Schoolgirls Forced to Kiss Teacher for Graduation Diplomas?

Female students are kissing the teacher.

Female students are kissing the teacher.

From NetEase:

News on Internet Saying High School Teacher in Gansu Using Diplomas to Threaten Girls for Kisses

Huangsheng Online report — Only after a kiss can one get their graduation diploma; has there ever been anything as ridiculous as this in the world? August 20th, a netizen from Huasheng Forum posted that Linxia County Tuqiao High School teacher Zhang Runhua used [withholding] graduation diplomas as a threat, asking all the female students in his class to kiss him. On the morning of 21st, Linxia county’s local education bureau responded saying the teacher involved in this incident had already been suspended from work and the specific situation is under further investigation.

Exposed: Refused to issue graduation diploma if not kissed

On the evening of August 20th, netizen “嗅大哒” exposed information on Huasheng Forum, claiming that a teacher named Zhang Runhua at Tuqiao High School of Gansu Province Linxia County asked all the girls in his class to either kiss him or be kissed by him before he would issue them their diplomas. This netizen at the same time also exposed a set of “asking for kiss pictures”. From the pictures, reporters of this article see that a man suspected to be the teacher wearing a smile as he received kisses from his students.

With regards to this, reporters of this article interviewed a teacher Zhang in the Tuqiao High School office. According to her, Zhang Runhua is in fact a teacher at Tuqiao High School and he is in charge of teaching twelfth grade students, and normally has excellent work performance. Regarding the “kisses for diplomas” scandal spreading online, the interviewee stated that she was not aware of the situation.

Afterwards, a principal surnamed Wang in this school was claimed while responding to an interview with a People’s Daily Online Gansu Channel reporter that, according to the physical characteristics/features in the photos, “it can preliminarily be identified as teacher Zhang Runhua himself.”

Response: Teacher involved in incident already suspended

On the morning of August 21st, this Huasheng Online reporter called the Linxia County Education Bureau regarding this incident. The bureau stated that: In regards to the situation revealed by the netizen online, the local education bureau quickly convened a meeting, and after discussion decided punish Zhang Runhua with suspended from work and investigated.

Currently, the director of this county education bureau has led a group to Tuqiao High School to determine the specific details of the case before taking further action. This website will continue to follow the developments of this case.

Netizens make a “Teacher Zhang” parody song

After the original forum post was published, netizens participated and discussed. The majority of netizens expressed condemnation toward Teacher Zhang in this incident. However, some netizens think this people incident shouldn’t be hyped [exaggerated, misinterpreted] too much, that perhaps it was just a way the students expressed their graduation parting sentiments to their teacher, and that no matter what, it was important to consider and protect the children. Furthermore, a well-known Huasheng Online user “流浪的鞋鞋” altered the lyrics of currently popular song “Miss Dong” into a new song called “Teacher Zhang”.

Netizen “小德州”: The professionalism of a teacher should consist of dignified, noble, and moral conduct as part of their professional duties. Taking advantage of the authority of a teacher to do improper and obscene things undermines the dignity of the teaching profession.

Netizen “郭嘉不死”: Judging from the scene in the photographs, teacher Zhang Runhua seemed to get along very well with his students. However, to do something like this during graduation is a bit improper/inappropriate.

Netizen “lvyan985”: Kissing goodbye on graduation. In young people’s eyes, a kiss is the same as a handshake which is just a way to show affection. Please do not make up too many malicious speculations about these students and the teacher. Considering that you grow up in an environment where there is kissing everyday in TV dramas, how would you look at [the significance of] kissing? I can’t do anything about the teacher, but regarding online comments, please be considerate and protect the children [by avoiding misinterpretations of their behavior].

Attached: The lyrics to the “Teacher Zhang” song adapted by Huasheng netizen “流浪的鞋鞋”

Teacher Zhang, I’ve never forgotten your evil smile

even if you are the same as me, longing for beauty

Teacher Zhang, the way you look up is so dirty

like the muddy water under the Yellow River bridge

Teacher Zhang, you are really a complicated creature

appearing to be a good teacher, but in fact worse than a beast

Teacher Zhang, these pictures of you make me want to vomit

Such a shameful person, let me give your face a slap

So I wish all of that wasn’t true

that you are not in fact a bad teacher without a story

having fallen in love with beautiful flowers [young girls], but your heart grew wild long ago

and this makes me feel despair, Teacher Zhang

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

Teacher Zhang is kissing a female students.

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

Comments from NetEase:

baleinn0 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

To me, it is in fact a small thing. Perhaps the teacher has a good relationship with his students. Western men and women hug and kiss on the cheeks when they meet. They weren’t kissing on the lips. No need to make it seem more than it is!

网易江苏省网友 [我们到底需要什么]: (responding to above)

The kisses between westerners seem to be voluntary, and there’s nothing improper about this kind of kisses, but what’s the meaning of using diplomas to force others [to kiss him]?

zixu1975 [网易香港网友]: (responding to above)

From the picture, it’s seem to be more like a joke than extortion. I agree with Xiamen netizen’s [baleinn0] opinion.

网易湖北省武汉市网友 ip:220.112.*.*:

Birds are the highest in the sky, people with glasses on the ground are the dirtiest/perverse.

hbycxzhs [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

China’s most disgusting profession–teachers.

网易澳大利亚网友 ip:60.240.*.*:

What’s the big deal? The teacher treated them as his children. When the children graduate and leave the teacher they spent three years with, they are always reluctant to say goodbye. It’s sincere and friendly to let the children give [the teacher] a hug or a kiss. If [you] insist on thinking about it from a low, vulgar level, then I think it’s the people who think like this that have a problem!

langedon [网易广东省茂名市高州市手机网友]:

After ten years when you see this news again, you will have different feelings.

网易北京市网友 ip:222.128.*.*:

Now this teacher is blessed/happy.

网易山东省手机网友 ip:27.221.*.*:

Proof of a good relationship between the students and the teacher.

随顺众生 [网易上海市网友]:

With one kiss, you’ve lost your professional ethics as a teacher, as well as your human dignity.

网易江苏省手机网友 ip:211.138.*.*:

This is clearly everyone [the students/class] joking around and having fun at graduation, yet it has been hyped into this.

网易福建省泉州市手机网友 ip:175.43.*.*:

What’s wrong with this? It’s not like it was on the mouth.

兲謿要亡了 [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

If it weren’t because of them having a good relationship, but because of a so-called “threat”, would the teacher have let you take pictures? Is he a 250?

网易四川省成都市手机网友 ip:125.70.*.*:

Teachers these days, just what should we say to you? What clearly should be a very sacred profession has instead now been made this dirty by you people.

一粒细沙W [网易河南省洛阳市网友]:

If it was voluntary by the students then there is nothing to be said. If the teacher was being naughty and kidding around, I also have nothing to say. If the teacher was using threats, he can be executed by firing squad.

以下发炎可能引起小便不适 [网易北京市网友]:

The teacher should be aware of his identity and influence. Students should know to respect teachers, and that the most appropriate action is to bow and thank the teacher [not kissing].

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