baby back in Ningbo/Manila/Laos”. Work hard, earn money, buy whatever you want. So what??

  • the ace of books

    Well, yes. He worked. That’s actually a good way to pay off your debts.

    Or hell, kids, get this: you could not accrue debts in the first place. How? Simple! Don’t spend money you don’t have.

    I mean, I know the situation’s more complicated in some cases (getting into debt via education or housing or whathaveyou), but for shit like this? Come the hell on, kid. “due to his inability to control his spending, he often would borrow money” — this shit is just not taking responsibility for soemthing you can actually control very easily – by just not buying shit, and putting up with the stuff you already have.

    Life lessons? This kid sure didn’t learn any.

  • shaolin’s finest

    nothing wrong with moving bricks….what happen to the days when moving bricks was kung fu training.

  • The Enlightened Out

    Deceiving TITLE and picture!

    I thought it was a little school boy… ChinaSMACK…. you did that on PURPOSE! I hate you!

    • The Enlightened Out

      Who cares if some University students pays off his credit card loan…. STUPID!

  • BiggJ

    The next step for this guy will be suckin dick for an ipad.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      and how much you were planning on paying him?

      • BiggJ

        Depends on how good a job he does.

  • commander

    The real problem emerges when a college student is poor but is eager to buy a smartphone not from ostentation not for get a faster wider body of information ggat can open up opportunities for him or her.

    Unlike the above mentioned case where the male studnet, from a reltively affluent family, do physical labor to fund his overspending, cash-strapped students busy working to eke out for a living, often face a more challenging question: Do they have to go without basic expense of living for a glossy smartphone?

    Sevetal days as a laborer is not easy for all students who have to put more focus on studies rather than divert their stamina for physical work.

    Thus, reports of working experience from poor students to pay for a smartphone would draw much more public attention, which leafs to a spotlight upon a widening digital divide.

  • banban

    I wouldn’t call schoolboy to an University student.
    And the picture at the top is very misleading trying to make it look as it was a case of child labor.

  • Red Scarf

    Well at least the story is a step up from selling a kidney for a apple phone, but that is all the fuse about, there must be millions of people who work hard and daily, in China, to pay off their debits, mortgages etc in China is the story really about one should not desire foreign products.

    Also I’m just wondering why on earth he isn’t using a brick hod.

  • There many Americans kids who work hard to pay their bill ie rent, food etc. Chinese kid can live with parent. But here kid at 18 they have to move out.

  • lightend

    hahahaha, 7 chines bricks (they are smaller than London bricks) weight roughly 800grams each. so these poor uni students are dieing while moving around 5.6kg shared in both hands…
    When I was younger I also did this type of job (25kg bags). its not easy but its not too hard either. after a couple of weeks your arms look bigger and its easier to do it. not looking at around 5.6kg, hell, shopping bags weight more than that.

  • Washington Bullets

    Good for the guy working to pay off his debts. Stupid reason though. Apple is so expensive, and not even that much better in functionality considering the price you pay to have a half-eaten piece of fruit on your machine. Could get a dirt-cheap phone, and still work, and then buy an iPhone either used, or after the price drops. Reminds me of people in the US being total brand-whores.

  • Peye

    There is nothing wrong in carrying brcks, it is just the way the boys are going about it. Not too clever. As a young guy, I carried bricks and lime for bricklaying crew in Europe to earn fast money.(No I phones then, it was more to take out the girlfriends). We had a metal box which was carried on the back. But I seen in Korea where they had a back carrier made of wood to carry a load. To carry bricks in front against the unprotected skin is just asking for trouble. My two cents for what it is worth.

  • NightBlue

    That boy has my respect! His family must be proud of him!

    • Jimney Cricket

      His family got sick of him blowing all their money. It takes a lot of money wasting stupidity in China for parents to stop forking over cash to their son. By his own admission he was always spending up pretty big. Who do you think was picking up the tab for that.

      This guy has probably been gouging his folks for a long time. He bought the phone on a plan and when his parents said “no more” had to get a job.

  • carl star

    Kids don’t work in China. That is just a fact if they study. I did but then, I had to support myself after leaving High school. You know. No longer a kid

  • MrT

    So when China goes to war, all they got to do to get em to fight is give em a Iphone

    • Jimney Cricket

      This will be a good move if they go to war with America. Apple can track each phone. Link the signal to smart missiles and problem solved.

  • *Gasp* A Chinese person buying something on credit, rather than saving for it! Can this be true!?!?


  • donscarletti

    Dear Yang Fan,

    Humbly suggest you study engineering, computer science, medicine, etc instead of arts that so you won’t have to move bricks after you graduate.

  • Davidmed77

    I agree that 40% interest is unreasonable, but having him work of his debt, this is a great idea. I teach a lot of spoiled students in China, making them value money is not a bad idea.

    • Jimney Cricket

      The lazy bastards won’t get a job to pay their university fees though. Even the poorer ones will sponge mom, dad and both sets of grandparents thoroughly until they have a Masters Degree. There are a lot of 25yr olds still putting their hands out for Hong Bao at Spring Festival

  • Livingston Longstone

    The exercise and hard work is good for you, it will build character. Most guys I saw in China had the muscle tone of a pork bun.
    As an Appple shareholder, I also thank the guy for his purchase of the iPhone.

  • fairy tale

    Thats a good thing but its better to know how to be thrifty. Just buy a simple phone which would be useful and then after you got a good job which will possibly happen after uni get the latest ipone then!

  • SinCity

    A little exercise does the body good. He could use a few more pounds of muscle.

  • Nothing wrong with this . I have a one year old son in China , I hope I can instill in my son a sense of working for the things he wants . I delivered newspapers when I was 12 to save money for a BMX bike so why can’t he do for himself. Many kids don’t earn what they have, they act like the world owes them.

  • Warlock

    Serves the little spoiled sod right. A bit of hard labour never hurt anyone and he seems young and tough enough.

  • Un Oarecare

    You present this like it would be some kind of low level work. This illusion keep us all apart from each other. Work is work ! There is no “high class” work and “low class” work. Work is the individuals contribution to society. It is perfectly normal. There is no difference in matter of morality between being a “brick mover” or a business man. He needed the iPhone, he pays for the iPhone, no big deal about it. The real drama happens when people are starving and there are no bricks to carry for food money. Wake up World !