3-Year-Old Girl Doused in Gasoline and Lit on Fire by Father

A 3-year-old Chinese girl with much of her face disfigured after her father poured gasoline on her and lit her on fire.

A 3-year-old Chinese girl with much of her face disfigured after her father poured gasoline on her and lit her on fire.

From QQ & NetEase:

Shaanxi man pours gasoline onto and burns 3-year-old daughter

November 19th, a Shaanxi man named Cao Xiaoming poured gasoline on his 3-year-old daughter Niu Niu (pseudonym) at his father-in-law’s home over disagreement with his wife divorcing him. Cao Xiaoming’s wife says he has a bad temper, often engages in domestic violence and excessively gambles, and wants to end their marriage, never imagining that her husband would do something to their daughter. At present, Niu Niu’s face has basically been disfigured and the use of both hands have been affected.

November 19th, because of family problems, Shaanxi Baoji man Cao Xiaoming used gasoline to seriously burn his 3-year-old daughter. The child’s mother says that before the incident happened, her former husband had left a message saying “I want to die, and I’m going to take the baby with me”. Photo [above] is of November 23rd in Baoji of Shaanxi province, where Niu Niu (pseudonym) spent her 3rd birthday on a hospital bed. Niu Niu has not eaten anything in several days at the hospital, only able to eat a bit of bread and banana.

A 3-year-old Chinese girl lies in a hospital in Shaanxi after her father poured gasoline on her and lit her on fire.

According to Niu Niu’s attending physician Zhang Chengfeng, currently 14% of the child’s body has burns, amongst them 2.5% are third-degree burns, the remaining being second-degree burns. The child’s face can be said to basically be disfigured, the functioning of her two hands affected, and if she gets plastic surgery later, her situation may be slightly better than now. In the hospital ward, a paper birthday hat is placed next to her pillow. “Today is the child’s lunar calendar birthday. The child’s aunt and uncle bought her a birthday cake and new clothes. Who could’ve imagined that the child’s 3rd birthday would be spent in the hospital”, the mother Xiao Juan (pseudonym) said as she started crying.

A piece of burnt clothing left at the scene where a father lit his own daughter on fire over marital problems.

November 19th, Niu Niu’s father Cao Xiaoming dragged his daughter who was just 4 days shy of her 3rd birthday to his father-in-law Mr. Yang’s home. According to Mr. Yang’s, Cao Xiaoming at the time poured two drink bottles of gasoline that he had previously prepared onto the child’s head and onto his own body. Cao Xiaoming ignored the child’s cries, pulled the child out the door, had her kneel in front of the door, and then lit a lighter. Photo is of the scorched clothing Niu Niu was wearing that day that still remains at the scene of the incident.

Niu Niu's grandfather watches the house where Niu Niu was lit on fire by her father.

Neighbors that had rushed over and saw what happened hurriedly put out the flames. According to Niu Niu’s uncle Yang Xiaodong who was a witness, Cao Xiaoming at the time suffered no injuries on his body other than having his jacket catch fire. Afterward, when Cao Xiaoming saw that the large fire on his own child’s body had been smothered, he ran out of the crowd, caught up to the child’s aunt who was carrying the child running towards the village clinic, and tried to take the child from her arms. The crowd firmly held him and immediately someone called the police. Photo is of the child’s grandfather watching the empty house alone.

Niu Niu's mother cries seeing her daughter's burnt face.

When the reasons for what happened are brought up, Xiao Juan says, “Normally when I even slightly don’t go along with his will, he will start hitting me. When he gets angry, whatever he picks up is whatever he will hit me with. Stools, sticks, both he’s used before. Whenever he runs out of money, he’ll call me, and if I don’t give it to him, I’ll be beaten. When the child reached 100 days old, my family gave her some good luck money but he stole it to go gamble. The money I make from work I normally all give to him, and sometimes he won’t even care when my child and I don’t even have food to eat.” Niu Niu’s grandfather once received a call from his son-in-law saying he wanted to “extinguish your entire family, burn your family’s house down”. Photo is of mother Xiao Juan seeing her daughter’s face and unable to hold back her tears.

Niu Niu's grandmother comforts her at the hospital.

Xiao Juan says that she eventually could live [with her husband] no longer and wanted a consensual divorce but Cao Xiaoming would not agree, so she wanted to sue for divorce to end their marriage, but never imagined that her husband would do this kind of thing because he didn’t want to divorce. Facing continuously rising medical expenses, Xiao Juan and her child’s grandmother and grandfather are already feeling overwhelmed. “Right now we already owe the hospital treatment costs and if we don’t pay, I’m afraid the child’s medicine will be stopped tomorrow,” Xiao Juan says. Photo is of Niu Niu on the hospital bed continuously crying about her pain and her grandmother helping her sit up and comforting her.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 爱吾爱:

Such an inhuman father, such an unfortunate child, have him shot!

腾讯网友 "双手插口袋:

Beast, able to do such a thing. If you’re unable to convince your wife to stay, at least try to make your daughter happy… Truly deserves to be shot!

腾讯网友 星星石:

This is the tragedy of women. The law here is just an empty piece of paper, and no one will truly care for the women who really need help. I am totally disappointed with this country.

腾讯杭州市网友 零落成泥:

Encountering this kind of man is the tragedy of a woman’s life. Try to divorce and the man uses this kind of stupid violent method as a threat. Don’t divorce and you have continue suffering violence, etc., where living becomes a kind of torture. The man should ask himself why the woman wants to divorce and leave him. A man should bring happiness to his family with his independence and self-reliance, as opposed to bringing disaster upon his family members simply because of his existence, especially when it comes to hurting children to achieve one’s goal. That’s simply extremely nasty and foolish.

腾讯网友 selina zen:

Too heartbreaking, every day I can see hurt children. You parents aren’t fit to be people, the disastrous effect of illiteracy! When can the quality of China’s education system be raised!? A father like this the court should sentence to death, to be immediately executed!!!!

腾讯网友 过路人:

No better than a beast, a disgrace to the the kind name of “father”. Kill, kill without pardon…!

腾讯山西省网友 愛伱、用氣質:

Is this something a human would do? Is it? This is something even animals could not do, what kind of person is this?! Doing something so hateful to even your own child. Precious baby, may you get better soon.

腾讯南京市网友 Full House:

Beast, what horrible harm a problem between two adults has caused a child! Beast!

腾讯网友 々璨璨々:

This man is a scoundrel!

腾讯平顶山市网友 喜欢秋天的猫:

A deviant person in a deviant society.

腾讯网友 辣妹子:

Is this something a human would do? Can the law have him pay a price for this? Letting him die would be letting this human scum off too easily.

腾讯上海市网友 蓝天:

A embarrassment to us fellow men, a coward, garbage, and to have really been able to do such a thing, he must’ve been so hateful…

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