See Through: Viral Anti-War Chinese Animated Short Film

From NetEase:

Viral internet domestic animation video 《打,打个大西瓜》[“See Through”]

"See Through" creator "Jokelate"

The VeryCD website editor’s review was: “This is the most niubi animated short film I have seen, not just for this year, not just one of [but the most ever], and it was made by a Chinese person!” We specially contacted the animation’s creator “饺克力” [“jiao ke li”, or “Jokelate“, pictured below], and “饺克力” introduced us to the difficulty/bitterness of animation and his hopes for China’s animation industry.

Scenes Are Extremely Outstanding

“See Through” is an animation that revolves around opposing the development of war, its scenes and creativity are extremely outstanding, the animation both interesting and humorous. The animation’s plot is mainly: Two powerful leaders fighting for territory start a world war. Two pilots from both sides are entangled in a dogfight in the air. By chance, the two pilots are stranded upon a small island in the middle of the ocean. Once sworn enemies, the two become friends willing to die for each other. The animation uses extremely humorous methods to show its disgust for war.

On Tudou [another], many of the people leaving comments all praise the video as being made extremely well, a rare piece of fine work amongst domestic animation.



Comments from Youku:


To the person behind this original animation I salute!!
A niubi anti-war cartoon! War indeed is a pile of bodies and blood…[I] commend [this]!


We are all earning money to survive, and for money, we are doing everything! But you, spending four years of time to complete your own dream! Ding you!~


Very good, war is indeed frightening, if leaders cannot properly lead us, even previously peaceful compatriots can fight and kill [each other], so we can imagine the importance of leadership.


Up to now, what China’s animation lacked the most was creativity/ideas. This short film finally gives me hope~~very impressive. Creator, jia you!!


Very niu. Not only in presentation/form, the ending was also extremely profound.


Once war breaks out, the cost is no longer cared about.


Support!~~~Chinese animation must develop, everyone come support!!!


This animation is absolutely awesome! Not only art, but also meaning! Niu work!

A high quality version of “See Through” can be downloaded from RayFile.









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