Security Guard Dies After Being Insulted As “Mere Watchdog”

A woman driver who is also a government official insults a security guard by calling him a mere watchdog, angering him to death.

A woman driver who is also a government official insults a security guard by calling him a mere watchdog, angering him to death.

From NetEase:

Anhui Female Cadre Insults 63-Year-Old Security Guard “[A Mere] Watchdog”, Angers Him to Death November 18 report — On the afternoon of November 16th, at the gate to the Xiangzhangyayuan residential community on Dongzi Road in Hefei city, a middle-aged woman driver attempted to drive into the residential neighborhood through the exit gate and was stopped by on-duty security guard Zhao Zongwei.

Then, the female driver got out of her car and got into a lengthy argument with Zhao Zongwei during which she called him a “[mere] watchdog”. 63-year-old Zhao Zongwei collapsed on the ground never to get up again, dying despite emergency medical attention.

As understood by this Anhui channel reporter, this woman driver is surnamed Zheng and is a section-level cadre [government official/employee] of the Education Department.


The Incident: 63-year-old security guard dies after being dismissed as “[a mere] watchdog”

On the afternoon of the 18th, Ms. Liang, a security guard that was on duty during the same shift as Zhao Zongwei recounted what happened to this Anhui channel reporter. She says, at past 4pm on the 16th, a middle-aged woman driver driving a silver-gray sedan wanted to drive into the residential community through the exit gate but was stopped by security guard Zhao Zongwei. “Mr. Zhao asked her to enter through the entrance but she refused to, parked her car in front of the exit, and charged into the residential community to argue with Mr. Zhao.”

Ms. Liang recalls that the entire argument lasted several minutes, with no physical altercation from either side, just verbal. During the argument, the woman driver said to Zhao Zongwei, “Can’t you just be a nice person for a moment? Being a bad person will mean going to hell.” Mr. Zhao retorted, “So I’m going to hell and you’re going to heaven?” Then, the female driver denigrated Mr. Zhao as “a mere watchdog” and upon hearing this, Mr. Zhao was extremely angry.

This reporter obtained the surveillance footage from the time of the incident, which shows that at 4:18pm on the 16th, a female driver wearing a dark jacket walked towards Zhao Zongwei and began gesticulating at him upon which the two began arguing. During this time, there were security guards and others who intervened, and Zhao Zongwei too had tried to walk away but the other party refused to let the matter drop.

About 3 minutes later, the woman driver turned around and walked away while Zhao Zongwei too walked to his post. Ten seconds later, Zhao Zongwei’s complexion went pale and suddenly collapsed to the ground, whereupon onlookers went forward to help him up.

Witness Mr. Lei says that after Zhao Zongwei collapsed, he had gone forward to help him up. “At the time, the woman driver directly got into her car and closed the door wearing an expression as if it had nothing to do with her. Finally, under persuasion by property management staff and the condemnations of bystanders, she got out of the car and took a look at Mr. Zhao’s condition, but not once throughout it all did she utter an apology.

Although Zhao Zongwei was rushed to the hospital, he unfortunately still died.


Deceased’s family: “The other party lacked even the most basic humanity”

“The family couldn’t accept this terrible news. Just like that, a perfectly fine person was gone.” On the night of the 18th, this Anhui channel reporter got in touch with Zhao Zongwei’s son-in-law Mr. Zhang, who told this reporter that Zhao Zongwei was 63 years old this year, from Lu’an city, has been a security guard at the Xiangzhangyayuan residential community for three years, and has always had normal results during his yearly physical examination. “Him and his wife both work in the residential community, with my father-in-law as a security guard. My mother-in-law has asthma and this has been a huge blow to her. She’s been in bed for two days now.”

Mr. Zhang told this journalist that the thing that angers the entire family the most is that up to now, the other party involved has not come forward nor used any other channels to express any apology/regret. “Let’s not talk about how much legal liability should be borne for the moment, but she was the cause of this incident after all, so at the very least, she say an apology, but even this most basic bit of humanity is missing.” Mr. Zhang says that at present, they have already contacted a lawyer and and prepared to file a lawsuit against the other party.

Investigation: The other party is a section-level government cadre for the Anhui provincial Education Department

According to this Anhui channel reporter’s investigation, the woman driver who had a dispute with Mr. Zhao is surnamed Zheng, is a resident of the Xiangzhangyayuan residential community, and is over 40 years old this year. Someone familiar with the matter revealed that Zheng XX is a principal staff member of the Anhui provincial Education Department Primary Education Office (section-level).

This Anhui channel journalist discovered through public reference material that as of November 4th of this year, Zheng XX participated in the Hefei Character Quality Education Development Exchange as “Anhui provincial Education Department Primary Education Office Section Chief”.

An individual who has interacted with Zheng XX professionally told this Anhui channel reporter that after Zheng XX changed professions [or transfer to civilian work] and entered the Education Department, “During ordinary interactions, her character isn’t bad, and is quite polite.” This insider says s/he never would’ve though this kind of thing would’ve happened with her.

From the afternoon to the evening on the 18th, this Anhui channel reporter called Zheng XX’s phone multiple times but she hung up upon learning that it was a reporter.

Mr. Zhao collapses.
Mr. Zhao collapses.

Police: Zheng XX admits that she had said something unpleasant

After the incident, surrounding people hurriedly called 110 and 120 [emergency police and ambulance numbers], with local police rushing to the scene immediately.

According to police officers at the Nanqi police station, after arriving on the scene, they found Zhao Zongwei already on the verge of death. When 120 arrived, their examination confirmed there were no longer any vital signs. Although Zhao Zongwei was “rushed to the hospital” after this, he was unable to be resuscitated.

After 120 examined Mr. Zhao, police took Zheng XX and two security guards at the scene as well as other eyewitnesses to the police station and obtained the surveillance footage of the scene.

“Upon learning that the security guard had died, she was very downcast.” The police officer explained that during questioning, Zheng XX admitted that she had argued with the security guard and had said some nasty things, but she never expected this to happen.”

Afterward, police confirmed through investigation and collection of evidence that the two parties had a verbal argument but there was no physical altercation.

Upon learning that Mr. Zhao had passed away, his family members rushed from Lu’an to Hefei, with his spouse especially in grief, but through police mediation, Zhao’s family calmed down. “We are guiding them to use legal channels to resolve the matter, with the other party also agreeing to pay compensation,” said the police officer.

(Original title: Anhui Provincial Education Department Female Government Cadre Calls Security Guard “[A Mere] Watchdog”, 63-Year-Old Security Guard Dies)

Comments from NetEase:

sunwuyi123 [网易江苏省南京市手机网友]:

With Education Department government officials like this, no wonder China’s education system is such a failure.

网易山东省烟台市手机网友 ip:27.216.*.*

Fuck, what the fuck is this? This piece of shit.

zyp123005 [网易北京市手机网友]:

And it’s someone from the Education Department!

ljhy3 [网易广西南宁市手机网友]:

And from the Education Department, just what kind of personal character is this?

此刻无语l [一步成诗]:

Who is the dog is obvious at a glance, and it’s a female one too.

网易辽宁省大连市手机网友 ip:58.154.*.*

Just human scum.

某集团祸国殃民 [网易浙江省宁波市网友]:

No wonder the character of teachers nowadays is getting worse and worse. With this trash as their leaders/superiors, could the characters of those beneath them not be bad?

changhuachen [网易浙江省温州市手机网友]:

The Education Department can only produce people like this. Just look at what they’ve done to society!

不正常人类研究所主任 [学神]:

The dog verbally abused a person to death… talk about an evil dog!

xxw99999 [网易江苏省淮安市手机网友]:

Without firing a single shot, an Education Department section-level cadre has scolded [verbally abused] someone to death on the spot. What an amazing person! Whatever else, she should be transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deal with [Japanese Prime Minister] Abe, [American President] Obama, and the A-San and such!

网易甘肃省兰州市手机网友 ip:60.165.*.*

And she’s from the Education Department! No wonder the quality of Chinese education can’t improve! Turns out it is people with characters like this handling the education, lacking even the most basic respect for the elderly. How can people without humanity properly handle education [for children]!

cashier0 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Changed professions, which means she was in the military and entered civilian work. The man was over 60 and relied on his own two hands to make a living, without taking or asking others for anything. How could a bitch like you say such a nasty thing? Compensate a million or so and consider it a lesson. I bet you’ve lost your job as well.

niejinci [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

With this kind of person in the Education Bureau, just imagine how she treats students.


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