Shanghai Radio Station Criticizes Shanghainese People

Asian girl: 'shhh.' Shanghai radio station criticizes Shanghainese for speaking Shanghai dialect to show their superiority.

08/10/07 UPDATE: See below.

Two days ago, a Shanghai radio station, AM990, broadcast a program where the host said that Shanghai people speaking the Shanghai dialect (Shanghainese) in public was a bad habit and that Shanghai people use speaking Shanghainese to show that they are superior to other Chinese/people.

This angered a lot of Shanghainese people.

Maybe Shanghainese have already gotten used to various offences by people from the rest of China. However, this time, it came from one of their very own radio stations. See how some Shanghainese handled it:

From KDS, “Radio AM990 openly anti-Shanghai, everyone sign this boycott of the station!!!“:

AM990 openly denounced Shanghainese, everyone come sign this boycott against this radio station!!!
Everyone, conscientiously reject this radio station, conscientiously refuse to listen to any program from this station.

Rubbish 990

They actually said Shanghai people speaking Shanghainese is a bad habit?

990AM News said it is a bad habit for Shanghainese to speak Shanghai dialect and Shanghainese reflect superiority through doing such…What’s wrong with speaking our own language? How can that be a bad habit? Resistance!!!

Haven’t listened to radio for a long time…What’s going on?

Anyhow, radio is fucking useless. With television stations, it is totally redundant…everyone, let us boycott!!!

That’s what “wai di ren” like to do. Merely a “nong gang shaa” [Shanghainese for “what did you say?”] can result in an argument. Haha.

What use is a boycott? Immediately write a letter in protest.

I will say one thing: The greatest bad habit of humanity was his mother giving birth to him.

He was birthed by a dog.

Brain damaged 990, there are heaps of dialects in the world, why we should speak a standard.

According to their logic, Chinese speaking Chinese is also a way to reflect superiority……..This is simply anti-people.

I’ve called them already. The receptionist said that the broadcast was a broadcast script from a “wai di” [non-Shanghainese] audience member. Regarding the “bad habit,” this receptionist also felt a little awkward.

How can this happen? Which SOB said this?

Fuck! How come???

Only “wai di ren” listen to 990AM.
Shanghainese theoretically only listen to FMxxx.7

Called them. The person in charge is Shanghainese. I have told him that this has hurt the feelings of Shanghainese people.
What do they mean we intentionally speak Shanghainese? How do they know if I am intentionally or not intentionally [speaking Shanghainese to show superiority]? I am Shanghainese, am I supposed to speak Cantonese?
That person in charge’s attitude is not bad. Everyone be polite.
Reason with him. Don’t yell at him.

990 changed its name to Shanghai “wai di ren” Radio Station

Which host was it?? Tell us!

Must be scolded.

Were they reading this news?
Experts on civilized city residents welcoming World Expo: Correct undesirable habits, speak Putonghua [Mandarin].

As a matter of fact, many old ladies now argue with “wai di ren” in Mandarin, instead of Shanghai dialect. Shanghai has already become a city of Mandarin…boring.

Abroad, Shanghainese is recognized as the third language of China. The United States even has specialized training programs, yet our country wants this language to vanish!!!

If this continues even Shanghainese will no longer be able to speak Shanghainese. Look at today’s 90s generation kids, how many of them can speak Shanghainese well?

Be tolerant, allow others to have different opinions. Do not blacklist or boycott the moment there is a different opinion, which is truly a bad habit. Of course we still have the freedom to complain and express our views.

We have the right to request an apology.

Always too many fools.

They must apologize for this.

Guess they drank Sanlu before.

In the future, if you want to hear Shanghainese, you will have to go abroad. Maybe Korea will apply for Shanghainese to be a Korean tradition/heritage.

Son of a motherfucking asshole.
Ask him to say sorry!!!

If you have time to organize a boycott on the internet, it would be better to encourage everyone to make a complaint call, asking the broadcaster to apologize.

Bad habit? Bullshit.

I bet the broadcaster is a “wai-di-ren.” Fuck, “wai di ren” are like locust, all over the place!

The only good “wai di ren” is a dead “wai di ren.”

I almost forgot. When in the south [of China], using the metro/subway, they even announce stops in Cantonese. Why should Shanghainese speak Putonghua [Mandarin]?
Shanghai should promote Putonghua and Shanghainese, by adding Shanghainese to metro/subway public transportation stop announcements.

Correct, the airports in some places’ use local dialects to announce airplane departure and arrival information.
Hongqiao Airport and Pudong Airport should add Shanghainese!!!

Is it not an advantage when Hong Kong people speak Cantonese? What about Americans speaking English? But Shanghai people cannot speak [their language]? It is my mouth, I will speak whatever I want!

Go to Guangzhou and Chengdu and look, they announce the stops first in the local dialect and Putonghua second~
I suggest Shanghai’s public transportation busses and metro/subways announce stops in Shanghainese first, Putonghua second~

Is 990AM now contracted by “wai di ren?”

When Guangdong’s television and radio stations interview Guangdong people, they always used Cantonese!!! Is it only because they are close to Hong Kong!!!

I don’t speak Shanghainese…
I only speak Wu Chinese.

What is this nonsense? What’s wrong with local people speaking the local dialect?! His dad should have cum on the wall.

Fuck! Anything is possible in this freaky country. Even speaking a dialect becomes a crime. The Community Party, go to hell!!!

Shanghai people speak Shanghainese, this is an unalterable truth. If the boycott is real, I only have one thing to say: fuck your motherfucking hell.

Human fresh search this broadcaster’s information!

Only when the Shanghai and Jiangsu cultural area becomes independent can these problems be solved. In terms of culture, China was never a single country.

Anti-Putonghua [Mandarin]

To those “wai di ren” who live in Shanghai and still bullshit, piss off!!!

Who the fuck on earth said this piece of shit?

Never listen to the radio.

Native culture is the root of a person! Even as a “wai di ren” I support the “lou zhu.”

Shanghai people not speaking Shanghainese is the same as Chinese people not speaking Chinese.

What can we do? Nowadays, there are no Shanghai people in the central government. Even our farts have no sound.

Local dialects must be protected.

Holding the World Expo was originally a happy affair, but now everyone is indignant and discontent.
Japan held the World Expo but do they not still have different dialects?

Stop fighting! In the past, everyone at 990AM ate free Sanlu. I guess they ate too much, did not think that free stuff could make them this way. Everyone forgive 990AM, in consideration of them having eaten Sanlu!!!

We should only speak one single language globally to reflect our kindness. Definitely not Mandarin!

Language is a way of communication. How can you force others to communicate with you? If you want to communicate with them, learn their language!

The post went on like this. 276 replies in four hours since the thread was first published.

08/10/07 UPDATE: AM990 apologizes, KDS once again shoots up shows up past Tianya, becomes the internet’s number one BBS forum. – Fauna

See more Shanghai vs. the rest of China comments:


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