Brother Confession: Schoolboy Reveals Crush On Video

Brother Confession

Brother Confession

A video that has gone viral in the Chinese internet shows a shy, introverted schoolboy bravely revealing his crush to the object of his desire in an on-camera confession.  In this short video Chinese netizens find the schoolboy’s way of talking to be very funny just as some of his inspired dialogue such as “I can wait for your boyfriend to die” and “you’ll have to take the bus by yourself” (to get to their planned date).  While this schoolboy is listed as an actor in the video itself (and thus making it fictional), some netizens are nonetheless supportive of our hero’s fate with destiny.

From Mop:

Brother Confession: History’s Most Heartfelt Confession… [of Love] I have So Much Pressure After Seeing This

Anyways, after watching this I had no words (to describe what I was feeling)…

Transcript of video:

An Introverted Boy Expresses His Deep Feelings
Actor: Zhong Jinhe

When I see you, my heart beats really quickly.
I am not an introverted/shy person.
I have thought before about wanting to get to know you,
But I don’t know how to get to know you.
I know that you are in the class next door to mine,
I know that you have a boyfriend,
But… well, it doesn’t matter.
I can wait,
I can wait until your boyfriend dies,
I won’t be offended
I won’t be offended that you are used, [you are not a virgin]
Since I am also not new as well.
If you want to give what I’m talking about a try,
Then let’s meet tonight over at the school.
I will do all the preparations
You won’t have to bring anything,
But you’ll have to take the bus by yourself to get there,
So, it’s like that.
I’ll see you tonight, bye bye

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Comments from Mop:


He looks like an sorry excuse for a man.


What is this? So disgusting.


Looks like a mental retard.


After having watched this, my testicles no longer hurt, my face no longer twitches, and my hand no longer pinches myself, OY [Oh Yeah!].


Weapon of mass destruction? Finally found? But how come it isn’t Iraqi?


It’s so fake.


Have courage, I ding you, Brother Confession


My eyes!

My ears!

My…ah~~~I’ve died.


What is this, this “I can wait for your boyfriend to die”…?


Hurry and go die.


So funny, my god!


My balls (testicles) hurt! My pressure is great too! There is a possibility I have also gone crazy!


Too KB.


Once there was a guy who said the same kind of things to me, he waited for me for four years… oh, the memories… but this guy is definitely more retarded!! I still have to take the bus? Fuck


Very good, is it not? If I were that girl, I would keep this appointment.


Clearly (he) is a badass, don’t have to explain, [this confession was] probably for the sow next door ==.


Fuck! Watching this, I have a murderous impulse!


Brother, the pressure that he expresses is great…


[He] looks way too polite.

You don’t have to turn out like this guy. chinaSMACK personals.

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  • HardyPengood

    My worry is that this might inspire Alain to post a similar video to Jones, except that Alain will express his infatuation not with words but by recording himself gargling.

  • Josephus Flavius

    I’m on the Sofa and it feels very lonely here!

    • Buckets of Tuna

      Not only a loner… but a stupid one too.

  • pow


    chinasmack, pow dao!

  • Nick Jr

    Obviously fake. But man that guy is weird fucking looking. There are some really weird looking Chinese people in the world.

  • manusan

    existentialism crisis is so funny in China.

  • Fenqing Mike

    He should be Brother Chinless

  • ray67

    What ppl do for a p**Ssy

  • Weebo

    love is just devastating…

  • Supreme_Leader

    Fauna – where’s the link to the video? FAIL!

    • Supreme_Leader

      Nice – that was quick :)
      Fauna = PASS!

  • Supreme_Leader

    UGGGGH – this guy’s Chinese sucks – there’s nothing worse than a Cantonese trying to speak Mandarin… Way too gay!

    PS – Black people love KFC

    • Brandon

      No, there is something worse, and that’s all this hating on black people. What is this suddenly The White Peoples’ Republic of China. Give it a break!

    • John


      Black men have penises three times as long as the average Korean man. Sorry, you lose.

      • lang

        yeah, and the brain the size of a pea! big dick and NO brain! fuck off back to the bush, monkey!

    • Cardaver

      … you forgot waffles…

    • armand

      He is going after a girl which means he is hetero. Guess all hetero are more sissy than the gays

  • C&N

    awesome eyebrows

  • whichone

    LOL that’s pretty creepy ” I can wait until your boyfriend dies” serial killer/rapist in training.

  • christopher walken of taiwan…

  • Carl

    What happened to the fleshlight post? It’s still in my rss feed, but I come here and it’s gone… I wanted to see the crazy comments…c

    • Buckets of Tuna

      Haha Carl, it is easy to see you only want to build yourself a fleshlight for personal use.

      Don’t be afraid. Just say it.

  • American Male

    There are plenty more fish in the sea. No need to fixate over one girl. I think China has way more than one pretty girl. Move on with your life. Make yourself a better person and you will have more options for love. Get over it.

    • korean_guy

      “There are plenty more fish in the sea.”

      Bro, not in China!
      Sex imbalance, 20 million surplus sausages is a scary sight.

      • American Male

        Got to make yourself a better catch than those 20mil other SoBs! I recommend going to the gym and college, getting a high paying job and a nice car and house and you will get a good female.

        All that being said, females are not worth pining over. You will kill yourself trying to catch the attention of the girl you want and then most will just lead you to aggravation!

      • Zardoz

        Well, the solution is homosexuality!

      • Da Mao Houzi

        I think that there is not really an imbalance of females to males. Large numbers of Chinese men are homosexual, perhaps 20%. Large numbers find it cheaper to pay prostitutes than have a wife.

  • korean_guy

    I smell a potential murder case.

    • John

      You’re Korean. Are you sure that’s not kimchi you’re smelling?

  • Keius

    Man…i find this to be somehow, very creepy.
    And a bit pathetic really.

  • 柴纳闷

    Am I the only one who noticed that he has a Chinese Malaysian accent?

  • dirtywhiteboy

    all i can say about this guy is SB!!

  • FYIADragoon

    Damn, kid is ugly. Only response he should get is public humiliation.

  • 柴纳闷

    He didn’t say anything about the girl being OLD. Here ‘旧’ means ‘used’ as in ‘used car’ (hint: she is not a virgin anymore). “I don’t mind if you’re an used one or not, ’cause I’m not new either.”

    • Alikese

      I’ll bet you $20 that he is in fact “new.”

    • 谢谢你的纠正,同志。Slang is always a bi-a-chi. Correction coming right up.

  • He should be speaking Cantonese like a normal person, as that is obviously his native language

  • Khai Shen

    This guy just do it for fun. He is from Rawang, Malaysia. His blog:

    • Malaysian

      Yeah, he is from Malaysia and we do speak different Mandarin.

  • Zardoz

    Loser! Seriously grow some balls be a man. Too many Chinese guys are pussies and do the “nice guy” routine to pickup woman. Fact is that it doesn’t work, woman hate the nice guy routine.

    I was a former “nice guy” and got no where. Seriously got no where and everything changed when I realized that the “nice guy” routine doesn’t work. I read “David DeAngelo” books on dating (including “Double Your Dating”) and within a few months I was picking up and scoring left and right. In the 14 months after I probably picked up and hit third base (American, not the wimpy Chinese) with around 34-50 woman. Then I found the one I am with now and been with her for 20 months now.

    If someone gives me the bro’s address (or email) I’ll even buy him a copy of the book after all us Chinese men need to stick together. Heck maybe I’ll sign a license agreement with “David DeAngelo” and distribute his books in China.

    • darkandlovelykissedbythe

      Chinese guys are nice guys, and I hope they don’t feel that they are not up to par, or can’t pull women. They can. Don’t think a book is all that necessary.

  • What exactly did he mean by saying:

    “I will do all the preparations
    You won’t have to bring anything” ???

    • Zardoz

      1) he’s going to make dinner and rent the movie

      2) he’s got condoms and candles..

      • whichone

        or 3) he is bringing condoms, camera, machete, towels, plastic wrap, and extra-strength trash bags.

  • Zebadee

    This boy is retarded, right?

  • Brother Lonely

    He’s just lonely …

  • yunhui

    ugly,why you so free to take this ugly video.i know you brave but do you think we brave to see your ugly video.oh my god

  • i think he is a black seed.