Shanzhai Mobile Phone Resembles Cigarette Pack


From Tiexue:

Hehe, a friend from Shenzhen came back from a business trip, took out a packet of cigarettes, and held it before me. I habitually reached out to get a cigarette, but discovered that I could not pull out a cigarette,  that the cigarette box was also not the right color, and why was the cigarette holder so hard? Could he have purchased fake cigarettes? My friend laughed deviously, turned over the cigarette holder, and I was immediately flipped over in shock…This!!! This is the rumored cigarette box mobile phone!! In the past I had only seen pictures of it on the internet, and did not imagine I would today actually truly be fooled by it…*waterfall of sweat!

I will stop rambling, I took the phone, took pictures, and here are the pictures!!!

First look at the entire mobile phone.


Open the cover, and let you pull out a cigarette??? Haha…


Flip it over, shocked?? This was where I was fooled…


A close-up.


Open the mobile phone battery cover.


Remove the battery, look! It even has a network license! *Sweat!! “China Communication Equipment Limited Company”, isn’t that niu!!?


Another “China Communications Equipment Limited Company” close-up. Look at the text on the cigarette box.


Close-up after opening battery cover.


Look at the camera on the side, and it even says it supports mp3, mp4, it does not lack a single feature!! Playing music, the volume is even louder than my notebook!! Hehe!! MTK’s mobile phones are simply niu!


Indeed we must lament the vitality of black [fake] mobile phones and shanzhai mobile phones. Do you know why? Because of the designer’s creativity! They surpasses the real mobile phones who “stick to the rules” too much, and are extremely rich in creative vitality! This is the reason behind their vitality. Only unfortunately, these black mobile phones and shanzhai mobile phones basically do not have any post-sale service. These talented designers have buried by our “rules” and “regulations”. Do you know what is lacking the most in the 21st century? — Human talent. However, does China have very little human talent? — No, it actually has many. So why do we still lack?

Comments from Tiexue:


Too impressive…

Shanzhai is awesome, with ideas and creativity…


Wow, not bad, I also want one, where is it sold? Very shocking.


First time seeing this! ~~~Why did they not use the Nanjing 9-5 Emperor cigarette box??? ~~~


Hehe, Chinese people’s imaginations are truly abundant, this is too talented. If we could all think of a way to kill little Japan without getting blood on our face, it would feel even more satisfying.


China’s ideas and inspirations are all on these kind of things, just like in the past using gunpowder to make firecrackers, all wasted on things without a point.


China now has this many talented people, able to think of this many ideas. If these were instead used on the development of national defense science and technology, then America, Japan, who would be our match?


It should be produced on a large scale, though the quality must be tested.


Make some more, resist Japanese products!


Actually those shanzhai people all are pretty talented but only unable to be exploited! Hopefully they can join together to set up a China shanzhai group so domestic products can carry on and expand!


It would be even better if they can make it look like the national flag, and the ring tone would be the national anthem, singing motherland, love my China, etc. How interesting/amusing it would  for all of us to walk on the streets, all carrying a small red flag as our phones Probably a lot of fenqing would like it, and gifting it to the older generation would also be pretty suitable. Only I do not know if it is illegal?

Comments from Mop:


Not bad, and what more, the space between the battery and external shell can actually hold 6-7 real cigarettes. Pretty good.


Amusing, the issue the lou zhu raised is also worth considering.


Powerful shanzhai…the moment they can make the quality good, they will be invincible…


How can this be called shanzhai? This is innovation!


China even has designers with this level of talent? How uncommon.


I await the cao ni ma mobile phone.


Shanzhai is so strong, continue working hard, and create a mobile phone with even more appeal!!


Not bad, very creative…
I like…

But I definitely would not use it..! Too shocking..


China has many creative people, but unfortunately they have all been overlooked/buried. Too bad, too bad.


Hehe, innovative ability everyone has, but indeed many times it has been neglected. This is one of the important reasons why I browse Mop, because I have discovered here that innovation is developed thoroughly.

Shanzhai has become very popular in China because many people are just curious to see what how well/accurate anything can be copied. Many shanzhai products also clearly promote that they are shanzhai. Is this also a type of creativity or innovation?

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  • angmocummer



    How to get that phone? Alibaba?

  • pug_ster

    I would like to get a phone like that.

  • Celkian

    Does it seem like an advertisement to anyone else?

  • fireworks

    for hardcore smokers.

  • ^_^

    I want a credit card that doubles as a flick knife.

    Where can I get that?

    Waiter turns up ‘500 kwai. xie xie’.


    No more waiter.


  • John

    Lame…just re-enforces the smoking culture here. Pretty soon China will turn into a gynecocracy since all the guys will have die out from lung cancer.

  • F

    I’m so happy to see an article where people are proud, because it seems like in most of them they are ragingly furious at everyone and everything.
    The design seems so cute to me.

  • krdr

    I like it! I must ask friends to send me one of these!

  • That shit will smoke your China Mobile minutes like a mofo. Mama, I want one.

  • laowai22

    Wow, I can’t believe Chinese people think this is innovative! Regardless of how cool you think it is, they are copying another company’s design.

    Notice they took time to misspell each English word on the phone – even the MP3 and MP4 are incorrect.

    (still, if I smoked I’d probably want one haha)

    • mike

      they probably misspelled things on purpose as a means of protection from lawsuits..?

  • Coppice



    In visual form, yes; in words, no.

    Someone translate ‘bead of perspiration’ into Chinese, and tell the netizens that if they must say anything, they ought to say that.

    Actually, it proabably makes more sense the other way around: “Fauna? yes, is that Fauna? yeh great, I want you to replace ‘sweat’ with the less repugnant: ‘bead of perspiration’…yeh…oh right…great, ok…oh, is that so?…well then, thanks for nothing”
    *hang up my pack of cigarettes in disgust*
    “what a bit-“

    • Kai

      LoL, yeah, it doesn’t translate well, and even in Chinese, the idea of verbally or textually expressing a bead of perspiration is pretty awkward. They’d do better to just throw up some kind of emoticon.

  • skeptical

    Wow, some more than usually dumb comments from the Chinese netizens. That’s creative? Impressive? Nui? If the talents that came up with the brilliant idea of making a phone look like a packet of cigarettes turned their epic brainpower to other fields, China could rule the world? Don’t make me laugh. No, in fact, why don’t you get them working on the Chinese space programme, I’m sure they’ll be a real asset. After all, they’ve taken off-the-shelf, absolutely mainstream technology that was developed somewhere else, shoehorned it into a box that looks like a packet of cigarettes. Fire, the wheel, the printing press, electricity…..and then….this

    • I think what he means is that china is not lacking in creativity and talent, but that the institutions in place, specifically the restrictive government, are hampering the progress of the chinese people. The government as it is has served its use and should be disposed of in favor of something modern.

      @zuggy pop “These things are old news. Welcome to 2007, folks :)” — FAIL LOL!!!

  • zuggy pop

    These things are old news. Welcome to 2007, folks :)

    I bought one in HK ages ago. They’re fragile, and worth a short laugh.

  • Lao Bai Xing

    Can’t you correct the spelling of the product? It not only makes look Shanzhai, but it looks more like lead painted toy for adults. Silly morons!!

    @zuggy pop: I don’t know where are you mate? it’s 2009!I think you’ve got Shanzhai Calendar with year errors :p

    • La Seconda Babele

      zuggy pop is right. I was in Guangzhou beginning of 2008 and this stuff was pretty common. Packets of cigarettes, toy cars, Pucca heads and what not.

      I just wished shanzai culture would put back on the market those old nokias, they could pick up signal 2 floors underground.

  • skeptical

    “I think what he means is that china is not lacking in creativity and talent”

    What, as evidenced by the creation of a mobile phone that looks like a packet of cigarettes? Oh, right, I totally get your point. Supreme creativity and talent on show here.

    • Kai

      While I think a lot of the “enthusiasm” is just people being amused, the “creativity and talent” lies in repurposing something. Think of the hardcore geeks who transform or repackage their computer tower into some other shape or form. The idea is similar, taking one thing and representing it as another. The creativity lies in having the “what if” idea and the talent to make it happen. Points are accorded to how unconventional the “what if” idea is and how well it is eventually executed. It is one thing to say “I wonder what a cell phone in a cigarette pack would look like” and then actually making a fully-functional (with lots of the usual features) cell phone that looks like a pack of cigarettes and can even fool some people.

      There’s bad shanzhai intended to defraud people, and then there’s this new shanzhai movement in China where people are just incredibly curious and amused with how far it can go in terms of audaciousness and similitude. As the post describes, many of these products even wear their shanzhai status proudly because it has become something of a novel marketing point.

      • skeptical

        Wow, I guess we use a very different yardstick to measure creativity, then.

  • baijiansi

    That’s “niu”, “innovative” and “impressive”?


    Seems easy to impress Chinese netizens as long as your crap, er, product is made in China by Chinese.

    Cheap design, stolen technology, misspelled pinyin, disrespect of intellectual property, these are the main features of Chinese design. Creativity is definitely not (yet) China’s forte.

  • krdr

    50 years ago, people thought that Japanese just copy western products and that they are unable to invent anything.

    • baijiansi

      Hence the “yet” in my post.

      I sincerely think that it’s the education system that sucks all creativity out of the Chinese minds, that and the one-party rule that prevents people from debating and exchanging contradicting views.

      • baijiansi

        What i want to say is that the Chinese are not born uncreative, they are molded by ruthlessly harmonizing institutions.

        Change the system to allow more debates and exchanges of point of views, we’ll see within a generation the full extent of China’s creativity.

        Abibas, Nuke, Conserve, Pamu, Koppa, these are China’s famous brands for the moment. That must change for China’s sake.

        Zhongguo jiayou!

  • laowai

    I bought a 10kuai phone exactly like that 6 years ago (for the house not a cell) so the idea is so not new.

    Meaning that he didn’t need creativity but simply a 1st year of industrial engineering. SO NOT IMPRESSIVE.

    LAME chinese copyativity!

  • laowai

    further more…

    Please CHINA stop looking at one good thing and assuming it represent everyone…

    if you want to make a good assumption on these kind of things just do a percentage (%).

    now divide the amount of creative ppl by 1.5billion, and you get the least creative ratio in the world!

    Enjoy the dream!!!

  • HAHAHAH, I can see the ads now. “For the guy who wants to make his friends think he’s lost his f*cking mind and is talking to a pack of cigarettes, its the ciggy butt phone”. If I ever get taken to court, I’m gonna spend the whole trial chatting on this thing. Would make me a shoe in for the insanity defense.

  • I love that one… Big up china !!!

  • Akter

    It looks in the field of techonology, innovation and creativity China is ahead of the rest of the world. China is producing tomorrows techonology today. It looks really and truly existing super power will soon be superseded which will be better for world peace.To supress emerging superpower may create a rivelary problem that may lead to nusty and hostile reaction that may destablise the whole world.

    • Coppice

      Lol, what is that, a subtle threat?: Keep China down and China PUTS YOU DOWN!

      As for leading the world in terms of technology, not quite yet, no idea how you came to that conclusion. Though perhaps you are right in terms of novelty mobile phones…

  • ray

    The Japanese used to do similar things with transistor radios in the 1960s. Innovation? Perhaps all that time being cut off from the rest of the world means that China missed all those innovations of last century and has to experience them in this century!

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