Shanxi Coal Mine Bosses, Extravagant Lifestyles


From Mop:

Coal bosses’ extravagant and wasteful lives — Hummer + buildings + pretty girls!

Shanxi Province is presently launching China’s largest ever industry reorganization action; involving over 2200 coal enterprises, with smaller coal enterprises being eliminated. The significance of this is that on the news in the future, it may be difficult to see Shanxi coal bosses throwing money around, buying luxury homes and expensive cars, as the coal boss exiting the historical stage has seemingly become a foregone conclusion.


Speaking of Shanxi coal bosses, people cannot help but think of their throwing money around, being extremely wealthy, driving Hummers, buying groups of buildings/houses, keeping mistresses…as “coal boss” and “money” has seemingly become synonymous.

An even more important reason they are in the public eye like this, aside from having money, are coal mine accidents, their short-sightedness and greed having also brought to society many negative effects, and causing the title of “coal boss” to be associated with heartless and bloody. “Seeking personal wealth, ignoring safety” because their most negative image.

Now that coal bosses will soon exit history’s stage, if only coal mine accidents can also never reappear.

The coal boss’s social status

Shanxi is rich because of coal, with tens of millions of wealthy individuals. According to industry insider estimates, Shanxi various “coal bosses” have approximately 300,000,000,000 yuan of assets. This image is an aerial photo showing houses in Los Angeles belonging to Shanxi coal bosses.


Coal bosses’ cars

According to incomplete statistics, the number of Bentleys, Hummers, Rolls Royces, and other high-end luxury cars in Shanxi Province has already surpassed 100. For a population of 33,000,000, with per capita GDP ranked fourth amongst the six provinces in central China, this type of density is rare.


Coal bosses buying houses

The media exposed a coal boss who went to Beijing and a 41 story residential building caught his fancy. So, he told the building sales department that he wants to buy all of the units with southern exposure, and he even paid all in cash.


Coal bosses’ dinner parties: at least 2 million yuan per year

For coal bosses, 5-6 people spending 7000-8000 yuan for a meal in Linfen Shanxi is very easy/common. “One ‘gan lao chi’, one ‘dun yan wo’, one highest-quality ‘bao yu’, and a bottle of good Western wine, will cost this much, even over this amount.” For many coal bosses, a dinner party like this generally takes place once every other day. In one year, spending 2 million yuan treating guests to meals is a common amount.


Coal bosses’ debauched lives

Perhaps “being warm and well fed leads to wanton lust”, some coal bosses keep mistresses. The majority of them all have their own mistresses or second wives, with some either openly or secretly having even four or five of them.


Coal bosses’ health

Many coal bosses all suffer from renal deficiency [too much sex = unhealthy kidneys]. In their homes, offices, and suitcases are often kidney supplements and medication. Coal boss “second wives” reveal that coal bosses often carry with them sexual potency drugs.

A long-time driver for a coal boss said: “Our boss always buys a bunch of supplements from the pharmacy, imported, domestic, everything you can expect. One time when he heard that a special sexual potency drug had arrived at the pharmacy, he actually pulled out 10,000 yuan cash and had me go bring back a box of the medicine.


Coal bosses education

A bureau chief for the Shanxi Daily News, after investigating the dozen coal-producing counties’ rich, came to a conclusion: Amongst all the various coal rich (not including those who became rich from coal but publicly work in other professions), the highest level of education is high school, the majority middle school, and there are even some who did not finish elementary school.


Coal bosses characters

Quickly becoming rich doesn’t mean the coal bosses can completely be reborn as a new person. Liu Wenqing, whose family is involved in the transportation of coal, often comes in contact with coal bosses, and in her eyes, their image is difficult to change. “Farmers will always be farmers, no matter how they are cleaned up it is no good”, she said with contempt, they are simply this kind of people “dressed in Pierre Cardin but still spitting anywhere they like, driving Rolls Royces yet still running red lights.” This image shows a coal boss arrested for drunk driving making dozens of calls to connections.


Coal bosses’ children

Because of this, coal bosses put all of their hopes for carrying forward the family’s status on their own children. Many coal bosses’ children, starting from elementary school, attend elite schools outside of Shanxi Province. This image shows the daughter of a coal boss attending a car show carrying a migrant worker tarp bag filled with cash.


Coal bosses weddings

120 table banquets, each table nearly 10,000 yuan; booking a four-star restaurant for two days and two nights while providing hotel stays for guests; over 400,000 yuan to purchase from Hong Kong all the expensive dishes; nearly 200,000 to airlift fresh flowers from Kunming, over 400 hotel staff working overtime 3 times to train for the wedding, inviting the famous CCTV host Bi Fujian to come witness and MC the wedding…2009 March 27, a 6 million yuan luxurious wedding was held in Quzhou, the wedding cost 6 million.


Comments from Mop:


A tribute to the dead coal miners!!!


What a cup


So they have money, what is the big deal. When you yourself have money, won’t you be just like them, with houses, second wives, good cars, who doesn’t want face?


I envy the rich!


Making a big fuss.
Only looking at Shanxi’s dark side, focusing on the small things, ignoring what’s important.
The amount Shanxi contributes to China every year,
how come you don’t talk about that?


Just live your own life well, others having money is their own business. Those without money are many, but they get by just fine too.


South Africa is called Blood Diamond.
Shanxi is called Blood Coal.

The lou zhu wants to investigate the cause of this rotten growth, criticize the inequality of society. You bunch of class-less people shouldn’t talk.
Carrying a bag of money I have seen, similar to that migrant worker bag, less than 25kg, not that heavy.

At the beginning of the opening and reform of China, there was a saying: “Let some get rich first”, which was said many years ago,
but just what kind of people have gotten rich?
What channels/methods did they get rich through?
What kind of effects have they had on the other ordinary citizen masses…?

I think this should be seriously looked back upon and  summed up,
There is an old saying: Lessons from the past not forgotten can guide us in the future.


This should be the LV bag, right? Too bad LV’s designer never saw China’s migrant worker plastic weave bags…coincidentally making a similar one…sigh, fashion, just what kind of nonsense is it…


When I become rich, I will definitely buy several Hummers, several BMWs, of course houses, and find 20+ girls.


How other people want to spend their money is their business. However, how they earned that money is too hei [questionable/unethical].


Where the money comes from is also important. If you created Windows and selling it made you the world’s richest man, no one will say anything. But if you treat workers’ lives like a trivial thing, only compensating a few tens of thousands per death, exploiting all the surplus value, you should choke on even a fast food meal.


If I were to suddenly have money, if you don’t let me spit, I will intentionally spit, but if you let me spit, I will refuse to spit. When I see a green light, I will intentionally not go, and when I see a red light, I will intentionally run it.


How other people who have money spend their money is their business~~do you expect the rich to all keep their money at home to look at daily?

Find your own Shanxi coal mine boss. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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