Shanghainese Drive Onto West Lake Landmark, Insult Locals

Shanghainese couple angers Hangzhou residents, calling the latter "villagers" after driving onto a protected historic landmark.

Shanghai tourists sparked the ire of netizens by driving around a roadblock and onto a protected landmark on West Lake and calling all Hangzhounese "rednecks"

A couple of Shanghai tourists are in hot water after hurling insults and forcing their car onto the ancient Bai Causeway on Hangzhou’s famous West Lake. The Bai Causeway is a protected landmark in Hangzhou and for that reason is one of the many areas motorized vehicles are prohibited. The Shanghainese driver and female passenger are currently facing the collective wrath of Hangzhou citizens after they ignored security officers, ran a road block, and then threw money on the ground calling all Hangzhounese “rednecks.”

Around 10am on February 20th, a security guard in the West Lake scenic area noticed a Kia SUV with a Shanghai license plate idling near the entrance to the Bai Causeway. As he watched, a woman got out of the SUV and moved the barrier blocking the way onto the dyke. The guard ran towards the car shouting and blowing his whistle, but the car paid no heed, accelerating away and onto the causeway.

Bai Causeway is a popular tourist attraction, and a crowd soon formed around the SUV, preventing it from moving further and allowing security to catch up to the vehicle. The breathless guard told the couple that they were not allowed to drive in this area, and that they would have to pay a fine. The “ferocious” woman in the passenger seat responded with an insult-laden Shanghainese invective, throwing 500 RMB out the window and saying he had no right to fine them, that only traffic police have that power. She continued on with her tirade claiming that he and all of his kind were “villagers” [“countryfolk” or “country bumpkins”].

The traffic police soon arrived, escorted the SUV off the causeway and imposed a 100 RMB fine and 3 point deduction off the driver’s license. The male driver has since apologized for his actions, but his female companion remains silent.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


[嘘] Flip their car into West Lake…


I’m angry. However, don’t blame this on Shanghainese people, because Shanghainese people also get angry when they see this kind of thing. Truly a loss of face [embarrassing].


I suspect it’s someone pretending to be Shanghainese going to Hangzhou to make Shanghainese lose face…..


Idiots truly can be found anywhere. Shakes head, shakes head.


Again coming to Hangzhou to act crazy [behave unacceptably]! Shanghainese peasants!


Shanghainese have always been SB.


Thinks she can act high and mighty for driving a Korean car… The cost [amount of money required] for Shanghainese people to feel self-important sure is low…


I wish everyone wouldn’t provoke this inter-city conflict again. This incident was only caused by a few people with poor character and has no direct relation with the car they drive or the city they’re from.

Source: Hangzhou Daily, Sina Weibo


Written by Joel

Joel is a reclusive writer based in Shanghai who took up blogging as a hobby one summer and never looked back. Former editor of Shanghaiist.


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