Schoolboys Use Their Shadows to Shade Girls From Hot Sun

A row of Chinese high school boys formed a wall, using their own shadows to shade their female classmates from the sun during a hot military field day exercise.
A row of Chinese high school boys formed a wall, using their own shadows to shade their female classmates from the sun during a hot military field day exercise.
The girls said this “shade of human shadows” has embedded a pearl in their high school memories.

From Sina:

New Students Having Military Training in the Scorching Sun, Boys Formed Shadows to Shield Girls From the Sun

Xinhuanet Henan Channel, August 16–Dahe Net Report: At the scene of military training for new students, the sun was scorching. A boy suddenly heard a girl’s request: “May I stand in your shadow?”

Soon, a “shade of human shadows” formed by 5 boys appeared, with over 20 boys in this class subsequently joining them…

First lesson of the school year: Boys ought to take care of girls

This story happened at Zhengzhou No.19 High School. The head teacher says: ”The boys did very well. They’re normally quite naughty, but at critical moments exhibit a sense of responsibility.”

Tomorrow, will you think of those who shielded you from the sun yesterday?

Yesterday, the high school portion of Zhengzhou City No.19 Middle School conducted the new student military training performance, where the students brightly and bravely completed their first high school experience.

However for the first year boys and girls of class 10, their first experience of high school was not only the military training, but also the “human shadow shade” the boys formed for the girls.

Under the hot sun at the scene, boys formed a “shade of human shadows” for the girls

The afternoon of August 14 was the last day of the military training for new students at No.19 High School. Though occasional cool breezes brought a sliver of respite, the girls who were afraid of getting tanned and cared for their looks still resented the sun.

However, the dress rehearsal was about to begin and the block for the new first year high school students had already been set, so they couldn’t go too far.

“May I stand in your shadow?” Tong Jianing, the year one class 10 monitor, remembered that the temperature was rather high at the time. The sun shone down upon the ground and his shadow was very long. As he looked at his shadow, he heard the request from the girl.

Tong Jianing is 186cm tall, and thought at the time, since everyone had to remain there under the sun, he could help shade them [the girls] from it. So, he called 5 dormmates and they formed a human wall, under which the girls could enjoy the “shade of human shadows”.

Afterwards, about 20 boys from the same class spontaneously joined in the human wall, their backs against the sun facing the wall of the sports field, their shadows projected on the ground, allowing the girls to sit on the ground, no longer needing to shade themselves with their hands while in the boys’ shadows.

The boys stood for over 20 minutes and then the dress rehearsal began, where they then marched and goose-stepped gallantly and valiantly…

Boys praised as usually being naughty, but having a sense of responsibility at the key moment

“They are real men,” said the girls who enjoyed the shade, on August 8th. “We were indeed quite moved at the time, and many schoolmates were looking in our direction.” recalled Liu Wenqian, a new student of class 10.

“Our class has more girls than boys. At the very beginning, teachers and instructors would tell the boys to look after the girls.” In Liu Wenqian’s eyes, the boys have embedded a pearl in her high school memories by doing this.

Fu Yunfeng, the head teacher of class 10, said that she has been a teacher for 9 years, and has seen many examples of boys and girls helping each other, but this instance still “surprised” her.

“Boys, you were truly wonderful!” Fu Yunfeng said. Usually, they are very mischievous, but at a critical moment, they were able to show initiative and a collective sense of responsibility.

“Who says post-90s generation children are too fragile and delicate?” Fu Yunfeng says, the children in her class are very strong.

Comments from Sina:

孙云晓 [北京]:

Good boys, to give is a kind of pride.

雷滚石1958 [北京]:

They have a man’s sense of responsibility, good! Even if this is the only thing they learned from this military training, it was worth it. [威武]


Obviously posed! For a shadow to be longer than the length of two people, according to geometry, the angle of the sun to the ground must be less than 30°, which by deduction means it has to be earlier than 8am or about 6pm~~~ So called scorching sun~ who are you kidding! Don’t you know how the sun is at 8am or 6pm in Zhengzhou? [suggesting the sun is not particularly “scorching” at those times]

伍美珍阳光家族 [安徽合肥]:

Still doing military training even in such weather? [怒]


Suddenly they are now made out to be good Chinese men. Henan zhuangbi dogs, don’t disgust people here. All of those speaking highly of them are all Henan zhuangbi dogs, all [people in league with Henan people]. If you have so much time, go do some good things rather than boasting here. Truly disgusting!!

手机用户[湖南长沙]: (responding to above)

I’m not sure if you are from Guangzhou! But I’m sure that your heart is like your appearance, both short and ugly. I’d say you’re an animal, but I’m afraid I’d insult dogs and cats. Even if I scolded you, three days and three nights could pass without it being enough. So I might as well just urge you to pack up your night soil, and go back to wherever you came from.


There are some points that are hard to understand in the picture. 1. From the angle the sun light formed, it should be 7-8am or after 5pm, when sun is not the most intense. 2. Looking at the boys’ standing posture, it doesn’t look like they’re in a state of ease, but instead like they were posing, so there’s suspicion of this being fake news. Media people, don’t just post/publish anything. Fake positive energy is negative energy!




To pleasing someone? A publicity stunt? For the pursuit of girls? Real gallantry? We don’t know…


Girls, you have absolutely no idea what they were actually thinking about in their hearts. [酷]


How could you experience/understand the hardship we soldiers have in the armed forces? Students are precious, can’t be hit nor scolded, this kind of military training is meaningless.


So considerate/loving.

菊平姐姐说你好[天津]: (responding to above)

Why didn’t I ever meet such lovable boys when I was in school!

我的基友是傻X[广东深圳]: (responding to above)

The boys I knew would even hide in the girls’ shadows to cool off…

What do you think? What are some gentlemanly behaviors you have experienced/witnessed that have left a lasting impression on you?


Written by Jamie


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