Shanghai Girl Forces Boyfriend To Buy Buick Regal

Video also on Youku.

In the video, a man and a woman are having an argument about buying the car. The woman wants it but the man refuses to buy it for her. At the end, the Chinese words say “rich person.”

Comments from hi-pda:

This man is very useless.

Man: This car does not suit you.
Woman: This car DOES suit me.
Man: Every time we go shopping it is like this, I am not going to buy this car for you.
(woman gets in card)
Man: Stop stop stop, stop driving, get out of he car…
Man: Stop stop stop, I will buy, I will buy, I will buy…swipe my card, swipe my card…

Hehe, their relationship is definitely not normal…otherwise he would not give in like this to this woman…
A girlfriend of a man who simply turns around and walks away definitely would not be like this…this is also the so-called fact that there is always someone stronger than you!

WK, what kind of credit card can swipe an entire car?

I want to beat this guy up, such an embarrassment.

At the beginning, that guy said a sentence: Every time we go shopping it is like this~

This kind of thing is always developed slowly by both sides.
It begins from a pair of shows, a single piece of clothes.

Too *** niu, made me laugh until my belly hurt…especially watching that brother waving his card around while meekly saying “turn off the engine, turn off the engine, I will buy, I will buy.”

I really want to ask this man who can so easily buy a car on his credit card, is changing a woman that difficult?

If it were me, I would immediately leave and tell the Buick sales staff to call the police on my way out…even if her father was some big “BOSS”, as long as she dares to do this, I dare to walk.

Comments from XCar:

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Being a girl is really great.

Rich people, with so much money, buying a few cars is no big deal. It looks like Buick’s new Regal, a very beautiful car.

Man: Stop stop stop, I will buy, I will buy, I will buy…swipe my card, swipe my card…
1. Women are always right.
2. If you have an objection, please see #1.

Fuck, obviously a mistress. Would one’s own wife behave like this? As if money was blown in by the wind!

It is a GM advertisement [hoax, publicity stunt, viral ad], the same as the one who drives away with the tow truck.

This woman is really ruthless!!! This man is really stupid!

I recommend this woman go try this in a Mercedes Benz showroom, heh.

Kao, too niu! This kind of woman, I would not want even if you gave her to me for free!

At this time, the Youku video has been viewed ~227,000 times, has ~350 comments, and has been voted up 303 times. However, it has also been voted down 555 times. Youku also shows a list of websites that link to the video.

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