Shanghai’s Most Valiant Chevrolet Girl

Video on Sina.

From AutoHome Club:

This story happened in Shanghai, where the owner of a Chevrolet Captiva, that had already been attached to a tow truck, was unhappy, started the car, and drove away with both the car and the tow truck.

Comments from AutoHome Club:

Hah, I support!


[“Who is afraid of who” or “Do you think I am afraid of you?”]

Hilarious, too funny!
Who is this MM? So cute!
Anti-ruthless law enforcement hero!

They are not allowed to tow when the person is present. This tow truck driver is an idiot, the car is front-wheel drive, so if the car is broken from towing, they would have to pay.

Niu bi!

Comments from KDS:

Heh heh, front-wheel drive is good, a-hahaha!

MM‘s body looks pretty good…

American cars have pretty good power.

[She] has personality, I like.

Are you guys sure this is not an advertising agency’s secret advertisement/promotion?

I watched it several times in a row. Not bad!! Upload it to “Utube,” maybe it can get to the front page.

It looks like an advertisement/commercial in every way.

A very popular foreign advertisement method.
China has finally caught up with the trends.

Not bad not bad, I admire this MM.

Influenced by this video, GM’s share prices will skyrocket, and successfully survive the financial crisis!!!

Advertisement. Tow companies would not tow a front-wheel drive car like this.


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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Jay K

    If this is truly an advertisement it’s very creative and will want to make the Chinese want to perhaps purchase american vehicles for power and torque. as an american it certainly caught my attention, and reminded me of how much american cars love torque to begin with and getting hp in the low rpm power curve.

  • Terry

    great one!!….. if it is an advertisement.. it is low tech and believable!! loved the humor and the spirit of it

  • William

    If it were real, wouldn’t there be a big crowd of idle people gathered around to watch the tow truck and the altercation with the woman? There would be if this happened in Chengdu, anyway.

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  • fireworks

    This is just plain stupid man. Only works with FWD (Front Wheel Drive) cars.

    If the woman’s car was Rear Wheel Drive. She can’t just drive off.

  • Brian

    Checked the Chinese Chevrolet site, and it says that the Captiva is coming.
    Definitely an ad. Besides, wouldn’t towing a front wheel drive vehicle by the rear wheels cause damage to the steering, suspension, and various other systems?

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  • fcuk da lu ren

    What are you talking about, that is just a typical shanghai woman. They dont take ish from anyone

  • Evalin

    It sounds like something I would do! Do you expect me to wince?
    Actually, I’m laughing.

  • Dominique

    But I’d being driving a JAG U R

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  • Evalina

    Interesting side note:

    I allowed myself a chinese fortune cookie.
    The word of the day?
    yu (fish)
    The message is the kicker: A well aimed spear is worth three!

  • OMG! lol

    Very nice one!


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  • Evalina

    je ne comprende pas

  • Evelin

    Why waste my time learning spanish? I’d rather learn German, Russian, Chinese, and Hebrew.

  • krdr

    As this model should be on market soon and it is aimed to women – an ad. Locking front-wheels would not help, either. Captiva is 4×4 car.
    I’m sure that any car with more than 50 hp can pull this kind of truck. Anyway, in real life, this is very stupid move. Possible damage to bumpers, wheels and rear axis overcomes parking fines.

  • Moron

    Gee, it sure is curious that they mention the make and model of the automobile. Well, anyway I guess it’s nice to know that this car is very powerful and that cool people drive it.

    On with my life with this bit of subliminal knowledge.

    LOL! Check out this funny video!! …. (shares it to other other morons)

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  • Joe

    not even a viral video can save GM now

  • Definitely not an ad – you can hear the tow driver going tsa na (fuck you) in shanghainese to the lady when he walks to the truck.

    She’s just 老聊!

  • idolman

    lol who tow who

  • Dominique

    I’m going to be towing you
    to an undisclosed place

  • Craig

    I have one of these, albeit a Holden Captiva in Australia….. they are All Wheel Drive, but only engage the rear when needed….

    The Diesel model that I have is quite a lot of torque…..

    I laughed, might have to try this myself:-)

  • sombody

    all cars, even in china have stickers mentioning the fact it (cud b) a 4 wd. but hey TIC

    pedantic pehaps but does “cha na” reelly mean F_OFF?

  • Shanghai Slim

    To me this video seems very suspicious for the simple reason that the tow truck would surely have it’s PARKING BRAKE ON.

    It seems rather unbelieveable that the two truck driver would get out of his truck with the transmission in neutral and a car “on the hook” – without setting the parking brake!

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  • warped0ne

    Shanghai Slim said, “To me this video seems very suspicious for the simple reason that the tow truck would surely have it’s PARKING BRAKE ON.

    It seems rather unbelieveable that the two truck driver would get out of his truck with the transmission in neutral and a car “on the hook” – without setting the parking brake.”

    You haven’t been in China very long, have you.

  • Kai

    LoL, video is awesome but, wow, many of the comments on YouTube are like an unending stream of idiocy. They really demoralize my faith in humanity.

  • Jesse

    I’m up
    Dominique = Evalin

  • EValin/Dominique

    I tow away with Jag U R and he say, What the **** you do to me and my car?

    I say, “Jump in, sit tight, we have fun with the car later.”

  • Me. Again.

    I think I should write a short blog titled Silly Genuis: computer icons, head gaskets (caskets:)) and the functions of bistate muffler and brakes.

    I’d probably laugh harder than the people reading it.

    on matters of consequence.

  • Josiah

    He didn’t have the handbrake on?

    I’m calling hoax.

  • jeassy

    i think the girl is really cool, if as others said it is a ture story.

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  • JT

    This is not an ad, I live in Suzhou near Shanghai and one morning on my way to work outside my apartment block. I saw a lady who locked herself in her car while she was attached to the tow truck just like in the video, the police and tow truck driver tried to get her out (didn’t try to frive off though). shit probably happens every day here.

  • Laurent Conte

    Ok, I have to confess, it is my wife Cathy from XuZhou, who is doing this. She is the same woman from the other video with the Buick…

    I guess I am too weak since my wife cut a part of my manhood… You know some girls are nice at the beginning and once married, they reveal their true character !!!!!

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  • openyourEYES

    Sure its easy to look at this without knowing jack about “REAL” life in SH ~ That is a private tow truck company(very crooked and almost always non local native and not even local race) see that orange jumpsuit yeehaw with the dark skin “definately a mongol and a short halfbred at that” soo many of these trash have invaded shang hai city from streets to chopshops. City bureau police or workers will have “cc badges and Large visible Numbers” that poor suv driver did everything correct in a lawless mongol beijing jap taiwan anglopedophiler overrunned city. Unfortunately that is real life in shang hai city, after hundred years of war, oppression, opium and another half century of mongol halfbred cccp rule ~ the once native populace have mostly moved away, died off, kept from having children and now number less then 1 in 20 . . . maybe 1 in 30

  • what would mao do

  • Thai

    I wonder if that guy got his truck back. HEHE

  • mark

    god i hope this is real. hahaha, it would be quality.