Brother Confession: Schoolboy Reveals Crush On Video

Brother Confession

Brother Confession

A video that has gone viral in the Chinese internet shows a shy, introverted schoolboy bravely revealing his crush to the object of his desire in an on-camera confession.  In this short video Chinese netizens find the schoolboy’s way of talking to be very funny just as some of his inspired dialogue such as “I can wait for your boyfriend to die” and “you’ll have to take the bus by yourself” (to get to their planned date).  While this schoolboy is listed as an actor in the video itself (and thus making it fictional), some netizens are nonetheless supportive of our hero’s fate with destiny.

From Mop:

Brother Confession: History’s Most Heartfelt Confession… [of Love] I have So Much Pressure After Seeing This

Anyways, after watching this I had no words (to describe what I was feeling)…

Transcript of video:

An Introverted Boy Expresses His Deep Feelings
Actor: Zhong Jinhe

When I see you, my heart beats really quickly.
I am not an introverted/shy person.
I have thought before about wanting to get to know you,
But I don’t know how to get to know you.
I know that you are in the class next door to mine,
I know that you have a boyfriend,
But… well, it doesn’t matter.
I can wait,
I can wait until your boyfriend dies,
I won’t be offended
I won’t be offended that you are used, [you are not a virgin]
Since I am also not new as well.
If you want to give what I’m talking about a try,
Then let’s meet tonight over at the school.
I will do all the preparations
You won’t have to bring anything,
But you’ll have to take the bus by yourself to get there,
So, it’s like that.
I’ll see you tonight, bye bye

Comments from Mop:

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He looks like an sorry excuse for a man.


What is this? So disgusting.


Looks like a mental retard.


After having watched this, my testicles no longer hurt, my face no longer twitches, and my hand no longer pinches myself, OY [Oh Yeah!].


Weapon of mass destruction? Finally found? But how come it isn’t Iraqi?


It’s so fake.


Have courage, I ding you, Brother Confession


My eyes!

My ears!

My…ah~~~I’ve died.


What is this, this “I can wait for your boyfriend to die”…?


Hurry and go die.


So funny, my god!


My balls (testicles) hurt! My pressure is great too! There is a possibility I have also gone crazy!


Too KB.


Once there was a guy who said the same kind of things to me, he waited for me for four years… oh, the memories… but this guy is definitely more retarded!! I still have to take the bus? Fuck


Very good, is it not? If I were that girl, I would keep this appointment.


Clearly (he) is a badass, don’t have to explain, [this confession was] probably for the sow next door ==.


Fuck! Watching this, I have a murderous impulse!


Brother, the pressure that he expresses is great…


[He] looks way too polite.

You don’t have to turn out like this guy. chinaSMACK personals.

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