Shanzhai N-kia E68 Mobile Phone, Chinese Netizen Reactions

N-kia E68, a shanzhai Nokia mobile phone created in China.

N-kia E68, a shanzhai Nokia mobile phone created in China.

The following has been spreading on Kaixin001:

On YouTube:

Comments from Tudou:


This is something everyone needs to be clear on:
If tax is paid, it is called “development”. If tax is not paid, then it is called “shanzhai“.
If the government allows it, it is called archeology. If it is private people, then it is called grave robbing.


One thing must be said, China’s shanzhai companies have now created too much shanzhai,
even creating an economy.
Some shanzhai products are even no worse than name brand products.
Shanzhai products are mighty. Don’t know if we should feel regret or what.


Actually, its pretty good, only thing is we don’t know what [mobile operating] system it is.


This kind of skill and creativity is very NB, and if it were used on Chinese products, then it would be legitimate!


The word “create” has always been very profound, and is not something [that happens] overnight. Take it slow, the people on this piece of land do not lack intelligence, it’s just that other people’s industry have had a lead for several centuries. Remember that China’s ordinary common people have only enjoyed prosperity just recently…Ming~Qing~invaded~war~victory~New China~Cultural Revolution (set back 10 years)~around 20 years of bleakness afterwards~up until Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour~the establishment of the first special economic zone. About 50 years, it hasn’t been easy. To the older generation, it is truly a miracle. No matter whether it is shanzhai or not, as long as it is made domestically, it needs our countrymen’s support. Don’t those studying the fine arts have a saying? “Everything starts from a copy!”


Our countrymen’s ability to copy is something the entire world recognizes, but it is our ability to innovate that needs to be improved~


Forget shanzhai, open your niubi name brand electronics and see if it says it was made in China.


If shanzhai is combined with a popular [operating] system, then it would definitely be invincible.


Sometimes shanzhai is also a kind of culture. – –

起个屁名 真烦:

Because [we] do not have a culture of independent innovation, we can only shamelessly say that shanzhai is also culture. Sad countrymen, not having innovation is okay, but when there is no integrity left in even one’s bones, then that is truly sad.


This shanzhai I like…so cool…


China only knows how to copy, not create.

ch-naSMACK p-rsonals.


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