Shanghainese Netizen Finds Fake Chicken Eggs In China?

From KDS:

After the last crazy grass mud horse, I have discovered that the last one at most only reached entry-level grass mud horse level (http://club.pchome.net/topic_1_15_3395285__.html). However, my experience this time can truly be called crazy grass mud horse.
Let me first postpone the test because the video has not yet passed verification, and first let our TF brothers come distinguish. One is fake. I do not know who can distinguish which one. 

The videos have passed, come and take a look.
Knocking on the egg shell http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzk0NjQwMjg=.html

Cutting open the egg, pay attention to that small piece of egg yolk http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzk0NjUwNDQ=.html

See, speechless… http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNzk0NjUxMDQ=.html

I searched on Google. Fake eggs contain many kinds of toxins and can cause people to become idiotic. In the past, I had heard about fake eggs in the news, but I have never truly experienced it before. This time I can say I have experienced it. I hope our TF brothers will not unfortunately buy this kind of fake eggs. Personally, the egg shell, egg white, etc. are all similar to the real thing, and the only flaw is the egg yolk, which is not like a real chicken egg that is powdery after being fully cooked. After being fully cooked, the fake chicken egg is like a piece of something resembling soft rubber, unable to be chewed.













菜肉度温顿 david0917:

Always encountering this kind of thing, you definitely have a RPWT [人品问题 “ren ping wen ti”, character problem].

八千里路 cbc666:

Where did you boy it? I have always heard about fake chicken eggs, but have never seen one.

九孔 we2006:

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I really do not understand, the lou zhu uses himself as a little mouse to do an experiment for everyone to see!
Lou zhu‘s character is too good!

孩子气桃桃 momoko518:

What is called a fake chicken egg? No egg yolk? Or nothing inside? This is the first time I have seen a fake chicken egg.

谁是谁的错 lilylilyli05:

This seller is too terrifying. Chinese things, is there anything that can still be eaten?

夜深人静 freedomx80:

Truly expanding horizons, LZ please allow me to repost this on an Australia website.  

谁是谁的错 lilylilyli05:

Ding this up. Let even more people see. Too terrifying.

吾是飞行员 ksangel:

I am eating a poached egg right now…

大头 jy00938217:

There are people who will make fake versions of something that is only worth a few mao [tens of cents]?

feverzsj feverzsj:

How come I feel that is a real chicken egg…

UFO ctwwt:

[written in English]

i ate a fake salt egg in Australia.

Imported from China…amazing land…

亡殿 relliker:

This fake chicken egg probably costs more than a real chicken egg, right?
This is an advertisement post-topic?
Selling April Fools’ Day fake chicken eggs?


Egg yolk flavor definitely cannot be faked. However, it will be more dangerous for bodybuilders.

瘋狂的小熊 sunnybea:

It is real, just that this chicken egg has genetically changed, and the egg yolk is more elastic…

暴走himhim himhim007 [The lou zhu]:

You can Google it, fake eggs have existed since a long time ago. The news reported about them before. I did not think I would see a real fake chicken egg.

taoYY taoYY:

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My father-in-law has also purchased fake chicken eggs before. The main characteristic is that the egg yolk is too elastic, not like normal egg yolk which crumbles after you touch it. I have never understood, why are they spending so much of their brainpower to make fake eggs?

我看好你哟 ro_cat:

Didn’t Macau’s health department say, after shaking a real chicken egg for a long time, the egg white will mix with the egg yolk, and will also cause the egg yolk to become elastic after being fully cooked?


I still do not believe this thing was created by man.

极端 xjl0923:

What is there to not believe? Our countrymen’s intelligence and wisdom have all been used on this.

wiund keble:

I also do not believe why there would be people who would put poison in baby food products~

ratherjane ratherjane:

Man-made eggs appear to be very normal in other places of the country. I have a hard disk colleague, from Hainan, and a several years ago while I was eating a chicken egg, she said: What you guys eat are all real chicken laid eggs! I did not understand, so she told me, essentially all of the eggs where she is from are man-made.

JeffChen atomsky:

Harmonious county’s intelligence distribution is divided into extremes, smart enough to create such lifelike fake chicken eggs, stupid enough to eat this kind of fake chicken egg for a lifetime, and what more, there are people who tell him they are fake yet he would rather be beaten to death than believe. Unfortunately, the stupid ones occupy 99.9%, so the overall average is still biased towards low.

古早古早 gzgzyq:

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xx, I am most fond of eating tomato scrambled eggs. When I am in the countryside, I believed they would be chicken eggs, and every time I must eat [that dish]. I did not imagine [they would be fake]. Next time I leave Shanghai I will never again eat eggs.

滋滋猫 lens188:

I think Henan people make a lot of fake chicken eggs.

JeffChen atomsky:

Today I learned that fake chicken eggs cost 8 fen [cents], can be produced in 7 seconds, and a lot of people in the countryside go learn how to make them. The people in the city are blessed. 

阿超 0000zzy_8474:

Chinese people are too talented!!! Absolutely admire!!!

venf venf:

This is a real egg. Good chicken eggs, the egg yolk can be picked up with two fingers and the membrane does not break. LZ does not have any experience/culture.
Look at little Japan’s real chicken egg advertisement


doom12 doom12:

A Shenzhen colleague once came by, said that in Shenzhen, they will directly tell you which is a real egg, whcih is a fake egg, the prices are different, and you can choose by yourself. This was 10 years ago.

我不拽 yanyuan:

I just went to try and the egg yolk in my home can also be picked up. It seems like LZ is oversensitive, otherwise all the eggs now are fake.


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