Schoolgirls Forced to Kiss Teacher for Graduation Diplomas?

Female students are kissing the teacher.

From NetEase:

News on Internet Saying High School Teacher in Gansu Using Diplomas to Threaten Girls for Kisses

Huangsheng Online report — Only after a kiss can one get their graduation diploma; has there ever been anything as ridiculous as this in the world? August 20th, a netizen from Huasheng Forum posted that Linxia County Tuqiao High School teacher Zhang Runhua used [withholding] graduation diplomas as a threat, asking all the female students in his class to kiss him. On the morning of 21st, Linxia county’s local education bureau responded saying the teacher involved in this incident had already been suspended from work and the specific situation is under further investigation.

Exposed: Refused to issue graduation diploma if not kissed

On the evening of August 20th, netizen “嗅大哒” exposed information on Huasheng Forum, claiming that a teacher named Zhang Runhua at Tuqiao High School of Gansu Province Linxia County asked all the girls in his class to either kiss him or be kissed by him before he would issue them their diplomas. This netizen at the same time also exposed a set of “asking for kiss pictures”. From the pictures, reporters of this article see that a man suspected to be the teacher wearing a smile as he received kisses from his students.

With regards to this, reporters of this article interviewed a teacher Zhang in the Tuqiao High School office. According to her, Zhang Runhua is in fact a teacher at Tuqiao High School and he is in charge of teaching twelfth grade students, and normally has excellent work performance. Regarding the “kisses for diplomas” scandal spreading online, the interviewee stated that she was not aware of the situation.

Afterwards, a principal surnamed Wang in this school was claimed while responding to an interview with a People’s Daily Online Gansu Channel reporter that, according to the physical characteristics/features in the photos, “it can preliminarily be identified as teacher Zhang Runhua himself.”

Response: Teacher involved in incident already suspended

On the morning of August 21st, this Huasheng Online reporter called the Linxia County Education Bureau regarding this incident. The bureau stated that: In regards to the situation revealed by the netizen online, the local education bureau quickly convened a meeting, and after discussion decided punish Zhang Runhua with suspended from work and investigated.

Currently, the director of this county education bureau has led a group to Tuqiao High School to determine the specific details of the case before taking further action. This website will continue to follow the developments of this case.

Netizens make a “Teacher Zhang” parody song

After the original forum post was published, netizens participated and discussed. The majority of netizens expressed condemnation toward Teacher Zhang in this incident. However, some netizens think this people incident shouldn’t be hyped [exaggerated, misinterpreted] too much, that perhaps it was just a way the students expressed their graduation parting sentiments to their teacher, and that no matter what, it was important to consider and protect the children. Furthermore, a well-known Huasheng Online user “流浪的鞋鞋” altered the lyrics of currently popular song “Miss Dong” into a new song called “Teacher Zhang”.

Netizen “小德州”: The professionalism of a teacher should consist of dignified, noble, and moral conduct as part of their professional duties. Taking advantage of the authority of a teacher to do improper and obscene things undermines the dignity of the teaching profession.

Netizen “郭嘉不死”: Judging from the scene in the photographs, teacher Zhang Runhua seemed to get along very well with his students. However, to do something like this during graduation is a bit improper/inappropriate.

Netizen “lvyan985”: Kissing goodbye on graduation. In young people’s eyes, a kiss is the same as a handshake which is just a way to show affection. Please do not make up too many malicious speculations about these students and the teacher. Considering that you grow up in an environment where there is kissing everyday in TV dramas, how would you look at [the significance of] kissing? I can’t do anything about the teacher, but regarding online comments, please be considerate and protect the children [by avoiding misinterpretations of their behavior].

Attached: The lyrics to the “Teacher Zhang” song adapted by Huasheng netizen “流浪的鞋鞋”

Teacher Zhang, I’ve never forgotten your evil smile

even if you are the same as me, longing for beauty

Teacher Zhang, the way you look up is so dirty

like the muddy water under the Yellow River bridge

Teacher Zhang, you are really a complicated creature

appearing to be a good teacher, but in fact worse than a beast

Teacher Zhang, these pictures of you make me want to vomit

Such a shameful person, let me give your face a slap

So I wish all of that wasn’t true

that you are not in fact a bad teacher without a story

having fallen in love with beautiful flowers [young girls], but your heart grew wild long ago

and this makes me feel despair, Teacher Zhang

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

Teacher Zhang is kissing a female students.

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

A female student is kissing teacher Zhang.

Comments from NetEase:

baleinn0 [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

To me, it is in fact a small thing. Perhaps the teacher has a good relationship with his students. Western men and women hug and kiss on the cheeks when they meet. They weren’t kissing on the lips. No need to make it seem more than it is!

网易江苏省网友 [我们到底需要什么]: (responding to above)

The kisses between westerners seem to be voluntary, and there’s nothing improper about this kind of kisses, but what’s the meaning of using diplomas to force others [to kiss him]?

zixu1975 [网易香港网友]: (responding to above)

From the picture, it’s seem to be more like a joke than extortion. I agree with Xiamen netizen’s [baleinn0] opinion.

网易湖北省武汉市网友 ip:220.112.*.*:

Birds are the highest in the sky, people with glasses on the ground are the dirtiest/perverse.

hbycxzhs [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

China’s most disgusting profession–teachers.

网易澳大利亚网友 ip:60.240.*.*:

What’s the big deal? The teacher treated them as his children. When the children graduate and leave the teacher they spent three years with, they are always reluctant to say goodbye. It’s sincere and friendly to let the children give [the teacher] a hug or a kiss. If [you] insist on thinking about it from a low, vulgar level, then I think it’s the people who think like this that have a problem!

langedon [网易广东省茂名市高州市手机网友]:

After ten years when you see this news again, you will have different feelings.

网易北京市网友 ip:222.128.*.*:

Now this teacher is blessed/happy.

网易山东省手机网友 ip:27.221.*.*:

Proof of a good relationship between the students and the teacher.

随顺众生 [网易上海市网友]:

With one kiss, you’ve lost your professional ethics as a teacher, as well as your human dignity.

网易江苏省手机网友 ip:211.138.*.*:

This is clearly everyone [the students/class] joking around and having fun at graduation, yet it has been hyped into this.

网易福建省泉州市手机网友 ip:175.43.*.*:

What’s wrong with this? It’s not like it was on the mouth.

兲謿要亡了 [网易广东省汕头市网友]:

If it weren’t because of them having a good relationship, but because of a so-called “threat”, would the teacher have let you take pictures? Is he a 250?

网易四川省成都市手机网友 ip:125.70.*.*:

Teachers these days, just what should we say to you? What clearly should be a very sacred profession has instead now been made this dirty by you people.

一粒细沙W [网易河南省洛阳市网友]:

If it was voluntary by the students then there is nothing to be said. If the teacher was being naughty and kidding around, I also have nothing to say. If the teacher was using threats, he can be executed by firing squad.

以下发炎可能引起小便不适 [网易北京市网友]:

The teacher should be aware of his identity and influence. Students should know to respect teachers, and that the most appropriate action is to bow and thank the teacher [not kissing].

What do you think?

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  • Zappa Frank

    i don’t see anything erotic in those kisses. If they were forced i cannot understand the reason and why to take pictures.

    • xuedi

      i agree, seems more like a joke … still a bit wired

    • linette lee

      Some teachers are very proud of his/her students and love them like their own sons and daughters. A kiss on cheek or hug in the public during special occasion not a big deal. Graduation is a very big event and special day. Can be emotional too.

  • markus peg

    The third one is enjoying herself, they look willing to me.
    [I read on another site that it was willing and the students defended him after people saw the photos online and complained.]

    Though willing or not i don’t think it should be allowed, but in my opinion he should get a verbal warning for it, if he does it again though that’s another story…

  • Mighty曹

    From the looks of his face it appears to be done in a playful manner and this may have been blown out of proportion.
    * At least he’s not handing out diplomas in a hotel room.

    • slob

      Rofl the first thing that came to mind when clicking on this link was the hotel incident. True enough, at least he wasn’t saying something like “Suck my dick after class if you want this booklet”

      • YourSupremeCommander

        When the girls were told “either kiss me on the cheek or kiss my lil man down there” they have no choice but to do the former. Wouldn’t you?

      • Mighty曹

        Or, “Who wants extra bonus points? All you have to do is _______”.

    • death_by_ivory

      His face is priceless.
      In any event I saw the Host.Very cool special effects.I had no idea is this suppose to be a comedy or drama or what.That is why I enjoyed it. Park Hae-Il,it was worth for him to watch it.

      • Mighty曹

        That’s one of the better ‘monsters’ movie from Korea. I’m a big fan of Song Kang-ho. It’s like a comedy drama. Great movie!

        • death_by_ivory

          Yep,he is great. I love him too.

          • Mighty曹

            The roles he plays are wide ranging. Great in ‘JSA’ and the ‘vengeance’ series.

    • Germandude

      Probably the only kisses he’ll ever get…

      • Mighty曹

        Or, his very first experience of being kissed by someone of the opposite sex.

  • linette lee

    “If it was voluntary by the students then there is nothing to be said. If the teacher was being naughty and kidding around, I also have nothing to say. If the teacher was using threats, he can be executed by firing squad.”

    This is what I think…

    • slob

      Yeah I was looking at the ‘threats’ part but I really doubt that’s the right word to be used, it looks like they’re making mountains out of ant hills. By a ‘threat’ he probably just jokingly said “If you want your diploma, you have to kiss me on the cheek” and if he said it once or twice mockingly then there’s no problem. However, if he actually was withholding their diplomas with serious intent then by all means he should be shot. But really, looks like nothing more than a good teacher ruined by modern technology (phone cameras) and a few bored people looking for something to gossip about.

      • linette lee

        I once had a teacher and he was very outstanding. He was my honer problem physic professor. The class was small like 20 of us. He took us to lunch right before the end of semester all boys and girls and we loved him. We put money together and bought him a nice gift afterward. There are teacher out there very proud of his work and love his students like his children. HE was one of my best teacher. Very funny and intelligent.

        • linette lee

          honor program I meant. I don’t know what I typed half of the time. lol.

        • mwanafa

          of course a good teacher is like your relative, occasionally kissing your teacher is just like kissing your brother or any relative.

          • linette lee

            uhhhhhhhh?? During school age I wouldn’t occasionally kiss my teachers like my family. The teachers are usually much older. They are someone I respect and look up to because they give knowledge to me.

          • mwanafa

            Well it depends on the teacher, some are so strict and serious while some are well outgoing. Culture also plays part, this story made it to the headlines because in China kissing is still a big deal to many. I once got spanked because I kissed our headmistress (I scored a winning goal for our school, when I was celebrating I ran into her and thought a kiss will be cool, she obviously didn’t take it that way.) Ever seen middle east men kiss when greeting? The first time I saw it I thought it was gross, but then I understood that they just greet that way.
            The point is whether it’s teachers or someone else you respect, at some point(with proper reasons and decency) you can exchange kisses.

          • linette lee

            Also exchange cheek kiss is okay. But a peck on the lips usually only to family and same sex friends. Not really opposite sex friends or teachers. ;)

          • mwanafa

            That’s funny, I bet the male students did enjoy a peck on the lips with their friends, and probably with the teacher.


            You kiss your family and same sex friends on the lips? So if I ever met you maybe we can kiss on the cheek, either that or I can just slap your head to wake you up :)

          • linette lee

            Why not? I hug my parents and we kiss on cheeks. My mom and my brother peck me on the lips sometimes. What’s the big deal? My two really close girl friends we hug and kiss pressing hard on lips sometimes just for fun. Not french kiss. It’s just affection and closeness.
            I kiss my cat on the lips too. lol.

            You kiss your male friends on cheek? :)


            Okay suit yourself. I just don’t like to touch other people so much. Of course I don’t kiss my male friends on the cheek. When was the last time you saw two heterosexual Asian guys kissing each other on the cheeks? I don’t like hugs, I don’t even like to shake hands. People are dirty. I did used to like to hold and pet my cats when I was a kid though.

    • Robert Rou

      The guy’s a teacher. He’s supposed to be a professional, a role model, not some affectionate comfort toy.

  • slob

    Well I was going to say there’s nothing wrong with it really although it is slight abuse of power (could the male students do the same thing?), but then I saw the picture of him kissing the student on the cheek. That’s a little controversial and he should be suspended for at least a year for that. In a western country that could be seen as sexual molestation and the guy would be dubbed a pedo for life. Here it seems to be harmless play though I would never consider doing it to my students.
    Just suspend him, investigate any sexual history and if there’s nothing there, slap him on the wrist and put him back later on.

    • tammy

      I bet these foreign esl teachers in china like this story.

  • POS

    And they say foreign English teachers are bad?!?!? Actually its not that outrageous, but if it was a vanilla face then it would definitely be a scandal and another opportunity to pontificate about the moral degradation of “Western” culture yada yada.

    • Cauffiel

      Thats the first thing I thought when I saw this. Foreign teacher would never get away with this.

      I doubt any students will be hurt in any way by this, but I think it shows the teacher lacks judgement.

  • mwanafa

    These pictures are all descent in my opinion, during graduation people do many crazy things just to have fun. I really hope that this teacher had no other “xiangfa”, and also his relationship with his students had been always strictly student/teacher relationship, otherwise he will live to blame the technology.

    • RickyBeijing

      Yeah man, if the were in any way in descent he’d be goin down hard

  • Mike

    surprised Chinasmack is reporting this now, this happened a solid week or so ago, and all of the students have already come out and defended the teacher, is it still weird as hell? Yeah but it kinda makes this entire story moot when all the kids are coming out and saying they did i voluntarily and are defending the teacher after the fact. This article is past date!

    • Cauffiel

      Chinasmack articles are routinely a week or more old.

    • Robert Rou

      First time that ChinaSmack editors has done this? Nah… Last time, it was a propaganda piece for some guy in a bicycle factory. Great work! How about some due diligence around here?!?

      • Kai

        See our About page and FAQ. Both this story and that story were recently trending Chinese internet content at the time they were translated.

    • Logical

      Another attempt by Chinasmack to shame its own men.

      • T. Bickle

        This man shames himself and needs no help. You must be a fellow pervert and want to run to the losers aide. “I understand brother pervo! I do the same things or lay in bed wanking and dreaming of it!!!”

    • 二奶头发

      It does take time to translate stories and there are SOOO many of them. the society sections on chinese news sites have lots of interesting / wild stories. (knowing chinese is a big plus in this case) I suggest if you see a story you think is trending (or may trend) on weibo or around chinese news sites let them know about it.

      • This story was translated last week. At that time, the news broke that he isn’t guiltly of the accusation made against him on the internet.

        And now, here we are.

      • Don’t Believe the Hype

        I’ve been wondering for a while, can Sina weibo articles be posted by anyone with an account? I’m assuming yes but when I go to the site I have no idea how to navigate for new posts. It just looks like a news/gossip page with prearranged links as opposed to, say, a site with ongoing updates from new posts or being able to search for posts related to a subject. I may just be doing a bad job of navigating but please share if you know.

    • Monkeekong

      yeah but it could be because the teacher threatened the girls that he would kill their parents if they come out against him! Also he must have raped them and taken pictures and threatened to upload it on the internet if they didn’t come out and defend him! you never know

  • mr.wiener

    Storm in a teacup. Hopefully this shite will blow over soon.

    • Why would it. A week after it’s revealed that he’s not guilty of the accusation leveled against him, the accusations keep raining down upon this guy.

      • mr.wiener

        keep your ears to the ground on this one mate. Tell me if you hear anything about the ultimate fate of this fella, I hope it all turns out ok.
        [that was not me who downvoted your comment btw]

        • spoiler: he’s ruined for life.

          With the evidence so evident online, people have no interest in the person who spread this outright lie about this teacher that has already cost him his job; instead, everyone is still going on about how it’s “inappropriate” when he is supported by his students, the school, and the school board.

          The rumor started last Wednesday; it was news Thursday morning; he lost his job Thursday afternoon; and the rebuttal from his students came Thursday evening.

          That’s one week ever since the news broke that this guy is innocent of the online accusation against him.

          But nobody cares. People need their hate on.

  • Peye

    Much to do over nothing. Perhaps the girls are just whispering some ‘Thank you’ words in his ear.Peye

  • Nick

    ..does he have his arm or hand on them? NO, he looks like he just wants the kiss goodbye, what’s all the hype about here!!!! After all, they are leaving him for good, why not a kiss on the cheek good bye!!!

  • 二奶头发

    What did the boys have to do to get their diplomas?

    • mwanafa

      If you can answer the following question , then you just answered your own question.
      What does a man do on two legs a women does sitting down and a dog do on three legs?

      • twelve ways

        The boys had to piss? wtf

        • mwanafa

          Had to piss off would be better.

          • Cauffiel

            Haha… maybe we can just whistle at them incessantly.

    • Guang Xiang

      Makes me wonder: if the boys were asked to give a bro handshake for their diploma, would this news still be controversial?

  • TJDubs

    The teacher is obviously very handsome and charismatic, and the female students were naturally drawn to him. On the last day of class, all the girls, who had previously been too shy to say anything, finally made a proposal as a group. He consented, but, in order to be safe, demanded they not kiss him on the mouth in any of the photos.

  • twelve ways

    It’s not serious but I do think it’s hugely inappropriate. I don’t think physical affection in any way shape or form from a teacher is appropriate, ruffling the hair of a little kid maybe, but not with kids this age and definitely not kissing.

    Now that the story is in the news they have no choice but to sack him or face losing any respect the school had. He deserves it, not for being a pedo, just for being an idiot for thinking shit like this is ok, especially after the recent scandals.

    • RickyBeijing

      I’m gonna say that you seem to have a very misinformed opinion on the matter. In the west we have a very fearful, jaded view on what a teacher should be and hhow they should act, which is understandable with all of the scandals we hear about. But in reality, we hear about a scandal from the other side of the world and think it will affect us when in all actuality, it sucks that it happened at all, but we can’t let it affect how we live and do things.

      The case of the teacher bringing students to a hotel room is disgraceful, but some students actually have good relationships with their teachers. I’ve been a professional teacher here for three years and with some of my previous students I had excellent relationships. I would hug them if they were sad, or reward them if they were good on that day.

      These same kids sobbed like babies when it was time to say goodbye. I would never force them to kiss me or take them outside of view of another adult but I had an excellent relationship with some of them.

  • Cauffiel

    What a creep.

    • Robert Rou

      Says the guy that wants to know how, why, or when Chinese guys pay for dates.

      • Cauffiel

        What the hell are you talking about?

        • You know…just…whatever

        • POS

          He craves attention from White males, little insecure attention whore ;P daddy issues coupled with an inferiority complex towards whites plays out very strangely indeed!

          • Cauffiel


      • mwanafa
        • Robert Rou

          You’re not even American. Take a hike.

          • POS


          • mwanafa

            You obviously were slammed down to the ground as a little kid, unfortunately you survived to be the CS’s worst Troll.
            To satisfy you I will make a public announcement.
            I am not American, and I am proud.
            Happy now?

          • Cauffiel

            Fuck that guy. Don’t respond to any more of his posts… he should be gone in a week.

          • Robert Rou

            LMAO. Someone doesn’t like my posts?

          • mwanafa

            Yeah, I just lost some few seconds of my life feeding that piece of shyte. I’ll keep that in mind.

        • Nor Bolbe

          Obama is just as corrupt as the guys hes “kicking”. Have fun with WW3!

  • Fanduril

    This is traditional Chinese culture! You westerners clearly don’t understand.

  • wafflestomp

    What I find funny is they love to say things like teachers should be professional, it’s a sacred profession, etc, but the middle/upper class tend to treat teachers like garbage. No BMW? ONE house? HAHAHA peasant!

  • I doubt this guy would really refuse to give them their diplomas if they didn’t kiss him…but nonetheless this is at least a little creepy.

    Has anyone done the ol’ “but if it were a foreign teacher…” bit? I figured someone should start it if we want this story to get at least a 100 or so more comments than it would otherwise.

  • Marcus Black

    What’s up with these Chinese teachers. There are massage parlors with a “happy ending” in damn near every corner in China. Why does society shun P4P when it’s been around probably since the first humans started to live in groups. There were probably cave sluts who gave up pu**y to just about every cave man in the cave in exchange for food or material possessions. Actually all women are like this to some extent. They always give up pu**y in exchange for something. So chill out guys and don’t feel ashamed of using P4P. Pu**y will cost you something regardless of whether the woman is a blatant P4P or not.

    • biggj

      Pussy don’t cost me shit son. Why should it have to cost you something?

  • Marcus Muller

    Oh yeah.. He looks like a paedophile.

    • biggj

      He does right? hahaha

    • Claude

      No he doesn’t. This looks like a pedophile. The giveaway? The hat!

      • Anakin Skywalker

        I should have followed you Emperor.

  • zeus

    what a stud

  • biggj

    I would have jumped at the chance to kiss my grade 12 homeroom teacher. Good lord that woman was hot!! I kind of bad for these girls though. He looks like a greasy pedophile who has a touch of 1 or 2 forms of retardation.


      Same for my 11th grade chemistry teacher. She was 23-24 at the time. She had a kid about a year later though, and probably more in the time since so I assume her body’s all busted and fat by now. Time isn’t kind to humans, especially women.

      • biggj

        Yeah some womans bodies go right down hill after having babies. This girl I know who would deliver parts out to our site had 5 kids. The girls was like 25 or 26 years old, but she was fit. She was nice looking too, just a small framed woman. And man when she told me she had 5 kids I almost never believed her. She knew had to keep that body tight. lol

    • Ana Belen Ruiz

      Hell no! actually this article made me laugh. Maybe it’s cultural, but I’m so used of kissing that this seems totally normal and cute. We even invite our teacher to go out after finishing school. I remember one of my teachers used to ask me what I did on weekends. haha relax people, it’s called human warmth

  • Jahar

    I don’t care what the intent was, it’s fucked up. There are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Is he slapping the boys on the ass, as players do in sports? Is that okay to you people as well? He is their teacher, not their family. Can the bus driver do this too? What about your doctor? Police officers?

    • biggj

      I agree, it’s kind of fucked up. Being a teacher you should act a certain way. Not just teachers, lots of jobs. It’s one thing if the girls got together and just did it….well…I guess it would not be his fault but he should shut that right down…but to ask for it for their diploma’s? This guy has sex offender written all over him.

    • Whaddashack

      Sure, drama queen.

      Spare the moralistic BS and tell us how you really feel? Especially since the girls have come forward and defended the teacher.

      • Jahar

        As I said, It doesn’t matter the intent, it crosses a line of professionalism. There are some things teachers just shouldn’t do. I don’t even care if it’s the students father, a student and teacher shouldn’t kiss in school. And how is this moralistic BS?

        • Whaddashack

          The moral police strikes again. Cross line, cross this, blah blah. I don’t see any Canadians protesting over dirty White men running to the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam and screwing 12 year old preteens. In fact, they defend these actions just like they defend the same dirty actions in China and the rest of East Asia. They defend prostitution, apparently “stealing wives” (as if they could), and pedophiles teaching there. But of course, like all good White “men”, your lips are sealed shut. Same goes for the White “nationalist woMEN” supporting this nonsense. Who are actually more man than woman.

          So there dramaqueen. Spare your not caring for things that actually matter. The point is this teacher has a good relationship with his students, unlike in Canada and most Western countries, where we keep hearing of teachers raping female and male children. China should adopt the same policies as the West, namely to accept female White and Black teachers only. Pedophile issues will then be solved.

          • mr.wiener

            Good relationship or not this bit of carelessness, although innocent [I think] has snowballed out of all proportion.
            What this has to do with the white colonial powers of last century I can’t speculate.
            Now I’m going to make a few predictions based on this conversation being played out before:

            A “Yeah right ,you’re only saying that because you teacher touched you after class, and you loved it!”
            B ” Western Hypocrite, you ignore the millions of starving and poor in your own countries and criticize the East. It was you polluting cultural ignorance that brought this moral corruption to China”.
            A “Yeh and your mum and grandmum used to work on street corners for white customers”
            B “Ang it will be your daughters and grand daughters who whore for asian men in the future”…….

            Now, we can follow this mold to it’s predictable penis measuring or we can throttle back our jets a bit….Which is it going to be?

          • Whaddashack

            I think the first B is more like it. The second one sounds too far fetched for me.

          • Jahar

            Deflect. Change the topic. You really think that teachers and students kissing each other is acceptable? Seriously?

          • Whaddashack

            Semantics again?

            In many cases, I’d agree this is wrong. But in this case, it’s just a bunch of kids fooling around with a teacher (who should have known better maybe) who may/may not be hapless.

            I’ve seen foreign teachers do much, much worse, raping, molesting and having sexual relationships with their students. and the usual garbage commenting hypocritically here make barely a squawk there. Doesn’t help that those foreign teachers are far older than this man, and the girls much younger. Where’s the condemnation there? Think about it.

            Please note, before accusing me of something that the previous paragraph was just a general observation and doesn’t reflect on Jahar the SaabArab. I think you’re quite alright. Aside from being a total drama queen and hypocrite from some crappy country in the far North.

          • Jahar

            Yeah, I’m sure you see foreign teachers raping people all the time. Old men raping little girls. I’m sure you see it in every school here, every day, right?

            ok here you go. I’m wrong. Canada is the worst place in the world. nothing good ever came from anyone in canada, and nothign good ever happened there. Chinese people only do good things, and have done all the good things ever done, ever. Long live mao and the ccp!

            You obviously aren’t interested in any kind of rational discussion, you just want to call people names.

          • Whaddashack

            Actually I am. That’s the reason why I called out your comments from the beginning. There are plenty of Westerners who travel to Asia to bop those tweenage girls. You don’t see the same disproportionate outrage there. You’re also far more likely to be raped in parts of Europe than in China. Sweden is particularly notorious as the world’s rape capital. That’s another fact. No complaints yet again, just blame shifting to the “Muslims”.

            Foreign teachers raping Asian female students happens frequently enough to be disturbing considering how few foreigners there are. But it’s not surprising, since sexual abuse of under aged girls and the defense of such abuse is common in the West. Which is why I find the acid reflux of many commenters here on what is nothing but affection between some female students and a teacher entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, initially I was just as outraged as you just from reading the topic. However, unlike most people here, I actually tried to understand the situation before blabbing out like a fool.

            Old men raping little girls is actually quite a common phenomenon in Western countries. I could easily link you to reports where this is happening and continuing to happen. I’ve actually seen International students harassed by a lecturer much older than this man. By that I meant hugging and inappropriate touching. The foreign Japanese students were admirably polite, all smiles. I actually knew them fairly well and definitely enough to know that they didn’t initiate some gnarly old man feeling them up and verbally grooming them. Some had much younger boyfriends and the rest were there to study. Despite the many onlookers, nobody did anything to stop his advancements. Nobody but me, and the good people that actually listened to me. Didn’t even have to use the badass, hyper-violent fantastical macho fantasies often described here.

            No need to go so far with the China praise. Chinese aren’t perfect, but at least most try to make the best of the little they have. And few are interested in mud slinging contests and gross generalizations that so many westerners are interested in. It’s called installing some balance and telling the truth.

            No, Canada isn’t the worst place in the world. It’s a highly livable place even if not the most well known.

          • Zappa Frank

            do you have any statistic or reliable article about your affermations or we just have to trust you that these things are “quite common in western countries”? because you know, it’s 30 years i live in western countries and i do not think is common, after a few years in china i think is more common by far in china, but hey, i usually don’t use my limited experiences to judge a country..

          • Whaddashack

            Sure, just google crime rates like rape, homicide and assault and you’d actually find that China’s crime rate is much lower than most European countries and lower than all of the new world. I read the papers and everyday, there’s some sort of violent crime. The difference is people there turn a blind eye to them, but prefer to criticize countries that actually do better than them in this regard.

            I wouldn’t talk so much since Italy is known for it’s violent race riots, high levels of organized crime and cover ups.

          • Zappa Frank

            so how come chinese i knew here told me is safer than in china?
            besides do you know that in many cases, expecially in china, victims do not sue anyone when raped? Some as the high sweden rate could explain this fenomena, they do not have any fear to sue because there’s no social condamnation if you’re raped.. this is something you should have read in articles, because i read it. The same goes for many other crimes, no sue than no crime..

            Tell me more about race riots in italy, because as italian i’ve never heard about them.. Even china is known for organized crime, as much as italy at least…and cover and corruptions yes are well known in italy i don’t deny, but i do think by far less than in china as for my experience.

            besides there’s something more, in china when you went into judgement process you almost have no rights, it’s not the same in western countries.

          • Zappa Frank

            read here a crime that cannot be not sued, murder:


            china is ok 1.0, but italy is even better 0.9… and all europe is no worse than asia.. but i admit that indeed is true China is generally a safe country. I just don’t understand why you keep on thinking we’re that animales that you describe.

          • Whaddashack

            I don’t recall calling you animals. I just think it’s unreasonable to strongly condemn this man of being the lowest scum on Earth or going around calling Chinese criminals when most countries in NA, Europe and Oceania are no better.

            I’m surprised Italy scored 0.9 inspite of all the mafia stories, that’s actually very good.

            Actually Asia overall does have lower crime rates than Europe, doesn’t Japan/Singapore have like 0.3 and HK something like 0.2?

  • biggj

    Let just turn the tables here for a second. Good looking female teacher doing the same shit with her male students…..Those boys would be Chinese national heroes. hahaha Instead of being weird/awkward…’s would be cool as shit. hahaha

    • Robert Rou

      No shortage of weird/awkward white boys on this site. Nope. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Only the genetically superior ones lololol.

      • Cauffiel

        Your comments are very weird and often nonsensical.

      • mr.wiener

        “No shortage of weird/awkward white boys on this site”
        So that’s why you hang around here….The mystery explained.

      • POS

        Explains your perverse sexual attraction to the white man??? Are you a Chinese girl born in the body of a Chinese boy?

        • Whaddashack

          I don’t know, Chinese boys aren’t gay and don’t jizz their pants thinking of White men. Sorry for breaking your homoerotic fantasies.

          • POS


          • Whaddashack

            Not really. I’m just saying. No one likes people who look like they sprout brown, stinky fur all over their freckly bodies. It’s like a mouth-frothing blotched pig. Mouth agape and drooling, smell unspeakably terrible. Just ask the Japanese to the East. They know.

            So next time you see plenty of Chinese looking at you, coughing and spitting your way, you know why. White people disgust them.

          • POS

            Double Racist, reevaluate your direction in life.

          • Whaddashack

            Pleased to meet you, Mr Double Racist.

          • POS

            You are a racist, easy to see from you comments. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Whaddashack

            You are. And a hypocritical one at that. Shame on yourself. First.

          • mr.wiener

            You are entitled to your opinions of course ,but this reads a little too like someone picking a fight.
            POS, you too. If you are going to critic someone at least keep it original. The old “homo in denial” thing has been done to death.

          • Whaddashack

            Only picking on the dudes with chips on their shoulders. And pointing out the inevitable truth. PoS has made sexual advances to Asian men in the past. His continual harrassment and attempts to woo KamikazePilot is noteworthy. Of course, Kamikaze has turned him down every time, Kamikaze being a dignified Japanese not the actual reason. See, even Chinese boys would feel disgusted by somebody labelling himself as a POS.

          • POS

            He is just playing hard to get.

          • Whaddashack

            I know unrequited love when I see it. I’m afraid that’s what you’re suffering from.

      • biggj

        I’m not talking about chinamen being weird/awkward The situation were girls are kissing their creepy teacher is weird, but it would be cool for boys if the teacher was girl. WHITE POWER!!! hahaha

        • Cauffiel

          Boys and girls are different. Surpriiiiiise.

      • moop

        i think i know who this “robert rou” is… Rob Lowe! who knew

  • SixAces

    You guys don’t know half the truth! The picture only tells you so much…
    The truth is, behind the desk he is actually buck naked from the waist down and sporting a boner. He is AN ANIMAL!!

  • Claude

    I had a math teacher that loved to rub both girls and boys on the back while working on math problems. It was a small community where a he worked part time as Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer. He went to prison for molesting a kid. From what I understand, it’s not uncommon for pedophile to assume positions of trust like a teacher of some sort, the cross walk guy or a cop! This guy became both a cop and teacher. I heard he went to jail where was a both a former cop and pedophile. I sure it was a pleasant stint in prison for him. Heavy on the sarcasm there!

    I’m Not saying this guy is. Frankly, I don’t understand Chinese culture well enough but I feel that it’s both kind of harmless but from a western standpoint fucking creepy!!

    • Whaddashack

      Yes, fucking creepy. Yet an old lecturer who happens to be a Westerner inappropriately touching, grooming and feeling up his International Asian students isn’t creepy? IMO, that’s far more horrible and cowardly than what this teacher did especially considering foreign students have barely any support or people they can contact and seek advice from. They are literally helpless.

      That’s actually a real life example, and though plenty of people knew about this was done about said lecturer. I’m glad I had the humanity and was concerned enough for the students to help them out and stop the abuse. I’m also thankful for the very few people who listened to me and actually did put a stop to it. Still shocked at the lack of support though.

  • Kai

    The comments by cS commenters seem to be as split as the Chinese commenters. Pretty interesting how people interpret this and the reasons behind their interpretation.

    But to get back to pragmatics, should the teacher be punished or reprimanded for this even if the students testify that it was entirely innocent? Is the behavior itself, regardless of intent by the parties involved, undesirable in the context of the parties involved and thus to be prohibited from occuring?

    • biggj

      Depends where you are a teacher. In china no one cares unless it’s
      insertion. In north America the guy would be suspended or maybe fired.
      There is a certain decorum you should follow with certain jobs. It’s
      just creepy for a male teacher to do that. To ask your students for a
      kiss and to kiss them too???Come on now. If the girls just went up and
      did it without any provocation, then is not so bad. The fault is not
      with the teacher then…and even so, he should stop that type of
      behavior right away. A teacher is one of those job were you should
      follow strict guild lines and handle yourself in a certain way. Well,
      we can look on the bright side, they were not raped and given STD’s in
      their assholes.

      My opinion the guy should be told not to do that
      type in future. A warning would be fine. It’s not like what he did was
      horrible….it’s just cool for a teacher to do that with their students.
      It’s just creepy and unprofessional.

    • Cauffiel

      I think adults need to make judgements about appropriate behavior. The students opinions might be considered, but theres a reason adults are in charge and kids aren’t. :-)

      • Kai

        Yeah, I agree, fucking kids need to know their place! WE RULE THIS HOUSE!

        But seriously, that’s kinda part of my question. Even adults are split on this. Some say it’s inappropriate and others say those people are thinking too dirty. This reminds me of things like naked baby pictures. Some people think of them as just cute babies, as innocence and nothing more. Other worry about pedophiles. Should an explicit rule or law be made and enforced to regulate these kind of things?

        • Cauffiel

          Well, you asked in your comment whether the student’s protestations should be considered, and I answered to that.

          What should the adults decide? I think without being criminal or immoral, the teacher showed its difficult to trust his judgement. It doesn’t help that he’s goofy looking, but I’m trying to ignore that.

          An administrator needs to pull him aside and ask him emphatically “are you fucking crazy or just stupid? i hired you, and you’re going to get me fired, you goddamned idiot. here’s a sheet of paper, write me 1 reason I shouldn’t call my wife in here to beat the crap out of you. if you want a bunch of girls to kiss you, go to a hotel like everyone else. now, guzzle this bottle of baijiu. dick.”

          I think that would pretty much take care of it and no one would have to be the wiser.

          • Kai

            In my first comment, I was referring to considering the student’s testimony in this particular case with regards to whether or not this particular teacher should be punished, not that they should be part of policy-making. That’s why I agreed with your opinion that adults make judgements. Two separate things.

            I think absent existing policies governing this kind of behavior, of course the children’s testimony should be considered in how much wrongdoing the teacher is liable for in this particular instance. There’s a big difference between him extorting kisses out of children and him being part of their fun and games.

            But with regards to establishing policies or law, yeah, adults should be the ones doing so, but how should they do so? Do we prohibit any sort of touching for fear of one party possibly deriving some sort of perverse sexual pleasure from it? Is kissing on the cheek that intimate and risky of arousing perverse sexual pleasure? Is there no innocence left to it? How rigidly do we define our policies? How do our policies reflect how we think?

            Hah, I think your proposed handling could definitely be effective, especially if it was indeed all innocent and the teacher genuinely didn’t think of how the whole thing could be misinterpreted by some people. The tongue lashing by his superior should definitely clue him in, and the burnt throat should help him remember it.

            There may still be some unfortunate loss of innocence in that though. How much do we let fear guide our behavior? It’s kinda like the arguments over increased airport security checks. Is it prudence in the name of safety or have we in some way let the terrorists win? Do you get what I mean about the philosophical implications of how we make policies and laws?

          • Cauffiel

            Actually, I got that idea from a friend of mine. He said something bad to a local, lets call him, “boss” at a nightclub in Guangdong, and the boss made him guzzle Black Label. Haha.

            I was not considering policy making in my comments, strictly this incident. And I stick with the students opinions counting for more than nothing, but regardless of their relationship with the teacher, children can’t be expected to judge right from wrong. So if a student says “its ok” that just means the student doesn’t understand why it might be wrong, because they can’t tell the difference between adults and kids except that adults are boring and have jobs.

            I don’t think the preservation of innocence is terribly important, but rather who guides children out of innocence. And that should definitely be perverts on TV and the internet, NOT perverts in the classroom.

            I understand what you’re saying. Laws need to be written to balance security and freedom while still maximizing personal benefit for the lawmakers.

          • Kai

            Heh, the whole “drinking to apologize” thing is a common trope in shows/movies depicting gangster/triad/yakuza. It kinda makes sense. As much as I dislike whiskey, higher proof baijiu is a much harsher punishment!

            Yes, agree, in this situation, just because it may have been entirely innocent fun and games to the kids doesn’t mean the adult shouldn’t have considered the propriety of it all.


    • moop

      regardless of intent, this shows a serious lack of judgement on his part. even if this whole thing was the students’ idea, he still should have had the good judgement to say this is inappropriate and end things right there, but considering he was withholding diplomas in exchange for these kisses, i would guess this was his idea, and his idea alone.

      i’m sure none of those commenters would be OK with kissing their boss in order to get their paychecks every month.

      • Kai

        Hah, love your analogy. I haven’t really looked into this story beyond what’s above and tidbits I’ve read from other places. Was it established that he was actually withholding their diplomas or was that something someone just made up to sensationalize a group of otherwise innocent pictures?

      • percymay

        I agree with your comment.

        If this sleaze bag didn’t have bad intentions, why didn’t he have the boy students also give him a kiss?

        • Whaddashack

          Let’s get real and quit speculating. The boy students didn’t give him a kiss because this wasn’t his idea, and being boys, they’re shy of kissing males. There are far sleazier things to protest about, especially within your country.

          You’re just bitter and envious you’re not the one getting any attention. That’s about it.

          • percymay

            You seem to have taken on the self-appointed role of the indigenous people’s champion.

            You’re very loose with your insults and crude remarks.

            Is your vulgarity an expression of a limited education?

            You do yourself and indigenous people a great disservice with your crude, insulting comments. You give the impression you have no education or intellectual skills and that all you can do is insult and intimidate.

            This give blacks and indigenous people a bad reputation.

            I come from the land where this style of discourse was developed. American-blacks created it in order to intimidate whites and disguise black’s lack of knowledge and poor communication skills.

            For your information, as a “Canadian-black,” this intimidating discourse style is out-of-date. I know China is always a little behind, but this if just for your information.

          • Whaddashack

            Haha, I didn’t know you were such a sensitive old pickle. Only to a vulgar individual and one that’s too rattled up does my original comment sound vulgar. Check your own comments, you’re not the shining example you pretend to be. Far from it. And many times more hypocritical and angry.

            My education and knowledge is far above yours. Unlike you, I actually can back my statements and think things through before blabbing like a fool. Something “White nationalists” do very well. Also sticking their noses where it don’t belong (sound familiar wigger?). It’s Asia for everyone, isn’t it, manginaboy? You have a very unhealthy interest with the Chinese and other Asians considering the majority of us don’t give a damn about “White nationalists”, and we don’t come into your websites nor show the least bit of interest. We don’t need you.

            Haven’t you heard? Native Americans are part of the family. The question is who made you the spokesman and judge of Africans, Asians, Native Americans and Chinese? What right do you have to denigrate a whole group of people and call them uncivilized/barbaric vis-a-vis blacks, your own relatives?

            My “crude” language is only in your head, for you and your kind are a thousand times cruder. But as they say, a toilet doesn’t know he stinks.

            Lastly, you are not Black. You are simply a White nationalist, but a cowardly one who has no pride in what he is yet dares mock those who do. A common tactic of the ever increasing angry White male is to pretend to be someone else because they are “superior”. One’s pretended to be Japanese/Chinese, and you’ve pretended to be Black. An intelligent person sees through this, and Chinese are smart.

            I can understand your affinity with blacks though. Was reading some anthropological videos and forums about genetics and it was amazing, with charts, papers, studies and various research.

            From the comments of the many Asian researchers there, it turns out that you are very closely related to the “negroids”, more so than Asians. Which explains your over-aggression and competitiveness. Now try not to be so obviously insecure. It’s unbecoming, even if it is in your genes.

      • mr.wiener

        I’d have been happy with the idea of my boss kissing my arse when I picked up my paycheck every month.

      • Jin&Tonic

        I bet you lick your boss ass everyday for your pay check

    • Whaddashack

      There’s a perfect explanation for this. Jealousy by some of the White expats here at the attention the teacher is getting. Had it been them or another laowai on the receiving end, they’d sing a different tune. You just have to observe how the people treating this teacher as the evilest thang eva never got their panties in a knot when some Brit pig raped a Beijing girl and defended his actions. Double standards have never been clearer. A most hideous thing, blugh.

  • Cauffiel
  • 二奶头发

    After looking at the photos again this morning I’ve come to the conclusion that … THIS IS SOOO WRONG!

  • Monkeekong

    He will masturbate thinking about these moments forever

  • Chicago Chink

    I wonder how many he managed to fuck?

    • mr.wiener

      We’ll never know, all we can say for sure is that he is f*cked.

  • Chicago Chink

    Cheek, then detention, then tongues, then pussies, then cock, and kissing cock, then cock inside pussy, then spunking…and people wonder how China has the biggest population in the world. All fucking, and most of it incest and with teachers.
    Most of the Chinese aged 60-90 are bastards, born from who knows what cock, the cultural revolution killed all the cock hungry landlords and teachers and now China is the same, teachers fucking their pupils always the same after 60 years.
    “You want good grade let my cock in your cunt. But your 15 so let you kiss me first…” Then seduce.
    In US and UK no this, because in China all the schoolgirls are hot fucking sexy bitches, and not like this in West except for whitely blonde cheerleaders who everyone fucks LOL.
    Those Chinese girls kiss their Mom goodnight and Mom has cum on her cheek afterwards and she doesn’t know.

    • mr.wiener

      Is this just shit that no one has talked about ’til now or is this some sordid fantasy world you live in?

  • crimsonarmor

    Western people hug and kiss friends and family, never teachers. A handshake is as close as it gets or a scandal will arise just like this one you are reading now. If my daughter was in that class no matter how good the relationship I’d kill the teacher for with holding what was rightfully hers for cheap thrills the sick pedophile.

  • Jin&Tonic

    The girls look like they having a great time..some even trying to stick their tongue into his ear. Chinese girls are very sexually frustrated so given any opportunities they gonna be man hungry.

  • Joshuaz


    • 火过的谣言在网站中国网络文化主题范围内。不知道谣言能火得多厉害就没辟谣的动力。

      • Joshuaz


        • 观点很多 逻辑都也有,也能说如果他没吻学生们或让学生们吻他或让学生们拍照,能有这问题吗?对很多来说他受害了。对很多人其他人来说他也得承担一定的责任。是我们还了他还是网易害了他?那网易能怪中国青年网吗?中国青年网能怪花声吗?花声怪原帖搂主网友吗?

          世界很复杂 网络时代也挺可怕的。这事实我们都必须面对。我面对的方式也许跟你不同但不是没有道理的。我不信我这观点你没法理解,只是也许在这题上不同意而已。

          • Joshuaz


          • 呵呵负面信息媒体本来就报道的多也本来就比较容易引起广大人们的注意和讨论,我觉得这是无法避免的也谈不到是我们故意筛选的。我们也能理解为什么某些人会这么觉得说我们谴责我们但觉得我们还是有客观的事实和道理。



          • Joshuaz


          • 恩我也偶尔得看看猴子们有没有管好动物园。乘脑还没进水得告别。

          • linette lee

            最具爆炸性的新聞也是最負面的新聞. 這樣便可以將更多觀眾帶來.不是很多網站也是這樣操作嗎?

          • Joshuaz

            You miss the point. 这条新闻在国内已经被证明是假的了,这个老师平常跟学生关系非常好,并没有说亲他才能给发毕业证,都是学生自愿去亲的,另外还有拥抱。这种谣言难道不应该立刻消除吗?这些新闻会给一个好老师带来很多困扰。

          • linette lee

            So it’s been clarified on the chinese internet that this teacher he is a good teacher and he has a very good relationship with his students. And the kiss on his cheek was suggested by the students themselves during graduation and not by the teacher himself.

            Very nice they clarified that for him on the chinese internet.

  • Michael

    straight onto the pedo list

  • T. Bickle

    This guy is a perv plain and simple. Lucky for him he lives in one of those Asian countries that is pro-perv and pedophilia/ China’s legal of consent is 14 with the ages of 12 and 13 being gray areas. Rarely is sex with minors here prosecuted. Fathers can molest their kids with impunity here and teachers do more than this all of the time. I am talking about Chinese teachers since laowai cannot do these things in China and get away with it. Thankfully. They would be deported and no doubt prosecuted back in their own countries by their own authorities. I know Britain and America prosecute pedophiles who act on their impulses abroad. Imagine the outrage if this guy had been a white (or..gasp…black foreigner!!!). And yes most people are outrages, but not all. That is what is amazing here. Some Chinese people defend this creep. Look at his pedo-smile. And yet you’re in a country where there are not laws to punish child abuse or child molestation, so what will really happen to this guy? I will bet he is still working as a teacher a year from now. At the same school or somewhere else.

  • Kwt

    A little creepy but not the worst…

  • NanaOsaki

    I have 3 words for this diploma kissing story “Not worth it.”

  • Mike Lovett

    This surprises me, but fortunately, this is the exception, not the norm as they say. There are stories of teachers having an affair with a teacher, but this? Wow! What was this obviously educated man thinking? I understand that there is a problem with male confidence and self esteem in China, usually young men (isn’t that normal the world over?) but this guy, he must have some SERIOUS low self esteem! Poor young ladies didn’t deserve this humiliation.

  • Martina Evans
    I dunno I don’t think I would kiss my teacher on the cheek, a hug yes but anything else, nah.

  • Mike Gold

    American and Brit English teachers do the same thing all over China

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