Shanghai’s Most Valiant Chevrolet Girl

Video on Sina.

From AutoHome Club:

This story happened in Shanghai, where the owner of a Chevrolet Captiva, that had already been attached to a tow truck, was unhappy, started the car, and drove away with both the car and the tow truck.

Comments from AutoHome Club:

Hah, I support!


[“Who is afraid of who” or “Do you think I am afraid of you?”]

Hilarious, too funny!
Who is this MM? So cute!
Anti-ruthless law enforcement hero!

They are not allowed to tow when the person is present. This tow truck driver is an idiot, the car is front-wheel drive, so if the car is broken from towing, they would have to pay.

Niu bi!

Comments from KDS:

Heh heh, front-wheel drive is good, a-hahaha!

MM‘s body looks pretty good…

American cars have pretty good power.

[She] has personality, I like.

Are you guys sure this is not an advertising agency’s secret advertisement/promotion?

I watched it several times in a row. Not bad!! Upload it to “Utube,” maybe it can get to the front page.

It looks like an advertisement/commercial in every way.

A very popular foreign advertisement method.
China has finally caught up with the trends.

Not bad not bad, I admire this MM.

Influenced by this video, GM’s share prices will skyrocket, and successfully survive the financial crisis!!!

Advertisement. Tow companies would not tow a front-wheel drive car like this.


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