Security Guard Dies After Being Insulted As “Mere Watchdog”

A woman driver who is also a government official insults a security guard by calling him a mere watchdog, angering him to death.

A woman driver who is also a government official insults a security guard by calling him a mere watchdog, angering him to death.

From NetEase:

Anhui Female Cadre Insults 63-Year-Old Security Guard “[A Mere] Watchdog”, Angers Him to Death November 18 report — On the afternoon of November 16th, at the gate to the Xiangzhangyayuan residential community on Dongzi Road in Hefei city, a middle-aged woman driver attempted to drive into the residential neighborhood through the exit gate and was stopped by on-duty security guard Zhao Zongwei.

Then, the female driver got out of her car and got into a lengthy argument with Zhao Zongwei during which she called him a “[mere] watchdog”. 63-year-old Zhao Zongwei collapsed on the ground never to get up again, dying despite emergency medical attention.

As understood by this Anhui channel reporter, this woman driver is surnamed Zheng and is a section-level cadre [government official/employee] of the Education Department.


The Incident: 63-year-old security guard dies after being dismissed as “[a mere] watchdog”

On the afternoon of the 18th, Ms. Liang, a security guard that was on duty during the same shift as Zhao Zongwei recounted what happened to this Anhui channel reporter. She says, at past 4pm on the 16th, a middle-aged woman driver driving a silver-gray sedan wanted to drive into the residential community through the exit gate but was stopped by security guard Zhao Zongwei. “Mr. Zhao asked her to enter through the entrance but she refused to, parked her car in front of the exit, and charged into the residential community to argue with Mr. Zhao.”

Ms. Liang recalls that the entire argument lasted several minutes, with no physical altercation from either side, just verbal. During the argument, the woman driver said to Zhao Zongwei, “Can’t you just be a nice person for a moment? Being a bad person will mean going to hell.” Mr. Zhao retorted, “So I’m going to hell and you’re going to heaven?” Then, the female driver denigrated Mr. Zhao as “a mere watchdog” and upon hearing this, Mr. Zhao was extremely angry.

This reporter obtained the surveillance footage from the time of the incident, which shows that at 4:18pm on the 16th, a female driver wearing a dark jacket walked towards Zhao Zongwei and began gesticulating at him upon which the two began arguing. During this time, there were security guards and others who intervened, and Zhao Zongwei too had tried to walk away but the other party refused to let the matter drop.

About 3 minutes later, the woman driver turned around and walked away while Zhao Zongwei too walked to his post. Ten seconds later, Zhao Zongwei’s complexion went pale and suddenly collapsed to the ground, whereupon onlookers went forward to help him up.

Witness Mr. Lei says that after Zhao Zongwei collapsed, he had gone forward to help him up. “At the time, the woman driver directly got into her car and closed the door wearing an expression as if it had nothing to do with her. Finally, under persuasion by property management staff and the condemnations of bystanders, she got out of the car and took a look at Mr. Zhao’s condition, but not once throughout it all did she utter an apology.

Although Zhao Zongwei was rushed to the hospital, he unfortunately still died.


Deceased’s family: “The other party lacked even the most basic humanity”

“The family couldn’t accept this terrible news. Just like that, a perfectly fine person was gone.” On the night of the 18th, this Anhui channel reporter got in touch with Zhao Zongwei’s son-in-law Mr. Zhang, who told this reporter that Zhao Zongwei was 63 years old this year, from Lu’an city, has been a security guard at the Xiangzhangyayuan residential community for three years, and has always had normal results during his yearly physical examination. “Him and his wife both work in the residential community, with my father-in-law as a security guard. My mother-in-law has asthma and this has been a huge blow to her. She’s been in bed for two days now.”

Mr. Zhang told this journalist that the thing that angers the entire family the most is that up to now, the other party involved has not come forward nor used any other channels to express any apology/regret. “Let’s not talk about how much legal liability should be borne for the moment, but she was the cause of this incident after all, so at the very least, she say an apology, but even this most basic bit of humanity is missing.” Mr. Zhang says that at present, they have already contacted a lawyer and and prepared to file a lawsuit against the other party.

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Investigation: The other party is a section-level government cadre for the Anhui provincial Education Department

According to this Anhui channel reporter’s investigation, the woman driver who had a dispute with Mr. Zhao is surnamed Zheng, is a resident of the Xiangzhangyayuan residential community, and is over 40 years old this year. Someone familiar with the matter revealed that Zheng XX is a principal staff member of the Anhui provincial Education Department Primary Education Office (section-level).

This Anhui channel journalist discovered through public reference material that as of November 4th of this year, Zheng XX participated in the Hefei Character Quality Education Development Exchange as “Anhui provincial Education Department Primary Education Office Section Chief”.

An individual who has interacted with Zheng XX professionally told this Anhui channel reporter that after Zheng XX changed professions [or transfer to civilian work] and entered the Education Department, “During ordinary interactions, her character isn’t bad, and is quite polite.” This insider says s/he never would’ve though this kind of thing would’ve happened with her.

From the afternoon to the evening on the 18th, this Anhui channel reporter called Zheng XX’s phone multiple times but she hung up upon learning that it was a reporter.

Mr. Zhao collapses.
Mr. Zhao collapses.

Police: Zheng XX admits that she had said something unpleasant

After the incident, surrounding people hurriedly called 110 and 120 [emergency police and ambulance numbers], with local police rushing to the scene immediately.

According to police officers at the Nanqi police station, after arriving on the scene, they found Zhao Zongwei already on the verge of death. When 120 arrived, their examination confirmed there were no longer any vital signs. Although Zhao Zongwei was “rushed to the hospital” after this, he was unable to be resuscitated.

After 120 examined Mr. Zhao, police took Zheng XX and two security guards at the scene as well as other eyewitnesses to the police station and obtained the surveillance footage of the scene.

“Upon learning that the security guard had died, she was very downcast.” The police officer explained that during questioning, Zheng XX admitted that she had argued with the security guard and had said some nasty things, but she never expected this to happen.”

Afterward, police confirmed through investigation and collection of evidence that the two parties had a verbal argument but there was no physical altercation.

Upon learning that Mr. Zhao had passed away, his family members rushed from Lu’an to Hefei, with his spouse especially in grief, but through police mediation, Zhao’s family calmed down. “We are guiding them to use legal channels to resolve the matter, with the other party also agreeing to pay compensation,” said the police officer.

(Original title: Anhui Provincial Education Department Female Government Cadre Calls Security Guard “[A Mere] Watchdog”, 63-Year-Old Security Guard Dies)

Comments from NetEase:

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sunwuyi123 [网易江苏省南京市手机网友]:

With Education Department government officials like this, no wonder China’s education system is such a failure.

网易山东省烟台市手机网友 ip:27.216.*.*

Fuck, what the fuck is this? This piece of shit.

zyp123005 [网易北京市手机网友]:

And it’s someone from the Education Department!

ljhy3 [网易广西南宁市手机网友]:

And from the Education Department, just what kind of personal character is this?

此刻无语l [一步成诗]:

Who is the dog is obvious at a glance, and it’s a female one too.

网易辽宁省大连市手机网友 ip:58.154.*.*

Just human scum.

某集团祸国殃民 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

No wonder the character of teachers nowadays is getting worse and worse. With this trash as their leaders/superiors, could the characters of those beneath them not be bad?

changhuachen [网易浙江省温州市手机网友]:

The Education Department can only produce people like this. Just look at what they’ve done to society!

不正常人类研究所主任 [学神]:

The dog verbally abused a person to death… talk about an evil dog!

xxw99999 [网易江苏省淮安市手机网友]:

Without firing a single shot, an Education Department section-level cadre has scolded [verbally abused] someone to death on the spot. What an amazing person! Whatever else, she should be transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deal with [Japanese Prime Minister] Abe, [American President] Obama, and the A-San and such!

网易甘肃省兰州市手机网友 ip:60.165.*.*

And she’s from the Education Department! No wonder the quality of Chinese education can’t improve! Turns out it is people with characters like this handling the education, lacking even the most basic respect for the elderly. How can people without humanity properly handle education [for children]!

cashier0 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Changed professions, which means she was in the military and entered civilian work. The man was over 60 and relied on his own two hands to make a living, without taking or asking others for anything. How could a bitch like you say such a nasty thing? Compensate a million or so and consider it a lesson. I bet you’ve lost your job as well.

niejinci [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

With this kind of person in the Education Bureau, just imagine how she treats students.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Amused

    So someone confronts you with the realities of life and you have a heart attack, now that’s on them? Hell of a “legal system” they’re working with. Sure the old girl got in an arguement with him, but that’s part of his job. Just asinine.

    • Ken Morgan

      Egg shell skull law? A lot of people mistake assault and battery. In the UK at least you can be assaulting a person with threatening behaviour and words. As such a person who throws a punch but stops an inch from your face it is considered to be assault.

      If there is contact it gets upgraded to battery.

      Police use it all the time ‘assaulting a police officer’ when individuals are arrested and talk back.

      • David

        In the U.S. there has to be some ‘expectation’ of harm to be considered assault. So if a reasonable person would not be in fear of harm, there is no assault. The article said they argued and called a few names but I am not sure that rises to the level of assault.

        • Yes!

          It’s certainly not assault by our “first world” laws, but this is China with a underdeveloped (and you might say, unevolved) civil law system. In China, the sentiment of the public is, often times, law.

          • David

            Yes, that is true. Mob rule is on a different level here, because people, in general, have such little faith in the law.

  • Just_Banlas

    How dare him be just a security guard.

    • mr.wiener

      Indeed, what was he thinking trying to make her obey the same rules as ordinary mortals?

  • must touch brain

    No wonder Chinese thought communism was a good idea… After thousands of years being slaves and kissing royal ass, they simply wanted to be equal but that didn’t last very long. Now everyone wants to cast a bigger shadow without any thought to the consequences. Judging from the Chinese comments, most people have had just about enough.

  • terroir

    The US was first to use the nuclear bomb, and the Japanese featured kamakazi pilots who would sacrifice themselves, but it’s the Chinese that feature the most fearsome weapon of all: people who die just to spite you.

  • JayJay

    This sounds very similar to Plebgate… but he police were the lying pigs there… lol

  • The security guard blocked the woman’s attempt to enter using the exit, so she took her frustration out on the guy.

    Some of the lowest saying jobs are the worst jobs; especially when you meet people like this woman who thought it was her right to abuse people she considered beneath her.

    Night Shift Clerk at convenience stores in the USA comes to mind as the one job that seems to be far more dangerous than the minimum wage it pays. (unless they provide you one of those cages that closes when pressing a panic button)

  • AbC

    Is it in the Chinese gene to die by (or kill with) words alone? I only hear of people in China dying in this manner and no where else. It doesn’t even say whether the tension caused him to have a cardiac arrest/heart failure or if he had a history of high blood pressure… Simply died from anger. Wtf?
    Even though that scum of a woman deserves all the condemnation she’s receiving, I can’t see the bitch paying compensation based on the circumstances.

    • mr.wiener

      Indeed. Legally no matter what kind of an acid tongued harpy she is, she is not guilty of any wrong.
      In the court of public opinion however she has been tried and will be made to suffer. Chinese people hate this type of state appointed, self entitled demagog and having been seen to be such, she is a marked woman.

    • ji

      Probably because Chinese is a more expressive language. I speak both Mandarin and English and I can tell you sometimes words of same meaning have more impact in Mandarin.

      • AbC

        “words of the same meaning have more impact in Mandarin”
        Care to elaborate or give examples?
        (I am genuinely interested).
        I also speak both languages but can’t seem to understand why news articles in China constantly have people dying from ‘anger’ or ‘rage’ and doesn’t explain in any medical terms of the cause of death. And it seems to be commonly accepted by the populace without further explanation.

        • Xia

          All words have multiple meanings and different nuances, image that.

          Some Chinese insults are vividly figurative and emotionally abusive, not just name-calling with obscene references to sex like in the West.

          • Guest

            in what respect are Chinese insults more ’emotionally abusive’ than any other insult? Aren’t there dozens of Chinese insults that are just some form of ‘cunt’? Excellent. Well done. How very subtle.

            You’re just evidently not aware of the cultural nuances of our ‘obscene references’ that have the emotional impact.

          • Frank.

            ‘Some Chinese insults…’ -Could be said about many insults in many different languages. It isn’t unique to Chinese and not foreign to English or the West.

          • Paulos

            Thou art a boil, a plague sore, an embossed carbuncle in my corrupted blood.

        • David

          I agree, maybe it is because these articles are so popular that they are on CS, sensationalism sells, but I can not think of a single time I read in a western paper of somebody getting insulted, having a non-physical altercation and dying. You see it in the movies occasionally (usually a comedy), but not in real life. Weird.

          • jin

            Because in western country, when someone dies like that, it will be counted as heart failure or heart attack.

        • Paulos

          Death by insult is an old literary theme:

          The medical term is stress cardiomyopathy aka “broken heart syndrome”. Symptoms are similar to a heart attack:

          I know it sounds crazy, but it’s legit:

        • terroir

          When Chinese say that “millions of feelings are hurt” when they feel insulted by the West, this is what they mean: the ever present risk of genocide by some off-color joke that will shame the Chinese people to death.

          The only thing left is to wonder which knock-knock joke or limerick it will eventually be.

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          Sigh…such a useless death. If only more Chinese people knew this kind of death could be easily averted by quickly drinking a glass of hot water and wearing warm socks after October 15….

      • Jahar

        It has more of an impact because they are overly sensitive. “Stupid cunt” isn’t any more expressive in Chinese than it is in English, we are just less likely to overreact when we hear it.

    • Markoff

      it speaks more about chinese healthcare and lifestyle than about their genes, with proper healthcare people are not just suddenly collapsing during argument, but it’s big country anyway so of course it can happen in any country someone will get heart attack when angry, not unknown even in west, so in the end nothing special really

  • mr.wiener

    I prescribe valium and an immediate re evaluation of your perspective.
    Chill rhe hell out dude.

    • Probotector

      So can Chinese just do no wrong in your view?

    • wes707

      When was the last time you were in China? You’re in Taiwan, right?

      • mr.wiener

        I was living in China 16 years ago and live in Taiwan now. As far as not seeing Chinese, I see them most days and probably at their worst. Chinese tour groups are a little intimidated coming to Taiwan and react in a very tribal manner :Loud ,spitting, defiant. Scratch a Chinese person and you will see a lot of insecurity. You have to wonder if Chinas rise will help or hinder this mindset.

  • Xia

    So insult to death can really happen, not just a Chinese saying… RIP

  • Yes!

    Not exactly a case of “only a few black sheep”. Think hundreds, thousands, a day that didn’t get media exposure.

  • Ruaraidh

    If insults could really kill eighty percent of the commentators on this site would be long dead. Whilst the woman sounds like an arrogant bitch, the security guard probably smoked dodgy fags all day long and ate oily food breakfast lunch and supper for every one of his sixty three years.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I’m really surprised no one has smashed in the woman’s face yet.

    Imagine the last thing you hear before dying is how pathetic you are as a watchdog.

  • David

    I have to give all three of you an up vote. lol

    • terroir

      I’m not one for compromises, but here goes: a system of customs has been passed down one generation after another for thousands of years. What happened in this story could have happened with some official’s horse in a feudal parking lot, and some poor peasant trying to do his job.

      OP blames the people. Weiner rebuffs, and slob reaffirms. If the perspective is to blame the people, remember: this is the only way this story was going to turn out, because this is the only way to be.

  • Irvin

    But but but………..your home is such a nice toilet, we just can’t resist.

  • Irvin

    well……….it made it to the internet, her days are numbered.

  • Balkan

    China is the world’s most populous country. Of course there are people who act lawlessly, but to say that they think they can act like that because they are Chinese is crazy. Farting is not nice, but as far as I know it’s not illegal anywhere.

    • mr.wiener

      Just as well, or I’d be doing hard time.

    • Surfeit

      It’s not crazy. They behave as they would in China, and in China it’s accepted. Thus, such behaviour is acceptable to them because they are Chinese. If they were from another country, chances are they wouldn’t behave in that manner.

      At least, that’s certainly a spin I can see on the situation.

  • terroir


    It’s a direct translation, but it’s one that is used often as an insult. Because they don’t get want they want, it’s someone else’s fault, therefore it’s the other person that lacks this humanity.

    It’s the same thing with trying to get respect.

  • terroir

    As this woman was able to insult this man to death by comparing him to an animal performing the same job, I present to you the following deadly insults for your edification.

    “Kung fu master? You’re nothing but a Kung Fu Panda!”
    “I’ve seen some fat cats in my time, but you are the cattiest!”
    “Something smells fishy here, because there is a fish among us: you!”
    “You can try to worm your way in, ape other people’s behavior, wolf down your dinner, out fox your enemies, but bear this in mind: you’re no human. The proof was in the metaphors I just used.”

  • Probotector

    “They think they are kings and queens of the world, can do whatever the hell they want because they are Chinese”

    What is the basis of this self-anointment they have? Just racial supremacy or is their something deeper involved?

  • Probotector

    She will be telling this story for years: “I put a lowly underling in his place so badly it claimed his life. Go me, Wheeeeeeeee!!!”

  • Dolph Grunt

    It’s kinda funny how many contradictions or oxymorons there are in Chinese rhetoric. Really popular terms I’ve heard used (usually in news or propaganda) are “rule of law” which is funny when there appear to be little or no rules or law. I’ve heard “harmonious” a bunch of times, and harmony wouldn’t quite describe my experiences in China. 4 years ago it was “Better city, better life” and now that particular city is sinking in smog. Heck, just the name “The People’s Republic of China” seems odd, since it doesn’t really seem like China belongs to the people.

    Sorry, just reflecting…

  • DC

    safe to say if Probotector upvotes a post, you’ll probably want to downvote it..

  • Mark

    Well, from Govern and from Anhui… She was in her role…

  • PeterScriabin

    For those of you that know about agreements made between souls, these two clearly seem to have had one something like the following: “we’ll have a clash, at the gate of Life itself, and if we’re still knuckleheads and have learned no better, we will thereby do each other the service of effecting a major Change!”

    She has lost her job, perhaps her career, and certainly her reputation. Perhaps this will cause some major self-reflection. He, of course, got out of the whole thing.

    Sure, if you just want to look at it from the mundane viewpoint, then – as the always sensible fartbag Wiener said – she cannot in any sense be blamed for the old man dying of a heart attack at that moment. We all have to go sometime. Only in Chinese culture could everyone land on the woman in this way, no matter how reprehensible her manners in an everyday sense. Compensation? This is just breathtaking.

    This could happen almost any day at our Walmart, with people Exiting through the Entry and vice versa. I long since gave up remonstrating, and just avoid the other cart. Some things are not worth fighting about, but it took me about 60 years to learn that.

  • Mark

    Hey man can I make friends with you?

  • SixAces

    Reminds me of this one time my friend was trying to exit out of where he lives (a gate community), a Chinese couple was trying to enter through the exit which was NOT TOO FAR from the entrance. So at first it was a standstill, until my friend honked and stuck his head out screaming excuse me. They wouldn’t budge and instead honked back. So there we were sitting there for at least 15 minutes with the other honking every few minutes.

    He finally cracked, got out of his car and started to scream at us. He walked up and with his hand smacked the hood of our car. The four of us got so pissed and fed up, we stepped out and was going to give him a thrashing. He ran for it back into his car, rolled his windows up. Community management shows up and tells them to take the entrance. We walked over to get an idea on wtf was happening. We hear with his incredibly broken English “This is entrance too, why I can’t use it!?”. He stood and argued with them for an additional 10 or so minutes… Rules, what are they good for?

  • Markoff

    well, apparently the guy was not suitable for work he was doing and it’s not really fault of the woman that someone will collapse after arguing with her

  • linette lee

    These China government officials are garbage. What else is new? I have a family of garbage living close to me. LOL. They love to talk about how much money they have in China and who they know and their connection. To them connection and money are something to brag about. But all the while every time they talk to me the first thing that pops up in my head is human garbage rich peasants….stealing so much money of course you are rich.

    And they still throwing their trash everywhere and don’t separate their recyclable. Double parking blocking other people with their BMW. LOL Rich peasants…

  • linette lee

    She is trash alright, but you can’t sue her for saying nasty words causing him a heart attack. What kind of country thinks that is legal?

  • Alex

    Her heart and face were so ugly that he had no option but to die. How can she be made to lose face forever?

  • Vernon Alarcon Jr.

    Even in China now, there is no respect fo da elderly? I thought dat wuz only in America. Must be worldwide dees days fo reels …..

  • OdinNG

    Good and now that almost sounds like propaganda