Schoolboys Lighting Cigarettes With 100 RMB Cash Bills

Chinese student lights a cigarette with a 100 RMB cash note.
Chinese student lights a cigarette with a 100 RMB cash note.

Chinese students lighting two 100 RMB cash notes.

From Mop:

Another cash “Cigarette Lighting Gate” once again appears on Mop

On March 15 Consumer Rights Day, Mop netizens published another “Cigarette Lighting Gate” topic topics:”Yet another cash ‘Cigarette Lighting Gate’!”

Is it a stunt or a mental problem?

Earlier last year, cash “Cigarette Lighting Gate” had already wildly spread on the internet. On 2010 March 15, Consumer Rights Day, the photographs Mopper netizens posted were a new “Showing Off Wealth Cigarette Lighting Gate”. Seen in this group of photographs are two to three youth, holding cash notes in their hands, frivolously lighting them on fire. Mopper netizens speculated, are these human scum post-80s generation or post-90s generation, with most Mop netizens believing them to be post-90s generation, the Mop netizens expressing strong dislike and criticism towards these youth.

Chinese student lighting a cigarette with a 100 RMB cash note.

Chinese student with a lit 100 yuan bill, lighting his cigarette.

A burning 100 RMB cash bill, used to light cigarettes.

Comments from Mop:


The money is real,
The cigarettes are fake.


Don’t let the dorm auntie manager catch you playing with fire!


Using 100 yuan to light a 2 yuan box of cigarettes?


I thank my country, I thank the LZ, that today I can see such an interesting post!!”


Fuck, I always used money to buy things, I never [used them to] smoke cigarettes.


Everything is fake, only loneliness is real.


The cigarettes I gave to your father, the money I gave your mother.


Can you guys please not insult the cigarettes!


You used 100 kuai to light a cigarette. What next?


Money is fake, the cigarettes are real.

Impress people. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

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