Shanxi Chinese Boy Found Drugged Unconscious, Eyes Dug Out

Xiao Binbin.


From NetEase:

Eyes of 6-Year Old Boy in Shanxi Dug Out After Drugged Unconscious

On the evening of August 24, a vicious crime against a child occurred in Shanxi Province Linfen City Fenxi County. A 6-year-old boy was abducted into the wilderness where the perpetrator then cruelly severely injured his eyes. According to media reports, the boy’s father explained that on August 24th, 6-year old Xiao Binbin of Shanxi Fenxi County had been playing outside, [but was later] found in the wilderness not far from his home. Xiao Binbin had been drugged and unconscious, his face covered in blood, with both his eyes dug out.

Xiao Binbin.

After the crime, Shanxi police attached great importance [to investigating the case], with provincial, municipal, and town public security organs swiftly forming a special task force, expending all effort to investigate the case. Currently, the case is still under investigation. The public security organizations hope the public will cooperate with the public security organs and proactively provide leads in the case in order to solve the case as soon as possible. Picture is a scene broadcasted by local media.

Xian Binbin is lying on a hospital bed.

Xiao Binbin.

The boy whose eyes were dug out.

Xiao Binbin's father.

The boy’s father.

Xiao Binbin's mother.

The boy’s mother.

One of Xiao Binbin's relative.

One of the boy’s relatives.

Xiao Binbin's parents.

The boy’s parents.

Comments from NetEase 1 & 2:

灰灰de世界 [网易江苏省网友]:

Please dig out the perpetrator’s eyes~

依旧惘然 [网易江苏省南通市网友]:

What kind of a worse-than-beast person is capable of doing something like this? This person’s ancestors would be so cursed that they’d no longer rest in peace. Hope the perpetrator dies without descendants~

我没啥特长就昵称比较长 [网易上海市崇明县网友]:

What I’m afraid of the most is something like this remaining unsolved [not dealt with].

网易湖北省武汉市网友 ip:220.112.*.*:

Beast, no mercy for the perpetrator!!

毛主义万岁 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

Too cruel, too horrible! This definitely has nothing to do with society which certain smack-talkers [social commentators] always talk about [blame]; it’s just the individual behavior of a crazy person! I hope it’s not the doings of someone from Henan Province.

sailings [网易安徽省合肥市网友]:

Is there still a fucking bottom line [a lower limit to what people are capable of doing]?

风毒翩翩 [网易上海市宝山区网友]:

For the perpetrator to be this cruel, he/she should be sentenced to death by a thousand cuts!

蜡烛小生 [网易北京市网友]:

Who could do something this immoral? Kill him/her as a warning to others. Human nature is evil, and must be constrained.

网易山东省淄博市网友 ip:219.146.*.*:

A nation needs a spirit, a soul, and something to entrust. Only when a country makes its people happy and safe can any hope been seen. Wake up, Chinese people, stop torturing children, stop slamming children, stop raping children.

kvwhi [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Worries about housing, where a lifetime of struggle isn’t enough to afford a house. Worried about eating, where gutter oil is impossible to avoid. Worried when sick, when a life of savings is parted in hospitals. Worried when old, when there is no one to rely on and one can only eat gruel. Infants are worried, when melamine takes the place of dairy cows. Graduates are worried, when a job isn’t enough to make ends meet. Worried when eating meat, when fake mutton appears in hot pot. Worried when alive, when one labors until one is grey and old. Worried when dead, when a spot in the graveyard is as expensive as a house…

网易北京市网友 ip:118.194.*.*:

It is most likely revenge. Lay hands on a child is a crime that cannot be atoned for even by death!

风毒翩翩 [网易上海市宝山区网友]:

No matter what kind of deep hatred one has toward another, do it to the adults. Children are innocent, how could this beast bear to do this?

lmsdfg888 [网易江苏省扬州市网友]:

When this vicious beast is caught, dig out its dog eyes. How is the poor boy supposed to live in the future?

guiyoulang [网易黑龙江省绥化市网友]:

Damn, what kind of hate/grudge is this?!
There is no debts without creditors, no hatred without cause. To dig out the eyeballs of a child, this person that a dog wouldn’t even fuck is too fucking cruel!!

网易安徽省合肥市网友 ip:220.178.*.*: (responding to above)

I dare not speculate! Things have been intense recently. I dare not to say anything but that he be executed immediately after being he/she is caught.

美狗请接招 [网易河南省安阳市网友]: (responding to “guiyoulang”)

Although it’s said that there are no debts without creditors, no hatred without cause, but what if, and I’m saying “what if”, the perpetrator had a grievance with this boy’s father, and because he can’t prevail against the child’s father, then wouldn’t him/her getting revenge by way of hurting his child be blameless? As the ancient saying goes: The son paying for the father’s debts is “heaven’s law and earth’s principle” [a given].

辛普森先生 [网易上海市闵行区网友]: (responding to above)

Henan people really are a piece of work.

[Note: 美狗请接招 is shown as posting from Henan Province.]

人民党员好公仆 [网易天津市网友]:

Wear sunglasses and it’ll be fine. The ones in the last picture are not bad, Bolon.

[Note: There is an advertisement for Bolon brand sunglasses after the last picture on the NetEase article.]

网易安徽省亳州市手机网友 ip:36.7.*.*: (responding to above)

Damn! Just by looking at the screen name we know it is not remotely surprising that he’d say something like this.

[Note: “人民党员好公仆”, translated into English is literally “Party members are the people’s good public servants”.]

网易河北省保定市手机网友 ip:110.230.*.*: (responding to “人民党员好公仆”)

Do you know you are a beast? That profile photo is of you, right? Look at your bald head, no hair means deficiency of the kidney. Someone like you definitely has no children. Were you raised by humans? Wearing glasses, what kind of big housefly are you pretending to be? Public servant your mother’s cunt. Save yourself some fucking face, don’t be an embarrassment for Tianjin.

[Note: The netizen, “人民党员好公仆”, is shown to be posting from Tianjin City.]


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