Shanghai Korean Consulate Sex Scandal, Netizen Reactions

Three Korean diplomats have been exposed as having relationships with the same Chinese woman in Shanghai.

Three Korean diplomats have been exposed as having relationships with the same Chinese woman in Shanghai.

From NetEase & Liba (1 & 2):

3 Korean diplomats exposed for leaking secrets to one Chinese woman

According a report in the March 9th edition of the Global Times, multiple Korean media outlets on the 8th exposed that three Korean diplomats at their Shanghai consulate and a Chinese woman “maintained unnatural male-female relations” and even leaked “national secrets” to this woman, with the leaked secrets including the telephone numbers of the wife and brother of Korean president Lee Myung-bak. The “one Chinese woman 3 Korean diplomats” scandal shocked Korea. Donga [Korean newspaper] on the 8th reported that this case was exposed by the Chinese woman’s Korean husband, that he suspected that his Chinese wife was a “spy”. At present, of the 3 Korean diplomats involved in the case, 1 has already resigned while the other two are under investigation. As of the night of the 8th, the Korean government has not yet made any official public statements about this incident.

Photo of a Shanghai woman with a South Korean diplomat.Photo of a Shanghai woman with a South Korean diplomat.

Photo of a Shanghai woman with a South Korean diplomat.Photo of the Chinese woman suspected of being a Chinese spy who had relations with three South Korean diplomats in Shanghai.

Reports claim that Chinese woman Deng X involved in the incident is 33-years-old this year, while her Korean husband J X is 37-years-old and is a long-term Shanghai-based employee for a Korean company. The two have been married for over 10 years and have one daughter. According to J X’s statement, at the end of last year, he felt his wife’s male-female relationships and whereabouts were unusual, and heard some rumors of his wife “being unfaithful”. He therefore examined her belongings and discovered on her computer only group photos with diplomat H X, a “personally written oath” by K X, and photographs of P X, but also other confidential information, including Korean government personnel information, Shanghai consulate general visa issuance records, and the telephone numbers of over 200 high level Korean government figures. The report claims that the mobile phone number of Lee Myung-bak’s wife Kim Yoon-ok and the contact information for older brother Lee Sang-deuk were all in there, and that such information are all difficult to come by for ordinary people.

South Korean newspapers dated on March 9, 2011 carry stories and pictures of a Chinese woman, who was suspected of having affairs with South Korean diplomats in an alleged steamy sex-for-favor scandal that has rocked South Korea's consulate in Shanghai. South Korea's government said it has launched an investigation into an alleged steamy sex-for-favours scandal that has rocked its consulate in Shanghai. Media reports say three Korean diplomats based in China's biggest city were suspected of having affairs with the same Chinese woman, who allegedly used her influence over them in seeking visas for Chinese workers. AFP PHOTO/JUNG YEON-JE

Comments from Liba:


Seems like she was exposed by her own husband, what kind of situation is that?


National secrets? What national secrets??

That Koreans are all retards???


Even the president’s brother’s telephone number is a national secret? Guess that’s about as much Korea can do, where a national secret is a telephone number. Are the barks of the president’s dog also national secrets? Bah.


This time the Koreans won’t say this girl is Korean.

[A common joke amongst Chinese is that Koreans always like to claim Chinese things as their own.]


His wife leaves him, he’s unhappy, smears his wife, becomes national hero.

It’s like a circus, with 3 green hats. [In Chinese, a man “wears a green hat” when his wife cheats on him.]


Chinese secret agents are number 1 in the world.


Such failure.

After 10 years, only a list of telephone numbers.

Might as well just use Google.

A Korean man passes by a Korean newspaper where the front page story is of 3 South Korean diplomatic officials having been exposed as having relations with one Chinese woman.

Comments from NetEase:


Ding! The women of Shanghai have finally given Chinese people some face…

网易山东省临沂市网友 [河蟹的愤青]:

Who says Shanghainese girls are immoral and promiscuous? Isn’t it just for their work/jobs [as secret agents]…?


I want to know if it was because they had sex photos of them having 3P


At first I was really angry seeing this, but then after seeing it was a Shanghai woman, I felt it was very normal/expected.


Shanghainese just love laowai, Germans, Americans, all are okay.

网易浙江省宁波市网友 [非洲黑马]:

Which place’s women are the most promiscuous, I think everyone knows.


Even Korea has national secrets? Are they about transsexual operations or laser plastic surgery?


This woman simply likes Korean bangzi‘s big bang bang [big “clubs/sticks”].


The basic function of a secret agent/spy is to get people in bed.


Laughable, is there such a stupid “spy”? Carelessly leaving “intelligence reports” at home, allowing outsiders to so easily see them? At best just an ordinary lover, relying on guanxi [connections, relations] with embassy officials to make a little money as a visa dealer/fixer. Address books and the like aren’t secrets. They’re very easy to get.


Kao, [the husband] fucked a Chinese woman and then makes a false accusation against her! Shameless bangzi!


In the future, everyone stop calling bangziHan Guo” [“South Korea”], the proper name should be: “Nan Chao Xian” [“South North Korea”].
Also, is “Nan Chao Xian” worth us paying so much attention to? A crotch-sized country.

[The Chinese name for ROK/South Korea is “韩国” (Han Guo) while the name for DPRK/North Korea is “朝鲜” (Chao Xian). Neither refers to “north” or “south”. The joke by the commenter above is like a reverse of calling the ROK “Korea” and the DPRK “North Korea”.]


Even though I too don’t like bangzi country, I don’t think the size of a country should determine whether or not we should pay attention/attach importance to them.

The front page of a South Korean newspaper (DongA) reports on the "Shanghai scandal".

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