Shanghai Leaning Tower Leans Farther Than Italy’s

Shanghai Leaning Tower Leans Farther Than Italy’s

Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa “leans but doesn’t fall down”. But a lot of people probably don’t know that Shanghai has a tower that leans even farther! It is called the Tianma Mountain Tower and it was built in 1079. This tower survived a fire as well as thieves digging in to find hidden treasure, which has created a hole in the foundation. The tower currently leans 7.10° off center. Netizens think that this tower represents the wisdom of the ancient Chinese. If human beings hadn’t broken it it would last forever, they hope that the government can fix it so it will last as long as intended.

Source: Tencent

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  • Jahar

    Wonderful story.

    • ChinaPrat


  • ChinaPrat

    Ancient Chinese wisdom. If they were so wise, then it soul be straight……. Stupid cunts.

  • Vance

    So it was because thieve damaged the foundations that it now leans over?

  • Those were some wise thieves who decided to dig a hole in the foundation…

  • David

    Are they aware that the tower in Pisa has now been fixed and strengthened? IT does not lean as much anymore. BTW leaning does not make a tower better (why are they saying this with pride?), it is simply an indication of bad foundations and building methods (and apparently in China, dumb thieves).

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