Shenzhen Chengguan Abandon One Of Their Own To Face Mob

An embarrassed-looking chengguan appears to be under the control of a female peddler during an altercation

An embarrassed-looking chengguan appears to be under the control of a female peddler during an altercation

From Mop:

When an left behind chengguan meets the iron fist of a street vendor, the result is tragedy

This is a once in a hundred years set of pictures.

A city management officials [chengguan] unexpectedly being the weaker party/victim.

His body wracked with pain, his left arm attached to an intravenous drip, a male street vendor’s iron fist pounded the glass windshield of an Izuzu law enforcement truck [note that the author may have intentionally made a pun in the Chinese here changing the word for “implement the law” (or “law enforcement”) into “implement punishment”] into a shattered cone. (Find a picture and dear audience you will notice that regardless of whether it is the police or the city management officials, the vehicles all seem to be Japanese cars. However, it’s now proven that in the face of angry Chinese street peddlers, these vehicles are so weak that they can not withstand just one punch —- Is it because the [quality of the] car is garbage or because the street peddler is a martial arts master? No way to tell.)

The left-behind city management official, like a chick that has left a mother hen’s protection, trembling, allowed the female street vendor to seize hold of his sacred uniform that may or may not have been imprinted with the Chinese national seal. One button, then two buttons, popped off as the shirt was wrinkled, exposing his bulging white belly and chest….as two public security personnel, one on his left, one on his right, securely held the city management official by his arms and shoulders —- This kind of treatment was something that has always been enjoyed by street vendors, but today the universe has unexpectedly been turned upside down, where black has become white, and white has become black.

Of the roadside onlookers, some were numb/indifferent, some applauded, some cheered, some applauded and cheered, and there was one onlooker who was at the police station [because] as was reported in the news, one onlooker who supported of the street peddler was subpoenaed by the police [as an eyewitness] as the police were not present, and the other city management officials had long ago fled to who knows where. The public security personnel, standing with the people, detained the left-behind city management official. All at once, he looked so innocent, so helpless, so frightened, so terrified. However, from his sideways glance, a sliver of vicious hate that foretold of him one day returning with his fellow city management officials to exact revenge could be clearly seen!

This altercation between street vendors and the city management officials occurred on Taoyuan Street in the Luohu district in Shenzhen, and it appears that the city management officials were thoroughly defeated.

City management officials have always looted in packs, so it’s unknown why this time they left behind a single lonesome prisoner. Was it because they couldn’t vanquish this martial arts master of a male street peddler and ran off? Or is it because the quickly gathering onlooking masses who do not know the truth caused them to cowardly flee? Either way, all we see is a single face, “humiliated” by a street peddler, filled with helplessness, and jeered by the surrounding crowd.

People often say: A single Chinese person by himself is a dragon, but a group of Chinese people together is a worm. For city management officials, it is precisely the opposite, where a group of city management officials are savage like wolves and tigers, but a single city management official is like a poor pitiful caterpillar.

This truly is a brilliant searing send-up of a parody, something that can be forever enshrined as a major incident in the history of the illegal and illegitimate organization that is the city management [department]. It proves that city management officials truly are the weak, and indeed ought to be mocked for their illegitimacy.

Truly amusing! Truly should be laughed at —- You , you, you… you too [can suffer such a humiliation/defeat]!

But on the contrary, I am not laughing.

In being abandoned by his own teammates, being manhandled by a female street vendor to the point where his uniform is torn to rags, and being ridiculed by the onlooking crowd, I believe the self-esteem of that city management official has suffered a heavy blow. He is probably thinking two things, with one being: Just wait until I come back with reinforcements, and see how I’m going to teach you poor bastards a lesson; The other being: Dammit, I’m never going to work as a lousy city management official ever again, I’d rather go set up a stall/stand [be a street vendor/peddler] and be chased off by city management officials than endure being laughed by the crowds again.

—- That latter thought should be occupying the majority of the space in his mind. After all, when his parents, wife and child have seen their own loved one hanging his head like a captured enemy being spit upon by the masses, think of how intensely they will persuade him not to enter such murky waters again.

Rich people would not go be city management officials. The all-imposing and domineering city management personnel are actually just some poor people, the weak. They simply bully Xiao D’s Ah Q [allusion to Lu Xun‘s “The True Story of Ah Q“, a story where a poor peasant would use complex reasoning to justify a sense of self-superiority in any situation]. The strong draw swords against those who are stronger, whereas the weak raise fists against those who are weaker.

After obtaining the snot [tiny, insignificant] power granted by the city management system, these city management officials who came from the lowest level of society become eager to show that they have become the strong, to have people fear them, strengthening themselves to get the “respect” they could not get as the weak. So when street peddlers scatter and flee when they see them, that feeling [they get], can “refreshing/invigorating” even begin to describe it? When the street vendors who couldn’t flee in time are before them groveling and lighting their cigarettes, that feeling of power, how can they not suddenly experience orgasm and howl with pleasure?

In the past when great [foreign] powers “used Chinese to control/govern the Chinese”, we saw that our compatriots were far more vigorous and vicious to their own than towards foreigners. Likewise the city management system of “the poor controlling/governing the poor” undoubtedly greatly arouses the violent desires of those who just yesterday were lowly nobodies but today are the high and mighty big dogs and wolves.

Having seen so many street vendors/peddlers shaking before the tyranny of city urban management officials, and then seeing a city management official reduced to ashes under the strong attacks of a street peddler, I really find myself unable to laugh.

Poor people, why are you making things more difficult for other poor people?

Comments from Mop:


So what happened in the end?smiling pink cloud


Looks like both diplomacy and violence is what’s most important.


How could this have happened?


At the time I was standing right next to the photographer [who took these pictures]. I don’t know if everybody has noticed that the peddler is covered from head to toe in blood. Do you know the reason why he was attempting to smash the car window? It’s because the weapon the chengguan used to stab him with was lying behind the windshield, Li Yong wanted to grab the knife that stabbed him!!!!! Editor/writer, why didn’t you reveal the truth behind all of this? Who or what are you safeguarding? Everything I’m saying I saw with my own two eyes. Editor/writer please don’t delete my post, the common people have the right to know the truth!!

Posting the original images:

Peddlar Li Yong strikes a law enforcement vehicle in front of onlookers and emergency service personnel

An embarrassed-looking chengguan appears to be under the control of a female peddler during an altercation; peddler Li Yong sits in front of a smashed law enforrcement vehicle with bloodied wounds

An embarrassed-looking chengguan appears to be under the control of a female peddler during an altercation

An embarrassed-looking chengguan appears to be under the control of a female peddler during an altercation

City management personnel enforcing the law by using knives to stab people?!


The image of a prosperous China is actually a superficial one. There are few professional/rich people, but many poor people. Although the chengguan are very violent, as they encounter more and more poor people, the use of violence will surely fail.




Beat them, beat these bastards to death.


[I] commend this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cartoon of "Respect my authroitah!"

[Above: “Accept my corrective influence! Ha hahaha!”]


Cities need to take care of their image, peddlers need to make a living.


Haha, this guy is niu.

A humorous photoshop of a sheepish chengguan being confronted by the United States President

[Above: President Obama: “Hey you, do you work for Osama Bin Laden? Chengguan: “NO!!!” President Obama: “Don‘t you give me that shit! You’re even more niubi than Bin Laden himself!]


Dammit, if you’re going try making it sound like a news article, at least try being a bit more professional. This was a Luohu district of Shenzhen peddler who was beaten by a group of urban management officials, and suffered grievous injuries. But in your hands, it became a fucking case of the peddler beating up the chengguan.


Haha, serves him right, those city management officials suffering misfortune is exactly what I want to see….. I’m so happy~~


No matter what is said, it isn’t right to break [other people’s] things.


Everybody is just trying to make a living, can’t we all just get along? You have stress [pressures and responsibilities], I have stress, do we really have to be at each others throats?

From JF Daily:

Once again chengguan seen violently enforcing the law, this time in Shenzhen

On the 21st, a street vendor named Li Yong suffered injuries from blows administered by chengguan officials in an conflict that took place in Shenzhen. [Li Yong’s] wife grabbed hold of the shirt of one of the members of the opposing side and demanded harsh punishment for this chengguan who had assaulted [her husband]. The situation remained deadlocked for a good part of an hour, and this incident once again calls into question the methods chengguan use to handle their duties.

Yesterday, this Morning Post reporter contacted the still convalescing principal character of the incident Li Yong, but Li would only reply that he has already signed a settlement agreement with the Sungang Street Branch of the Luohu District Law Enforcement Agency in which he has accepted 7000RMB as compensation.

Unwilling to Clear Out, Beaten by Chengguan

34-year-old Li Yong from Henan province has been in Shenzhen already for four years. He and his wife have sold fruit near Taoyuan Street in Luohu district as a way to make a living. On the afternoon of the 21st, law enforcement officials from the Sungang Street branch of Luohu district began a inspection to clear out illegal street vendors. When law enforcement officials discovered Li Yong had set up his stall on a pedestrian throughway, they requested that he “pack up his stall/stand and fruit.” Li Yong resolutely opposed [this request].

Li Yong explained that just when both sides were deadlocked, a law enforcement cadre named Luo Yang instructed his subordinates, “Beat him, take everything away”, at which point Li Yong suffered injuries to his head from baton strikes, his entire body was dripping with blood. Then, an enraged Li Yong demanded to see the head of the law enforcement office, and used his fist to attack the vehicle glass, shattering the windshield.

An onlooker at the scene dialed 110 [emergency services] and the police and ambulance soon arrived, at which point the subordinate who committed the assault was apprehended. However, Li Yong continued to sit in front of the enforcement vehicle and was not willing to go to the hospital; as well, his wife stubbornly continued to hold onto the shirt of the chengguan subordinate who had committed the assault, attracting many onlookers to the scene.

Signing the Settlement Contract Was a Way to “Make Ends Meet”

Yesterday, this Morning Post reporter contacted Mr Li in a telephone call, Li indicated that he was still convalescing at home and had already signed a “settlement agreement”.

Li Yong said that on the day he was beaten and injured by the law enforcement personnel, the law enforcement agency had suggested a “financial compensation settlement”, but he did not agree. Afterward, both parties had their statements taken and investigated at the police station, and the chengguan subordinate suspected of assault was then released.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, a representative of the Sungang Street Law Enforcement Agency of Luohu district sought out Li Yong to make a “settlement”. After a moment of consideration, Li Yong agreed to sign the settlement. Mr Li goes on to say that the settlement states that the chengguan agency accepts the responsibility of all his previously incurred medical expenses but not his later medical expenses to come, and henceforth both sides agree to no longer pursue liability. After signing the settlement contract, Mr Li received 7000RMB in compensation.

Li Yong states that his heart is not willing to accept the 7000RMB of compensation but after considering that in the future he still has to continue to sell fruit to make a living, he decided to finally sign. Mr Li says during the entire ordeal the law enforcement officials have not once apologized to him.

Captain Feng Zhong of the Sungang Street Law Enforcement Agency stated in an interview with this reporter that images of law enforcement personnel beating and injuring Li Yong were not found amongst video of the incident, and that the injuries sustained by Mr Li in the confrontation were likely accidental.

Stab. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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