Schoolgirls Keep Customers Company In Chinese Internet Bar

Pretty young female service staff at a Chinese internet bar dressed like schoolgirls.
Compared to the average internet bar, I trust everyone would like this one even more. The environment/surroundings are important, and of course the girls cannot be lacking.

On NetEase, Mop, and Tiexue:

Broadening horizons! There really are internet bars where beautiful girls wearing schoolgirl uniforms keep you company

21st century internet bars are truly developing more and more “personality”, with more and more special services coming out, attracting masses of young people to visit. This newly opened internet bar below, is going even further: Going online includes beautiful MMs wearing schoolgirl outfits to keep you company, that’s quite trendy, right? Everyone, let’s admire/enjoy this magical internet bar together.

A beautiful waitress at an internet bar in China takes a photo with a customer.
A beautiful girl in a schoolgirl uniform taking a photo with a player, would you want one too?
A female customer also taking a photo with the "school uniform" wearing service staff at this Chinese internet bar.
Not only men like the special service, women like it too.
A group photo of the female service staff outside a Chinese internet bar.
A group photo of the schoolgirl beauties.
The schoolgirl beauties with the boss of the internet bar.
Group photo of the schoolgirl beauties and their male boss.
The "schoolgirl" service staff at work, attending to customer needs and requests.
Watching their working demeanor, they are very diligent, their service very good, appearing when they are called.
The pretty girls dressed as schoolgirls serving customers.
Eat, drink, play, enjoy the full service, just like a five-star hotel.

Although the boss’s idea is old fashioned/stereotypical, him thinking of using sex to sell could still be considered rather business-minded. With such good service, this many pretty MMs, is everyone wondering where this internet bar is? Thinking of going to experience this kind of star-level service? This society is constantly progressing at a quick pace, so as long as everyone like it, as long as everyone needs it, as long it is something with a business opportunity, it will be popularized. Internet bars with pretty girls in schoolgirl uniforms to keep you company, if everyone like this kind of service, I trust they will very quickly appear around you.

Comments from NetEase:


This isn’t the first one.


Hahaha, classic! Creative!


Seems like nothing can get away from beautiful girls [everything can be made better with beautiful girls].


This is just their normal work uniform, why does the LZ say they are school uniforms? This is just a competitive tactic for business.


Intimate service :) As long as they don’t provide sexual services, it’s not bad.


This kind of internet bar should be popularized more quickly.

Comments from Tiexue:


Aren’t they just a school uniform and block stocking wearing
service personnel and that’s it?
What’s the big deal?
You guys just have dirty thoughts.


Good things you don’t learn from and instead you learn from the bad things of the Japanese. There are many outstanding things abroad, like technology, advanced management concepts, philosophy. But many of China’s youth refuse to learn [those], instead choosing to learn bad things, thinking those things are fashionable.


I wonder how they charge…


[They, that service] is no charge, this kind of thing we’ve had for a long time…they’re called internet bar service staff, responding when they are called upon, able to help you add money [to continue using the computer], buy cigarettes, buy instant noodles, buy snacks, etc… and of course all of these are things the internet bar itself sells, the price a bit more expensive than outside…

Women like it too. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

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