Seoul Voted #1 City To Visit By Chinese, Japanese, Thai

From Mop:

Seoul voted most popular destination by Chinese, Japanese, and Thai people

Seoul has been selected by Chinese, Japanese, and Thai people as the number one “most preferred city to visit.” This was announced by the city of Seoul earlier this month: “Based on a survey held in December last year in which 800 Chinese, 500 Japanese, and 300 Thai people participated, 11.4% of Chinese, 9.8% of Japanese, and 20.0% of Thai people picked Seoul as the city they would most like to visit within a year, making Seoul the number one most popular city.”

Regardless of whether they planned to visit or not, 14.3% of Thai people picked Seoul in response to the question “Which city do you like most?” 7.0% of Japanese picked Seoul, ranking the city second behind Hawaii which 8.0% of Japanese picked. Of Chinese people, 7.3% picked Seoul, making it the number three behind Paris and Tokyo.

When asked why they would visit Seoul, 57.4% of Chinese, 50.2% of Thai, and 36.8% of Japanese answered that they “fell in love with Seoul after seeing the Seoul tourism advertisements and Korean soaps on TV and the Internet.” According to analysts, the recent Korean pop culture wave and overseas TV ads have been effective in driving visitors to Seoul. In fact, last year’s number of foreign tourists visiting Seoul reached 780,000, an increase of 13.2% from 689,000 the year before.

In response to the question “What image do you think best suits Seoul?”, all three countries’ people provided a different answer. Chinese thought of Seoul as a “city rich in entertainment” (43.3%), while Japanese preferred to describe it as a “shopping city” (47.0%). Thai people saw Seoul as a “traditional city” (41.7%). As to why people would not want to visit Seoul, most of the respondents answered “although I know Seoul, I have no feeling of closeness toward it.”

According to a Seoul city promotion planning official: “Last year the number of tourists around the world dropped due to negative factors such as the financial crisis and H1N1. But despite all this we actually saw an increase in tourists visiting Seoul during this period. This year, Seoul will leverage its status as World Design Capital 2010 and host of the G20 Summit to further promote its brand and attractiveness around the world.

The original poster of the above information then posted the following:

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Let’s see what this surveyed “most preferred city to visit” looks like: This is Seoul…

Streets with little advertisements posted all over the place.

Fruit peels and paper waste can be seen anywhere.

Again, ads all over the place.

Cigarette butts, phlegm traces, and paper waste can be seen everywhere.

Streets are full with street vendors like these.

Crowded streets and extremely chaotic traffic.

Seoul subway station.

These are photos taken at the Seoul subway station. Homeless people only have the subway as their home.

Comments from Mop:


I’d rather go to Shanghai than to have to go Seoul.


What do you guys know? [You don’t know anything.]
This country’s greatness lies in them having the great “kimchi”. After eating kimchi, sleeping anywhere is cozy [including the subway station].


After the North and South [Korea] are re-united, then you can come and boast-si-mi-da.


What fucking 首尔 “Shou Er”, isn’t it just 汉城 “Han Cheng”? [The Chinese name was changed from “Han Cheng” to”Shou Er” in 2005]. No matter how you guys call it, you will still be one of our colonies.


MD, why no pictures of the condition of the prostitutes!


Korea is YY-ing.


Grass mud horse! Nobody can stop me from going there for plastic surgery!


All those people just want to go to Bangzi Kingdom to get a face-lift.


Seoul would only be 2nd-tier city in China, and even this would overrating it.


All this stuff is very normal! China has all of them too!!!


The place China wants to go to most???
Is it because the prostitutes there are really cheap???


Those pictures you posted must be from Deng Po subway station. Fuck. I am in Korea, I really doubt you took those pictures yourself. Tourists visiting Korea don’t go to these places. Do you go see the outer ring when you visit Beijing? Also, many of the pictures you show are from areas that years ago weren’t even counted as Seoul . I’m not saying that Korean people are great but can’t you be more objective? Take for example asking for directions. When you ask people they will help you. It doesn’t mean that all 100% of them will help but at least it’s much better than the same experience in China. Are you an extremist? Have you been to Korea before???


They don’t have chengguan over there?


They don’t have chengguan, so of course it’s going to be a mess like this!


Actually, Beijing is also like this.


Lou zhu [originally written as 楼猪 as a pun using the character for ‘pig’], you need to understand that in China these homeless people would have long ago been clean out by the harmonious chengguan.


= = Maybe China should send some chengguan to help Seoul?


I’m not even the least interested in going to Korea.
Gao Li Bangzi, I truly BS.
I’d rather go to Japan than go to Korea.


Fuck, this is even worse than China’s third tier cities.


Grass mud horsesi-mi-da

chinasSMACK personals-si-mi-da.

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