Shenyang Old Man Lets Person Who Hit & Knocked Him Down Go

An elderly pedestrian knocked know in the snow

In Shenyang, a young Chinese man riding an electric bike helps and elderly man up after accidentally running into and knocking him down in the snow.

From NetEase:

Shenyang Old Man Was Knocked Down in The Snow: I Have Health Insurance, You Go To Work

On December 2nd, the incident where a foreign young man knocking down a middle-aged woman occurring on a Beijing street triggered widespread attention and reflection in the public. In contrast, 17 days later in Shenyang, the same kind of collision left nothing but mutual understanding. On December 19th, Shenyang netizen “沈阳陈鸿博” posted up a heart-warming scene on the all-powerful Weibo: an old man after being knocked down by an electric bicycle said to the perpetrator: “Child, I’m fine, I have health insurance, you better hurry off to work.”

First Surprise

Electric bicycle in snow day gets into trouble, hits someone

“The elderly man’s leg must have been bruised. Standing up was quite difficult for him, and he was also limping”

Netizen “沈阳陈鸿博” told this reporter that he saw this scene while passing through Huanghe North Street near the Olympic New Town area. The time of the incident was 9:00am on the 19th. At the time, it was still snowing outside and the road was quite slippery. A young man riding an electric bike knocked over an elderly person.

“After the old man was knocked down, the young man riding the electric scooter immediately helped the fallen elderly man up from the snowy ground, on one hand quickly apologizing and on the other hand inquiring whether the old man felt any discomfort. Nearby a lady at a bus stop waiting for the bus also ran over expressing concern for the elderly person,” netizen “沈阳陈鸿博” says.

Netizen “沈阳陈鸿博” says, at the time, the elderly man’s leg must have been bruised. Standing up was quite difficult for him, and he was also limping. Subsequently, the man riding the electric scooter and the lady who was waiting for the bus helped the old man to the curb to sit for a while.

Second Surprise

The fallen elderly man let the offender go

“Forget it, let’s just be understanding of each other, it’s nothing serious, I won’t commit extortion”

What netizen “沈阳陈鸿博” felt was a bit unexpected was that after taking some time to recover, the old man who had been hit let the guy riding the electric scooter leave.

“I specifically asked the old man at the time why he let him go. The old man said, actually on snowy days, it’s difficult to brake, so forget it, let’s just be understanding of each other. I felt there was nothing serious, and besides, I have health insurance, so I won’t commit extortion.” netizen “沈阳陈鸿博” says.

Netizen “沈阳陈鸿博” says after having said that, the fallen old man left. Looking at the figure of him limping away, he suddenly felt incredibly moved, wanting to commend the Shenyang old man, and Shenyang people for being so awesome.

“I feel very fortunate to have been able to use my camera to capture this heart-warming scene. I hope that this group of photos can pass on positive energy, helping everyone understand that only mutual understanding is the basis for harmony,” netizen “沈阳陈鸿博” says.

A young man helps up a fallen old man in snowy Shenyang.

The young man helping up the elderly man he had knocked over.

The elderly man limps up, holding his leg. A woman waiting at a nearby bus stop came over.

The elderly man examining his leg.

The old man holding his leg as he limps away leaving the scene.

Comments from NetEase:

网易内蒙古手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Now this is a true old man [worthy of respect].

毛润之留给中国人第三土气 [网易上海市杨浦区网友]:

Positive energy news, those in support of this old man, ding this up.

温小宝说有胶袋 [网易中国手机网友]:

Everyone should be like this with each other! If you’re responsible, don’t shirk it! If there’s nothing serious, don’t extort people.

网易天津市手机网友 ip:218.69.*.*:

If [everyone] was like this, how much better things would be.

网易江苏省苏州市网友 ip:61.177.*.*:

Good people like this are rarer than giant pandas.

网易北京市网友 [jinming214]:

In the time when Confucius’ lived, the Lu [state] that Confucius was in announced that if someone sees people from Lu fallen into slavery in other countries, they can first ransom/buy them back, and then go to the government to apply for reimbursement. Once, a student of Confucius ransomed a slave from another country, but he did not go to the government to apply for reimbursement. For a moment, people competed to praise this student for his high morality, but Confucius criticized him saying: You doing this hinders even more Lu slaves from getting freedom, because if others see Lu slaves in other countries, and if he comes back applying for a reimbursement after ransoming them, there will be people ridiculing and denouncing his morality as low; whereas if he doesn’t apply for reimbursement, he would loose a sum of money, and because of this, he can only pretend he didn’t see and thus not go ransom this slave.
The old man in this piece of news either kidnapped morality, or was kidnapped by morality.

孤独的赌注0 [网易北京市网友]: (responding to above)

According to your logic, no matter what you do, it would be wrong, right? Fuck.

网易北京市网友 [jinming214]: (responding to above)

If you’re injured, then you have to let the person pay compensation. If you’re not injured, don’t try to get money from people. It’s as simple as that.
If you’re hit and injured, does not having that person compensate you mean you are morally lofty? This is called kidnapping morality.
To admonish everyone to not extort people by citing this kind of situation where someone is hit and injured but doesn’t demand compensation, this is called going too far in the other direction.
You said it right: not using the normal way of handling things is always wrong.

网易内蒙古手机网友(117.136.*.*): (responding to above)

Bickering, arguing for the sake of argument.

网易北京市网友 [jinming214]: (responding to above)

It’s not called bickering, it’s called earnest.
The news should not use [portray] these “abnormal” things as virtue.
Think about it. In the future when the old man gets hit and has someone compensate him for it, he’ll be accused of “extorting people”. Just how terrible that would be.

网易山东省潍坊市手机网友 [吃个J8蛋炒饭:

Stop being deceptive, this isn’t within the reimbursement scope of health insurance.

网易湖北省武汉市手机网友(119.97.*.*): (responding to above)

Depends on how the hospital handles it. The main point is that the old man [said he has health insurance because he] simply wanted to let the young guy not worry.

网易山东省滨州市手机网友 ip:222.134.*.*:

Maybe in this day and age, it is people like this that are needed…

网易山东省青岛市网友 ip:221.215.*.*:

What should be compensated should be compensated. He can let the young man go to work first, but if he was hit and injured, there should still be compensation paid. Principles cannot become flexible, much less become indulgences [allowing people to get away with things they should be responsible for].

jwtianbin [网易美国手机网友]:

Society should have this kind of positive energy. If it [injury] is not very serious, being understanding of each other is quite good. In the United States, Hong Kong, when people run into someone else, or someone else runs into you, [they] all take the initiative to immediately say sorry. This is quite good. Everyone feels better in their hearts, and there are not that many conflicts.


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