Shanzhai Drifter Drifts Small Changan Delivery Truck

Here is a video that was uploaded about two days ago. It shows a young man who drifts (漂移 = piao yi) with his small cargo delivery truck. Because it is a lousy Changan truck and not a fancy sports car, people say this is “shanzhai.” No matter what, he is very skilled and if you have watched the Japanese Initial D anime before, you will probably recognize the music in the video.


Video on Youku (faster load in China)

Comments from Youku:


This kind of car plus this kind of road and he can still play like this; niubi.


赞稀饭 Everything is good…
吐汗 Except it is not so good to the environment.
Very niu, hehe.


Drifting is not about how good the car is, but rather the driver’s skill. The video is not bad, very awesome. 赞赞赞


The bastard is really not bad, with this kind of car, tinkering by himself…I admire him.


Changan Automobile Headquarters
should specially make a Changan branded sports car for you.
You doing this has saved Changan a lot of advertising expenses.
I think if the Changan Automobile Company president were to see this
He should immediately contract you to be Changan’s spokesperson
I ding you


赞 If you ask me, he should show this video to some international movie company’s boss. I bet after seeing it they will find to film car stunts. With his skills driving a big fancy sports car, he will be invincible~! Foreign stunt men can all stand aside! If they do not accept, let them drive Changan and drift for me to see! Does everyone agree? 搞笑


Just wait, prepare for someone to come find you to make movies.


If you can drift, drift, there is no need to add shanzhai, because drifting is the common culture/phenomenon property of all humanity.


Go participate in WRC. This talented person is [otherwise] going to be wasted.


The whole thing is a real version of Initial D.


He so has a future…even able to drift this car…
And what more, the background music is the Initial D theme music…
Him driving in the WRC would be even more frightening…do not waste your talent here…


The drifting definitely is not bad! ~But it is 1:30am at night~and I see a lot of residence buildings around~so I do not know if those residents like watching you drift. 汗汗


So-called experts do not take a good car and drive it well, but take a cargo truck and drive it like…


If I was a director, I would find you to make movies, the Chinese version of Deathrace!!! 赞赞赞


Written by Fauna

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