Shanxi Coal Boss Spends 70 Million on Daughter’s Wedding

Christine Fan sings at the wedding concert.

Shanxi coal boss holds a lavish wedding for his daughter at the Sanya Ritz Carlton.

From NetEase & QQ:

Shanxi coal boss spends 70 million to marry off daughter, celebrity line-up rivaling the Spring Festival Gala

March 18th, Shanxi province Liulin county’s richest individual and Liansheng Group chairman Xing Libing held a large-scale wedding for his daughter at the Sanya Ritz Carlton, inviting many celebrities to perform, the total cost of the wedding exceeding 70 million, to book the Ritz Carlton, Marriott, and Hilton 5-star hotels, and rent 3 airplanes to transport family and friends. According to reports, the groom’s father is a Hainan property developer, and the bride’s dowry was 6 Ferraris.

Shanxi coal boss holds a lavish wedding for his daughter at the Sanya Ritz Carlton.

Photos of the wedding.

Shanxi coal boss holds a lavish wedding for his daughter at the Sanya Ritz Carlton.

Three of the six Ferrari supercars given to the groom as the bride's dowry.

The bride’s dowry.

Three of the six Ferraris given to the bridegroom as a dowry.

Shanxi coal boss holds a lavish wedding for his daughter at the Sanya Ritz Carlton.

Media contacted the Sanya Ritz Carlton and staff confirmed that a large-scale wedding was held that day, but would not disclose the couple’s names and details.

Shanxi coal boss holds a lavish wedding for his daughter at the Sanya Ritz Carlton.

Flowers floating on a lake at a lavish wedding held by a Shanxi coal boss for his daughter.

Christine Fan sings at the wedding concert.

According to reports, the wedding concert that day was hosted by Zhu Jun and Zhou Tao, and included in-person performances by Wang Leehom, Elva Hsiao, Chen Peisi, Zhu Shimao, Feng Gong, Han Hong, Yin Xiumei, Christine Fan, Song Zuying, Jay Chou, Fahrenheit, Li Yugang, Yan Weiwen, You Hongmng, and others. Photo is of Christine Fan.

Elva Hsiao singing at a Shanxi coal mine boss's daughter's wedding.

Photo is of Elva Hsiao.

Zhao Tao and Zhu Jun hosting a private wedding for a Shanxi coal boss.

Zhou Tao and Zhu Jun hosting.

Feng Gong appears at the wedding of the daughter of a Shanxi coal boss.

Photo is of the wedding concert. Feng Gong appears.

Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao performing at a lavish wedding concert in Hainan, China.

Photo is of Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao at the wedding concert.

Photos of performances by celebrities at a 70 million RMB wedding.

Photos of the wedding concert.

Celebrities performing at a Shanxi coal boss's 70 million RMB wedding for his daughter.

Li Yugang performing at a rich Chinese coal mine owner's wedding.

Photo is of Li Yugang at the wedding concert.

Front cover of the 70 million RMB wedding program.

Photos of the wedding program.

Inside of the 70 million RMB wedding program.

Photo of the wedding party.

According to reports, the groom’s name is Li Bo, and his father is a Hainan real estate developer, and Xing Libin used 6 Ferraris as a dowry. The man in glasses wearing white in the photo is Xing Libin.

Xing Libin, the Shanxi coal boss whose assets are rumored to be in the tens of billions.

Xing Libin is a well-known coal boss in Shanxi, with rumors online of his assets being tens of billions.

Comments from NetEase:

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lbg224522 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

A coal boss applies the concept of money talks on his daughter’s wedding, successfully inviting all sorts of important and famous people.

RRRRAAA [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

As long as the source of the money is legit, how he wants to spend it is his business. Unfortunately, is this possible in China?

拆迁队陆政委 [网易广西防城港市网友]:

Fuck~~ rich people sure are different from the rest of us, admire!!!

yhdg510 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Rich people show off their wealth and women, while the poor toil to mine coal.

网0123 [网易广东省江门市网友]:

In the face of renminbi, no celebrity can resist [with enough money, any celebrity can be hired].

拆迁队陆政委 [网易广西防城港市网友]:

Fuck~~~these aren’t minor celebrities either, rich people sure have influence, admire!!!

希义欧 [网易河南省鹤壁市网友]:

Spending this much money to marry off a daughter, can’t imagine what the bride looks like.

xiashijie [网易广东省广州市网友]:

The power of money is the greatest.

怪物公司老总 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

Coal, oil, etc…these are all TMD supposed to be our public property!

alonsoisliu [网易广东省深圳市网友]

In short, our current domestic situation is that the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.


The marriage between a coal boss and a real estate developer is the joining of the powerful!


Even if the source [of the money] is legitimate, the money of coal bosses is all unconscientious money. Think of how hard it is for those coal miners going into those coal mines, how dangerous, and how little they get for it.


“From every copper of the coal boss drips the blood and sweat of coal miners.”

让鸡蛋飞0 [网易广东省网友]:

Other than “niubi“, there’s not much else to say.

dqh0909 [网易广东省江门市网友]:

A loss, both giving cunt and burning money.

ssn1127 [网易山东省网友]:

Coal resources are national property, so how can this boss have this much money??! Recommend the state send the auditing bureau to audit and investigate!! Don’t let individuals misappropriate national property as their own!! And then parade their wealth!!! Arrest them and bring them to trial!!!!!

What do you think? Do you envy the rich? How much did you spend on your wedding?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • eattot

    Coal, oil, etc…these are all TMD supposed to be our public property!
    this country, those who have connections, sell public property get extremly rich…land, mineral,metal…they sell out everything then run away to west, leave the state into a big problem and mess.
    do not know one day all these get lost, what they can sell…

    • Alan

      The dependence on oil is actually the driving force behind the Chinese being in Central Asia/Iran.

      I agree with what you wrote eattot, once the reserves run out, then what?

      Hence potential ww3 with Russia for resources, sigh:(

      • Chinkicide

        Indeed, you got the point!! These are real menace, no joke.
        Start the chinkicide before it’s too late.

        • slimboyinhk

          Hey fucker Chinkicide, climb back up the hole of your two-bit ho mama before you feel the wrath of the Chinese flush your ass out.

        • anon

          Us Chinese were creating art, developing trade with other civilised societies, inventing, etc while your ancestors were still monkeys flinging shit at each other.

    • LeBlanc

      I used to think it was impossible for any group to go lower than the arabs in terms of spending their “new money” in as trashy a manner as possible. I was wrong. I especially like the “groom” with his Jonas Brothers haircut and outfit trying to look like he’s too cool to get married. Goddam is China corrupt.

  • 平凡人

    Typical “showy” Chinese wedding. Why so many show offs here?

    • ali

      Because, it s exactly the same drive that pushes to buy any “cool” brand…just different scale

  • 平凡人

    By the way, I think he will be next in the list, the authorities will go for him. From history, rich people reported in China usuaully end up having some legal problems. Example, the big electical appliance store founder.

  • Crazy_Gweilo

    Spends 70 million on a wedding.

    Still wears a crumpled polo shirt for the photos. And whats with the kid who doesn’t even do up his tie? Don’t tell me he’s the groom.

    • eattot

      no worry, china is a country full of rubes…
      in fact, all asia is a bit like that.
      west leads the fashione industry, but not fit to asian.our height and body and face can not catch the key…in china,in fact women no need LV,Gucci…just pay more attention on skin and face, much better….
      i prefer thai style more in young love sitcom,not so fake as korea, not so street as japanese

      • terroir

        “west leads the fashione industry, but not fit to asian.our height and body and face can not catch the key”

        Fashion is not a western invention. “Looking stylish” is an ability afforded to anyone who has taste.

        The real difference is that a Chinese man will proudly tote around his man-purse that doesn’t match any of this wardrobe in the prescient satisfaction that he is explicitly telling everyone he spent money to tell society and female prospects as he works himself to death in order to “buy a wife”, while a Westerner will slap together clothes from the dollar shop and a one dollar aftershave and continually lose face until he gets a job and sex.

        Does it work? Well, at what times do you uncross your legs?

        • eattot

          not true.
          chinese women work very hard too…most of girls i know have job, same work as guys.guys like to dress too, just no eyes.let alone clothes in china is very very cheap.
          at the end, you have no right to insult me!!!kick ur ass!

          • terroir

            It wasn’t an insult. A back-handed compliment at the expense of traditional values.

            I was trying to disagree with you and say that Chinese can have fashion if they wanted it. But they don’t. They want other things.

            And now here you are: feelings hurt and criticism rejected. Ah! The irony of my logical argument is defeated by my splendiferous sarcasm.

          • I’m with Eattot on this one surprisingly.

            Girls in china who decide to work and earn their own way rather than demand a car, house etc. or be a mistress in Shenzhen, usually have to work much harder because they usually get stuck with the shitty jobs and get less money and much less respect.

            As for fashion, I’ve seen a lot of insanely hot Asian women who also have a great sense of fashion. The problem with fashion in china, isn’t so much that Asian body-types aren’t suitable, it’s the mental aspect of it, which is to say the chinese culture makes it look bad.

            As many have pointed out before, you can’t just buy a super-expensive watch or purse or sunglasses, etc. and think you’re being fashionable, because you’re not. Nor can you try to buy a whole ensemble from LV or Chanel or wherever, because that doesn’t work either (it’s gaudy like a walking advertisement).

            Real fashion is a mix of what Eattot said and Terroir said: Taking care of yourself physically and finding clothes that suit you, rather that what can make you look rich.

            One of the hottest girls I’ve seen was called Bobo and she was a 28 year old yoga instructor who had a healthy diet and liked to wear comfort clothes like a t-shirt and yoga pants or shorts and a tank top, etc.

            My wife is the hottest girl I’ve seen and she doesn’t need ridiculously over-priced clothes and accessories to be fashionable or beautiful.

          • A GUY

            Eattot I don’t think that he said Chinese women don’t work hard. I read it as more of a slam against the idea by Chinese men that wealth equals sex, and that fashion is just showing off wealth. I don’t know if it does in China now but lord knows that historically it has everywhere.

          • Alan

            My wife is the hottest girl I’ve seen and she doesn’t need ridiculously over-priced clothes and accessories to be fashionable or beautiful.

            I knew you couldn’t resist plugging yourself or your wife.

            I could say my girlfriend is the hottest girlfriend I have seen, but it is all circumstantial evidence is it not? she may be hot in my eyes, but damned ugly to others…same goes for your wife, whether you believe it to be true or not I am afraid.

            You have a blog, you should not be immune to criticism!

          • I knew the Retarded Stalker Troll couldn’t resist making a dig at my wife…. AGAIN.

            Funny thing is that most people I know say their wife is the most beautiful girl they know… Why? Because they are.

            How many people actually go around and tell people that their wives actually aren’t the most beautiful?

            Just the jealous ones with no worth and a total lack of standards and the maturity of a vegetable…

            I think the point is made now.

          • eattot

            hahahaha, alan, he will hate u for telling the truth…
            normally people do not take their family for this kinda show off examples, hahahaha!

          • Alan

            @Elijah: You know what, you win, because no matter what I say you will always trot out the “Alan had a dig at my wife and I just can’t take it line” even when nothing offensive was said at all, except you getting furious for me having the reason you keep bringing your wife into things all the time.

            Yet when you china bash, it is somehow OK and tolerated!?

            I’ve got a move on the go, as I am headed to an SAR near you, which is still part of China, pop quiz hotshot?!

            So I won’t have time for Chinasmack for the foreseeable future, Anyways…..even if it is my last post on chinasmack, I still have the right to dissect your comments prior to this posting. As a Canadian, I am sure you believe in free social media don’t you?

            How many people actually go around and tell people that their wives actually aren’t the most beautiful?

            I think this is irrelevant. You might say your wife is beautiful, but who can claim their wife is the most beautiful? Would take a highly arrogant and sure of himself man to claim that, I think my point is made, oh goateed one.

            Just the jealous ones with no worth and a total lack of standards and the maturity of a vegetable…

            I think the point is made now.

            What point? First, I don’t have a wife, piece of paper isn’t needed to prove love I am afraid. Second, it’s a dig at me because I had the temerity to question your always mentioning your wife….yet you mock people who are not as smart as you or suffer from learning difficulties, interesting way to mask your own insecurities and issues you posted about on your own blog. I would bet you are agoraphobic, a total shut in….it totally stands to reason now.

            Hope you can afford razors one day soon.

            Will post again one day soon, till then, I’m the itch on your back you will never be able to reach,the thorn in your side…well, you work it out.

            Bye bye boyo.

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha perfect post there.

            Only thing missing was to call me Hitler for supposedly looking down on people with mental problems and threatening to sue me for infringing on your internet freedom of speech…

            Yup, look at me, I follow people around insulting their personal lives and then get pissy when they say something back.

            Wait a second, that sounds familiar………………………….



          • ali

            To Alan,
            Since when is luxury a need? lol

            Sure nobody “needs” luxury, and as much as your wife, with all due respect, is hot with t-shirt and jogging pants, dress her with the finest designer clothes and the finest high heels and some perfect jewelry, and you know that you ll be in awe…
            nobody needs luxury but we humans tends naturally and instinctively to be attracted by beauty.

          • notorious

            eattot, i don’t know what that person is talking about. In American Chinese people are renown and complimented for being diligent, studious and hard working. Even though some of them resent being considered smart because they are Chinese.

        • notorious

          Honestly, i don’t give two shits abot fashion. the subculture i’ve been surrounded by over the years in the U.S. – all they care about is fashion. stupid people with 2000 rims on a 500 dollar car, $200 shoes while living in a rundown house. seeing people put fashion ahead of the most important things in life has taught me to see brand names as something for stupid superficial people who need the validation of a name brand so people can like them.

          if i see something and i like it and it’s not a name brand i’m going to buy. if it is a name brand im still going to buy but not because it’s a name brand. i steer away from any designer label that bears its name in any identifiable way on my clothes. if people want to know what im wearing or what kind of purse i’m carrying they can ask. i love a manly man in regular clothes who doesn’t give a shit about all the girlie crap some of the guys are into these days.

        • deanmoore

          Actually fashion IS a Western invention. While other cultures are very traditional and had costumes, i.e. the kimono, they didn’t have fashion as we know it. They didn’t have an industry which reinvents the skirt every season and every year.

          Give me a break! Just 20 years ago Chinese people were wearing Mao suits. The younger generation is just getting exposed to current fashion. I’ve gone to many dollar shops in the US and I have never seen great looking clothes there. Many people in big cities like L.A. will spend their hard-earned money on clothes because they want to look good and impress other people. Some are successful, others not so much. Those people who buy Ed Hardy clothes, for example. Or anyone in the Real Housewives of blah blah.

      • DRaY

        Fashion and style is all about knowing what looks good on you. Some of the most trendy people wear what they think is cool and suits their bodies and then it becomes fashionable to the masses. Chinese people don’t fet this concept yet. Don’t try to lump in all asian people, because the girls in Japan “do it to death”!!! They get it!! …I have only met one to two chinese people that really get it, and they were guys sadly enough….. haha.

        • eattot

          the girls in Japan “do it to death”!!! They get it!!
          。。。disagree at all!

          • snkng

            Do you speak English?
            Reading your comments makes my head hurt.

          • notorious

            your username makes my head hurt.

        • eattot

          agian, they are rich in asia, not mean they have good taste either…
          if have to choose one, korean better.

          • Duce

            Comparing Japanese women to Korean women is like comparing a Mademoiselle to a Wannabe.

          • notorious

            Duce, I think of all the asian men south korean men are actually the most good looking.

          • Brett Hunan

            I’m with you notorious.

            And I’m biased but Korean women are way sexier.

          • notorious

            I only noticed it in the past year that Korean folks are pretty attractive people for the most part. They have more passion too. If you think about it, Rain is really cute. And then I watched some of their movies and I was like wow. I watched sweet sex and love and green chair and those people know how to make an erotic film. They get it in lol.

            The guys and I think the women too have handsome cheek structure and smiles.

    • Rod

      I noticed that too. I’m sure it was one of those expensive Septwolves shirts that go for like 1000 RMB, but still, it’s pretty tacky. Just goes to show that money can’t buy taste.

      • DRAGNX

        That’s right. Just roam around Macau casinos and you see what equals bad fashion taste.

  • mr. wiener

    Unless comrade Kedafu objects I think the song of the article must be:
    “Coal miner’s daughter”
    By Loretta Lynn.
    The irony of this is not lost on me.

  • yay

    sofa yay ! ^^

  • staylost

    “Wow, imagine having to pay 5 million euros just to get people to come to your daughter’s wedding.”


    Enjoy your life however you like (+ Silver Rule). It definitely looks like suffering to me to have to sit through that, but to each his own.

  • Mimi

    Heartless father! Makes his daughter walk on sundays…

  • [email protected]

    What a pity. Spent so much money (the fathers) and yet neither could bother to look presentable for the event. The boy’s dad looks like the official who pulled the ten year old girl into the restaurant men’s room. The girl’s dad looks like a high school substitute teacher. The boy looks like a grade A doofus. The girl looks actually quite normal.

    • Genxi


    • Chinkicide

      They all look like chinese.

    • notorious

      I also thought the groom looks like a total douche. lol

      • donscarletti

        No, Dashan’s white and much older, but his Chinese is probably a lot more sophisticated than that guy’s.

  • Cardaver

    lucky dude, hope he doesn’t cheat on her with some club chick

    • 70 million rmb is a cheap wedding compared to what they usually spend

  • notorious

    Do they mean 70 Million RMB or dollars?

    Chinese people get so angry when they see rich people flaunting money. It only pisses me off when I know the person didn’t earn it or do something smart to create their own wealth. Like Kim Kardashian who made a sex tape and is now a millionaire for doing absolutely nothing.

    The whole wedding is a silly gaudy event.

    • eattot

      k k is better than coal boss in china, at least men can jerk off at her tape, she did not do any real harm to anyone.
      but those blood suckers in china…sigh!

      • Holy f*ck!!!

        I agree with Eattot again! Twice in one article!

        “And the Seventh Seal was broken and the world did tremble…”

        Personally, I have absolutely no interest in Kim Kardashian and have never watched that show, but if it’s a video I can “use” then I don’t give a crap. She flaunts her body for fam… So what? Welcome to Hollywood.

        Coal mine owners and property developers in china? Second cousin to Hitler and third cousin to Satan….

        • notorious

          kim kardashian is disgusting. she just laid there like a dead fish (apparently) and let ray j urinate on her. what a filthy beast. americans reward people for being stupid. i don’t know who is worse between the coal miner boss except that he is probably hurting real working people with his greed so maybe he is the worst of the two.

          • Totally agree with you on all your points (except that what people do in the bedroom is subjective and as long as it’s consensual and nobody gets hurt, then it’s no one’s business).

            However, there’s absolutely no comparing some vapid starlet with a property developer or coal mine owner in china, seriously.

            When you look at the housing bubble created by the property developers and the damage it will do to china soon enough or the daily death toll in coal mines… sicking.

            This wedding is such a disgusting display of ill-gotten wealth it makes me feel like vomiting. That and the photos of what I can only assume or the most classless parents-in-law ever…

            Oh well, what can be done? Except for proper regulation obviously…………

            PS. What happened to the hottie photos?

          • notorious

            LOL Elijah, true, she is a reality tv starlet and shouldn’t be compared to some greedy boss. I just think 70 million is so excessive. it’s like, why? Speaking of which, kim kardashian paid 18 million USD for her wedding and I thought that was disgusting. Imagine all the hungry kids she might have fed, all the charity she might have done.

            as for the pics ahaha. I had to take them down. We have a clause at the firm I work for, we are not allowed to say certain things online , we could basically get fired if someone stumbles across it and sometimes I make off colored comments here. We do have two China offices, one of them in Beijing. I would have to find an old unrecognizable pic of me to get away with putting it up here and not get recognized. Don’t want a human flesh search coming after me. lol

      • staylost

        Women can also use the tape for their enjoyment too, so KK’s work offers encouragement to all, no matter which side of the sky they hold up!

        Imagine if KK were from China. Then only high ranking party members like dirty old Hu would be able to please himself with the tape (sorry Bo Xilai, you can’t watch anymore!). Everyone else would be blocked! That doesn’t promote social harmony!

      • notorious

        ha, i guess.

        we have the same blood sucking idiots in american too.

    • Marshal

      that was a shitty sex tape though, horrible angles and graphics, I give it a 1/10 stars

  • Jay K.

    Song of the Article

    Jay-Z: Mo Money, Mo Cash, Mo Ho’s~WHAAAATTTTT!!!

    • Cool Matt

      Not 70 Million by Hold Your Horses?

  • fisher

    fuck you wealthy people with foul soul!The money is not real for his turely work!Go to hell!

  • Chinkicide
  • Mamma mia nice cars :)

    Show off…

  • Brett Hunan

    70million RMB isn’t huge compared to how much the rich in other parts of the world spend. I mean, its still enormous, but not like “wow, he’s so fucking rich” big.

    Anyways, I don’t think I mentioned how much I loathe coal bosses.

  • deanmoore

    Everywhere you go around the world, the nouveau riche behave in the same gaudy fashion. Conspicuous consumption at its best. Just goes to show money can’t buy taste.

    • Alan

      Agreed, what Marx dubbed primitive capitalism stages, and I would agree with him. It might take another 30 years or so yet, at best, to throw off the gangster capitalism yoke, who knows?

      • Harland

        Uh, yeah, China is just coming *out* of Marxism. They already tried it. It didn’t work.

  • slimboyinhk

    They got my address wrong on the invitation! But I wouldn’t have gone anyway, hate Karaoke weddings.

  • jd

    money can’t buy you class.

    • Diana

      yup. 70mil and they couldn’t buy class. how sad

  • whichone

    chinese coal boss dotes on daughter – hu cares

    • Give this man and internets!


  • dilladonuts

    White people gonna get mad again. As if white people and their white corps haven’t exploited the shit out of Africa and various 3rd world countries.

  • typingfromwork

    I imagined the boss to be some overweight greasy slob, that guy actually looks pretty sharp for his age. Not bad.

    It’s a lot of money for a wedding. Since he’s got it though might as well flaunt it. Lord knows celebrities over here waste mad cash for tasteless glitzy weddings. At least he’s got good taste in cars.

  • Octavian

    Nothing is quite as tacky like a group of Chinese people are gathered in one place. Classless clowns.

    • mr. weiner

      …..except perhaps a bunch expats commenting on it.
      Tres tacky.
      Could we lay off the sweeping generalizations a wee bit?

      • notorious

        if i was the chinese government i would kick any ungrateful freeloading expats out of my country for takling shit about their hosts. they should be thankful they are allowed to live there.

        • moop

          “if i was the chinese government i would kick any ungrateful freeloading expats out of my country for takling shit about their hosts. they should be thankful they are allowed to live there.”

          herp durp, and if i was the chinese government i would round up any dissenters and put them in black jails where they’ll be forced to endure torture… oh wait…

          have you ever been to this country? have you ever had to leave your house everyday knowing that at some point during the day someone was going to try to cheat you in some way? do people stare at you everyday making comments about foreigners all the while? do you have to eat food that may or may not poison you? do you get pushed by someone at least once a day? do people condescendingly shout “hello” to you across the street while they laugh with their buddies? do people automatically assume you are ignorant of their culture and can’t speak their language just because you aren’t chinese? in china people try to befriend you because you give them face, they take you out to dinner so that afterwards when they ask you to teach their little emporer english you can’t refuse. foreigners have earned the right to say whatever they want about china. every foreigner here deals with this shit regularly.

          • THIS!!!

          • Nyancat

            double this ^ notorious you seem to forget that China is where it is now because the rest of the world buys the stuff made here, the way u talk it sounds like expats get to stay in china for free. Freeloading!? yeah right…

          • typingfromwork

            So you feel like a minority trying to fit into a country that you find unfamiliar and alien. Big deal. Sure, you can say what you want, but I got a tip for you bud- if you’re going to stay in China expecting it to be a carbon copy of where ever you are from then you will never be satisfied or happy. You will always have a chip on your shoulders about the locals, you will always feel paranoid about everyday things, and you will always feel threatened by what the locals consider to be normal daily interactions. One day the seige mentality will be complete and you’ll spend your entire days looking over your shoulders whenever a local walks past, bitch about everything and dive into the nearest expat haven to talk to similarly paranoid people.

            Try to open your mind a bit. Accept people all over the world are somewhat similar and shrug off the shit, because you’re gonna get it anywhere in the world. At least meet your new surroundings half way if you want to be happy- unless you like feeling like a victim whenever you go out.

          • moop: getting cheated, talked down to, stereotyped (to your face),catcalls & giggles, being used, finer pointing and staring… why? cause you’re not chinese

            typingfromwork: “what the locals consider to be normal daily interactions” “At least meet your new surroundings half way if you want to be happy”


          • moop

            normal day interactions? the chinese even recognize what i’ve mentioned as an issue. i’ve lived here for years and my wife is chinese, i don’t really need you lecturing me on how to adapt to china.

  • Dennis

    This is great for economy. Much respect.

  • K

    With all the money spent, it looks like a tasteless, guady event and I bet that within the next 5 yrs and one kid later, its an unloving marriage anyway.

    • jiayi

      Bet that dude can’t believe his luck. He’ll be eating soft rice for a LONG time.

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  • KC Freels

    Wow, thought you guys were communists. Looks like you have the conspicuous consumerism down pat.

    Enjoy your revolution. It’s coming. Things were more equal under the KMT than the current version of the Chinese “Communist” Party

  • dim mak

    At least there aren’t any hipsters crying “99%” yet.

    That’s why China has historically been the richest civilization in the world: People admire money. Even when it’s not their money.

    • The Chinese are natural capitalists.

  • Foreign Devil

    I can tell the bride is thinking: “Fuck!” I have to marry this douchebag because he was the only elegible son of a super-rich associate my dad could find for me. It’s basically just a fucking business deal between my father and his. Fuck my life! “

    • typingfromwork

      “Oh well, just have ignore the huband and cruise around in these Ferraris while buying expensive gifts for my 小白脸. Life is so hard!”

  • candy

    well at least all that money gets sent into the economy rather than the man keeping it all to himself -_-“

    • moop

      please, please, please read a book

  • Avoid

    so much inequality is not good.

  • ChristianaShan

    well this is just too over… 70million is a figure i may not imagine in my whole life.

    • [email protected]

      What’s more, his net worth (the father) is around ten billion yuan. That is money that could feed practically every poor person in China for a very long time. How he managed to amass a personal wealth of that much money by working with a resource that a belongs to all Chinese, or at least to the mining industry proper, and especially if China still calls itself a communist country, is absolutely beyond me.
      Now this decadent wedding has spotlighted his fortune and seems a lot of people are talking about his business and his wealth needing to be investigated. Scary for him. But still not as scary as the groom’s hairstyle.

  • chengdude

    Get Wang Fei to sing at your daughter’s wedding and then I’ll be impressed.

    • mr. weiner

      He may be an overly permed wanker , but he does have a good voice.

  • Sunshine

    Why the fuck is it titled 群星演唱会?Can’t really tell from the photos alone that the concert took place on the same day/in the same place as the wedding.
    Either way, I’d be ashamed to death if I was the daughter.

  • Dogbert

    The groom looks like a worthless drunk. The bride looks like she is about to turn into a dragon lady. The bride’s father looks like he will be executed for corruption within 5 years. Losers with money are still losers.

  • Dogbert

    Li Yugang looks like a fag.

  • jiayi

    I expected it to be a lot prettier. More lights, ligers on leashes, silk drapes, diamonds in glasses etc. Not polo necks and shitey triangular flower displays floating on water. The groom didn’t even comb his hair! And the bride’s dress was a TRAINWRECK. SHUDDER!

  • Regina.

    And it still looks tacky.

    • Jonlene

      uh-huh,kind of

  • Spent all that money, but forgot to buy a decent shirt.

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  • Jay

    And it is still all about face,what a sad country.

  • Jonlene

    It is better to donate large amount of money to the charity than to extravagance and waste the money.

  • fairytale

    on one hand they have lots of money and if they want to spend some ‘bit’ on their wedding, so be it BUT the father should have thought really deeply-i mean this is not even 5 million, its 70!!!!-6,950,00 could have been used for charity with 500,000 or evem less to the wedding. what a waste!!!!