‘Leopard Print Man’ Latest Shanghai Metro Celebrity

Shanghai Metro 'Leopard Print Man' wearing sunglasses

From Sohu:

Deer Doctor, Gundam Man, “No Pants People“…no one knows when it began but the metro/subway has apparently become a platform for self-expression and personality. Recently, various major internet discussion forums yet again exploded with images and video of Shanghai Metro’s “Leopard Print Man”, whose behavior was weird and improper, attracting many netizen onlookers and criticisms.

Videos taken by Shanghai Metro passengers:

Information spreading on the popular Kaixin001 social network:

Comparison pictures organized by netizens. Apparently “Leopard Print Man” is cosplaying.

Shanghai Metro cross dressing 'Leopard Print Man'

Cross dressing man on Shanghai Metro

Shanghai cross dressing

Cross dresser in Shanghai

Cross dressing man in Shanghai subway

An ambiguous/intimate diary entry in his blog!!!!!!

I want to become you

Emotions are complicated. Everyday, I have been waiting for this day to come, but just what is this day for? I myself do not know why I am so obsessed with you, not clear why I want to become you!!! Since yesterday till now I have not slept, not knowing whether all of this is worth it or not worth it. I’ve been thinking of this problem constantly! Sigh, better go to sleep, and hope that in my dreams you can tell me what I should do. What should I do in order to become you! Love you.

Shocking blog photo album photos!!! Edison Chen would be shocked…

It appears that the journal/diary is often updated. Inside the photo album are many photographs that would make people shudder, so netizens who want to see should consider carefully…

Shanghai cross dressing guy

The blog also displays the bag he is always carrying…

Apparently he like a certain Korean model MM, calling her “baby” in his diary, and there are many photographs of models in his blog.

But liking someone and wanting to become her??? How did this mentality develop?!

His blog is here.

Comments from KDS:


He has more leg hair than I do!



YP have a lot of strange hobbies.


How come I’ve never seen him on the metro before…what a pity…


I suggest he go visit a psychiatrist.


Fuck! How are there so many shit-headed idiots these days, who are willing to do anything to become famous?


I have been fiercely shocked.




First figure out whether this bastard is a YP or one of us Shanghainese. If he’s a YP, then it is normal. But if he is Shanghainese then it would be cups, losing face for us Shanghainese.


Shanghai also has cross dressing enthusiasts?

I’m starting to believe that mainland China’s proportion of GAY is actually about the same as Europe and America.


[“Ahhh~ My hand was naughty/mischievous”, means the commenters knew not to enter this post thread but his hand clicked anyway.]

Your hand is mischievous. chinaSMACK personals.


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