Shanghai Volkswagen GM Liu Jian Dies In 220km/h Tiguan Crash

Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan speed test accident in Gansu, China.

From KDS:

According to related reports, on July 17th, four people consisting of Shanghai Volkswagen General Manager Liu Jian, Director of Public Relations Zeng Jialin, and their entourage had an serious motor accident in Dunhuang City of Gansu province that was fatal for all.  It is reported that Shanghai Volkswagen was there holding a meeting with dealers. What is presently known is is that the car carrying the four passengers including Liu Jian collided with a dump truck. The director of SAIC has already rushed there to deal with the incident.

Shanghai Volkswagen General Manager Liu Jian.Shanghai Volkswagen Public Relations Director Zeng Jialin.

Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan speed test accident in Gansu, China.

Comments from KDS:


A crash as the result of raising prices too much.


emoticon A loss for China’s auto industry.


They have money but no life to spend it.
I have a life but no money to spend.


Do they dare write what car it was… Just what kind of a collision was it for everyone in the car to die…? emoticon


There are dump trucks everywhere in China.


Raised prices too high, which wasn’t kind, and now has finally gotten his due, God has eyes.


Shanghai Volkswagen’s next model will definitely be a dump truck crushing monster. emoticon


That’s why they say one can’t have too black of a heart [be too evil], because even if the z-f doesn’t punish you, God will.


His life must’ve been gone too smoothly. I had a schoolmate who was also with Volkswagen. When on a business trip to Germany, he drowned while swimming.


Inside information: [They] were driving the Tiguan, up to 200 km/hr, and hit the rear of the dump truck. emoticon


We can say he was rather committed to his work, the general manager himself even test driving the cars.

I wonder who the other two people were, they must have been important.


It has been confirmed, 200km/hr, rear-ended a tanker truck, exploded, all burnt.

卡纳 瓦罗:

KDS really has a lot of garbage, making jokes about people’s lives,


It was a Tiguan, 途棺 [“tu guan”], “on the way to the coffin.”


An early death for a talented and handsome man.
TF on the “mountain” [KDS], don’t joke around and be reckless with your words. If it were your relatives, would you guys still be like this!!!!!
The main reason [for the accident] was that the path for the test drive did not have warning signs, and the dump truck drove into the path causing the accident! Do you have any idea how fast 220 km/hr is? 61 meters per second, you would be dead even with Noah’s Ark! The reason they were driving so fast was because they were testing the Tiguan’s top speed, not because they were driving recklessly. [The driver] even had a Volkswagen test driver license [licensed professional test driver]!
May the victims rest in peace.

Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan.

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