Shanghai Court Officials & Judges Caught Hiring Prostitutes

Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.

Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.

The following video has been viewed over 4.2m times since it was uploaded yesterday and featured on the home page of China’s popular video sharing website Youku…

From Youku:

Internet Exposes Surveillance Footage of 5 Shanghai High Court Officials Summoning Prostitutes, High Court Launches Investigation

Internet exposes scandal involving 5 people of the Shanghai People’s High Court including the vice president, uploading surveillance footage onto the internet. Shanghai High People’s Court authorities responded this afternoon [yesterday]: The two people in the surveillance footage are indeed Shanghai High People’s Court Civil Tribunal Presiding Judge Chen Xueming and Deputy Presiding Judge Zhao Minghua, and people have already been organized to launch an investigation.

Summary of the above video:

  1. June 9th 5:25pm, five men are shown in an elevator at a resort, with Chen Xueming and Zhao Minghua circled.
  2. At 9pm, the five men are seen entering the “Diamond No. 1” KTV room, the resort nightclub’s best room. During this time, many females are seen entering and leaving the room. The text on the screen says Chen is selecting xiao jie for the other officials. Xiao jie in this context refers to “hostesses”, females paid to provide company to and drink with male patrons in such establishments. Some hostesses are also prostitutes who provide sexual services.
  3. At 11pm, the men are seen exiting the room and walking down the stairs of the nightclub “hand-in-hand” with the hostesses.
  4. By around 11:20pm, the men are shown in the elevator and returning to their hotel rooms on the fourth floor.
  5. Next, four women are shown in the hallway entering the various men’s rooms, at 12:33am, 12:34am, and 12:37am. The women are seen leaving between half an hour to an hour later.
  6. At 9:30am the next morning on the 10th, the five men leave the resort in two cars.
  7. The end of the video claims Zhao Minghua often visits certain nightclubs, providing footage of such, including him leaving with hostesses/prostitutes.
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Shanghai judge Chen Xueming caught hiring prostitutes.

The person who posted the video has told reporters that the court is unjust, that it had essentially forced him to sell his home on Shanghai’s best street worth over 7 million, that he now has no home to return, and can only rent. He claims it was only after a lot of agonizing and having no other choice that he has done this, and that since posting the video, he has already received threatening phone calls. He say he still holds over 2 hours of footage of the five men, as well as evidence of Zhao Minghua keeping a mistress, and is willing to cooperate with a government investigation.

The resort involved openly advertised itself as an official/officially sanctioned destination for government officials, leading some people to wonder how prostitution could be involved in such a place.

Comments from Youku:


No need to investigate, temporary workers~ Either way, that’s what I believe, go ahead and investigate~


What kind of government officials are these, my god.






Should I be clapping or sticking up my middle finger…?


It might be investigating just who filmed it all on their mobile phone…


Them playing with prostitutes shows that they have money, that they have the means. What’s the big deal? If you had the means, you too would go play. If you don’t have the ability/means, don’t just blindly spout off.




All men have needs, let alone those high officials of the high court.


A serious sin. How to explain to their wives? How to explain to the people of Shanghai?!


All wearing eyeglasses.


Have their JJ all castrated and then they’ll concentrate on their work!


I love the Communist Party.


What’s there to investigate?? The evidence is conclusive, you can immediately sentence them!


What’s the big deal?! ~~What’s everyone getting excited about over some physiological needs? It’s only because they’re high officials, right?! ~Who knows, maybe they were threatened or talks fell through and now this is being exposed [because they didn’t comply or as a negotiating tactic]!~ These days, just how many men haven’t visited prostitutes before? Raise your hand! ~Children, stay away [don’t count]!~

Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.


Still can only say: Just how many government officials haven’t done the same or worse…?


It sure is nice to be a government official~~~~~


Done by a private detective? Or did the resort itself expose this? Because that would be interesting, and no one will go there to play ever again.


The person who exposed this is >niu! You are a hero…


With things like this, reporting it is still useless.


Made the homepage.


Using taxpayers’ money to support these kind of people makes me want to cry.


I’m guessing temporary workers.


Definitely done by temporary workers.


Is this from surveillance cameras or what? How come it shakes?


Who told you not to pay up? Now you’re in trouble, aren’t you…?


I’m reminded of a classic line from many costume dramas: The law? I am the law!


The constitution of West North Korea [China] is only for tests. As for what judges are for, I don’t know.


This post needs to be upvoted. Leaders must set an example/serve as role models.


I personally think the character of judges should still be a bit higher than that of school principals.


How is it that these videos are on the internet??? Surveillance?? What a large game of chess…

Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.


And only Shanghai would dare admit it… [suggesting Shanghai is less corrupt than other parts of China]


These scum have completely lost face for us Chinese people.


Li X treating the judges?


[Their] good days are over.


Why is it like an advertisement, even has a reservations number. Are those five people spokespersons/endorsers?


With this, I will only say: Ha ha.


Who are the others?


The judges: There is no clear evidence that I did it [had sex with the prostitutes]…


These are the people’s public servants????? Knowingly violating the law, must be punished without leniency!!!!!


Their children all know how to go online I bet…sigh.


It’s obvious someone wants to mess with them.


Tip of the iceberg.


I just want to say that one cannot afford to cross government officials. This hotel/resort is probably about to close down now.


The person who exposed this sure is brave!


Didn’t take very long, eh? Hahahaha



Shanghai judges caught hiring prostitutes.


I’m thinking this nightclub is screwed.


Taxpayers’s taxes have raised a bunch of vermin. For the tax payments of taxpayers, it’s time that taxpayers participate in oversight [of government].


Already numb.


Human scum! Should all be shot! Would these people take care of the ordinary people’s interests?


My little buddies and I were all stupefied..


All trouble caused by dicks.


Through evaluation, Zhao Minghua was the fastest!


Must’ve been very satisfying, and very expensive. Where did the money come from?


I’m truly worried for the person who posted this…


This detailed, must’ve been set up by someone.


These prostitute’s bodies aren’t bad.


The only clean money being earned in this video is the auntie sweeping the floor at 2:48.


This is called knowingly breaking the law!!!


This was exposed, but there are even more that haven’t been exposed.


I was there at the time. Actually, those [girls] were all clients. They [judges, court officials] went there to learn about the [legal] situation/case, and most of them were temporary workers. You have all misunderstood.


Can’t believe we’re able to comment…

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