Shara Lin Yixin: “Dancing Diva” With Piano, Violin, & Zither

Shara Lin Yixin performs with the piano, violin, and zither.

Shara Lin Yixin performs with the piano, violin, and zither.

Can’t see the above video?

The above video on YouTube is of Lin Yixin (Shara Lin) performing Jolin Tsai’s (Cai Yilin) “舞娘 (Dancing Diva)” with the zither, violin, and piano simultaneously as a “one girl band”. It was uploaded 4 days ago on YouTube. It reached 1 million views 2 days ago and has so far accumulated over 1.8 million views and 21,000 likes total.

The below copy on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku has accumulated over 2.7 million views and nearly 27,000 upvotes since it was uploaded 3 days ago. It is currently the #2 most viewed video of the week on Youku where it is also circulating a lot on popular Chinese social network RenRen.

Shara Lin Yixin’s Facebook page & Sina Weibo account.

Shara Lin Yixin preparing to perform.Shara Lin Yixin playing the piano, her violin under her chin.

Shara Lin Yixin plucking at the zither, her violin still under her chin.Shara Lin Yixin playing the violin.

Shara Lin Yixin finished with her performance, reaches over to turn off the camera.

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Comments from Youku:


So incredible!


Her legs are the highlight.


Why did she have to wear pants?


The person above really is uneducated/unsophisticated, are those called pants? They’re called shorts, extremely short shorts~~~ If she wasn’t wearing them, then it would be even better…


Lin Yixin.


I just want to become that chair.


This girl is from Taiwan, I think she’s been on “Guess Guess Guess” [a Taiwanese television show].


If she knew how to play the flute then she’d been even more perfect!!!


Her legs are so pretty.


I only saw legs.


Requesting someone human flesh search information on this girl…!!


To be honest…it [the music performance] sounds a little chaotic/messy…even though her things are not bad…


If anyone can give me her mobile phone number or QQ user number, brother [referring to self] will give money!!


My god…left hand piano, right hand zither, do you see that? And she’s a beauty too. You can’t handle her!




2008 Taiwan’s Most Popular Beauty Champion — Lin Yixin!


Li Yixin? The one that studied the violin for 14 years, the piano for 19 years, and the zither for 6 years?


I came.

Some extra photos of Shara Lin Yixin:

Sharal Lin Yixin.

Shara Lin Yixin.

Shara Lin Yixin.

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