Shanghai Metro Line 2 Lesbians Spotted at ChinaJoy

Yesterday afternoon, KDS Forum user “chmobile” posted “Sudden appearance of video lesbians at ChinaJoy (Threesome? Please evaluate)” yesterday afternoon. Only one week ago, was the famous (or infamous) Shanghai Metro Line 2 Lesbians video was posted on the internet and became a hot topic on the Chinese internet.

While at ChinaJoy, I took this picture. The long-haired girl on the left looks like the girl in black in the recent Shanghai Metro Line 2 Lesbian video. I have been busy over the past two days so I just posted these picture. Everyone take a look and see…don’t despise me for taking these pictures.

Blurry picture with Shanghai Metro Line 2 lesbians in the background

(Originally I was trying to take a picture of the weird look on my friend’s face. I was using a mobile phone. It is blurry.)

Clearer picture of Shanghai Metro Line 2 lesbians in the backgrund

(This picture is more clear)

Look closely at the three girls in the lower left of the second picture. The girl on the left with the brown purse looks like the first girl wearing the black dress in the subway video. The girl on the right wearing sunglasses may even be her “lesbian lover.”

After one day, there are already 8 pages and almost 400 replies on KDS:

Incredible!! That really is her!!
The girl on the side really is the making out girl.
KDS is incredible!

This topic is going to be popular.

Nice catch.

There are three of them? They found another one! Now they can have a threesome!

Human flesh search engines, very impressive!

Everyone goes to ChinaJoy to look at pretty girls. They are there for the same reason.

Why are her breasts half as big as her breasts from the video?

Incredible! Topic-starter, did you go up and talk to them?

Shit…the internet is scary…even this can be found.

You should have went up to them and asked if they were the internet lesbians. Get an autograph.

That’s it? There is no more?

Nope, no more. What? You still want more? You want me to go up and ask them for more? They will think I am “shi shan dian.”

Chinese Lesson Time

十三点 = shi2 shan1 dian3 = crazy, abnormal, odd, strange (popular amongst Shanghainese)

Sure, why not? You are just being friendly~~~Besides, surely KDS guys can do more than just take secret pictures, right?

Do it for KDS! Charge!

Why is everyone sitting here doing nothing for? Hurry and fire up the human flesh search engines!

Is it possible that these girls are intentionally promoting themselves…

Whoa whoa whoa, go ask them for a threesome.


Shanghai Metro Line 2 lesbian compared with original video picture

What a waste. Let me save them.

Do they know they are now famous?

Impressive, it is definitely her big face.

Topic-starter, I worship you!

She…she…she dares to show her face?

Must be the same person, even her purse is the same!

I must say: KDS is all powerful! ~

There is nowhere without “bandits

If it was me, I would have followed them that day.
The topic-starter missed a great opportunity.

Wow, the world really is fucking small.


Are these two girls the same as the lesbians in the earlier video?

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