Shanghai US Consulate Weibo Deleted, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A boy who is waiting to greet U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the National Museum makes a face while holding the U.S. and Chinese flags in Beijing May 4, 2012. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

A boy who is waiting to greet U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the National Museum makes a face while holding the U.S. and Chinese flags in Beijing May 4, 2012. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

From Solidot:

Sina Deletes Shanghai U.S. Consulate General’s Weibo Account; Consulate Then Makes Statement on Tencent Weibo

Sina deleted the official Weibo/Microblog of the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai, while searches for it return “In accordance with relevant laws and policies, search results cannot be displayed”. The U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai was not the only foreign diplomatic organ in China that has been is censored [on Sina Weibo], search results for “U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong”, “U.S. Embassy in China”, even “Embassy in China” and “embassy” all return search results that cannot be displayed. The reasons for Sina’s censorship remain unknown, and a backup currently cannot be found on WeiboScope. The account of @Smith-Harrison, spokesperson for the U.S. Consulate Generate in Shanghai, was banned from posting [but not deleted]. He created a new account under the name of @Smith_Harrison_II and posted a microblog post saying he would no longer use a social network controlled by thugs.

A microblog post on Tencent Weibo by the US Consulate General in Shanghai regarding their much more popular Sina Weibo account being deleted.
A microblog post on by the US Consulate General in Shanghai regarding their Sina Weibo account being deleted. This message was posted on Tencent Weibo, a competitor to the much more popular Sina Weibo microblogging service.

@Smith_Harrison_II: I will no longer use a social network controlled by thugs. I ask that Sina Weibo close my account. Sina Weibo is a thug! From this day forth, this weibo will no longer be updated. Sina Weibo is a thug!!!!!!!!

@Smith_Harrison_II: If a party was great/mighty, it would not be afraid of being opposed.

A screenshot of @Smith_Harrison_II's account on Sina Weibo featuring his last posts before quitting the service.
A screenshot of @Smith_Harrison_II’s Sina Weibo account featuring his last posts before quitting the service. The latest post (top) was eventually deleted, either by Sina or himself, but the second to last post (bottom) remains.

Reactions to this news by accounts belonging to famous and notable users on Sina Weibo were often sarcastic…

@杨恒均的微博_nub [writer]:

Sina has made the microblog of the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai “inaccessible”, I would fantasize as follows: 1. If [Sina] is unable to point out which law or policy was violated, then the United States can ban all of of the propaganda and publicity that China has made in the US; 2. The United States investigates the U.S.-listed Sina Corporation for suppressing freedom of speech, causing Sina’s stocks to drastically go down; 3. The United States is unable to do anything, because it boasts democracy and freedom, and even if you violate freedom and human rights, it is unable to.

@梁幕天 [Vice Editor in Chief of a journal of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences]:

After the Shanghai American Consulate General’s microblog was deleted, the Hong Kong American Consulate General posted a microblog post without a single word except for the red song “Remembering my Comrade-in-Arms” from the movie “Guest on the Iceberg”

[Note: “Red Songs” are old patriotic Chinese Communist propaganda songs.]

@韩志国 [Economist]:

“New Weapon”: The Shanghai U.S. Consulate General’s microblog has been deleted, and the U.S., who always boasts itself as the defender of freedom and democracy, doesn’t even dare let out a fart [say a word] while the Hong Kong US Consulate General’s microblog rushed to raise a white flag [of surrender], posting a link on its account to the red song “Remembering my Comrade-in-Arms”. After long arduous effort, China has finally found a new weapon with which to defeat enemies and achieve victory: Deleting weibo accounts. If the little Japanese dare infringe on the Diaoyu Islands, just resolutely delete its microblog account, no need to be polite!

@完颜络 [Chairman of the Board of Evercare Company]:

They bombed your embassy, and you delete their consulate [microblog account].

@贺江兵 [Editor in Chief of Finance Section of ChinaTimes]:

The @美国驻上海总领事馆 [Shanghai U.S. Consulate General] official weibo account was deleted. Some netizens say it is the first time in a decade that China has defeated the American Imperialists! In my opinion, there is something positive to this. It shows us that the [Sina] administrators are relatively fair, not only daring to delete the account of grassroots activist “作业本”, but also daring to challenge American Imperialists!

@范彬-jason [Art Director of 《SOHI上海制造》]:

I can’t believe it, Sina actually deleted the @美国驻上海领事馆 [Shanghai U.S. Consulate General] microblog account. This is the first time in decades that China has prevailed against the U.S. on the internet. Talk about raising China’s national prestige! While I’m at it, may I ask when the @联合国 [United Nations] account will be deleted?

@陶景洲律师 [lawyer]:

China has used huge amounts of foreign currency exchange to increase its outward propaganda/public relations initiatives. At the same time, it also deletes the @美国驻上海总领事馆 [Shanghai U.S. Consulate General] official microblog account. With these two things offsetting each other, we can say billions spent on outward propaganda has just gone to waste.

The US Consulate in Shanghai's Sina Weibo account.
A screenshot of the US Consulate in Shanghai’s Sina Weibo account.

More Chinese netizen comments on both Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo…

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Please, get Obama to register a Sina Weibo account, get it verified [identity], and then let’s see if it gets deleted…


Sina’s deleting of so-called “sensitive” accounts profoundly reflects one of their values, which is “even if I agree with your opinion, I reserve the right to delete your account at any time, and will at any time exercise that right”. This is what is politically correct on China’s microblogs. @作业本, @美国驻上海总领事馆, etc., you didn’t “die” in vain.


I heard that @美国驻上海总领事馆 was deleted! Would this be considered a diplomatic incident???


Whoever ordered the deletion of @美国驻上海总领事馆 is probably already regretting it now. Do you think Imperialist America is so easy to bully? Your relatives in the U.S. will be deported, their assets frozen. And of course, it is not impossible for you to visit the US on private business, because the @美国驻上海总领事馆签证处 [Visa Office of the Shanghai U.S. Consulate General] will never again grant you a visa. And if your trip is on public business, sorry, the moment you get to America you will receive a subpoena. And if you have a green card, the situation will only be even worse for you, hehe.


Free speech of course has limits! No matter what country it is, its freedoms are not without boundaries. If you say something over the bounds, or you do something over the bounds, then you have to bear the legal responsibility/consequence!


Is it because it often posted photos of Luo Jiahui [US Ambassador to China Gary Locke] traveling light [being a down-to-earth government official who isn’t waited on by subordinates or enjoys lavish trappings]? Or is it because it publicized air quality data on Chinese cities?


The microblog account of @美国驻上海总领事馆………We’re sorry, but the account that you’re @ing is out of the service area and cannot be reached!


If America’s mainstream media reports this, along with the previous complete censoring of the @杀纽约时报中文网 [Chinese version of the New York Times Sina Weibo account], Sina’s stock price will definitely drastically fall, and the stock prices of other Chinese internet companies will also be affected. It must be a really hard for Sina to be in the middle.

Comments from Tencent Weibo:


If this incident gets big, it’ll be yet another temporary worker who was responsible for it.


Freeze the United States assets of corrupt government officials, make public the property held by government officials.


Westerners are now going to start petitioning [the government]!


[I believe] It’ll be reinstated as soon as possible.


You think they still dare dispatch an aircraft carrier to Shanghai in protest? Hahahahaha…


American Imperialists are just stupid! With this kind of thing, Chinese people just say “you understand/you know…” and they’ll understand [because everyone already knows why], while you guys are still “working to find out why”.


Must have been paranormal activity.


I reckon it’s because too many people have been directing too many XXXXX problems/issues @ this account.


Be careful of getting the Tencent account also deleted.


Sina went a bit too far here! It was too cooperative [suggesting that Sina was too cooperative with government complaints or requests for censorship].


This is China, you think you can say the truth whenever you want? Sina already has its tail between its legs [has it hard trying to walk a fine line with the government], so stop making trouble for it!


Even if China has a lot of undemocratic aspects, this is something everyone knows, but no matter what, it is none of those Americans’ business. What right do they have to criticize and comment while on our own territory? Are they actually fighting for the rights of our ordinary common people Are they fighting for our people’s rights? I don’t think so, they want our country to be more and more chaotic, just like how Afghanistan and Iraq is right now, claiming democracy on the surface but actually just for their own interests.

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      China is a great place. Everybody is happy, as long as there are news about foreigners/other countries problems to be reported about. Makes them not realize the fucked up shit they have to deal with every day. Kudos

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          Rugby? Only big in the commonwealth.
          Cricket? Biggest sissy game in the world.
          Baseball? Only big in America, Cuba, Japan and somewhat in Korea and Taiwan.

          • another perspective

            Doesn’t the mainland send a team to the rugby sevens in HK? I once took the train back from HK to Guangzhou, and the man with the biggest calf muscles I ever saw and his minions (equally stacked) helped carry the ridiculous number of bags I brought back. Think there is a military academy in Guangzhou where they play rugby There are also teams in Shanghai. My gay friend once asked me to get the number of one the bouncers from that night club with the great pizzas. Turned out the bouncer wasn’t gay so I went on a date with him instead. He played rugby, graduated from a sports school. He also answered his mobile in the cinema…

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            If i may interrupt, Rugby is big in France. Argentina has a great national team, Italy kind of improved its team lately. None of them are commonwealth…

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            F*cking deadly game La Crosse, for my money the only game more dangerous carrying a stick would be hurling. Ice hockey would be more dangerous but only if it were played naked, which would definitely give me an aversion to watching.
            Only real men play rugby however :)

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    Hmmm…who’s paying for it now?

  • Duke

    Revolution in America soon so whatever happens before then won’t matter. Home of the free, land of the brave!

  • The Enlightened One


    I don’t get it. This actually grabbed a ton of interest from the Chinese population?

    That’s kind of sad. I wonder if Americans would have the same reaction if a Chinese embassy deleted it’s Facebook page in the states (do they have a Facebook page?).

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Because it’s friggin America. The country itself is like a celebrity over there. And just like how American news goes crazy when one of their celebrities is caught doing cocaine or something, Chinese go crazy when American’s run into shit in their country.

    • north

      I don’t think you understood the article correctly. It’s not that the embassy deleted its own Weibo account. It made the news because SinaWeibo forcefully deleted the US embassy’s accounts.

      The analogy would be Facebook one day decides to delete Chinese embassy’s Facebook page without giving any reasons (at least publicly).

      • pada

        Your analogy would appear alright if you’d not made a new mistake that “SinaWeibo forcefully deleted the US embassy’s accounts”.

        Given that it was Shanghai US Consulate’s account that was deleted, not the US embassy’s accounts, your analogy that “Facebook one day decides to delete Chinese embassy’s Facebook page”, “forcefully” or not, was wrong too.

  • Bruce Tutty


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      ^ this

  • xiaopengyou

    Why is Sina Weibo so popular? Sina makes craigslist and usenet look chic and stylish. Does the government own it?

    • mellenharker

      government control it. government control all the media in China

  • moop

    sina weibo is popular because twitter is blocked

    • ywes!! china needs to give US twitter the same treatment China gave Al jazeera back in april. which was a complete boot and bag of poop

    • Silent observer

      Yeah china always waits for USA to come up with a revolutionary idea, then block it in China, and make a Chinese version of it and make millions…hence ren ren, youku, taobao, weibo…we just keep giving them ideas and they keep making billions off of it copying.

      • Li Wen

        Like! Like! Fucking thieves, that’s all they are.

        • Capt. WED

          someone hire this man as a lawyer please. Billions to be made here.

          You can’t be serious.

          • Li Wen

            It’s all in jest, bro. I don’t mean it. Perhaps I was too offensive and insensitive. Sometimes it’s necessary to rant. I still do it after seven years. We all do it.

  • Rod

    My foreign diplomatic organ has also been is censored in China.

  • Rod

    I think it’s funny that a bunch of these people think they know anything about the stock market and that this event will affect the price of SINA’s stock in any way.

    • ccp gave them the treatment they gave al jazeera in april sweet!!!!

      • Hongjian

        I’m happy too.
        Cant let the state-owned media of that fucking piece of shit nation Qatar always shit-talking about China being soo oppressive and undemocratic, if they are a shitty islamic-monarchist despoty themselves, for fucks sake.
        And now, that China doesnt support their attempt at regime-changing Syria by funding the Al-Quaeda there, their reporting became even more butthurt in the meantime. Fuck you, Al Jazeera, fuck you Qatar. I hope someday Iran drops a fucking nuke at their fucking piece of shit country, delivered by a Chinese produced DF21 IRBM.

        • Bai Pifu

          ahhh another tough guy behind his semen covered laptop…Hongjian you are such a twat. I would actually hope that a nuke was delivered by the chinese DF21 because it would mostly likely fail due to shotty manufacturing by underpaid peasants in other words your father and mother. Then another smack in the face of the almighty little china only fueling your hate for all countries. Causing you to go out and get baijiu drunk and picking a fight with a foreigner. As the foreigner is prepared to kick your ass, you immediately pick up your shanzhai cellphone to call your gege bc you know you would need 20 guys to beat up one foreigner. Unfortunately, all of your friends hate you too and are sick of your displaced anger so they don’t come to your aid. You get your ass handed to you by the foreigner and are now living with the shame that you just are not man enough to do anything right. Hopefully followed by your suicide.

          • Li Wen

            Bai Pifu, that was arguably the best retort anyone has ever conjured on this God-forsaken website. Kudos, sir, kudos.

          • mr. wiener

            Sorry to interrupt the all the high-5ing. Hongjian is actually a charactature and standing joke here.
            Amid all the bile and bombast there are usually a few nuggets of interesting fact.

          • Li Wen

            That’s really disappointing, Mr. Wiener.

          • mr. wiener

            Never mind, no one said you’re not allowed think about feeding him\her to the piranhas :)

          • Li Wen

            I’ll never post on this site again. It doesn’t matter, though – I’ve never said anything meaningful or educational.

          • Hongjian

            What are paragraphs, spacings, capitalization and sentence structure?


            See me after class.

      • red scarf

        Mighty win for China, they kick out a foreign reporter who is of Chinese origin.

        As they say in Hong Kong, be a mannnnn, kick out someone non-asian from the BBC or another major global news corporation.

        • linette

          fxck China. They censor everything on their sites. They remove or delete comments that they feel are opposing them. They block a lot of account coming from HK and outside China on their websites. They block all they want. Many continue to infiltrate. Where is free of speech?

        • linette

          Melissa Chan don’t need to work in China. She can go back to work in Hong Kong or USA. screw China…

  • diverdude1

    ok, first, excuse me for being an internet/computer idiot… but i’m sure there are many like me..

    in all seriousness,,, can someone explain this in simple, non-computer language ?

    Q.: did the chinese govt. censor an American diplomat from addressing the china populace? or what.

    please help me understand what I am reading here.. without the sarcasm. thanks.

    • the US gov opened an account on Weibo. kind of like if china opened a twitter account in the Western world. the Chinese censor at weibo deleted the USA’s account yesterday. :P

  • Hongjian

    Crappy American shitbags should just go to Tiananmen to spout their shitty messages, instead of doing it over the internet.

    And see what happens.

    • Ian G

      Agreed! Though we all know what would happen, dont we? Of course we do, we have all seen it before, in June 1989 when the Chinese people tried to have a say.

      I say all countries should stop buying chinese made toxic and shoddy crap, no more exports from this piece of shit country. Let chinese all fester in their own shit.

      • Silent observer


        • terroir

          You’re not much like your name suggests; but hey, don’t get back to me on that – I’ll just take your word for it.

      • pada

        Just wonder what you’d cover your ash with if you “stoped buying chinese made toxic and shoddy crap”, while Chinese made “craps” are not only for your parochial nationalistic hysteria hypocritical types but for your Olympic heros as well, lol!

        BTW, tell me what you “have all seen it before, in June 1989” and whether you saw it, or a massacre, with your own eyes or your media spoonfed you with what you needed to see. I am just curious.

    • slim

      China has shown time and again it fears the truth, period.

      • terroir

        “Do I look fat in this?”

        • GodsHammer


    • DRaY

      Hong jian,
      you need a good slap to the face.

  • mr. mike

    I love the bitter rage and xenophobia this article has prompted; it says a lot about the commentators.

  • Snarl

    I wonder why anyone in China would think this improves their national prestige. It’s just going to make it harder for them to get U.S. Visas.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      To them it means China is powerful enough to offend the great imperalists without consequences or repercussions.

      Sadly, in America, twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, etc is a joke, a form of entertainment so no one would care. If you whine about having your twitter account deleted then people would think you are a loser who needs to get off of the internet and get a life. lol

      If you told the president that China deleted a consulate’s weibo account he would probably shrug and say “what’s for dinner?”

      • theelemur

        Perceived censorship of facebook, twitter, other social networks, sites, or individuals is a big deal over here in the US. Usually it blows up in the censor’s faces as everyone wants to know what the fuss is about, then gives a big middle finger to that authority by rehosting and calling attention to it. The name for this blowback is the Streisand Effect.

        If a US government entity unjustifiably shut down a Chinese diplomat’s or any other diplomat’s site there would be a shit show and everyone would want to know why. The censorship activity described in this post won’t cause visas to be restricted or anything else. It will be yet another event fueling the growth of the anti-censorship industry here in the US and elsewhere.

        • the USA has been on the trend towards more censorship ala Patriot act

          • Nanny Hiccups

            umm… you do know that’s a television show, right? I can walk up to the president and throw a pie in his face and as long as i say it’s freedom of speech, nothing will happen.

          • theelemur

            Laws that try to censor get struck down pretty quickly. Using your example, the Patriot Act, the only censorship portion was the gag order which was part of National Security Letters which made it illegal to talk about the NSL. It was found unconstitutional twice: in the original form and after a modification was passed.

            It should never have been law to begin with.

            Nanny Hiccups may be trolling as it’s only legal to pie US leaders on the last day of February on leap years.

          • whiskersthecat

            Nanny Hiccups, you should run up to the president and give him a chocolate revolver as a gift. But, do it really fast as he’s a busy man.

          • Ami

            @Nanny Hiccups
            You’re definition of “free speech” is a… little(?!) skewed.
            A regular person could have you arrested on assault charges after a pie throw so doing the same to the president isn’t a good exercise of your constitutional rights.

        • Snarl

          theelemur, I don’t expect visa restrictions to come directly out of this, but I do expect the political situation to worsen with this and other actions like it, which inevitably makes it increasingly difficult to get visas. Most Chinese people are very sensitive to the difficulty of obtaining a visa, since they need one to travel just about anywhere, and so they recognize when a situation might have an impact on the visa application process. That was the direction I was going with my comment.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    President Hu’s primary legacy is plain for all to see and experience: an orgy of “rational” and irrational censorship, coupled with the silencing, imprisonment and/or death of anyone that dares to ask for justice or even re-dress, and last but not least, to be rightfully perceived by the entire eastern and south-eastern part of the Asian continent (excepting the PRC’s quasi-puppet states of Myanmar and the DPRK) as the worst military, economic and social threat they have had in decades.

    When I first came to China, back in the days of Jiang Zemin, I thought that he was an awful President. I thought the same during the first few years of Hu’s regime. Now, I see Hu as the worst president the PRC has had since Mao Zedong. Deng was no picnic, and neither was Jiang, but at least they did some good things for China. What has Hu done? Let’s hope that Xi will end up being the last or next-to-last of the communist presidents.

    • Harland

      I had always wondered what it would be like to live in Weimar Germany. Living in China since 2004 has been a wonderful antidote to my curiosity.

    • Hongjian

      I see nothing wrong with the rest of the world fearing China as a major threat.
      China just has to step up their game and build enough nukes to end the world several times over, so that all this fearmongering will have no effect on China’s relative position in the international system. A threatening and hated China you offend at your own peril beats a well-liked democratic China that is called the sick man of asia for eternity and that gets raped by anyone possessing a gunboat, in any case and any way.

      The fact that westeners and China’s neighbors have existencial fears about China because it keeps censoring its own citizens is laughable and only provides insight in their own insecurities. After all, China’s not the only nation in the world doing that, but somehow those other regimes (like in the middle east) are accepted by them. Maybe we can establish that those fears against China are actually not because of the nature of China’s political system, or the openness of its media… But more because China constantly refuses to be controled and pupeteered by those same western nations.
      Yeah, how can a country like China dare to defy the well-meant western attempt to infiltrate its political system and to turn it into an obedient dog? Of course China gets hated and feared, for she is truly independent – a hard fought privilege that NONE of those nations in the respective regions of the world you mentioned posesses.

      And for that, every censored comment and every laogai’ed Hanhan or Aiweiwei is worth it.

      • La Mano Gaucha

        Good post, but it ultimately fails (at least in my case) because I live in China and have done so with almost no break for over ten years. You see, I care about the quality of life *in the country that I live in*, but not nearly as much as the other larger things you spoke about. The average mainland person feels pretty much the same way, I suspect. Sure, they want a strong China, but they also would like justice and personal liberty, all with equal passion. It seems to me, as a long-time resident — that justice is hardly adequate in nearly all cases, while personal liberty consists of mostly the rights to consume and/or place oneself in debt. Then again, a 10+ year resident of the PRC is still considered an ignorant and/or imperialist outsider, right? Hell, a person can live here from age five to ninety and he/she would still be considered an outsider. Such narrow-minded hubris…

      • La Mano Gaucha

        Also, please explain in your fairly rich but misguided and arrogant prose how does the censoring of the United States’ Shanghai Consulate Weibo website makes China stronger. Your post above didn’t explain that. Instead, you somewhat skillfully twisted the topic at hand to suit your agenda.

  • 梦想家 Dreamer

    When will we find a government-country that is transparent and honest?

    • the Zeon Federation of Gundam seems my favorite

      really the only people in china who are butt hurt are the falun gong femi-nazis, they now can’t get their butt-daddy’s visas to go to New York

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Play ‘call of duty’ son. You will realize that you are all you have left in this world. And your M-16 of course. Understand soldier? Hooah!

  • red scarf

    What ever next. This message of the American government was bought to you by the P.R of China.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    a conversation about a stupid matter. lol

  • Nanny Hiccups

    Pada just made a good point. He said the SHANGHAI U.S. Consulate’s weibo was deleted.

    Does this mean that a shangai person who is a consulate to the u.s (representing China) had his page deleted or a U.S. person who is a consulate (representing the u.S.) had his page deleted?

    The wording is a bit off to me.

    • pada

      It was not I who said “SHANGHAI U.S. Consulate’s weibo was deleted”. I only used exactly the same wording used by Chinasmack on the top two lines:

      —-“Shanghai US Consulate Weibo Deleted, Chinese Netizen Reactions”.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        Yes, but now that heading leads me to wonder just whose account was deleted? A shanghai person or a USA person.

        • Brett Hunan

          In Shanghai, there once lived a Weibo account holder. He was the U.S. Consulate General. His account was suicided. It is all in the story.

    • terroir

      I think this is the definitive proof to conclude that for once and for it can be determined that the comments of cS are more important than the actual article.

      The answer you seek is at the top of the page made by a person who wrote the article that you skipped over to get to the juicy part.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        It’s written poorly, so it was not understood! I speak and read English, not jibberish. Maybe “US CONSOLATE TO SHANGHAI WEIBO ACCOUNR DELETED” would be more appropriate than SHANGHAI US CONSULATE, which means the opposite.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          And before some wise-ass points it out, yes, I know, it should be “Consulate”.

          • whiskersthecat

            Hey, you misspelled “consulate”.

          • 404 name not found

            Hey you misspelt “Account”. :)

          • mr. wiener

            Hey, you consulate “misspelled”.

  • whiskersthecat

    I’m glad I’m not in the US right now, to see the entire country reeling and in despair over this major blow dealt by the powerful Sina Weibo administrators.

    • terroir

      Yah, last night’s season opener of “Breaking Bad” really shed some light on the effects of becoming crazed with power.

      Syria: [motioning toward Hillary Clinton] “I’m supposed to take that on faith? Why? How do we know?”
      China: “Because I said so (quietly wields UN AND Sina Weibo veto power)
      Russia: “Yeah bitch! Magnets”

      I wonder what crazy hijinks those guys will get up to in the future.

      • whiskersthecat

        I couldn’t even enjoy it. I was too busy crying in shame and despair about the loss of our nation’s glorious Sina Weibo account. It’s like seeing a glorious bald eagle fall from the sky.

    • John

      This is nothing to US. In the first place why do u think US Shanghai consulate open weibo. To the serve the Chinese . Not Americans. I guess u understand it. So deleting the account will hurt Chinese who depend on it for information okay.Beside that when u delete or take an action against some one with any excuse u something. U say why u did that . Unless in the case of lawlessness. Weibo has every right to delete anything they want according to their policy, but when ask why it is done . they should reply you with an answer that all.

      • whiskersthecat

        I’m glad you enjoyed my joke.

  • Zebadee

    Perhaps Sina has done the American Embassy a favor. It’ll only get inundated with requests to send in the Marines to free all the frightened and nervous Chinese people who live in constant fear of their government.

  • Little Wolf

    Yes and Germans are known throughout the world for their “petiteness”. And burn on me all you want but most of the lardasses I run into in China are German also.

    • jeffli

      Hey whats wrong with being chunky anyway?

      a lot of peoples moms are chunky! are they bad? careful now!

      • Little Wolf

        Jeffli: I got no problem with chunkiness. I do have a problem with Euroshits that talk like Americans have a monopoly on obesity.

        • mr. wiener

          Arrogant Sepo bastard imagining Yanks have the monopoly on obesity. We Australians are fast catching you up. Super size me F*ck yeah! Mwaahahaahaahaaa!

  • 404 name not found

    “Shanghai US Consulate Weibo Deleted” So?

  • b. prichard

    Blech. The Consulate should hire a spokesman who doesn’t abuse exclamation points.

  • Maybe the US should petition to have China gov.’s Twitter accounts shut down…?

  • Foreign Devil

    Sorry China. . .now if you want to know the air quality index you only have your own lying authorities to go to. No more accurate american air index quality reports on their consular website. No worries, now your air quality will never be too bad again!

  • xiaohouzi

    I don’t think the owners of Sina Weibo are thugs. They are not really the ones in charge. They were most likely taking orders from the government but why? What was so hush-hush that made the government thugs close these user’s accounts?

  • redgirl

    Storm in a teacup.

  • redgirl
  • thunderkat211

    Why would the US embassy have one of them fake twitter accounts anyway? Are the US consulate workers also using fake I-phones?

    • Little Wolf

      Probably….since most of the most of the staff is local anyway. Fucking Chinese security guards trying to keep me out of my own consulate. Last time I was there, a complete clusterfuck because the the signs for the ticket numbers didn’t work until American gumption finally took over.
      American #1: I have #42. What’s your number?
      Me: #47. Who’s got #43?
      American # 3: I DO!
      Me: Ok… you’re after that guy. Who’s got #44?

      And so on……

      It wasn’t fucking rocket science.

  • BigBadBoy

    Hilary did say “China would pay!”…. Maybe it’s a pre-emptive strike!

    USA can take down Iranian Oil installations – China can take down US weibo…
    The cyberwar begins!!!!

    Maybe China is safe – after all it does have the Great Firewall of China and rumor had it that it can be seen from space!

  • Richard Leonard

    Fuck the CCP.

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  • Jennster

    who cares. if my dad misbehaves, he gets a slap on his face by mum. in conclusion, don’t impose yank ways here