Shaolin Temple’s “Foreign Disciples” Make Pilgrimage

US Shaolin Fist Union students paying their respects to Abbot Shi Yongxin on a pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple in China.

From ifeng & NetEase:

Shaolin Temple’s “foreign disciples” make a pilgrimage

July 3rd, Shaolin Temple Abbot Master Shi Yongxin issues a wushu [martial arts] certificate to the United States Shaolin Fist Union’s students. That day, the US Shaolin Fist Union’s 138 students came to Henan’s Songshan Shaolin Temple on a pilgrimage, and put on a performance together with the Shaolin warrior monks for Chinese and foreign tourists.

A US Shaolin Fist Union student pays his respects to Abbot Shi Yongxin during a pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple in China.

US Shaolin Fist Union student pays his respects to the Shaolin master.

Shaolin Temple Abbot Shi Yongxin presents a gift to the US Shaolin Fist Union.

Shaolin Temple Abbot Master Shi Yongxin representing the Shaolin Temple presents a Bodhidharma statue as a gift to the US Shaolin Fist Union.

US Shaolin Fist students kowtow to Abbot Shi Yongxin of the Shaolin Temple during their visit.

US Shaolin Fist Union students kowtow.

US Shaolin Fist Union students perform kung fu martial arts.

US Shaolin Fist Union students perform for tourists.

Warrior monks of the Shaolin Temple put on a performance for tourists.

Shaolin Temple disciples perform Shaolin kung fu for Chinese and foreign tourists.

Comments from NetEase:


[Shi] Yongxin this guy, with his fat head, is no good.


Are there any really intelligent foreign female disciples! Abbot [Shi Yongxin] wants to share Buddhist teachings with her!!!

[To understand many of these comments, see: Shaolin Temple Abbot Shi Yongxin Caught Visiting Prostitutes]


The Shaolin Temple is no longer that Shaolin Temple, [you are thinking of], but your boss is still your boss.


Blessing women who have gone astray [morally, such as prostitutes]~~ is our glorious mission~~


Once again I’m reminded of the Shaolin #1 Kung Fu/Warrior Monk Yi Long 2 round KO by American police video…hehe. [See video below.]


The vast majority of Americans should be Christians, right? How can they enter temples/monasteries and engage in Buddhist ceremonies while the Christians here draw such clear boundaries, where even Chevrolets are boycotted because they have the character Buddha in its Chinese name?


They don’t need to go to work??? Don’t need to make money?? [Instead, they] come to learn martial arts?? Must be foreign spies…China’s quintessence has all been stolen…


Eating only vegetables shouldn’t result in becoming fat like this, right? [Referring to head Abbot Shi Yongxin and that Shaolin monks supposedly are vegetarians.]


1. What they are teaching is not real kung fu: Does Shaolin have real kung fu?
2. What they are teaching is real kung fu: Fuck, Shi Yongxin fucking just like that you hand over the essence of our country to foreigners, how are your ancestors supposed to endure [such a betrayal/shame]]???


Having cheated/deceived both the Chinese and laowai.


Everyone is spouting idle words. Instead, go human flesh search that American guy, he may just be an “extra” [someone who plays a minor unimportant role]…


The look on the very left monk in the first photo, and in the last photo of the martial arts [wushu] performance, all of their punching forms are different, sigh… Shaolin, Shaolin, the dream of how many people…is now just a pile of shit.


Those who have seen the martial arts [wushu] programs on television already know that Chinese wushu in actual combat is just a flurry of pushing and shoving. Recommend that Chinese wushu be categorized as a dance.


Abbot Shi, how much do your pockets bulge now? Go IPO on the American stock market, China has faith that you are invincible [will not fail].


Recently the CEO [Monk, Shi Yongxin] has been quite low-key eh~ haven’t been anything with society’s lost women [women who have gone astray, taken a false step in life]?

“Shaolin #1 Warrior Monk” Yi Long vs. American Adrien Grotte

This video is from the end of last year. The fighting begins after the first 6 minutes. Some more information can be found in this People’s Daily article.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

What do you think of the Shaolin Temple? Of Shaolin kung fu? Of the Shaolin Temple’s current direction?

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  • travismurphy

    everybody loves kung fu fighting! dun dun dund udn dun dund dun…. sofa!@

  • I saw this movie before; it’s only worth it for the five minutes Jackie Chan shows up and does his baozi kung-fu.

  • White men bowing before a Chinese man — King George’s portrait must be hanging behind a curtain somewhere unseen.

    • donscarletti

      White man knows how to praise a Rajah, give him a long and impressive title, a 15 gun salute, a flattering letter from Empress Victoria then tax the fuck out of his subjects.

  • BlackSugarDaddy


  • Justin

    Where did they find these chodes? They look like Teamsters.

    • geez, haven’t you seen China’s crowning cultural export, “Kung Fu Panda”? Po (破?) is a just fat face that eats, at least these guys have knees to bend.

    • they are monks of the order of Roy “Big Country” Nelson; training begins every day at the crack of noon with a six-pack and a “Dukes of Hazzard” mini-thon

    • These guys are the sequel to “Kung Fu Panda”, called “Kung Pao chicken”.

    • Alikese

      I didn’t know that Hacksaw Jim Duggan was a Shaolin monk.

      • Justin

        Ha, good one. That takes me back. The good ol’ WWF. Finding out wrasslin’ was fake was probably more devastating than learning the truth about Santa Claus or Jesus. RIP Macho Man. Ohhhh….no :(

        • Ol’ Hacksaw was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at the most recent Wrestlemania. Though looking a little older and seasoned, it was the same Hacksaw that came out on stage. He wore a tuxedo. He also carried a 2×4 with him. His 2×4 also had a box tie on it.

          My old friend: Ho. Ho, indeed.

  • Visitor

    Can’t you morons find anything positive in this. What a bunch of arseholes.

    • Justin

      Last I checked this was called ChinaSmack, which implies talking smack. You’re looking for ChinaPolite. So if you don’t have something rude and immature to say, then don’t say anything at all.

      • 不是不是!我选“SMACK”的时候不是这原因!

        • Justin

          好的。 是什么原因? 这个“SMACK”是什么意思? Smack也是heroin的意思。是你的初衷。对不对?

          • 不是,你们怎么想的那么歪阿?“SMACK”的意思就是像被雷倒的意思啊!怎么会是毒品呢?

          • PeterScriabin

            @Fauna July 12, 2011 7:16 pm: (if) I understand you correctly, then the name you wanted might be ChinaStruck (where “struck” is as in love-struck, dumb-struck, thunder-struck, etc.).

            FWIW, I too had always assumed “ChinaSmack” meant smack-talk. “Smack” smacks of racy, sensationalist material (if you will allow a pun).

            I don’t think you will find any English-speaker who would understand “smack” as “被雷倒”, though I suppose “ChinaSmacked” might have got people onto your train of thought.

        • fouManChu

          Huh? Now I am confused. I thought like Justin. So what does the smack mean? Kissy kissy smack smack? Gee the endless parade head bashed in puppy roasted alive, red weasel head bashed in, shaolin monk head bashed in, brother police flower lying in gutter head bashed in by naked ass dark auntie pedicab driver (I liked that story the best btw -golden epic) stories doesn’t give this foreigner the idea the smack in the title is about love. Is it some inside joke only people with 5000 year culture can understand?

          • 你这种口气是什么意思啊?有时候谦虚点不会死吧?不能总从你自己的角度去看东西。你那么喜欢一口气就去侮辱别人你觉得人家会很乐意的回答你吗?

        • donscarletti



        • mlgb

          哈哈,我也以为是talk smack on China,或者是为了让那些上瘾中国互联网的人过来过过瘾 :-)

        • mlgb



      • monyxie

        Got it. It is ChinaHeroin not ChinaSmack that interests Justin.

  • wangjian008

    If you have seen the monks,nuns,priests, imams together singing Red Song, you will believe there is actually only one religion in mainland China—-the communism! Chinese kongfu has lost its very spirit since Bruce Lee. You can imagine that if Bruce Lee had been grown up in mainland China, there would be no Bruce Lee! Or Bruce Lee would be a dissident, like Mr. Gao Zhicheng, now probably he is in a jail to serve his long or endless sentence! So you should understand that there is no moderation between Traditional Chinese Culture and Communism!

  • 平凡人

    Buddhism is a philosphy, teachings of the buddha tell us the cause of suffering and the way of life; to follow is tough, needless to say about achieving nirvana / enlightenment. Shaolin “kung fu” is meant for developing a strong body, a form of exercise. It should never be seen as a formidable martial art. I wonder if those foreigners learned the teachings of buddha which should, primarily be what is to be taught in Shaolin unless the temple has gone commercialized. BTW, the monk’s back thrust (kick) is dreadful, opening up to himself; he was lucky his opponent did not counter it.

    • Basic counter: down-right-fierce. Wins everytime.

    • Kong

      You’re a bit mistaken. Shaolin kungfu is practiced for many reasons, and not all of them are ring fighting. This is correct. To suggest, however, that shaolin kungfu is not meant as a formidable martial art is incorrect. It’s about how you train. If you’re going to fight in a ring match, you train for that. It doesn’t matter what martial art you practice (unless it a restrictive martial art like aikido). I’ve seen plenty of fighters better than this 一龙. He is just a hot-headed upstart who hasn’t faced enough strong opponents to make him fix his technique.


      Chinese martial arts are plenty formidable in the ring, you just have to go outside China to find them. There are Chinese MA stylists inside China who are fantastic, but they simply do not train for the ring.

      • 平凡人

        I said “it should never be seen”, which means do not get the impression if someone learn Shaolin kungfu, he is formidable. You are right to say that it depends on how the person is trained. I do not doubt shaolin kungfu.

    • anon

      I’m suddenly having Karate Kid flashbacks.

  • aok

    Real Shaolin Kungfu Knowledge died over 100yrs ago. The Temple was burned down, and monks slaughtered, by the govt.

    What is Shaolin today, is just a Tourist attraction. Not the real deal.

    Its doubtful that even 1/100th of the true Shaolin knowledge exists today. Surely they cant even fight properly, which is the greatest shame to China’s historical martial arts history.

    I know guys in other Chinese styles that would have mopped the floor with that dude with a single hand.

    Shaolin is not supposed to look like Muay Thai or Kickboxing.
    Has low stances w/ deep longfist attacks, traps / tricks, grappling, throwing, iron conditioning, internal power, and much more.

    This guy cant even land a spinning kick.
    Such a Shame.

    • pepsi

      that is so true, the communist government took away so much much of the traditional chinese culture that made the chinese civilisation great, then burnt it to the ground. You looks at chinese society now, much of the great philosophy and teaching from the past don’t exist at all. While nations such as Korean and Japan who the chinese introducecd those good philosophies to, kept alot of it alive. For example, take a look at look at the japan tsunami this year, just how well the japanese public handled the situation. if that happened in china, all of the stores would’ve been looted in less than a day.

      • Kong

        To be fair, most Japanese 1) have absolute faith in government and 2) were not told the gravity of the situation until much later.

        • Ray

          I wonder can anyone ever have faith in the Chinese government?

          Do people living in China for all their lives have faith in them?

          • Kong

            Of all the China Chinese I know, I generally see 4 kinds of people. 1) no faith, 2) no choice but faith, 3) faith, but wish things would go differently, 4) apathy. Most people I met in urban areas exhibited extremely low specific support, but moderate to high diffuse support.

            specific support: short-term, decision/policy
            diffuse support: long-term, value/direction

      • anon

        I don’t think the Japanese public reaction to the tsunami had anything to do with Chinese traditional “good philosophies” that you claim somehow remained intact in Japan but not in China over the years. How many of the Japanese reacted was very much modern education and conditioning. That was a bad example.

  • Li RuiKe

    In response to the quote above:
    “The vast majority of Americans should be Christians, right? How can they enter temples/monasteries and engage in Buddhist ceremonies while the Christians here draw such clear boundaries, where even Chevrolets are boycotted because they have the character Buddha in its Chinese name?”
    1.) Maybe one third of Americans are serious Christians. The rest are either say they don’t believe in Jesus Christ or live just live that way. If the vast majority of Americans were Christian, they wouldn’t have elected an anti-Christian president.
    2.) Christians are free to enter any other places of worship because they know that those places are just dead, empty buildings with dead, empty people. A temple is no different than a bank. At least in a temple, people are concerned about their souls, rather than just loving money, which is the root of all evil.
    3.) Trained kung fu fighters are very likely not Christians, since Jesus taught loving enemies and turning the other cheek when you are hit, not fighting back. A follower of Jesus obeys his words and example.
    4.) Christians should not “draw clear boundaries” because that’s a form of works. We can never earn salvation. And Jesus taught us not to judge other people.
    5.) Boycotting products has no relationship whatsoever to faith in Jesus Christ.
    Just trying to set some facts straight.
    More importantly, these stupid Americans should have done their research before they embarrassed themselves by bowing to a fake leader who uses donated money to pay whores for sex.

    • donscarletti

      If you want to respond, go to that forum and reply to the original poster.

      Anyway, even if the bulk of Americans were Christians, an acceptable answer is “well, these ones probably aren’t”.

      Oh, anti-christian president? Not sure which one you mean, the current president’s church is pretty famous, I am sure you would have heard of the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright (if you’re ever in Chicago TIM, stop on by). What’s with Americans throwing labels like that around so quickly anyway.

      • Li RuiKe

        The old saying goes, “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger.” But that implies someone is attending church. In “Christian” nations, politicians often exploit big churches to raise support.
        You said famous, but you meant infamous, right? Being labeled “racist” doesn’t make you famous.
        The current president has been a Muslim since the 4th grade, when he was living in Indonesia.

        • angryman

          Proof or you’re a mouth-breathing, Fox news watching troll.

          • Li RuiKe

            Ok, I wasn’t there with him with my video camera rolling. But 25 million hits on Google with stories by a wide variety of reputable sources should suffice.
            But I imagine you have your fingers in your ears and your eyes pinched shut and you’re shouting, “La la la la! I can’t hear you.”
            How about some counter evidence?

          • Jones

            Common sense. There’s your counter-evidence.

            During his campaign, Obama stated that he is Christian, not Muslim. I doubt anyone knows his religious beliefs any more than he himself does. The end.

          • anon

            I’ve noticed a lot of Christian (especially Chinese-American Christians) tend to believe any ridiculous rumor that gets forwarded to their email boxes.

          • Just John

            anon, I would say that this is one of the stupidest comments you have ever made.

            A lot of Christians? Believe what? In what box?

            First, please show some sort of evidence of this.

            Second, please then do a cross study of technologically unenlightened who do this.

            Then please do your study of technically enlightened Christians vs. technically unenlightened Christians who follow this observed behavior.

            Then please pull this stick out of your posterior so maybe you will quit classifying a group as exhibiting x behavior when it “clearly ain’t true”….

            Now, I have no more time for you, I need to work with this African prince so I can get all my money.

          • anon

            Um, please show me some evidence for how that was one of the stupidest comments I have ever made?

            I’m not sure if I should take you seriously given your last comment because it could be interpreted to mean the preceding part of your comment was actually in agreement with me but if you’re actually serious, I’ll just have to ask:

            What did I say? I said I personally have noticed something. How can a personal observation that isn’t overgeneralized be that stupid? I don’t say all or even most Christians. But to give you an example (and one that isn’t even the most outlandish or outrageous of conspiracy theories or bald-faced hate-mongering):

            I happen to know a lot of Christians, some more hardcore than others. Almost all of them are generally decent people with their good and their faults too. They’re human. But I HAVE noticed that a lot of them tend to believe a lot of the ridiculous rumors that get forwarded to them by other Christians which they then forward to me somewhat believing that they’re enlightening me to some truth. I often just ignore these email forwards but I’ve read some of them, and if you’re looking for evidence, I’ll tell you now not to look there! Sophistry with a Christian ideological angle is still sophistry.

        • Alikese

          Oh look everybody, it’s a Freeper out in the wild, scared about being out of his natural element. Everybody watch as he makes himself look stupid.

          Just out of curiosity, if Obama is a secret Muslim what is his endgame? He’s been in office for 3 years, he kept Guantanamo open, continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and started an offensive maneuver in Libya, if he’s planning on starting a Muslim caliphate he’s playing a very confusing long con.

          • Li RuiKe

            Could you be any more extreme?

          • It’s obvious: Obama is only president so that he can steal the “Heart of Gold”, to be manufactured in the near future. No telling where his second head is; Hawaii?

        • Jones

          Hey, check it out, Michele Bachmann reads ChinaSMACK.

        • donscarletti

          I was preparing to hear some theology about why Obama or Bush or whoever is supposedly not a christian, some doctrinal grounds about something that he professes to believe that you don’t bevel or some remarks or actions in his personal ground that contradict his purported faith. But no, just some idiotic theory that is pretty well contradicted by every action Obama has made towards the Islamic world since taking office.

    • Jones

      Did we hold a new election that I wasn’t informed of? Who’s our new anti-Christian president?

      • Justin

        The Tea-baggers and the birthers don’t think that he is anti-Christian so much as they think he is the anti-Christ/Nazi/Communist/Secret Muslim/Insert random slander here.
        I just think he’s another shitty politician who says one thing and then does the other just like all the rest of those slick-talking bastards with one hand on the button and the other in your pocket.

  • Jack

    Everybody is kung fu fighting.

  • eattot

    should just teach them shit! they do not deserve this.
    stupid bald donkey!

  • mp

    Grasshopper: Master, how is it that you can hear the sound?
    Master Po: Grasshopper, how is it that you cannot?
    Grasshopper: I see the wisdom of it all. I must pilgrimage to the Shaolin monastery in China.
    Master Po? What can the disciple do there that he cannot do in the Wild West?
    Grasshopper: Teach English and meet cute Chinese girls?
    Master Po: Where is my stick?

  • shoalin guy got his ass handed to him

    • anon

      You think so? I thought it was a little anticlimactic, especially in replay. It honestly looked a little like him running into the other guy’s fist and just falling down. Before that, they seemed to just be trading blows with neither guy seeming to be dominating the other. I admit I don’t know the rules or follow the sport, but I also felt the other guy was declared the winner quite quickly. It didn’t feel very decisive, but more like random chance.

  • Kong

    Everyone here is missing a vital component that really wouldn’t be caught unless you’re familiar with it. These 老外 belong to a group called “United Studios of Self-Defense” (not “Shaolin Fist Union”, I’m not sure why they wrote that). What these people do is only tangentially related to Shaolin MA. Most importantly, they are ALSO a scam organization.

    What did one scam organization say to another scam organization? You look so legit!

    Scammer cannot recognize scammers, because they look the same.

  • Rod

    Looks like Mr. Monk Man hasn’t been eating enough bananas lately.



    Banana Split

  • Jones

    You could hear the pride and ego tank in that room when the monk went down.

    • anon

      Interestingly, I saw the pride and ego swell from all the American spectators. The camera focused on quite a few Chinese people in the audience during the run-up to the fight but if you look closely around them, most of the audience were white Americans. When Yi Long loss, don’t let the single shot of a stunned Chinese guy turn you deaf to the wild whooping and hollering (especially of a woman) in the background from the rest of the audience. Guess it depends on what you want to be true, right?

      Ultimately, these sort of match-ups in any fighting sport are always designed to tickle base nationalistic tendencies. It sells.

  • FYIADragoon

    That one commentator put it the best:

    “Recommend that Chinese wushu be categorized as a dance.” Even in actual tests performed on various arts, forms of wushu typically score low in physical force. Its more visual than any actual damage.

  • Alikese

    Whenever I think about kung fu I can’t stop myself from doing the sarcastic wanking gesture. Some “mystical art of harnessing qi and using the hidden-crane style of…” there I go I’m doing the sarcastic wanking gesture again.

    Kung fu is some lame mixture of dance, philosophy and martial arts, like capoeira, that white guys with pony tails that are named Taylor and are from Vancouver do because they think it makes them mystical. It’s been so entwined with romantic stories that the people themselves believe their own bullshit.

    • Kong

      Yea, it’s so easy to judge things when you have no actual experience with them. It’s really too bad that you get that impression from kungfu, but it’s not your fault. I blame the movies.

  • B-real

    I love how Chinese denies their falling worriors like men deny illegitimate children.

  • “Jackie Chan Carves Statue Out Of Own Vomit”

    Where’s Number 5 Guy? Surely he has the most unbreakable kung-fu? Extra bad luck if you’re wearing a bikini…

  • Song of the Article

    The Legend of Pai Mei
    -from Kill Bill vol 2

    5 fingers…..
    5 mao!

  • One of those guys looks like Mark Zuckerberg.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Look at the abbots face, does any1 get that feeling that:

    That mother fckr is a GOV’T OFFICIAL !!!

  • Anonanon

    Shaolin Kung Fu: Devoting your entire life to living in a temple and dance fighting while knowing a sophomore wrestler or 17 year old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu white belt can put you to sleep.

    • aok

      The Original Shaolin included wrestling, grappling, and much more. A Real traditionally trained Shaolin trained warrior would destroy the best MMA fighters in every way.

      Typical MMA is filled with “Pros” who cant even throw a kick without nearly falling over.

      Also, MMA has no weapons training, nor does it have an answer for multiples.

      Go check youtube for a video of two boys on the ground… and the mother of the bottom boy comes over and kicks the top kids neck/head… knocking him out cold. Thats REAL fighting. Not TV BULL CRAP.

      To date, Ive KO’d 3 grapplers who TRIED to take me down…
      using Chinese martial arts techniques. These 3 were all blackbelt Jujitsu fighters.

      • Anonanon

        I didn’t say anything about MMA….

        Baseless assumptions, man. Back to your cage.

      • “These 3 were all blackbelt Jujitsu fighters.”

        And they was ninjas.
        And they was about to gang rape an unborn baby.
        And they had dynamite-rape-tentacles where their hands was supposed to be.

        Man, they must have dropped a lot of coins.

  • There’s this guy that came along and revolutionized the entire world of martial arts. He changed everything, he opened up “kung fu” to the world, he rightfully abolished the ideas of “which style is best”, he trounced upon outdated ways of thinking and martial arts was never the same.

    He died about 30 years ago. He was Chinese. And to this day, Chinese don’t even realize what he has accomplished. There’s even a jerk actually named Wang Feihong who’s a shanzhai version of him. Apparently the 70’s haven’t caught up with china yet.

    Bruce Lee was the father of MMA, and you can see this in the opening shot of “Enter the Dragon” when he defeats Sammo Hung with an ARM BAR. Yep, MMA is usually sweaty guys hugging each other, but they are fighting. They are advancing the art, and science if you will, of martial arts.

    Shaolin has a place in martial arts: it’s called history. Doing the splits and one-finger pushups are awesome for the stage shows, but it’s relevance in everything else – a spiritual center, a knowledge center, a martial arts center has diminished.

    Now that Yao Ming has retired, the next big thing would be a MMA guy who can break into the UFC to break open the chinese market. But for that to happen, you need a guy who can actually fight, and all the champions in china are fighters who have defeated “straw dog” japanese and thai fighters

    What a let down from all the awesome movies. I think I’ll pop in “kids from Shaolin” for old times sake…

  • Cleo

    Where are the black guys? Throughout the decades, every time there has been a clip about foreigners at Shao Lin, there have been black guys.

    Highly recommended: Treach’s Love and a Bullet movie with perfect martial arts performed by black guys.

  • fangyao

    shaolin shaolin
    the monk said : “oh money comes to me”

  • ALX

    The shaolin fist thing comes from the chinese characters on those guys’ shirts.

    notice on a couple of those pics…what are those guys wearing on their wrists? Is that a power balance holographic wristband? Holy shit it’s a scam within a scam within a scam!

    oh and on the last pic the guy on the right is totally like “huh? am i doing the right thing?”

  • masaru

    not the same shaolin the WUTANG CLAN rep

  • Willy Wonka

    The monk is not smiling. They don’t accept foreigners as their own and reluctantly doing so obviously doesn’t sit well.
    In America we have to or we’re racist and could lose everything. In that sense China might have more freedom than we do.

  • Lover of Kung Fu

    Willy Wonka and to all other Chinese on this wall posting:

    With all due love & respect, I trained in Chinese kung fu and loved my sifu very much, he was like a father to me when I gained his trust.. There are many of us that are foreigners I happen to be Hispanic that fell in love with Chinese Kung fu since the age of 5 and began training in it..

    By your comment my heart was a bit troubled as I would never think of doing anything to shame the Chinese Martial Arts and the culture it comes from.. Are you saying and please forgive me if I am misunderstanding you, that Chinese still reluctantly have a prejuidice towards non-chinese in the United States? I mean what about people like myself that truly love your culture and the Martial Arts and keep a good name to preserve Chinese Kung Fu which is part of your culture; would you eventually not consider someone like that one of your own though they may have not been born that way?

    I may be born a foreigner but my heart has always been Asian and would never do anything to hurt the culture or people that shared their arts with me.. I uphold and honor that and give credit to where it’s due please let me know how you feel on the question I asked and I thank you for your time..

    Thank you for taking the time to read this..

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