Shanghai Court Officials & Judges Caught Hiring Prostitutes

Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.

Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.

The following video has been viewed over 4.2m times since it was uploaded yesterday and featured on the home page of China’s popular video sharing website Youku…

From Youku:

Internet Exposes Surveillance Footage of 5 Shanghai High Court Officials Summoning Prostitutes, High Court Launches Investigation

Internet exposes scandal involving 5 people of the Shanghai People’s High Court including the vice president, uploading surveillance footage onto the internet. Shanghai High People’s Court authorities responded this afternoon [yesterday]: The two people in the surveillance footage are indeed Shanghai High People’s Court Civil Tribunal Presiding Judge Chen Xueming and Deputy Presiding Judge Zhao Minghua, and people have already been organized to launch an investigation.

Summary of the above video:

  1. June 9th 5:25pm, five men are shown in an elevator at a resort, with Chen Xueming and Zhao Minghua circled.
  2. At 9pm, the five men are seen entering the “Diamond No. 1” KTV room, the resort nightclub’s best room. During this time, many females are seen entering and leaving the room. The text on the screen says Chen is selecting xiao jie for the other officials. Xiao jie in this context refers to “hostesses”, females paid to provide company to and drink with male patrons in such establishments. Some hostesses are also prostitutes who provide sexual services.
  3. At 11pm, the men are seen exiting the room and walking down the stairs of the nightclub “hand-in-hand” with the hostesses.
  4. By around 11:20pm, the men are shown in the elevator and returning to their hotel rooms on the fourth floor.
  5. Next, four women are shown in the hallway entering the various men’s rooms, at 12:33am, 12:34am, and 12:37am. The women are seen leaving between half an hour to an hour later.
  6. At 9:30am the next morning on the 10th, the five men leave the resort in two cars.
  7. The end of the video claims Zhao Minghua often visits certain nightclubs, providing footage of such, including him leaving with hostesses/prostitutes.
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Shanghai judge Chen Xueming caught hiring prostitutes.

The person who posted the video has told reporters that the court is unjust, that it had essentially forced him to sell his home on Shanghai’s best street worth over 7 million, that he now has no home to return, and can only rent. He claims it was only after a lot of agonizing and having no other choice that he has done this, and that since posting the video, he has already received threatening phone calls. He say he still holds over 2 hours of footage of the five men, as well as evidence of Zhao Minghua keeping a mistress, and is willing to cooperate with a government investigation.

The resort involved openly advertised itself as an official/officially sanctioned destination for government officials, leading some people to wonder how prostitution could be involved in such a place.

Comments from Youku:


No need to investigate, temporary workers~ Either way, that’s what I believe, go ahead and investigate~


What kind of government officials are these, my god.






Should I be clapping or sticking up my middle finger…?


It might be investigating just who filmed it all on their mobile phone…


Them playing with prostitutes shows that they have money, that they have the means. What’s the big deal? If you had the means, you too would go play. If you don’t have the ability/means, don’t just blindly spout off.




All men have needs, let alone those high officials of the high court.


A serious sin. How to explain to their wives? How to explain to the people of Shanghai?!


All wearing eyeglasses.


Have their JJ all castrated and then they’ll concentrate on their work!


I love the Communist Party.


What’s there to investigate?? The evidence is conclusive, you can immediately sentence them!


What’s the big deal?! ~~What’s everyone getting excited about over some physiological needs? It’s only because they’re high officials, right?! ~Who knows, maybe they were threatened or talks fell through and now this is being exposed [because they didn’t comply or as a negotiating tactic]!~ These days, just how many men haven’t visited prostitutes before? Raise your hand! ~Children, stay away [don’t count]!~

Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.


Still can only say: Just how many government officials haven’t done the same or worse…?


It sure is nice to be a government official~~~~~


Done by a private detective? Or did the resort itself expose this? Because that would be interesting, and no one will go there to play ever again.


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The person who exposed this is >niu! You are a hero…


With things like this, reporting it is still useless.


Made the homepage.


Using taxpayers’ money to support these kind of people makes me want to cry.


I’m guessing temporary workers.


Definitely done by temporary workers.


Is this from surveillance cameras or what? How come it shakes?


Who told you not to pay up? Now you’re in trouble, aren’t you…?


I’m reminded of a classic line from many costume dramas: The law? I am the law!


The constitution of West North Korea [China] is only for tests. As for what judges are for, I don’t know.


This post needs to be upvoted. Leaders must set an example/serve as role models.


I personally think the character of judges should still be a bit higher than that of school principals.


How is it that these videos are on the internet??? Surveillance?? What a large game of chess…

Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.


And only Shanghai would dare admit it… [suggesting Shanghai is less corrupt than other parts of China]


These scum have completely lost face for us Chinese people.


Li X treating the judges?


[Their] good days are over.


Why is it like an advertisement, even has a reservations number. Are those five people spokespersons/endorsers?


With this, I will only say: Ha ha.


Who are the others?


The judges: There is no clear evidence that I did it [had sex with the prostitutes]…


These are the people’s public servants????? Knowingly violating the law, must be punished without leniency!!!!!


Their children all know how to go online I bet…sigh.


It’s obvious someone wants to mess with them.


Tip of the iceberg.


I just want to say that one cannot afford to cross government officials. This hotel/resort is probably about to close down now.


The person who exposed this sure is brave!


Didn’t take very long, eh? Hahahaha



Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.


I’m thinking this nightclub is screwed.


Taxpayers’s taxes have raised a bunch of vermin. For the tax payments of taxpayers, it’s time that taxpayers participate in oversight [of government].


Already numb.


Human scum! Should all be shot! Would these people take care of the ordinary people’s interests?


My little buddies and I were all stupefied..


All trouble caused by dicks.


Through evaluation, Zhao Minghua was the fastest!


Must’ve been very satisfying, and very expensive. Where did the money come from?


I’m truly worried for the person who posted this…


This detailed, must’ve been set up by someone.


These prostitute’s bodies aren’t bad.


The only clean money being earned in this video is the auntie sweeping the floor at 2:48.


This is called knowingly breaking the law!!!


This was exposed, but there are even more that haven’t been exposed.


I was there at the time. Actually, those [girls] were all clients. They [judges, court officials] went there to learn about the [legal] situation/case, and most of them were temporary workers. You have all misunderstood.


Can’t believe we’re able to comment…

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Brett

    So, it must have been hotel security (some uncle who got paid off) that leaked the videos… I’d be afraid of getting suicided after doing this…

  • Well I, for one, am just shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you.

    • Cauffiel

      Unbelievable. Just…. give us a minute to take this in…..

      • I keep looking away and telling myself “This is just a dream. This is all just a bad dream and I am going wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” but look back and it’s still there. I just don’t know if I can truly trust anyone anymore if I can’t trust Chinese officials.

        • Germandude

          It’s all just western propaganda to cause disharmony to this glorious nation!

          • WoRPt

            Yeah, definitely a CIA plot!

          • John H

            So this guy makes a movie, tries to blackmail a judge over this 7 million rmb house, didn’t get away with it and now puts it on the net. This is a setup, he is probably the one organized the whole parade.

          • linette lee

            You are always so crazy. lol. Smart mouth.China will kick you out soon. Deport you. lol hahaha…….

            Wait wait….you mean the China officials are calling for prostitutes? Possibly using the taxpayer money spending on prostitutes? no it can’t be. It’s impossible. I am so shocked I don’t believe it. Let me breath and stay calm. lol…

          • Germandude

            Don’t listen to the foreign devils! Apparently, foreigners don’t understand Chinese culture.

            Besides: If you don’t like China, GET OUT!

        • Cauffiel

          There, there…. let’s go get some ice cream…. :-D

          • I’m over here shotgunning bottles of beer. I can’t, wrap me head around it, man. I just can’t.

          • linette lee

            There there..have a bottle of Samuel Adams, it will calm you down. The Chinese call beer a western medicine.

          • Make it a Sam Adams Oktoberfest and you’ve got a deal.

        • RonghuiLi

          Well,there are people who can’t be trusted everywhere.Don’t be so upset.

          • Atlas

            In China they are literally EVERYWHERE!


          • Ah, the ol “but but it happens in other places too” defense…we meet again.

    • Repatriated

      Me too. Surely, everyone that has lived/or lives in China knows that all of the prostitutes are there only for laowai. Even though there are 10-20 times more of them in the country than laowai……

      I guess laowai have a really high sex drive, and hit up 20-50 pink lights a day!

      I used to be surprised at the reactions when I went to my wife’s hometown. Now I guess I understand. There are probably 100 brothels in that city, and about 3 laowai. THOSE guys are busy as hell!

  • Baphomet

    that the court is unjust, that it had essentially forced him to sell his
    home on Shanghai’s best street worth over 7 million, that he now has no
    home to return, and can only rent…..

    Somebody break out the string orchestra…old women collect bottles in dirty sacks in horrific heat, oh, the hardships the wealthy endure

  • biggj

    I don’t even know what to say…..I’m shocked….Sloppy seconds guys??? You guys are better than that. A double dose of harmony for these girls….The harmony is just dripping from them now.

    • Spoiler Alert

      Excellent work.

    • linette lee

      Them again?? They are everywhere on the news. lol. You better start giving them each a name.

  • Spoiler Alert

    It always amazes me in these (and similar) videos how much CCTV footage there is available around China. How does it get made public? Big brother truly is watching.

    • MrT

      I tell ya, its real embarrassing my coming and goings through home security!

  • Wololoo

    Good to see, that the CCTV-Rage in China finally turns against their creators. Every temporary security worker who watches the screens will give people the tapes for a few RMB.

  • biggj

    I don’t see the big deal in this anymore. So they got some whores to fuck….No different than any other regular chinese guy. Sure, it’s high ups who’s doing it. Like they are any better than anyone else. The only difference between these guys and every other chinese male is they got caught….only difference. These stories are boring now.

    All this means is that these men are retired now and can move to any country on the planet and live happily ever after. It’s is not any loss to these guys. I’m sure they all hold US/ Canada/ UK passports. It’s party time.

    • Irvin

      There is a difference, us regular chinese men never claimed to be against prostitution. But the officials are. It’s the hypocracy that’s the problem.

      • biggj

        You regular Chinese claimed to be against prostitution all the time when it suits you. Same as these guys. I’m sure Chinese men tell their wives they support prostitution all the time. And tell their daughters being a whore is a good way to make money.

        • Irvin

          That’s not only chinese, and not only prostitution. Most people have double standards on alot of things. But you are right, what you said is true and there’s little anyone can do about it.

          Some chinese these days are more opened to prostitution though, I once heard a family friend’s daughter telling her dad she’s gonna hook up with random guys just for their money because her dad wouldn’t by her an iphone, her dad only said “you’re free to do whatever you want, just remember that a court yard walk by all is swept by none”.

        • I think Chinese people are so stigmatized by values of what is right or wrong. Instead of admitting to actions such as seeking prostitution is something they do and have desires for long since civilization, thereby increasing hypocrisy instead of admitting a problem.
          Within most people is the power of corruption that comes with the self absorbing ego to do “bad” things because they think they are in invisible/invincible cloaks.

      • Germandude

        I guess you are right. And I for one couldn’t care less if somebody goes to a prostitute or not. The only problem I have with is people taking the moral position, saying that it’s bad while still making use of same services. Ass the cherry of the ice cream comes that it’s very likely that government officials take tax-payers money to follow their hobbies.

      • UrAznTreat

        Precisely why I’m a little pissed off at this. Hypocrisy of these people who are suppose to be making a difference.

  • no overnight?? 1500 rmb for only 1 hour or less???.. shame on them..

    • Irvin

      It really depends on the girls, air hostress, models and trained girls cost as much as 1000rmb for 2hours.

      It already cost this much in dongguan, and they are in shanghai so it isn’t surprising.

      • yes.. sorry i hadn’t consider that….. shanghai i guess is really expensive respect other cities (i never go shanghai so i don’t know!).

    • MrT

      they not fucking for more then half hour dude,at best they getting a hand job.

  • mattman_183

    Li Tianyi’s defense was that the women were hostesses which (somehow) is supposed to clear him of any wrongdoing. These girls are clearly hostesses so it’s cool.

  • Cyril Figgis

    Looking forward to the day that China legalizes and regulates prostitution. Corruption is one thing, but giving people shit for engaging in consensual sex just because money is exchanged? People need to lighten up.

    • Irvin

      I agree, I really don’t have a problem with government officials or anyone for that matter hiring or being a prosititute. I myself have went to prostitutes countless of times and thoroughly enjoyed their company.

      What I have a problem with is the hypocracy of it all.

      On one hand they are treating prostitution like some great crime and making it illegal, then the same ones that’s for these laws are breaking it themselves, what bullshit.

      I really hope they’ll legalize prostitution in china someday not for my own enjoyment, but for some fairness to the prostitutes. It is no different from giving a massage after all, they’re just massaging your dick with their pussy, what’s wrong with that?

      • biggj

        It pretty much is legal. You can throw a rock in any direction in china and hit a whore house. They are pretty easy on it there. I think as long as they pay the police they can operate all they want.

        • Irvin

          China is bigger than your neighbour hood, it’s almost impossible to find prostitutes in beijing.

          Although if you’re refering to whores and not the house, and figuratively speaking, then yes, if a sign board from some mall fell and killed 10 girls then 9 of them is probably a materialistic grave digger, especially in the south.

          • biggj

            Just walk down any back alley and look for a pink light after 12a.m. They are in every chinese city I’ve been in….lots of them.

          • Irvin

            From your comment, I’m convinced you haven’t been to every city in china. Especially not beijing.

          • TJDubs

            Sure, if you exclude the hairdresser salons, massage parlors, spas, and KTVs, there are relatively few prostitutes in Beijing.

    • MizKiwi

      Worked out for India. Hm?

    • WoRPt

      Let’s be realistic, though. The law in the books of China is completely different than the actual law of China. The books are just so they can say, “Look what we have!” It’s like the guy who stuffs a sock down his pants. He knows he doesn’t have a one foot dong, but to the casual observer, they might think it truly exists.

      • mike921

        Woah, back up, there is_no_law_in_China – only what the Party wants and what the Party doesn’t want. Don’t get it twisted, the gang in Beijing (some generously call a ‘government’) is actually operating an ongoing criminal enterprise – enriching themselves first, last, and always above the people.

  • slob

    I would normally say “who cares?” if it were in a different country. But they have Chengguans here cleaning the streets of apparent ‘filth’ who are just trying to make a living and the argument they use is that it’s illegal. Prostitution is illegal so where are the fucking Chengguans to knock these fat bastards on their asses in front of their children? They’re going to get away with it, nobody cares, another day another stupid under the carpet story.

    Bless this land.

    • Cauffiel

      I still say “who cares.” Given all the horrifying things this dickless, faggot government does, hiring prostitutes is far, far beyond trivial. And the Chinese netizen comments reflect how terrifically misplaced Chinese people’s concerns are…. what a bunch of dopes.

      American analog: Anthony Wiener. This guy posts pics of his penis while Congress passes ever increasingly oppressive legislation, but, hey, look at how red Anthony Wieners face is?

      Americans and Chinese deserve their shitty lives.

      • Irvin

        What the hell are you talking about? My parents in the states really enjoy their lives, I’m in china and really enjoy mine. Most chinese and american really don’t have shitty lives.

        • mukanis

          Not as awesome as government officials who have unlimited gold and sex! hahaha

          • TJDubs

            That sounds like the best video game cheat ever.

          • mukanis

            GameShark® Immortalized (SPECIAL EDITION)


            – Public Official Position with Absurd Authority
            – Should be able to justify all the Devil’s actions
            – Upholds YOLO for life
            – Possesses a Vagina Face

      • I dunno, dude. My life is pretty awesome.

        • mr.wiener

          Free willy I say.

      • Cauffiel

        Wow, geniuses, of course I meant “absolutely every single American and Chinese has a shitty life without exception, PERIOD.” Thank for keeping your comments germane to the spirit of my comment.

      • Dax

        Emailing dick pics is certainly in poor taste, but hiring prostitutes is illegal. Further, these men are judges, whose job is maintaining the law. The two don’t really compare.

        • Cauffiel

          I’m not considering the legality of the two, but I see what you mean.

          My point is that both are magnitudes of order less important than legislation, court rulings, etc.

          When I say “Americans and Chinese deserve their shitty lives,” I meant they deserve their shitty leaders and the shitty things their leaders do with their power…. not post dick photos and hire prostitutes, but enact distastrous universal healthcare laws, federal income tax/withholding, vote buying programs, collusion with corporate heads, and on and on.

          Incidentally, Anthony Wiener got in a lot more trouble for what he legally (however stupidly) did than Congressmen typically face for illegal things like drunk driving and hiring prostitutes. When is the last Congressman to resign for either of those?

      • linette lee

        I’m Chinese and I live in America. oh no….so I have a double shitty lives? no no no no no no no……faint…..

        • Cauffiel

          You must be some kind of superhero!

  • Marcus Black

    I see Shanghai is full of thin legged women. Thought my friend was different but all of the girls from the video have extraordinarily thin legs. It’s like they are walking on two pencils.

    • MrT

      because they cant afford food.

  • 不要脸

    Bird’s gotta fly, fish gotta swim, Chinese gotta shag prostitutes

    • MrT

      only way they get a fuck! because I’m doing their wives!

  • mukanis

    Wow… So court officials get to fuck girls everyday. Prostitution is illegal in China, but government officials get to enjoy it anyway.

    • Germandude

      You don’t understand Chinese culture!

      • B*tches, Leave

        hehe, nice one, I spilled my drink :))

  • Jen_in_NY

    I’m trying to muster interest in this, but beyond the “revelation” that many government officials (the world over) tend to be opportunists and hypocrites, it’s kind of….. kindof…………of……. Oh, sorry, I nodded off for a second. Kind of boring.

    • biggj

      I know right. So government officials are doing something they say they are against….Never heard that before. Now if they beat the girls and made them get tattoos of their names on the girl forehead while doing lines of coke off their tits and throwing puppies out of the hotel window…..well that’s more of a chinese story that would be interesting….but still would not surprise me.

      • Jen_in_NY

        Also, if the girls were, like, 10 years old.

        • biggj

          And being pimped out by their school principal.

          • Jen_in_NY

            NOW I’m interested!

          • Mighty曹

            In which part?

          • biggj

            Getting a tattoo of a government official name on her forehead. I would recommend doing lines off a womans breast though….I mean if I had to choose. lol

          • Mighty曹

            No. It’s “Mighty” on back of shoulder.

          • biggj

            She should get a tattoo of “mighty” as a tramp stamp..right above the ass crack. Or maybe this as a tramp

          • Jen_in_NY

            I don’t know what that says… someone enlighten me? If I get another tattoo, however, it definitely won’t be a “tramp stamp.” [shudder]

          • linette lee

            妓 means prostitute. Don’t tattoo that please.

            妓女 woman prostitute.

          • Jen_in_NY

            Oh! Thank you! Yuck.

          • Scream_Writer

            This is OT, but you know who I miss a lot? Khanthology. I hope he’s found happiness, but I fear he will never truly be satisfiedified.

          • Mighty曹

            He missifies you.

          • Scream_Writer

            I am missifying him too. If I saw him now, I’d give him a big :) and he would ROTFLHAO.

          • Mighty曹

            lol :)

          • linette lee

            You missed that china smack article the principal pimped elementary school girls. They were raped by chinese officials.

    • WoRPt

      The only thing I get out of this story, personally, is amusement. I keep picturing Xi Jingping daily smacking his forehead, muttering “Corruption! Corruption! Why the hell did I say I’d tackle corruption?!”

  • Zebadee

    Is this news?

    • MrT


  • MrT

    “The women are seen leaving between half an hour to an hour later.”
    haha doesn’t take long for Chinese men to dump their load.

  • MrT

    haha always some one with a dustpan and brush in china lurking about.

    • willie miller

      Yes, bet that cleaner could tell a few stories!

  • MrT

    whats with the dude pulling a girl into the lift and then she escapes, they just grabbing random women as they walk past

  • Archie

    I disagree with the sentiment that if others also had the means they’d be doing this too. I’ve had the means all my life, and know many others who have too, and most don’t feel the need to pay for sex.

    • biggj

      The only ones who pay are the ones who can’t get it for free.

      • Cauffiel

        That’s not true. Judges and officials could certainly get sex for free. Many married men throughout the world go to prostitutes even when they already have girlfriends/mistresses on the side in addition to their wives.

        The difference that most people do not understand is that prostitutes impart a psychological effect that free sex does not, and thats what john’s are really after.

        • biggj

          Yeah, I guess you have a point. My idea is like fishing. I enjoy fish I caught myself rather then fish I buy in store. It taste better to me. fishing is fun and feels good when you catch one. If u don’t have time to fish and u really want some fish…I guess go to the store and buy it. I just prefer a challenge.

          • Cauffiel

            Well, you’re still missing my point…. a lot of fishermen still buy fish at the store, at least occasionally.

            But apt analogy! :-)

          • biggj

            I know what you mean. Some people get off on the whole idea of it. The idea of paying for sex just does it for people. It’s a different mind set than picking a girl up. For me the thought of paying for sex takes away a lot of pressure. When I’m done, I just leave….no awkward moments.

          • Cauffiel

            For me, it increases the pressure, because I feel like “Ok, I paid money for this….. I really, really have to enjoy it!”

            Awkward moments are the spice of promiscuous sex.

        • biggj

          It’s confidentiality thing too. Nothing is stopping some whore you meet at a bar from telling people about it. GIrls from escort services I don’t think can say anything. Maybe.

  • Germandude

    And if any of you is wondering why there is no 4th floor in hotels, just think of it being the floor that is only accessible through the back-door elevator. That’s the naughty floor.
    Look at the glorious 5 in the elevator. I wonder if the prostitutes gave them a discount for being so handsome.

  • Mighty曹

    I don’t mind officials visiting brothels. It’s better than school principals raping teenage girls in hotels.

    • WoRPt

      The only thing that concerns me about prostitution in China is that you never really know who’s chosen and who has been forced into this life.

      • Cauffiel

        That’s true everywhere prostitution is legal or tolerated.

        • WoRPt

          You got a point. I guess I’ve just been more exposed to it in China.

          • Mighty曹

            Please clarify “exposed”.

          • Cauffiel

            Haha…. GOTCHA.

          • WoRPt

            LOL. SIgh. It’s clearly visible.

          • Mighty曹


          • Cauffiel

            Yeah, its pretty sad to think anyone is forced to do anything…. anything from prostitution to working in a factory. Some do it because of limited choice/opportunity, at least in the short term…. I did shitty jobs for the same reason when I was younger. I think most are not physically forced to do it, only in Beijing have I see prostitutes that looked badly abused. I’ve made friends with a number of pros in my city because they’re often hanging out in the bars with nothing to do. Many of them have boyfriends, for whatever they’re worth, and most of them don’t really like their jobs but they don’t super hate it either.

          • Mighty曹

            That’s my primary argument. Not all are forced into the profession. Most are driven into it due to financial hardship to either help herself or her family pay a debt.

          • willie miller

            Exactly, and those officials weren’t forced to shag them, they were just driven into it.

          • Mighty曹

            Haha…it works both ways.

        • Mighty曹

          There’s been a debate here recently about whether or not to legalize prostitution as a way to combat human trafficking. What do you think?

          • Cauffiel

            I think that’s such an enormous mountain for China to climb…. I can’t begin to imagine the social backlash or how such laws would be implemented.

            I’m also confused as to why stemming human trafficking would be in the Partly’s docket.

          • Cauffiel

            Probably legalizing pornography would be a better option.

          • Definitely. I’m surprised they’re still keeping it illegal. Even if they just ban making pornography in China…let them watch all that crazy Japanese stuff.

          • Mighty曹

            That’s one area where China is ardently pro-Japanese.

          • Cauffiel

            Maybe they love seeing Japanese girls get “abused.” You know, right before they watch some guy beat their girlfriend on the street outside their window in broad daylight.

          • Mighty曹

            And proceed to ‘beat’ themselves while they watch porn.

          • Irvin

            That’s pointless, even if it’s illegal it never stop anyone from getting it. Thank god for the internet by the way.

          • Germandude

            Germany has legalized prostitution and it’s not combating human trafficking. Even while a bit old, read this report:


            The problem is that what happens now is that women (especially from Eastern Europe) are still forced into prostitution, while officially, they are working as prostitutes and pay their taxes. Meaning: Officially, it looks legal and the women are doing it voluntarily. While you cannot count the cases where they don’t do it voluntarily but don’t speak out because they are afraid of talking bad about their pimps.
            It’s a freaking complex topic and it’s not “good” or “bad” as the government is talking. They have closed the illegal business (they think), while having shifted the problem into a legal one.

          • The US has legal prostitution in some rural areas of Nevada. I don’t know anything about the women (because from what I heard, they cost a fortune).

          • Germandude

            The problem in Germany is more in the low-end of the market. Hookers that work as callgirls and stay overnight, or even as escort and make enough to chose which “clients” they go with, they do have a choice and are protected by the law (Insurance, Income tax, social security etc. is all covered now, which is good). The problem is: Girls that are mislead into job opportunities in Germany are still working illegal while the police cannot determine if they stay voluntarily or are forced. Eventhough they know a hooker will not voluntarily work for EUR 10/30 minutes, as long as the hooker fears the pimp, she will not file a complaint and then, the police literally sits there without being able to do anything else than observe.

          • Interesting, I didn’t know Germany had this

          • Germandude

            Yeah, well. We have. I am still in favor of legalizing prostitution. But again, like almost always, politicians think of the benefits such a system brings and are not flexible enough to react on exploitation of such system. Adjusting policies is time-consuming, just like it took (guesstimation) approx. 10 years to finally legalize prostitution.

            But even then….

          • Cauffiel

            I hate to say it but…. licenses and price controls would probably ameliorate some of those issues.

          • Germandude

            The girls that offer services for EUR 10/min are obviously the ones running the illegal side, for example, street hookers at trainstations. The problem is. With governmental control, let’s say, a minimum price is set of EUR 100. How much do you think the government takes? 42% iirc. The pimp takes another 30% at least.
            If it was as easy as you suggest, believe me, you wouldn’t be the first one to come up with such an idea.

          • Cauffiel

            I suggest price controls as a way to make illegal pros less competitive. The only thing that should compel rational customers to hire illegal pros is that they are much cheaper. If they are the same price, there is not reason to risk getting in trouble or getting beat up by a pimp.

            Of course, this would only work for illegal pros who appear to be working legally. I think back alley whores would probably not follow price controls….. what do you think? :-D

          • TJDubs

            Government subsidized ‘tang already exists for officials. Why not provide it universally?

          • biggj

            Yeah Canada laws are kind funny when it comes to prostitution. Like you can’t have a brothel or anything like that. And a girl can’t just stand on the corner and whore herself out….but if she is independent and getting business though phone, Internet, e-mail and so on it’s legal. But it’s illegal if it’s done though a pimp. She has to be operating solo for it to be legal.

          • Cauffiel

            Yes, in Canada, solicitation is totally illegal, but receiving payment for sex is totally legal:

          • biggj

            Canada has a few funky laws like that. Like smoking. Last time I check you can smoke when you are 14 legally…but can’t buy them until you’re 18-19, And you can’t buy cigarettes for minors….So how do kids actually get cigarettes without breaking the law somewhere down the line. And it’s a big fine for stores to sell to minors. Same with people.

          • Cauffiel

            Officer Mountie Guy: Hey kid, eh! Where’d you get those, eh?
            Maple Tree Sapling: I found’em, eh!

          • Irvin

            They exploit a kind of plot hole in china where you pay for the room officially and not the girl, the girl they consider are your gf.

            You can even get a receipt for your whoring. lol

          • Germandude

            Or instead of calling yourself a pimp, you open up an establishment and “rent” out the rooms where the girls work. That’s how they do it in GER. But again: if a prostitute is not speaking up that she gets exploited, the police literally doesn’t have a case.

          • Irvin

            that’s how they do it in dongguan.

          • Irvin

            Same as HK, There’s a website with all the girls with photos and address. I didn’t knew about it until a friend told me, it was fucking amazing! Best whoring service I ever had.

            In dongguan they line up 5 girls for you to choose, but in HK and with the website you can choose from thousands, and right in the area of your hotel. I was able to find an Japanese AV quality girl right around my hotel in mongkok

          • Cauffiel


          • Irvin

            It’s actually cheaper than dongguan, only 600hkd for 2 hrs

          • linette lee

            You jacka55.

          • Irvin

            do elaborate, if you’re metally capable that is.

          • Mighty曹


          • Irvin

            lol I see we have a regular here.

          • Mighty曹

            Legalization definitely won’t deter human trafficking. But I was saying that not all were forced into it as some people believe.

          • Irvin

            That’s right, as Bill Maher puts it: some women are just hoes.

          • Mighty曹

            Hahaha… I haven’t heard that one.

    • Cauffiel

      Or elementary school boys. Sheesh.

      • Mighty曹

        Arg! I had forgotten about that already.

        • Cauffiel

          I hope we all can, but unfortunately, the boy and his family won’t.

    • UrAznTreat

      I feel like it’s not the act of going to brothels that angers me, but the fact that it’s just so hypocritical (relative to their legal laws).

      • Mighty曹

        Hypocrisy exists everywhere and it’s just a matter of not being exposed.

  • Claude

    I was in a dance club one night and I met this Chinese born Naturalized American guy. He was doing business in China and the Guanxi thing with this member of the CCP. I started talking to him and he said how he was so sick of prostitutes and he had his wife in New York but had to stay in China for Business. He looked a bit tragic entertaining this lout with a crew cut, I felt sorry for him. He was supposed to draw in the ladies for this scumbag but everyone in the club knew he was a loser/CCP member and wouldn’t touch him with a 6 foot pole. It was a club not one of those tacky Chinese discos, the crowd was cooler and knew better.

    My point is that It’s just so entrenched in the culture and a part of the landscape. I lived in neighborhood where I counted 10 barbershops in a 25 minute walk.

  • Heretic

    And this is why I don’t support Taiwanese independence. Don’t get it? It’s very simple:

    “Boo hoo, 70 years ago my grandpa was fucking ALL THE WHORES! Why can’t we fuck all the whores in China the way grandpa used to! We have money! We’re not Commies, America, we’re good Christians, so let us go back to Mainland China and fuck all the whores and do all the drugs! Waaah!”

  • WoRPt

    LOL! Hilarious! I love how prostitution is illegal in China and Facebook, Youtube and much of Google are blocked to protect the people from pornographic material.

    • Irvin

      You can’t blame us, we’re a horny bunch.

  • 剑胆琴心

    just the nature of men: greedy snobbish and sexual and stonehearted.

    • Atlas

      This picture of you… you look like you just came back from work at your local KTV.

      • Mighty曹

        As a cleaning lady at the KTV.

        • Atlas

          Sure… why not?

          I don’t think she could be a “lady” if you know what I mean.

          • Mighty曹

            She doesn’t have the minimal requirement to be a “lady”.

          • Irvin

            I’ve seen worst.

          • What’s minimal req?

          • Mighty曹

            Decent face with feminine body parts.

          • Ouch, that’ll do p…cleaning lady.

    • Mighty曹

      Why can’t you say ‘some men’? Is it fair to say “just the nature of women: greedy snobbish and sexual and stonehearted.” ?

      • Germandude

        Why are you bothering? It’s not like Einstein posted a comment with some sort of value right here.
        Imagine how busy you’d be if you commented on every retard’s comment on the internet ;-)

        • Mighty曹

          You’re right. Retards don’t realize the reason for retorts.

      • Cauffiel

        Exactly what a greedy snobbish sexual stonehearted man would say! MIGHTY ::stares wide eyed::

        • mr.wiener

          Don’t forget to flare your nostrils when you say that.

          • Cauffiel

            Oh, they’re flaring, Jerry!

    • UrAznTreat


    • Irvin

      And someday you’ll still fuck by one, sad isn’t it?

    • mukanis

      Go back to your kitchen.

    • charles

      … stone-hearted, that’s stretching it a bit.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    The amount of footage… Looks like an elaborate set up, the resort’s owner must not want to live anymore.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Vote up if you had a happy ending in China. And if you vote down that can only mean you are lying.

    • Cauffiel

      Huh? Where can you get a happy ending?

    • Charles

      No one will admit it… even by voting.

  • Kernalpanx

    Only 30 minutes ….pfffft

    • YourSupremeCommander

      10 for the undressing & shower before, 10 for the shower and dressing after, 6 for foreplay, that leaves…

  • Cj

    Wow, there sex only lasted 30 mins too an hour … Wow so so so sad.. Hahaha i would feel ashamed as a man. So short.
    Also spending chinese goverment and red envolpe money on an hooker so so bad… Hahahhaha this was easey money for her…lol

  • Guest

    Well the judges have been dismissed from their jobs. Two packs of smokes gets a person security camera footage? That is pretty cheap.

  • Charles

    I don’t really get the point of this. We all know that this kind of thing happens every day in China. No one is surprised here, right? What is the point of publicly shaming just a few people? Will this change the system in any way? Are there any people with power in China that don’t or won’t indulge in this kind of behavior?

    Some people may loose face over this incident, but wait a year or two and these guys will probably all be reinstated. In China you can absolutely anything, as long as you have the right Guanxi.

    This is just bad for the hotel’s business.

  • wotingbudong

    Hahahah…classic. I love the picture of the little fella at the top, circled in red. He looks really excited, reminds me of a creepy guy I know in Chaoyang