Servants and Masters in China, by Chinese Comedian Zhou Libo

Ren Zhiqiang, Chinese property developer.

Ren Zhiqiang (pictured here), a Chinese real estate tycoon famous for a variety of quotes seemingly unsympathetic to China’s many aspiring home-buyers and who once had a shoe thrown at him, posted yesterday’s “hottest” post on China’s popular Sina Weibo microblogging service where he has over 12 million followers…

@任志强: Forwarded: Zhou Libo: I shudder all over whenever I hear “the people’s servant”. Where do you have servants riding cars while the masters ride bicycles? Where do you have servants living in villas while the masters live in assigned housing? Where do you have servants always screaming for higher wages while the masters can’t afford to eat meat? Where do you have servants splashing their master’s money everywhere without even informing their masters? Where do you have servants making inspections while the masters hold umbrellas for them? Where do you have servants who speak while it is the masters who have to understand them?

Zhou Libo (pictured below) is a famous Chinese comedian most recently widely known for being on of the three judges on China’s Got Talent. The above is similar to routines he has performed during his stand-up comedy shows.

Zhou Libo, Chinese comedian.

Comments on Sina Weibo:




Trying to smear Zhou Libo [get him in trouble]?


Bobo [Zhou Libo] usually is rather daring when it comes to speaking the truth.


There’s a reason why Zhou Libo is popular!!!


Very incisive! Studying history will help you understand that the people are the country’s masters, and that power is given by the people.


One person’s comment one day was very well said: Look on TV and everything is happiness and prosperity. Look on weibo and there is crisis everywhere, as if this country is about to collapse tomorrow like this country’s stock market.


People need to know that no ordinary people can get into these positions [of being public servants]. They are the public’s servants, not an individual’s servant.


In China, masters and servants are flipped upside down. The public servants ride automobiles to go to work while the masters squeeze onto public transportation; The children of public servants go abroad to study while the masters are still worrying about whether or not their own children can take the gaokao national university entrance exams; The masters slave an entire life for a single home while it isn’t strange for public servants to effortlessly have 80 pieces of real estate. In China, to be a master is pointless, and I really wish my own parents were public servants who keep saying they serve the people.


Only in China will you have this kind of servants.


To be a master is even more tragic than being a slave.


What right does an unscrupulous property developer and institutional vested interest like Ren Zhiqiang have to pretend to be self-righteous and attack the government and the system? This is the biggest joke in China at the moment, that there are so many poor ordinary common people following behind them, so sad. All you have to do these days is pretend to care about the country and the people by attacking the government and ridiculing the GCD [gong chan dang, Communist Party] and you’ll get a large number of fans/followers.


A country’s first important task in developing is not to develop the economy, nor is it to establish a strong military, but to maintain fairness and justice in this society, so the disadvantaged groups in this society are not eliminated. Handling the development of our society is not just about looking at you and me, but at every single person who lives in this country!


Where do you have servants who have harems of wives and concubines while the masters must “rub their pipes” [jack off, masturbate]? [汗]

Zhou Libo, Chinese comedian.

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  • SuperHappyCow

    Everyone, they’ve all lost their sense of place in the world. Like kites without strings or tails.

    • mr.wiener

      No it’s just a hierarchy with Chinese characteristics.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Shhh, just quotin’ something, bruh. ; )

  • MrT

    yea like China the only country with master and servants…

  • Jay K.

    did i get sofa?!! come on did i get sofa?!?!!

    • Mop


      • MrT

        I got it but was deleted

  • linette lee

    I love a man who speaks the truth. Ren Zhiqiang is cool. :)

  • linette lee

    ……………………What right does an unscrupulous property developer and institutional vested interest like Ren Zhiqiang have to pretend…………….

    This blogger must be a public servant.

    • MrT

      Ren Zhiqiang yea hes still second rate compared to HK crooks.

      “KAM Hing Lam, deputy managing director of
      the Hong Kong-based Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited ranks first with an
      annual pay of 18.35 million Hong Kong dollars. Huayuan chairman Ren
      Zhiqiang ranks second with an annual pay of 7.74 million yuan, and Vanke
      chairman Wang Shi ranks sixth with an annual pay of 2.48 million yuan.”

      • donscarletti

        Isn’t that, well, not very much? Partners at largish lawfirms make more than that, as do various high level professional jobs. That last one is only like 4 times my own salary and I am not a wealthy dude. I’m sure they must be shareholders doing it for their own stock value, like Steve Jobs used to do with his $1 annual salary.

        • anonymal

          I find it ridiculous to hear people get $1 annual salary and yet can live a comfortable lives. How is this possible with just $1? Did they already have enough money to begin with that that $1 annual salary is no longer an issue?

          • linette lee

            steve jobs can survive by just having apple.


            He is a legend.

          • anonymal

            ya it is surprising to hear someone only get paid $1 per year and yet driving good car eating good food, while other impoverish children around the world gets more than that but are extremely poor. Whatever the secret is for that $1 per year, it should be shared with everyone.

          • Gerhana

            anonymous and animal?

          • anonymal

            perceptive and alone?

          • Gerhana

            I prefer an individual in moratorium

          • anonymal

            or schizophrenic

          • Gerhana

            dont say that, 0 and 1, head and tail, now we wait.

          • anonymal

            for us to be insulted and threaten?

          • Gerhana

            Indeed, strange one

          • Gerhana


          • Kai

            What is going on here?

          • Gerhana

            sh, can you please answer me regarding the statistic question. I want to know how it works. Per IP +1 or Per click? thanks

          • Kai

            1 per user.

          • anonymal

            a question please, the upvote and downvote are you able to track who is voting and downvoting through their IP? also are you able to see when an ip address access the site and the post for how many times?

            Also there is one strange thing thats been going on with the comment section, at time it would say there is a new comment and when clicked it brings you to an already made comment that appeared long time ago, but the timestamp said it has only been posted for a few second. In addition to this, sometimes a new post would take the name of other users. For example, one time a comment appeared about fashion and hairstyle but from a user named starting which is strange, because starting would never post such things. Only after refresh the username changed to someone else.

            I have noticed that some user can “like” an article, how? i do not see any “like” function.

          • Kai

            Yes, for example, you, Anon, and Gerhana are all on the same IP address, which is why I asked what’s going on.

            Many people including myself have noticed the phenomenon you describe in your second paragraph. It appears to be glitches in the Disqus system that only they can fix.

            You can “like” an article using the Facebook Like button (not visible in China) but I’m not sure how you are seeing people “like” an article. Where do you see it? In Disqus, you can also “like” an article by “starring” it (see here for information, although they’ve changed the look of the starring feature). Not many people use it though (it isn’t very obvious what it does) but the bloggers will still appreciate you giving them a star. :)

          • anonymal

            ok good to know, for your information I noticed the “liked” when I click on a user profile, besides the comment i noticed it says the user “liked” the post.

          • Is the space blank because my new old song blew your mind and rendered you speechless?

          • Gerhana

            ahh….hell yeah… so elegant…. this is a fire and an elegant piece… classy… where is a cigar or a glass of wine when you need one… :)

          • SuperHappyCow

            Too bad he’s fucking dead, linette. He’s fucking DEAD.

          • linette lee

            He’s dead but he is a legend that lives forever. This dude started his whole empire from his garage. He conquered the world with his apple.

          • DavidisDawei

            Did you read Steve Jobs’ Authorized biography? I believe it came out right around the time he died.

          • linette lee

            He has secrets that I don’t know? I hope he didn’t lie about apple.

          • DavidisDawei

            He is not someone I would want to emulate. He believed any action he took was OK if it benefitted him; no matter who it hurt.

          • linette lee

            He is a shrewed entreprenuer and will do anything to achieve. Nothing can stand in his way.

          • anonymal

            oh right shareholders, so it doesnt really matter then

          • donscarletti

            He owned 1/5 of the company iirc. He then borrowed money against some of those shares. Since the value went up faster than the interest accrued, he never had to pay back that money. The only really devious part is that if those shares with liens against them are taken by a creditor, rather than sold to repay the creditor, then the capital gain is never realized and no tax is paid.

            The other way is paying a large dividend, which would be stupid because he would still pay the same truly patriotic amount of tax as he would if it were salary, but furthermore would drain the company’s coffers to enrich other shareholders, who were not busting there arse like he was. But my point is, it is still possible to live on $1 salary if you own a large company without dodging tax like he did.

        • linette lee

          mayor bloomberg is getting $1 salary. He is happy manipulating the laws to benefit his business.

  • Ryo

    Gee.. this site is getting boring. I used to check in here every other day and now I check in about twice a week and it’s still boring… Guess I’ll move it to weekly then probably monthly if things don’t improve.

    • MrT

      yea go monthly, give the site time to load up

  • Ruaraidh

    China has always been like this, getting a palace or civil service job meant being able to shit all over the desperate rabble. In fact there even used to be two separate currencies, one in silver for the well to do and one in bronze for the poor, and shifting rates of exchange between them led to famines in the 1590s.

    Whilst the corrupt and inept administrators and eunuchs schemed, got drunk and traveled round in sedan chairs, the average man, if he was lucky enough not to be a slave, often sold his children for less than the price of a pig or worn out horse. This was all in ‘good’ times, in times of famine the price of a child would fall to a tenth of that.

    • Jahar

      But at tat time they were the Emperor’s servants, not the people’s

  • wacky

    but where in the world there are more than 1 billion master with only millions of servant??

  • Gontraf

    A little too easy, obviously riding the band wagon.

    Come on funny man, make a joke about Wen Jiabao… :)

  • Alphy

    It is easier to complain about the government now in China. The question is, what can citizen do? There’s no political consequences for 99% of the crap that goes on in the government. Where do you report corruption? Where is the freedom of assembly? How is public servant accountable for crime and corruption. There’s no political structures for these things. Progress is only made on the whim of political leaders and Citizens can only hope their complains are loud enough to get heard.

    • MrT

      use youku like every one else in China

  • Curiously, the definitions of “people’s servants” and “masters of the country” have been created in Soviet Union and later exported to other communist countries, including China.

    The incisive joke “invented” by Zhou Libo is about 40 years old and goes like that.

    “Foreigner visits USSR. He is accompanied by a Russian guide who answers all his questions. Upon seeing very rich villas, he asks – ‘Who lives here?’ Guide answers – ‘People’s servants’ . Then he sees poor slums – ‘Who lives here?’ Guide: ‘Masters of the country.’ ”

    In short, to further support his fame of brave comedian and produce more pearls, Zhou Libo can visit a site of old Soviet anecdotes and choose some for free.

    • Zappa Frank

      do you imply that there’s something in this world not invented in china first? you better choose your words carefully

  • Super Bunny

    just dislike him so much from the first sight,then not watch any his talk show…
    who cares!

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  • Righteous American

    Much respect for this man.

  • zero

    Zhou Libo is a genious, no one in China could ever beart him when it comes to the truth, I guess you can say that the native jiangnanese (wu-speakers) are superior over the rest of the chinese most of the time, we defined the true Chinese culture, we gave China almost everything but we got none in return…

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