3-Year-Old Girl Doused in Gasoline and Lit on Fire by Father

A 3-year-old Chinese girl with much of her face disfigured after her father poured gasoline on her and lit her on fire.

A 3-year-old Chinese girl with much of her face disfigured after her father poured gasoline on her and lit her on fire.

From QQ & NetEase:

Shaanxi man pours gasoline onto and burns 3-year-old daughter

November 19th, a Shaanxi man named Cao Xiaoming poured gasoline on his 3-year-old daughter Niu Niu (pseudonym) at his father-in-law’s home over disagreement with his wife divorcing him. Cao Xiaoming’s wife says he has a bad temper, often engages in domestic violence and excessively gambles, and wants to end their marriage, never imagining that her husband would do something to their daughter. At present, Niu Niu’s face has basically been disfigured and the use of both hands have been affected.

November 19th, because of family problems, Shaanxi Baoji man Cao Xiaoming used gasoline to seriously burn his 3-year-old daughter. The child’s mother says that before the incident happened, her former husband had left a message saying “I want to die, and I’m going to take the baby with me”. Photo [above] is of November 23rd in Baoji of Shaanxi province, where Niu Niu (pseudonym) spent her 3rd birthday on a hospital bed. Niu Niu has not eaten anything in several days at the hospital, only able to eat a bit of bread and banana.

A 3-year-old Chinese girl lies in a hospital in Shaanxi after her father poured gasoline on her and lit her on fire.

According to Niu Niu’s attending physician Zhang Chengfeng, currently 14% of the child’s body has burns, amongst them 2.5% are third-degree burns, the remaining being second-degree burns. The child’s face can be said to basically be disfigured, the functioning of her two hands affected, and if she gets plastic surgery later, her situation may be slightly better than now. In the hospital ward, a paper birthday hat is placed next to her pillow. “Today is the child’s lunar calendar birthday. The child’s aunt and uncle bought her a birthday cake and new clothes. Who could’ve imagined that the child’s 3rd birthday would be spent in the hospital”, the mother Xiao Juan (pseudonym) said as she started crying.

A piece of burnt clothing left at the scene where a father lit his own daughter on fire over marital problems.

November 19th, Niu Niu’s father Cao Xiaoming dragged his daughter who was just 4 days shy of her 3rd birthday to his father-in-law Mr. Yang’s home. According to Mr. Yang’s, Cao Xiaoming at the time poured two drink bottles of gasoline that he had previously prepared onto the child’s head and onto his own body. Cao Xiaoming ignored the child’s cries, pulled the child out the door, had her kneel in front of the door, and then lit a lighter. Photo is of the scorched clothing Niu Niu was wearing that day that still remains at the scene of the incident.

Niu Niu's grandfather watches the house where Niu Niu was lit on fire by her father.

Neighbors that had rushed over and saw what happened hurriedly put out the flames. According to Niu Niu’s uncle Yang Xiaodong who was a witness, Cao Xiaoming at the time suffered no injuries on his body other than having his jacket catch fire. Afterward, when Cao Xiaoming saw that the large fire on his own child’s body had been smothered, he ran out of the crowd, caught up to the child’s aunt who was carrying the child running towards the village clinic, and tried to take the child from her arms. The crowd firmly held him and immediately someone called the police. Photo is of the child’s grandfather watching the empty house alone.

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Niu Niu's mother cries seeing her daughter's burnt face.

When the reasons for what happened are brought up, Xiao Juan says, “Normally when I even slightly don’t go along with his will, he will start hitting me. When he gets angry, whatever he picks up is whatever he will hit me with. Stools, sticks, both he’s used before. Whenever he runs out of money, he’ll call me, and if I don’t give it to him, I’ll be beaten. When the child reached 100 days old, my family gave her some good luck money but he stole it to go gamble. The money I make from work I normally all give to him, and sometimes he won’t even care when my child and I don’t even have food to eat.” Niu Niu’s grandfather once received a call from his son-in-law saying he wanted to “extinguish your entire family, burn your family’s house down”. Photo is of mother Xiao Juan seeing her daughter’s face and unable to hold back her tears.

Niu Niu's grandmother comforts her at the hospital.

Xiao Juan says that she eventually could live [with her husband] no longer and wanted a consensual divorce but Cao Xiaoming would not agree, so she wanted to sue for divorce to end their marriage, but never imagined that her husband would do this kind of thing because he didn’t want to divorce. Facing continuously rising medical expenses, Xiao Juan and her child’s grandmother and grandfather are already feeling overwhelmed. “Right now we already owe the hospital treatment costs and if we don’t pay, I’m afraid the child’s medicine will be stopped tomorrow,” Xiao Juan says. Photo is of Niu Niu on the hospital bed continuously crying about her pain and her grandmother helping her sit up and comforting her.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 爱吾爱:

Such an inhuman father, such an unfortunate child, have him shot!

腾讯网友 "双手插口袋:

Beast, able to do such a thing. If you’re unable to convince your wife to stay, at least try to make your daughter happy… Truly deserves to be shot!

腾讯网友 星星石:

This is the tragedy of women. The law here is just an empty piece of paper, and no one will truly care for the women who really need help. I am totally disappointed with this country.

腾讯杭州市网友 零落成泥:

Encountering this kind of man is the tragedy of a woman’s life. Try to divorce and the man uses this kind of stupid violent method as a threat. Don’t divorce and you have continue suffering violence, etc., where living becomes a kind of torture. The man should ask himself why the woman wants to divorce and leave him. A man should bring happiness to his family with his independence and self-reliance, as opposed to bringing disaster upon his family members simply because of his existence, especially when it comes to hurting children to achieve one’s goal. That’s simply extremely nasty and foolish.

腾讯网友 selina zen:

Too heartbreaking, every day I can see hurt children. You parents aren’t fit to be people, the disastrous effect of illiteracy! When can the quality of China’s education system be raised!? A father like this the court should sentence to death, to be immediately executed!!!!

腾讯网友 过路人:

No better than a beast, a disgrace to the the kind name of “father”. Kill, kill without pardon…!

腾讯山西省网友 愛伱、用氣質:

Is this something a human would do? Is it? This is something even animals could not do, what kind of person is this?! Doing something so hateful to even your own child. Precious baby, may you get better soon.

腾讯南京市网友 Full House:

Beast, what horrible harm a problem between two adults has caused a child! Beast!

腾讯网友 々璨璨々:

This man is a scoundrel!

腾讯平顶山市网友 喜欢秋天的猫:

A deviant person in a deviant society.

腾讯网友 辣妹子:

Is this something a human would do? Can the law have him pay a price for this? Letting him die would be letting this human scum off too easily.

腾讯上海市网友 蓝天:

A embarrassment to us fellow men, a coward, garbage, and to have really been able to do such a thing, he must’ve been so hateful…

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  • Disgusted

    Looks like I got the sofa….

    • Yes. Your getting the sofa is more important than this actual story about a poor girl with a burnt off face. Kudos to you, intrepid internet explorer; keep your opinions to yourself and lay claim to a piece of internet property that always starts off the “discussion” with ignoring crass stupidity.

      The “good” thing about you getting the “sofa” is that now everybody knows just to ignore your comments whenever you actually have an opinion.

      • lonetrey

        Agreed. A poor girl got immolated in China and all he wants is the dam sofa. Keep it classy, Disgusted.

      • dirtywhiteboy

        sounds like jealousy?

      • Bereaver

        terroir, I’ve seen quite a few of your posts and you’re very reasonable. So I find it quite odd that something so trivial is getting you upset.

        I mean, this is the “chinasmack” tradition. And you know how tradition goes around here.

    • Young Man

      Can we please put this sofa bullshit to bed once and for all?

      I agree with terroir 100%

      You’d have to be a real shithead to post it on this article but, frankly, it’s been old hat for quite some time now.

      Let’s just stop doing it, OK?

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      Chinasmack needs to ban fools like this, saying ‘first’, ‘sofa’, ‘frist’, and any other dumb low content one liners is just a waste of bandwidth.
      Let’s start filtering out the noise.

  • Honestly, the only positive thing to say about this is that it didn’t happen in Guangdong.

    • guizi

      why Guangdong?

      • Because almost every piece of Chinese bad news comes out of Guangdong, China’s very own “Florida” of bad news. Yueyue, dog meat festivals, and another horrific case of a father who scalded his daughter with boiling water – he had locked the door and kept doing it over and over until her whole body was burned, you know, evil.

        Maybe a good thing that comes out of this maybe that a greater awareness of spousal and child abuse may happen to be able to combat it, but no, I’ll just simply say that this doesn’t make Guangdong look bad.

        If it’s not made clear, I’m a pessimist who like to be proved wrong.

  • Like the sofa for an article like this is worth it. Fauna – over and above the usual reaction quotes – anybody putting a collection (electronic or mail in) for this kid’s medical bills?


    Why hasn’t been gasoline been poured on his face and lit on fire???

  • staylost


    That is just insane.

    What is most sad is the girls emotional scars will be worse than her physical ones. To know that her father hates her that much will kill her.

    • GodsHammer

      Fill his ass with gasoline and light that….wtf is the matter with this guy?

    • This is the reason for the rash of “school stabbings” that was happening before (Guangdong?): because in China, children are the most prized possession. If you want to hurt someone, you don’t hurt them, you hurt their children.

      That said, it sounds like this guy really hated his abused wife for wanting to leave him, and it looks like he got his wish because now his wife is in complete despair, now and for the rest of her days.

      That said once more, I’ll bet this guy will talk about how much he loves his daughter in some interview.

      • staylost

        Actions speak louder than words. (In fact, game theory would indicate that most communication is misdirection.)

        So if he says that he loves her in an interview, he will be lying.

        The real question is, why does he hate his daughter so much?

        • He doesn’t. This psycho just wants to hurt others. And he did it. To his dying day, this guy accomplished one goal among any others he may have also done and that is to effectively strike at this wife forever from now on. (note the part where he said he wanted his in-laws to “burn”; while the eldest in a family are the most important, the youngest are the most valuable in what they represent – the future, hope, prosperity)

          Ugh. I don’t want to explain this guy and stay inside his head any longer. Have Clarisse Starling do the rest on this guy.

        • donscarletti

          No, I don’t think you understand, this guy is selfish, idiotic and irrational. What he thinks of his daughter is irrelevant, game theory is too, what’s going on in his mind is not truth or lies, it’s just really really incorrect, that burning his daughter was a good idea at the time. If you’re a rational player that benefits from burning someone, you do it quietly and make it look like an accident, this guy is just mentally faulty, no point trying to analyse it further, just put a quick bullet in him and go about your day.

      • southernortherner

        i would love to have the job of killing these type of people u know…like …the torturer of torturers…

        id do it without a blink of an eye i tell ya whut..i aint no saint..

    • Strangerland

      What is sad is the girl growing up thinking her father doesn’t love her/ want her. Enough to injure her face permanently. Her face scars would cause her difficult childhood due to bullying, she’d find it difficult to get friends and jobs because majority is seeing the package before bothering to get to know the heart inside, she’d find it difficult to get husband because let’s face it majority of males are also superficials no matter who they are or what they are- what’s cruel is that she has to endure the hellish lifetime just because the sperm-donor can’t be a Father.
      She’d have to endure countless stares, more than the first westerners who came to China back then, worse still because while the westerners at least know the stares they have to bear don’t meant anything bad- the stares this girl has to endure is due to her torned up face. It’d be stares of disbelief, curiousity, disgust, mockful, hatred- the best stares she could get would be pitying stares.

      I wish someone would be there to make her understand that it’s not her fault why her father is insane. That although she is his daughter, she’s not a wild monster like him.

    • Sunshine

      I don’t think the father hates the daughter, actually, I think he is just selfish to a point of twisted-ness. He can’t stand his wife disagreeing with him in anything. He thinks he can do whatever he wants in this world, including threats to kill his father-in-law’s whole family, burn their house down, and “I want to die, and I’m going to take the baby with me”. That’s not hatred for his daughter, that’s hatred for this world and for himself in his own twisted, selfish fashion.

      • staylost

        I think what one does shows their true feelings. Any of this psyschology is just showing why he has these feelings.

        Anyway, it won’t matter to the daughter whether or not a therapist can tell her, “You father was just a crazy sadist, he really did love you!” She will still know he hated her.

        • I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: “face” by far is the worst problem afflicting Chinese society at present. Of course this guy is guilty and we can debate the merits of capital punishment as above, but the “why” still seems muddled here. So, I’ll bring up these other examples as to why this guy decided to burn his own daughter. It’s the same reason as why:

          * schoolkids decide to kill themselves rather than get into trouble for not doing homework
          * a grown man will decide to kill a child he was beating up for having bumped into him on the street
          * on a lesser scale, when minor disagreements ramp up to epic proportions when one side calls in all his “cousins” to lynch so poor guy from the KTV that turned out to be the wrong guy in the first place

          There’s a reason why all these things happen: because they are Chinese and they all follow Chinese culture. These examples are of people who just followed it to the end.

          As such, I’ll say again just as Sunshine did above: this guy didn’t actually hate his daughter. I wouldn’t put the two together for a Spring Festival dinner, but no, he doens’t .

          Remember too: he’s using Chinese logic.

          • Capt. WED

            Terrori, let me ask you what the fuck do you think about schoolkids in other countries that commit sucide? What do you think about people in other countries that kill kids for fucking with him (it’s happened before). What do you think about people in other countries that lose their head over some bullshit and kill people, killing the wrong person, with a group.

            I want to restrict your free speech but sometimes your reasons are WTF.

          • southernortherner

            i think you meant to say you don’t want to restrict his freedom of speech right?

            all i can think is terroir maybe has been in china so long he forgot that “face” is a human trait not a chinese thing……fretadr..

            I’m from ..a dark place lets say…and let me tell you death is death..and violence is violence…and it happens everywhere..after living in china for…a long time…i can tell you that..for a billion people I’m surprise this place is as safe as it is…

            when i was 9 i saw a man get his head hacked off by machete on a bus…the head rolled to the front as the bus driver broke…right up to me…hehe…over a seat..same year i saw a kid my age get shot in the face for stealing. and a young man shot twelve times for cheating on his gf..or something silly like that…

            so remember next time mister terroir…just be happy he aint got colombian logic….aight….

          • southernortherner

            i forgot to add you “prejudice bigot”…


  • fairguy

    shooting him is too easy, he should be burnt the same way to death since he wanted to die anyway.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      even that is too quick. It should be something slow and just downright gut wrenching slow. Motherfckr needs to bleed…

      • staylost

        I fail to see how following this guys extreme violence will somehow help the little girl.

        I am not against the death penalty, but I don’t see how attacking him well help the situation…

        • fairguy

          to prevent other MF’ers of doing similar act to the innocents.
          It would also save court cost, prision costs.

          • No, in a case like China that has always had capital punishment, a lack of compassion for an accused criminal is a lack of compassion for all. China hasn’t become more compassionate over the years, and doing this won’t end the cycle.

            Despite all of China’s problems, one of them isn’t not putting enough people to death. If the kid should get justice, then so too should the perp.

          • boredatwork

            What use is the father to the child if he is dead? Let the father work the rest of his life in some kind of forced labour. Let him pay for the medical expenses, schooling, clothing and everything else the girl will need keeping only enough money to feed his sorry ass for the rest of his days. I think others would not be deterred from acting like him if they were rewarded with a quick death. In my opinion a miserable life with no rewards that you cannot end yourself is worse than a quick death.

        • mr. weiner

          I’d have felt better if the post had read “the other villagers imediately set upon the man and beat him to death, pausing only rub salt into his wounds”, but I’m kind of vengeful like that.

          • staylost

            And I could understand that too. They would be in the heat of the moment.

            But here we are, able to stand back cool and collected, and we want to torture him? How are we different from him?

  • Melody

    Killing that animal father is only a release for him. He should take the responsiblity to raise and cure his daughter, try to help her having a bright future.

    • staylost

      I wish this could be true, but he is a drunkard, wife-beating, sadist. How can he raise a child?

    • Rod

      Yeah, that would just be punishing the daughter even more.

  • Song of the Article

    -The Cure


    My thoughts are with the girl, not with yall


  • Mark

    To the Chinese people on this website:
    I would like to know if there has been any set up to send money to pay for the costs of this baby? Does anyone know the right place to send funds in order to help pay for her treatment to ensure she gets the best available to her? I would dearly love one of you to forward this information to me so i can do my part to help her and the family。
    my email is: [email protected]

  • Me

    Horrible! Who can imagine such a thing done by a father to his own daughter? Even a beast won’t do this.

    How can we help the child? Is Gvnt playing its role here?

  • Fu ZhiGao

    Just awful.

    There was a story kind of like this from Taiwan about two years ago where the parents were fighting and the father threw the baby into boiling water. What drives people to do this to their children?

  • 平凡人

    That guy is insane, how can anyone be so cruel? What makes it worse, he is her father.
    The hospital will stop the treatment due to $$$$$ issues? This place is crap.

    • staylost

      I don’t see how it is the hospital’s fault that some guy decided to burn his baby girl to death. How can one rationalize that the hospital in specific is responsible for paying for that?

      Obviously, society in general (the government and social movements) may choose to be liable in such a case, but that is a broader decision and not one that every hospital can make for themselves.

      • 平凡人

        Did I say it is the hospital’s fault? I said this place is crap, “this place”refers to….. Shall not elaborate

        • jin

          now i would love to see you burned, and without money or life insurance, go into a hospital in america and see if they will treat you for free.

  • nn

    do not kill him, torture him !!

    • donscarletti

      Killing is easier, cheaper and far easier to morally justify. I’m not pissed off, I just want someone to break his neck so he won’t do it again.

  • typingfromwork

    Thoroughly, thoroughly discusted. Domestic violence is fucking rife in China. All the garbage who do this, throw acid in people’s faces, or anything as fucked up as this can all rot, very slowly and painfully, in the deepest circle of Hell.

  • Habiba

    oh my god what is this what type of person will do this to they own child .. yes i agree he should be shot. burn in hell
    he is inhuman i can,t call him animal as animal take care of they young
    shame on you … die you do not deserve to live

  • Daniel Gershon

    Perfect solution. Sentence him to death. Remove his organs for transplant without aenesthetic. Leave him to die. Sell the organs. Use the money to pay for the little girl’s medical treatment.

    • John Wayne

      I like your idea. Makes sense to me.

    • Suicidal tendency

      On the other side, this is:

      “We can’t stand such violence, so we’re going to do the very same to their authors to show people that torturing people is bad.”

      Beside, once dead he’ll be useless. I like the forementioned idea of having him in a labour camp for the rest of his life, with money earnt going to his daughter.

  • Cleo

    Why do we allow Japanese to enter the country when they did THIS to our children!?? Why do we Tolerate them and buy their products??

    • Brett Hunan

      I see you are back and still hating on Japan. At least you’re consistent.

      Does your question also imply that the little girl should be punished because of what her father did to her? “Don’t kill a man for what his father did”…

      Why do you buy Japanese products? Because on any given day and any given product, Japanese products are better quality and safer than the Chinese counterpart. Prove me wrong.

    • staylost

      What are you talking about? The Japanese didn’t enter your country and burn their daughters alive.

      Oh, and the Chinese attacked the poor Tibetans, India, and the Uyghurs! Why do we Tolerate them and buy their products??

      I think we should all protest at the thought that any Chinese would visit the grave of a liberation soldier! It just sickens me! To think that they would honor people who raped and still occupy the poor Uyghurs & Tibetans!

      Plus, don’t forget! Little China is just a part of Mongolia! When will they rejoin with their big brother? Ghenghis Khan, a man a thousand time more powerful and honorable than Qin Shi Huang drew a map around the whole world and established it as the boundries of the true and noble Khanate of Mongolia!

  • Dat Ankle

    How can anybody do this to their own child? Lock that bastard away for life.

    • I am “afraid” that if his prison-mates learn about what he did – he won’t live for very long.

  • John Wayne

    I feel so bad for his beautiful wife and the daughter he tortured ;( Confirming you all in China are going to put a bullet in this guy’s head. Please tell me so. I mean a see another article on this board about some dope dealer getting executed. Dope dealing is a major non-violent crime; hence prison. Attempted murder with disfurgement is a violent crime. Send him to a American jail the inmates will take care of him real quick if the Chinese don’t want to the job.

  • John Wayne

    You all need to terminate that monster asap!

  • Muay Thai guy

    I know, this is just a Internet commentary site, but is there any chance some of us could show a bit of goodwill and prove we’re not all assholes by helping to put a bit of money together?

  • John Wayne

    I agree with you Mr. Muay Thai. Problem is you have too many scammers that will take the money and run. The other problem is the Chinese government needs to terminate this guy not only for his crime but so this lady does not act stupid again and go right back to her abuser. Happens all the time.

  • 666

    When you home, and you will sooner or later, justice be only be getting started.

  • Will I Am

    This was attempted murder. The appropriate punishment is death.

    • pervertt

      If you want to punish him, let him live.

  • Dave in Macau

    Time for the human flesh search engine to get into gear and publicise this fellow’s name, address, and picture.

    We reap what we sow.

  • Chris N.

    It didn’t mention anything about the father going to jail. Don’t tell me he’s getting away scot-free.

    • Suicidal tendency

      Doubt he would.

      To avoid justice in China, you need money and relations.
      If he had money, he wouldn’t bother harassing his wife.
      To maintain relations, you need money.

      So no, he should face “ordinary people” justice.

    • Rod

      Yeah. Any word on what’s going to happen to the father? I really don’t think there’s anything that’s appropriate to prove to him what he doesn’t already know. Shooting him in the face isn’t going to change his mind about anything. I’m not saying it’s not deserved, but I think he’s already f* upped enough that he doesn’t really understand the difference between right and wrong.

  • Diverdude1

    yeah, I know nothing will bring her back,,, yeah, I understand the concept of ‘perpetuation of violence’ as being counter-productive in the long run,,, But I Still say,,, for this case,,,, Old Testament.
    fk him.

  • red girl

    I Hope This sweet child recovers fully and her Mother can find peace.

  • Miki

    Simple solution. Set him on fire.

  • DRaY

    Wow… I gonna start a vigilante assault force that will travel around China to confront these douche bags….The team will give them 2 options being killed or being raped by big dick black guys…..

  • John Wayne

    Are you kidding me. Hang ’em ASAP!!

  • Simon

    What China desperately needs is to start developing other areas of its infrastructure. The economic development here needs to be augmented with services and provisions which support the people’s needs. IE: a police force that actually enforces the law not just arbitrarily, but in a focused way according to regulations. Social services which would have the power the intervene into cases such as this one are also desperately needed. Domestic violence is a problem experienced in all countries but I don’t see how the situation can change until there are agencies, which provide support to victims, with the full backing of enforced laws.

    • DRaY

      Agencies…. ohhh boy … lets start locking people up !!! Woo Hoo…… white man answer to everything … lets turn it into big business, where people become file numbers …. my suggestion was better!!

  • Meh

    Pathetic father. If you want to die, go ahead and die. Leave everyone else out of it.

  • da mao houzi

    Sadly, as a surgeon, I have seen many burns and as part of my training worked in a burn unit of a tertiary care hospital. This is not a burn from gasoline. Being a liquid, its flow follows the path of gravity and the initial momentum of it being thrown. The clearly demarcated margins are typical of either a submersion burn or a hot liquid applied to a cloth. The lack of a transitional border of burn of varying intensity again negates it being a liquid fuel burn. The preservation of her eyelashs negates any chance of it being from a flammable liquid. The other possiblity is that she has a hat and scarf on and was exposed to a flash explosion of bottle gas like on a typical Chinese gas bottle stove. Here is a typical picture of an aerosolized gas burn.


    A more likely story is that she was in the kitchen near the stove and the propane or natural gas accumulated and explosed when ignited.

    The thick crusting around her nose, forehead and cheeks is not from the burn, lord knows what was applied.

    There is another interesting phenomena that occurs when super heated water spontaneously boils. very pure water does not do a rolling boil, when you add something to it, a solid, it suddenly boils and you can have a steam explosion. If the baby was on teh mothers shoulder or in her arms and a teabag was tossed into microwaved water, this could happen.


    whatever the cause of the burn, it is not from gasoline and probably accidental.

    • Simon

      Mmmm interesting. I’m not a doctor but it’s not difficult to see the similarities between this case and that of the teenager in the link you posted. What we have here may be a case of misreporting in order to create a discussion topic.

    • Hum….

  • badnews

    I moved from China about 18 months ago, and had a young son ….the fact that someone can do this to the innocence that is beautiful in children is monstrous….the darker side of my nature wants a few minutes with this cockroach of a man to show him my outlook on his actions….

  • Dan Danger

    So what is is the punishment in China for attempting to kill your won child? A fine?

  • Dan Danger

    So what is is the punishment in China for attempting to kill your own child? A fine?

  • Xiongmao

    I’m against capital punishment per se but this disgusting piece of human waste I’d bullet myself.

  • August

    I’ve heard of charities that will sometimes set up accounts to help victims of natural disasters and extreme cases of violence, such as the Red Cross and Tsunami Relief fund. Has anything been set up to help this child?

  • Adelle

    screw that bastard. I say have him shot a dozen times. Empty your guns on him. And as for the goddamn hospital, why are they asking moneY? Are they here for money or to save the poor child’s life. Totally disgusted with the country.

  • hong

    This is really insane! What’s wrong with this man. Is this little girl still alive?

  • Nene

    An eye for an eye should apply in this situation. We are living in Revelations. Luke 21:9 referring to events preceding the Coming of Messiah, “Nation will fight against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes and plagues and famines here and there; there will be fearful sights and great signs from Heaven.” People hearts will grow cold and callous. People will become unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self … brutal good gossips haters irreconcilable love lovers malicious not of self-control slanderous. I pray for all mankind. We need you God. People in this world are getting sicker and sicker.

  • Misiooo

    Crying is easy after milk is spilled. Who gave them the right to bear offspring in the first place?